SFMC  Slate, Nico

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Name: Slate, Nico
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Date of Birth: 15 January 2365
Species: Betazoid
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Betazed
Height: 185cm
Weight: 82kg
Build: Fit
Skin: White
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Marital Status: Single
Current Assignment:
  Chief Engineer,
  USS Minuteman, SRV-101

Service Record

4 August 2393: Enrolled in Starfleet Marine Corps, Starfleet Academy
3 April 2397: Graduated Starfleet Academy
19 April 2397: Assigned as Assistant Engineer, Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Earth
23 November 2400: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
2 February 2401: Assigned as Engineer/Escort/Diplomatic Protection, Rylana VII
9 October 2401: Assigned as Chief Engineer, USS Minuteman

Physical Description

Nico is a tall and fit Betazoid male, unassuming in general appearance.  He has the standard strong hands of an engineer and the wear and tear on them shows in their appearance.  He has a tattoo on his right thigh of hand with a star between the thumb and index finger.  He has several marks, scars, and other noticeable blemishes across his body from action, normal work, and accidents that he’s encountered through his youth and short career.

Family and Personal History

Raised in an orphanage on Betazed after being found as a baby on a derelict ship floating aimlessly, Nico never knew his parents, grandparents, siblings, or family of any sort.  He was raised with a group of other kids by a standard foster parent helping abandoned children find their place in the universe.  Particularly by a man name Chisum Elon, who was the Facilities & Maintenance Manager of the place in which he resided as a youth.

Chisum wasn’t the kind man that he seemed to be.  He was merely a player in a vast network of slave labor trafficking who was tasked with seeking out those who wouldn’t be missed but had exceedingly useful talents.  Guiding Nico in the ways of fixing things, building things, and making something out of nothing, Chisum eventually abducted Nico in 2379 (age 14) and sent him to Yuluka Prime, the city of Shinzo, which was a hub of a cartel that bought and sold black market goods.  There, Nico was held and forced to assemble weapons, scrap products for parts, and perform smuggling runs across the planet from post to post for his captors.

In 2383, after four years of oppression, Nico was able to escape and get off-world and free of his internment.  With nowhere to go, and no one to run to, Nico shifted into survival mode.  Petty thievery, trading and haggling, and other less-than-savory endeavors kept him fed, sheltered, and off the radar of law enforcement.  He merely roamed.  For six years he meandered across the galaxy from place to place; odd jobs came his way, contract work, and some honest labor now and then.

Shortly after his birthday in 2393, Nico was approached to be a part of a raiding party that was to attack and rob an independent supply ship heading for a colony that had been ravaged by a major environmental event and had called for Federation aid.  It wasn’t a job he’d ever considered before – people needed those supplies for survival and he knew what that was like.  However, not one to pass up a large payout, Nico joined the crew and the mission started smoothly.  However, a detachment of marines responded to the ship’s SOS call and Nico attempted to flee, abandoning his comrades in an attempt to save his own life as had been his instinct for many years.  He was lucky to succeed.

The closeness of his apprehension was a wake-up call.  What had he done with his life?  What was he going to do in the future?  And why had he jeopardized his morals, morals one would think were absent altogether unless they knew Nico closely (which were few), for some quick cash?  It was in that moment he decided to change his life.  Seeing the heroic nature of the Marine Corps of Starfleet against the ill-intent of those plunderers he had been working alongside, Nico left his other past behind.

Nico traveled to the nearest Starfleet outpost where he turned himself in to authorities.  He explained his turbulent past and led officials to the headquarters of those responsible for the senseless attack on the defenseless convoy.  His information proved instrumental in dismantling a ring of pirates that had been sought after for years.  For his honesty, assistance, and willingness to turn over a new leaf in using his talents for the benefit of those needing help, Nico was granted a sponsorship to Starfleet Academy.  While he prefers to not talk about what came before his time with the Marines, he fully understands how many aren’t afforded the same luxury.

For this opportunity, and for so many others, he serves to his fullest in hopes to one day be content with the things he’s done that will forever leave an indelible mark on his soul.

Medical History

Most of Nico’s medical records are absent, prior to his application to the Academy.  He has experienced standard injuries during his tenure as a marine and as an engineer, but nothing of major consequence to note.  His most recent physical showed him in prime shape and ready for active duty just like all previous medical examinations.

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