Atlantis Zuriyev, Alexis Josephine

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AJ Zuriyev

Service Record

13 Aug 2391: Entered Starfleet Academy, Marine Track
23 May 2395: Graduated Starfleet Academy
27 May 2395: Assigned to USS Minuteman as Tactical Officer
01 Jun 2396: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
02 Jan 2399: Promoted to Marine Captain


Family and Personal History

Immediate Living Relatives:
Father: Alexi Changiz Antonovich Zuriyev, Starfleet Command, b.2334
Mother: Brooke Dolan Zuriyev, Starfleet Medical, b.2344
Brother: Kenneth Dolan Alexiovich Zuriyev, Starfleet Medical, b.2374

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Josie No Longer
Posted on February 10th, 2016 by Ian Blackthorne and AJ Zuriyev
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