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Notable Individuals

The Ykavosh: Military leader that attacked Captain Harper after making first contact and exchanging cultural and societal information.
The Ykaxov: Spiritual leader that is the final authority on the interpretation of the Xov.
The Ykanora: Leader of the disciplines of science and engineering.



The Xovul are a large bipedal draconian species that strictly adheres to a philosophy called the Xov, and also a faction consisting of the Xovul species plus anyone that wishes to join them in following the Xov. Physically, they average two meters in height and their greenish-black leathery skin is covered in similarly-colored scales, with armor plating protecting vital areas as well as enhancing their natural weaponry.

The Xov is a philosophy that all have an assigned role in society, each according to their nature; to act against one’s nature is to act against the Xov. Xovul are tested as children to determine their aptitude and best fit within the whole, and outsiders that join them do the same. There are no families in Xovul society beyond one’s mate, as their eggs are surrendered to caretakers once viable.

The Xovul see gender-based biophysical differences as inherently limiting, and therefore assign women to duties of the mind and soul, such as scientists, tacticians, and clerics, while men receive more physical jobs, such as soldiers and builders.



After learning about the Federation during the first contact meeting on Trondheim, the Xovul departed, leaving an ultimatum to follow the Xov or die upon their return. Several battles were fought against their sturdy dreadnoughts in successful defense of the fledgling joint colony with the Kvolir. Upon receiving intelligence that provided the location of one of their shipyards, a Starfleet strike force was deployed that destroyed the facility, stealing the plans for their dreadnoughts in the process.

After this raid, the Xovul sued for peace, signing a non-aggression treaty with the Federation. Since then, an attack on the royal flagship of the The Free Fleets has escalated tensions, as Queen Ashexana was almost killed in the attack, and the Free Fleets are a Federation ally.


Notable Sim Chatlogs

First Contact, Part One – First Impressions and Pleasantries
First Contact, Part Two – Cultural/Societal Discussion that ended with a brutal attack on Captain Harper


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