Atlantis Blackthorne, Seamus

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Atlantis at Earth Name:
  Blackthorne, Seamus Lorkin 
Rank: Captain
Service Number: 148-9827D
Date of Birth: 20 November 2320
Date of Death: 5 September 2377
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Earth
Height: 191cm
Weight: 90kg
Build: Fit
Hair: Red, worn in a wild mane
Eyes: Emerald Green
Marital Status: Married
Final Assignment:
  Commanding Officer,
  USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D

Command History

March 14, 2354: Promoted to Commander and assigned as Executive Officer of the USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-B, Ambassador Class
January 20, 2357: Assigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-B, Ambassador Class
May 21, 2362: Assigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-C, Galaxy Class
Wolf 359: USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-C was destroyed at the Borg Conflict, casualty total 216, Blackthorne was assigned to command an Academy training vessel, the Excelsior-Class USS Gemini, NCC-2101, stationed at Betazed
June 14, 2376: Blackthorne was brought out of the Academy and his active duty status was reinstated, given command of the newly built Sovereign Class USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D


Family and Personal History

Spouse: Ambassador Jaina Blackthorne
Living Relatives:
Son: Ian Douglas Blackthorne, Starfleet Admiral, b.2342
Grandson: Ross Liam Blackthorne, Starfleet Academy, b.2376
Granddaughter: Kirsten Blackthorne, b.2397

Seamus’ grandfather was the helmsman aboard the ill-fated Constitution-Class USS Defiant, and his father is a retired Starfleet Admiral that formerly commanded the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-B after the incident resulting in the death of James Kirk. His son, Ian Blackthorne, is the Executive Officer aboard Starbase Alexandria. Military careers seem to be a tradition in the Blackthorne family, and Seamus is a big supporter of traditions.

Seamus was raised aboard the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-B, with his father in command and his civilian mother. Although the family’s house was a small cottage in Belfast, Ireland, most of Seamus’ childhood was spent aboard the Enterprise. At the age of 14, Seamus and his parents moved to San Francisco, as his father had been promoted to Admiral. Four years later, following the Blackthorne tradition, Seamus entered the Academy.

Seamus met his future wife Jaina at the Academy, and they were married during their senior year. Not long after, Seamus’ son Ian was born, and Seamus and Jaina tried to keep their family together despite being separated in Starfleet service.

Seamus’ career of starship service began in his senior year at the Academy. Since Seamus was in the top five percent of his class, he was able to do his training cruise on the starship of his choice. Seamus chose the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-C, under the command of Captain Rachel Garret. He was called back to San Francisco for final exams one week before the Enterprise-Cwas destroyed by Romulan Warbirds in defense of a Klingon outpost.

After graduation, Seamus was assigned to the Excelsior-Class USS Halsey, NCC-1764-B. He served aboard the Halsey for several years, earning the rank of Lieutenant Commander while aboard her. His command career began when he was promoted to Commander and assigned to the executive officer position aboard the USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-B. This also began his over twenty-year affiliation with the Atlantis. His promoted to Captain came when the Atlantis’s commanding officer was transferred to Starfleet Command as an Admiral.

Seamus commanded the Atlantis-B until she was decommissioned five years later, and replaced by the newer Galaxy-ClassAtlantis-C. Seemingly at the height of his career, the Atlantis-C was destroyed at Wolf 359, with casualty total of two-hundred sixteen. Seamus was transferred into the Academy instructor program and given a training vessel stationed at Betazed, the USS Gemini, NCC-2101. It was not until 2376 that Starfleet decided to surprise Seamus by reinstating his active duty status and giving him the command of the newly built Sovereign Class Atlantis-D.


Additional Information

Seamus presents a gruff exterior, as is usual by most COs of starships. Upon speaking to his wife and a few others, one will find that Seamus is a friendly person that is fun to be around. He has only recently gotten over the deaths of the officers aboard the Atlantis-C at Wolf 359; this incident had haunted him for years, and Seamus had blamed himself for their deaths.

Seamus likes to fence and box to keep himself in shape. He also enjoys painting, and the Blackthorne quarters’ walls are adorned with many of his works. Seamus frequently passes spare time in the holodeck sailing, as well.

Psychologically, Seamus is improving. His placing of the deaths at Wolf 359 of the Atlantis crewmembers upon his concience is easing, as he gradually is realizing that there was nothing he could have done to prevent them. He is well suited to long duration missions, and holds up quite well under the rigors of commanding a starship.

Atlantis Commbadge

Captain Seamus Blackthorne commanded the Atlantis from her launch on June 14, 2376 to her destruction on September 5, 2377. Blackthorne died aboard the Atlantis prior to her destruction as a result of an overhead explosion dropping a beam onto him. A warp core breach was imminent due to a battle with the Dominion, so Blackthorne ordered self destruct and the evacuation of the ship to the newly recaptured USS Shepard, liberated from the Dominion by the Atlantis crew. Captain Seamus Blackthorne was lost in the Atlantis’s self destruction, but there were very few casualties, most of the crew escaping to the Shepard. Strangely, the Atlantis was found adrift and abandoned a few days later, everything as it was before her final battle.

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