Atlantis Zuriyev, Alexi Changiz

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AC Zuriyev Name:
  Zuriyev, Alexi
  Changiz Antonovich
Rank: Fleet Admiral (Retired)
Service Number: 242-6942B
Date of Birth: 12 February 2334
Species: Human/Betazoid
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Earth
Height: 198cm
Weight: 107kg
Build: Fit
  Mostly Grey, shaved head,
  neat moustache and goatee
Eyes: Dark Green
Marital Status: Married
Current Assignment: Retired

Service Record

13 Aug 2352: Entered Starfleet Academy, Marine Track
23 May 2356: Graduated Starfleet Academy
27 Nov 2356: Assigned to USS Lexington as Assistant Security Officer
28 Jun 2357: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
15 Nov 2359: Promoted to Captain
14 Apr 2363: Promoted to Chief of Security, USS Lexington
13 Aug 2363: Promoted to Major
14 Mar 2368: Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, assigned to USS Halsey as Executive Officer
24 May 2371: Transferred from Starfleet Marines to Starfleet Navy, rank Commander
12 Oct 2374: Promoted to Captain and Commanding Officer, USS Halsey
12 Jan 2378: Demoted to Lieutenant and posted as Tactical Officer, USS Atlantis
12 Jun 2378: Promoted to Captain and posted as Commanding Officer, USS Atlantis
01 Jan 2380: Promoted to Rear Admiral and Commander, Third Fleet
02 Apr 2381: Promoted to Vice Admiral
13 May 2382: Promoted to Admiral and Director of Alpha Quadrant Operations
11 Nov 2394: Retired from Active Duty
19 Jul 2396: Reinstated to Active Duty, Promoted to Fleet Admiral and Starfleet Commander-in-Chief
06 Jun 2401: Retired from Active Duty


Family and Personal History

Spouse: Vice Admiral (Retired) Brooke Dolan Zuriyev
Immediate Living Relatives:
Daughter: Alexis Josephine Alexiovna Zuriyev, Starfleet Marine, b.2373
Son: Kenneth Dolan Alexiovich Zuriyev, Starfleet Medical, b.2374

Alexi Changiz Antonovich Zuriyev was born in Vladivostok, Russia, to Anton Changiz Josefovich Zuriyev and Jelaine Alhanna-Zuriyev. He resided there with his parents until he was eighteen, and immediately entered Starfleet Academy as a Marine cadet. His Academy life was normal, Zuriyev excelling in tactical theory and in security training.

His first assignment was aboard the USS Lexington, where he served as an Assistant Security Officer. Zuriyev served with distinction aboard the Lexington for several years, the highlight of the period being his promotion to Chief of Security. He continued to lead the Lexington’s security department and man her Tactical station until his promotion to Lt. Colonel and assignment as Executive Officer of the Galaxy-Class USS Halsey.

Zuriyev had been serving as the Halsey’s Executive Officer for over three years when Starfleet Command decided to go ahead and grant him a promotion to Captain and give him the Halsey’s center seat, provided that he transfer from the Marines to the Navy. This promotion came a bit early, but Starfleet needed to move some good people into the command ranks to replace the recent losses against the Dominion. The Halsey’s Captain had been moved to upper level command, and Zuriyev seemed to be the best choice for the job, due to his training and meteoric rise through the ranks. However, Zuriyev’s actions after the Dominion killed his entire family during the takeover of Betazed proved this to be untrue.

Captain Zuriyev took the Halsey after the Dominion, after letting any crew that did not wish to participate disembark at Starbase 12. His bloody raid destroyed five Dominion cruisers until the Halsey limped back home, luckily with no casualties. Starfleet command could not overlook this, though it was rumored that a few of the members of the Admiralty praised the bold move. The psychological trauma caused by the death of his family on Betazed, and the fact that no Starfleet casualties were taken were the only factors that kept him from being dishonorably discharged from Starfleet, so Zuriyev was given a second chance as the Atlantis’s Tactical Officer.

After Starfleet decided that Zuriyev’s brilliant mind had been out of the center seat long enough, they reinstated his rank and placed him in command of the Atlantis. While this move was not thought wise by a few members of the admiralty, most believe that Zuriyev will not repeat his earlier behavior. However, it is to be noted that the strategies he used against the Dominion were nothing short of brilliant, and are now subjects of study in Starfleet Academy Advanced Tactical Theory classes.

Captain Zuriyev earned his promotion to Rear Admiral by inadvertently uncovering and stopping an illegal genetic engineering project based aboard Starbase Sixteen. The former Admiral Graham and several others had the Starbase secretly producing engineered creatures to use as weapons, a practice outlawed by several treaties. Graham tried to cover up the project by charging Zuriyev and his XO for the negligent destruction of Starbase Sixteen, even though it was hopelessly overrun by the creatures and all crew had been killed. Fortunately, due to the help of Admiral al-Mordja and the brilliant research of the Atlantis’s crew, the operation was exposed. Zuriyev was promoted two grades in rank and also given the position of Commander, Third Fleet, with those duties to be executed aboard the USS Atlantis while serving as her Commanding Officer. Fourteen months later, Zuriyev received a promotion to Vice Admiral for exceptional service and dedication while leading Third Fleet. After four years of meritorious service on the Atlantis, he was promoted to Admiral and transferred to San Francisco as Director of Alpha Quadrant Operations.

After twelve years as Director of Alpha Quadrant Operations, Zuriyev retired from active duty. Following the resolution of the Section 31 crisis, Zuriyev returned to active duty, accepting a promotion to Fleet Admiral and Starfleet Commander-in-Chief.


Additional Information

Most of Zuriyev’s family died when the Dominion captured Betazed, as his parents were there on vacation when the attack came. Zuriyev shaved his head in a personal manner of mourning reminiscent of his Russian and Mongolian ancestors, showing only this sign his grief outwardly.

During his time away from the Captain’s chair, Zuriyev spent most of his free time in the holodeck practicing fighting in various Terran styles, and in the exercise room training with free weights. He tried to take out the huge need for revenge that he felt upon the holographic targets. During this time, he abandoned his former hobbies, focusing only on his training, and became an even more formidable fighter than he was as a Marine.

Before he returned to command, he was able to finally accept the death of his family and do away with the desire for revenge. He now enjoys sailing again, which he learned growing up in Vladivostok, and has regained his love of fencing and chess. However, his head remains shaven, a permanent symbol of his loss.

Zuriyev appears stoic, but his Betazed side occasionally prevails, leading to emotional displays in private. His telepathic and empathic abilities are quite strong, and he is adept at controlling them, using them only when absolutely necessary. Zuriyev is extremely proud of having been a Marine, and lets that pride, honor, and dignity show at all times while on duty.

Atlantis Commbadge

Admiral Zuriyev’s command of Atlantis ended with his promotion to Director of Alpha Quadrant Operations. Being stationed in San Francisco with his wife, who works at Starfleet Medical, gave the Zuriyevs the time to put into raising their two children, Alexis and Kenneth. After twelve years in that role, with the children grown, Zuriyev retired from active Starfleet duty after forty-two years of service. Following the Section 31 Crisis, with a need for established, trustworthy leadership, he was called upon to return to duty as the new Starfleet Commander-in-Chief and promoted to Fleet Admiral, the first to hold that rank in twenty years. Having guided Starfleet through the aftermath of that crisis and a few others over five more years of service, Zuriyev retired once again, confident to have left the fleet in Admiral Blackthorne’s capable hands.

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