AtlantisCrew Manifest
USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D, Flagship of Third Fleet
Current Assigned Crew: 10 - Current Open Positions: 1
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Gold wings denote an active or former member of the 42nd Fighter Wing.

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Command Staff

Capt Gold Pilot Wings Commanding Officer Kathryn Harper
Risan, Female
Cdr   Executive Officer Kuari
Rucara, Female

Science/Operations Department

Cdr   Chief of Science/Operations
Second Officer
Alexis Wright
Human, Female
LtJG   Assistant Science/Operations Officer Linxi Jude
Betazoid, Female

Tactical/Security Department

LtC   Chief Tactical/Security Officer Benedict Wolfe
Human, Male
LCdr Gold Pilot Wings Assistant Tactical/Security Officer
Commander, Air Group
Vulcan, Female
1Lt   Assistant Tactical/Security Officer Ryleigh Grey
Human, Female

Medical Department

Lt   Chief Medical Officer Velina Tailor
Human/Bolian, Female
Lt   Assistant Medical Officer Emilaina Acacia
Human/Betazoid, Female

Engineering Department

LCdr   Chief Engineer Ilaihr
Aenar-Andorian, Male
    Assistant Engineer OPEN

Starfleet Command Headquarters

FAdm   Starfleet Commander-in-Chief A.C. Zuriyev
Betazoid/Human, Male (Harper)
Adm Gold Pilot Wings Director of Starfleet Operations Ian Blackthorne
Betazoid/Human, Male (Harper)
RAdm   Assistant Director, Starfleet Medical Brooke Zuriyev
Human, Female (Kuari)
Cdor Gold Pilot Wings Assistant Director, Starfleet Operations T'Kirr
Vulcan, Female (Kuari)
BGen   Assistant Director, Starfleet Marine Corps Douglas McKnight
Human, Male

Recurring Secondary Characters

LCdr Gold Pilot Wings Medical Officer, Fighter Pilot - "Spots" Jorvan Tav
Joined Trill, Male (Wolfe)
Lt Gold Pilot Wings Navigation Officer, Fighter Pilot - "Zorro" Diego Ricardo "Doc" Navarro
Human, Male (Harper)
Cpt Gold Pilot Wings Fighter Pilot - "Jester" Kimiko Suzuki
Human, Female (Wright)
LtJG Gold Pilot Wings Fighter Pilot - "Spitfire" Asha Min
Bajoran, Female (Kuari)
Cpt   Kvolir Exchange Officer, Marine Tira
Kvolir, Female (Wolfe)
1Lt   Marine Syvek
Vulcan, Male (Harper)
LtJG   Assistant Medical Officer Alex Nolan
Human, Male (Kuari)
Ens   Ship's Counselor Nakanishtalla "Talla" Endilev
Andorian, Female (Wright)
Ens   Assistant Science/Ops Officer Jesse Logan
Human, Male (Kuari)
    Ten-Forward Manager, Bartender Zaxiven
Denobulan, Male (Wolfe)
    Salbjorn Cultural Liaison Amber Sun
Salbjorn, Male (Ilaihr)

Starfleet Rank Structure

Insignia Starfleet Navy Insignia Starfleet Marine Corps
Ens Ensign (Ens) 2Lt Second Lieutenant (2Lt)
LtJG Lieutenant, Junior Grade (LtJG) 1Lt First Lieutenant (1Lt)
Lt Lieutenant (Lt) Cpt Captain (Cpt)
LCdr Lieutenant Commander (LCdr) Maj Major (Maj)
Cdr Commander (Cdr) LtC Lieutenant Colonel (LtC)
Capt Captain (Capt) Col Colonel (Col)
Cdor Commodore (Cdor) BGen Brigadier General (BGen)
RAdm Rear Admiral (RAdm) MGen Major General (MGen)
VAdm Vice Admiral (VAdm) LGen Lieutenant General (LGen)
Adm Admiral (Adm) Gen General (Gen)
FAdm Fleet Admiral (FAdm) FM Field Marshal (FM)