Atlantis T’Kirr

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Service Record

Stardate 236104.21: Entered Vulcan Science Academy
Stardate 238103.12 (3/12/2002): Graduated Starfleet Academy in Science
Promoted to Active Rank: Ensign
Assignment: USS Atlantis, Assistant Science Officer
Promoted: Lieutenant JG
Assignment: Chief Science Officer, USS Atlantis
Promoted: Lieutenant
Promoted: Lieutenant Commander
Promoted: Commander, XO of the USS Atlantis
Additional Assignment: CAG of 42nd Fighter Wing of USS Atlantis
Reassignment: Retired CAG to fighter pilot, 42nd Fighter Wing of USS Atlantis
Promoted: Captain
Promoted: Commodore
Reassignment: Assistant Director of Starfleet Operations, San Francisco


Physical Description

Petite build, light bronze complexion, hazel eyes, short black hair, traditional Vulcan cut


Family & Personal History

Father: Vallin
Mother: T’Ram
Siblings: None
Spouse: Ian Blackthorne

Born on Vulcan, T’Kirr grew up in the desert climate of her home planet. At age 38, soon after her bout with severe dehydration, she moved away from her home region and deep into the cool, cavernous, underground dwellings of Ritral for several years. She soon grew to miss the dry heat and moved back near her parental estate in Surkanar.

After returning to Surkanar, she started a humble trade, using her artistic skills in handcrafting statuettes and other meditational products requested by the community.


Educational History

At age 55, T’Kirr began study at the Vulcan Science Academy. During the next year, T’Kirr took part in a class research project involving a nearby nebula when their shuttle mysteriously lost structural integrity and depressurized. After several weeks of recovery, T’Kirr received counseling to help her feel safe within starships again.

Several years later, having served in laboratories across Vulcan and nearby starbases as scientist Viruk’s assistant, T’Kirr began to show interest in the Federation and joined Starfleet while simultaneously studying Human culture. She also took courses in other xenology, and some stellar cartography.


Medical History

Physiological Profile:

T’Kirr has always been fascinated by geometrics. She considers herself tolerant of other species, believing in the advantages of diversity. Her introversial preferences conflict with her natural curiosity, and she may often times find herself hesitating on what social action may be appropriate.

Medical Profile:

Stardate 231710.31 – Pet Sehlat bite to right leg (age 11)
–Full Recovery

Stardate 234405.08 – Severe Dehydration Trauma
–7 days of water deprivation in high desert of Vulcan (age 38) –Full Recovery

Stardate 236302.15 – Depressurization Trauma
–Shuttle accident (age 56)
–Full Recovery

Current Data: Incomplete