Atlantis Third Fleet

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Third Fleet is the numbered fleet of which the Atlantis is the flagship. Commodore Kathryn Harper is the Commander, Third Fleet.

A common theme among the names of the ships of Third Fleet is early Earth spacecraft, scientists, and explorers.

Missing information below simply means that fact has not been established as of yet in our canon.



Ship Class QSD Commanding Officer
USS Atlantis Sovereign Yes Commodore Kathryn Harper
USS Columbia Sovereign Yes Captain Charles Finley
USS Discovery Galaxy Yes Captain Ramón Esteban Valparaíso
USS Challenger Galaxy Yes Captain Charlotte Grey
USS Endeavour Prometheus Yes Captain Lydia Hawke
USS Sovereign Sovereign Yes Captain Bernadette Grey
USS Yeager Galaxy Yes Captain Roderick Struan
USS Grissom
USS Shepard
USS Mercury Akira
USS Gemini Akira Yes Captain Steven Eagle
USS Soyuz Akira
USS Apollo Luna Yes
USS Galileo
Luna Yes
USS Cassini Luna Yes
USS Viking Intrepid
USS Pioneer Intrepid
USS Voyager Intrepid
USS Curiosity Intrepid
USS Perseverance
USS Sagan
USS Opportunity
USS Spirit
USS Sojourner
USS Pathfinder
USS Buran


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