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Notable Individuals

Led by Colonel Athor Jaire, a great gray-bearded man – Jaire presented Harper with his sword, which was astoundingly light.
Lieutenant Tira is his tactical officer, a very tall woman dressed in warrior’s garb, with red hair in elaborate braids, went to dance with Navarro, Kuari, and then probably Wolfe



Warrior race from a cold climate with traditions of honor and respect for adversaries in battle. On average over two meters tall, with pale, almost blue-tinted skin, and subtle ridges on their shoulders and cheeks. Now sharing Trondheim’s planet with the Federation, having settled in the northern latitudes where they are more comfortable.

Met in a border dispute over Trondheim, were beaten back until they conceded, but diplomatic efforts with cultural knowledge gleaned from hacking their network convinced them that we wanted to be friends and not just take the colony.

Festival for the Defeated to ensure that disputes are truly resolved once the battle is over
Dvarr – mead-like drink, strong and sweet
Sigvand – ritual dance between the Victorious and Defeated leaders, Harper and Jaire danced it, Kate studied it from the documentary that Lexy stole in her hacking efforts


Party Costumes

The warriors wear the least, with studded hide pants, no shirts for the men, and bandoliers with trophies representing their kills
The warrior ladies have matching tops that leave a bare midriff
The healers are in cloth robes decorated with images of herbs
The scientists are in a more elaborate version of the warrior garb that covers more skin, with full shirts that have an embroidered celestial pattern
The engineers are in a more elaborate version of the healer garb, but covered in gears and lightning instead of herbs. And they get hats.
Leaders dress as the warriors do, to be humble and with their troops. The victorious warriors carry their weapons as well.


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