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Log of the Month for June, 2015

Letters to Friends
Posted on June 10th, 2015 by T'Lira

FROM: Lt (j.g.) T’Lira, SCI, USS Atlantis
TO: Cmdr Elena Garson, XO, USS Hoffstaad
CC: Lt Cmdr Kyrembril Lyrsin, CEO, Space Station Bravo; Cmdr Edward Harrel, CMO, USS Galileo
SUBJECT: (not listed)


Greetings. I am aware that I have not responded to your letters as of late and I do apologize for the delay. The Atlantis has been occupied on several assignments recently and has been rather busy. It would be in all of our best intentions if we could succeed in staying alive through the coming battle, but that is an unnecessary point to make at this time.

Elena, I have heard that the Hoffstaad is near the starboard side of the engagement. Have you recieved the specs for a type of torpedo known as the Q-T? It was designed by a Lt Hamlet of the Sentinel and they do work rather well. Perhaps those may be of assistance against the enemy. I do not believe I need to tell you to “watch your back”.

Kyrembril, it is agreeable to hear from you after 7.59 years of no contact. I am interested in hearing about the deep space assignment you were a part of as a member of the USS Trident’s crew. I hope that perhaps we may be able to meet in person again soon, but until then, I believe correspondence is the best option. I wish you luck in your assignment. I have heard that Admiral Shelby is quite the commander.

Edward, I am pleased that you feel it no longer necessary to constantly admonish me over my usage of your given name. It is a refreshing change. I wish you the best of luck in attempting to “deal” with what you described as a singularly stubborn crew. If it is of assistance, I can refer you to the proper regulation that states all crew must report for mandatory annual physicals.

I am afraid that my time is short to write this message, but I do not feel everything needs to be said at once. We will meet again, because I certainly plan on surviving this engagement. I have far too many goals to accomplish to not do so.

Until next time, live long and prosper.


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  • Atlantis Patch Ian Blackthorne says:

    I really like this idea. Letters home to friends/family have always been a hallmark of conflict, and this is well done.

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