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An Illogical Moment
Posted on August 19th, 2014 by Kuari

“Atlantis, Firefly, we have the first group and are ascending,” came Commander Harper’s digitized voice through the comm panel at OPS.

A subtle breath of relief eased out of T’Kirr as she felt herself relaxing back slightly into her amply-padded Executive Officer chair in the center of the Bridge. She hadn’t realized until that moment just how tense their current mission had made her. Glancing to the side, T’Kirr caught Ian’s blue-eyed look of concern. Due to his half-Betazoid heritage and their bonded link, he had sensed her unease. It was a common eventuality of their sitting side by side for some time now. Many times, sharing wordless feelings could be beneficial to onscreen communiques or quick decisions, but sometimes it required explanations that would otherwise not be necessary. She certainly hadn’t grown up with it as a factor.

T’Kirr had a great deal of experience in her service to Starfleet with events that were much more dangerous to her personally than sitting comfortably on an impressive Sovereign class starship and watching people be rescued from a high pressure environment. One of those events, however, was before she was with Starfleet. In an accident while in the Vulcan Science Academy, she had suffered depressurization. While she made a complete recovery physically, it had taken counseling to assist her psychologically afterward, and she had long moved past such apprehension.

Even though this condition was reversed in terms of pressure, it shared similar aspects, and at first she didn’t understand the cause of what was “putting her on edge” as the Humans would say. It had been many years ago, and since then T’Kirr had needed to escape from many precarious situations, but it wasn’t like her to sympathize with strangers to the point of being subject to apprehension. It was illogical.

T’Kirr realized she had been staring at the viewscreen but not really seeing it. She quickly averted her eyes back to the damage reports she was collecting. The disaster had happened a long time ago. In her sessions, her doctor had discussed the probability of it happening again. The numbers had comforted her, and despite the USS Atlantis encountering a great number of hardships, the familiar vessel had carried them through this far. This event would pass like all the others.

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  • Atlantis Patch Ian Blackthorne says:

    Will T’Kirr be able to handle the…. pressure? :sunglasses: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    Nice one!

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