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Log of the Month for April, 2010

The First Rule of Refuge
Posted on April 30th, 2010 by Venya Kashar and Ashexana

“You know, Venya, you really should learn the way of things. There is a natural order, in which I will always be above you, no matter what trappings you surround yourself with.” As she sipped a cup of tea, her dark eyes narrowed over the rim at the Orion woman seated on the opposite couch. “When all of this sorts itself out, if you keep behaving the way you are, you’ll be left out in the cold.”

“Spare me your threats,” Venya responded. “If you could do something about this situation, you would have. Stick to our agreement or you’ll lose more business than what’s here on Refuge.”

“Watch your tongue, girl. You would do well to remember how you got to be where you are today. If not for me, you would still be dancing in a cage at that slave market.”

Such arrogance from this woman didn’t surprise Venya anymore. “You bought me to be a plaything for your crew! And don’t even pretend you don’t know how things really work; I was in no need of liberation! Given a little more time, your crew would have become mine.”

“Ah yes, such unfortunate circumstances,” she answered with a long sigh. “At the time, I did not realize the truth of your society, and when that came to light, I felt somewhat responsible for you, nonetheless.” Leaning back into the cushions of the couch, she folded her arms across her chest and added. “Which is why you are here instead of dead for what you almost accomplished.”

“So I am to be grateful for merely being marooned instead of killed? I almost died before I got off that miserable rock, you know. Everything here, I’ve worked hard for, without any help from you.”

The woman smirked, idly twirling a lock of ebony hair around a pale finger. “Yes, I am quite sure of that. In your line of business, with your assets, I am certain the work was, shall I say, exhausting?” Getting an indignant chuff in reply, she quickly added, “You are what you are, dear, no need to be ashamed. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for those Orion pheromones of yours!”

“What is it that you want?” Venya asked, each word stabbing the air.

“It’s all very complicated, and I would really love to explain it to you, but I just don’t believe you to be capable of grasping the big picture. So, let us say that this is just a visit to remind you of our arrangement. Should anything compromise it, you will be the first to draw my ire.” She finished the cup of tea and glanced pointedly at Venya. “I would find such an eventuality… regrettable.”

“More threats? I thought I told you -”

“Just a simple reminder,” she interrupted. “Keep your mouth shut and your little refuge stays intact.”

Venya pressed a button on the table near her couch, staring daggers at the woman across from her. “Guards, show our guest back to her ship.”

A well-muscled Orion male and a Gorn of indeterminate gender entered and politely waited, having been asked to show her out and not to throw her out. With a wan smile, she stood and walked toward her escort. Upon reaching the door, she paused, and turned to Venya to say, “Thank you for the tea, darling.”

Once the door closed behind her, Venya punched a cushion, fuming. Someday, when the time was right, that insufferable bitch would learn the First Rule of Refuge: You Do Not Fuck With Venya Kashar.

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