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Posted on August 27th, 2011 by Persephone Busard

Dear Diary,

Today has been an interesting day! We started out with a nice fresh breakfast of getting our asses kicked by some bitch who chuckles and drinks tea. I’d say there should be a law against that high of a level of dickery, but I suspect she’d just break it while no one was looking and then gloat. Then, THEN as we’re getting to the height of our daring and entirely one-sided battle, I get thrown around the bridge, then the Turbolifts, then ALMOST down the TL shaft on my way down to Engineering. So I finally get there, and then of course the world starts going dizzy and funny-shaped. JUST AS I’M TRYING TO FIX THE GODDAMN SHIP.

Spent the next couple of hours in blackout. Managed to get minimal power and thrust back online, but we’re basically coasting into another trap if Ms. Look at Me I’m Devious and Invisible decides to come around for another shot. Then there’s the helmet. Did I mention the helmet? Carre told me I had to wear one. The only one we had on hand was one from the outer repair suits, and it’s BRIGHT orange. Like, dayglo-level. Maybe glow in the dark? There’ll be no missing ME around, that’s for sure. And I swear to deity of choice, if I hear one more snicker I’m whipping out the wrench. I could get away with it, I bet. “Sorry, sir, I had a serious head injury and they were being total assholes” seems like a reasonable defense to me.

Okay, maybe I should think of something other than anger. So…Doug’s out in the shuttle laying down a minefield or something. He’d never told me that he can fly a shuttle. Maybe one of these days we could take one out together? That’d be nice. That’s all providing that we survive the next couple of days though. I’m really starting to get tired of that feeling, that gnawing suspicion that we could go at any minute. Dad’d just tell me that’s what I get for joining the military, but this ship really does seem to see more action than any other one I served on before. …I just hope Doug gets back okay. I’m sure he will. He’ll come back and be all marine-y and tough and will say I was silly for worrying. I hope.

Okay, time for another change of subject. So…about that helmet…

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  • Atlantis Patch Ian Blackthorne says:

    Funny, and a nice look into Percy’s mind, but with a homey touch at the end. Well done!

  • Atlantis Patch Douglas McKnight says:

    :: Waves :: Hey, hun! I’m fine! Cute little aside.

  • Atlantis Patch Roxanne Carre says:


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