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A Friendly Warning
Posted on March 16th, 2011 by A.C. Zuriyev


Do not consider this to be an order, but merely a suggestion from a friend, albeit a strong one. Take a vacation.

There are elements of the Admiralty – and by this point, you know who they are – that wish anyone but you and Atlantis had discovered Gencodia. The media has latched on to the story and proclaimed you and your crew as archaeological heroes, bringing us the find of the century. Some are calling for your promotion and a unit citation for your crew – the latter, at least, I will ensure happens. To those that believe you should no longer hold your rank or command, none of this is acceptable.

Take your wife, disappear for a while, and enjoy your honeymoon. I will keep my ship busy under Colonel McKnight’s able command while you are away.


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