Atlantis Log of the Month Awards
This award is given to the best log written each month, which was submitted for the Celestial Prime Journal Muse Award until Atlantis went independent in August 2005. Muse Award winners are noted by the trophy next to their entry. A blank entry in the archives means that no award was given for that month or the records of the winning log were lost.

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Atlantis Commbadge December   Moon Base, They Build These Things Out of Kits T'Kirr
Atlantis Commbadge July   Of Plunder and Booty Douglas McKnight and Persephone Busard
Atlantis Commbadge June   Under the Dust Kathryn Harper
Atlantis Commbadge April   The First Rule of Refuge Venya Kashar and Ashexana
Atlantis Commbadge March   Like Red, But Not Quite T'Kirr and Kathryn Harper
Atlantis Commbadge February   Get Out Ashexana
Atlantis Commbadge January   Of Acorns and Trees Ian Blackthorne


Atlantis Commbadge December   Fire and Ice T'Kirr and Ian Blackthorne
Atlantis Commbadge November   Fight or Flight Douglas McKnight and Kuari
Atlantis Commbadge October   All Things Considered Ian Blackthorne and Douglas McKnight
Atlantis Commbadge September   Rukagru: The Prologue Kuari
Atlantis Commbadge August   Things Will Get Better Ryan Carter
Atlantis Commbadge July   Risk and Reward T'Kirr and Ian Blackthorne
Atlantis Commbadge June   Not Your Usual Dinner Log Charity Suite, Jusstin Case and Ryan Carter
Atlantis Commbadge May   Guaranteed to Entertain T'Kirr and Ian Blackthorne
Atlantis Commbadge February   Fun in the Sun Douglas McKnight and Persephone Busard

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