Atlantis Log of the Month Awards
This award is given to the best log written each month, which was submitted for the Celestial Prime Journal Muse Award until Atlantis went independent in August 2005. Muse Award winners are noted by the trophy next to their entry. A blank entry in the archives means that no award was given for that month or the records of the winning log were lost.

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Atlantis Commbadge December   Away Mission: Eventfully Uneventful Scott Ammora
SFMC November   Relay Room Rendezvous Nico Slate
SFMC October   Present Faces, Past Voices Nico Slate
SFMC September   Reflections AJ Zuriyev
SFMC August   The Outer Edges, Epilogue: Peace Nico Slate
Atlantis Commbadge July   The Presidio, Epilogue: Just a Bridge Scott Ammora
SFMC June   The Outer Edges, Pt. 4: Aftermath Nico Slate
Atlantis Commbadge May   Shimmer Scott Ammora
Atlantis Commbadge April   Greenhorn Scott Ammora
Atlantis Commbadge March   The Paths We Choose Scott Ammora


Atlantis Commbadge October   In Due Time Kathryn Harper and Jack Cahalan
SFMC September   Parting of the Ways Rak'nar and Syvek
Atlantis Commbadge August   The Captain’s Table – Scott Ammora Kathryn Harper and Scott Ammora
Atlantis Commbadge July   Personal Log: Vanished Rike Herschel
Atlantis Commbadge June   Bones Jack Leirone
Atlantis Commbadge May   Warmth of Bodies Hannah Ziredac and Venya Kashar
Atlantis Commbadge April   Vermont Songs Hannah Ziredac
Atlantis Commbadge March   Decks Dark D'bryn ZoĆ«
Atlantis Commbadge February   Cultural Immersion Emilaina Acacia and Kathryn Harper
Atlantis Commbadge January   Personal Log: Vertrauen Rike Herschel

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