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Posted on May 25th, 2022 by Linxi Jude

USS Atlantis Uncovers Gencodian Database

Good for them. They needed a win after all that shit.”

“After all what?”

“Nothing. Nothing you need to worry about alright? Just- keep building that robot hand or whatever you were doing, ok?” The woman put down her PADD, looking at the teenager in front of her, black eyes unblinking.

The boy was unfazed, now slightly used to his older sister’s Mom Stare, “Seriously, what happened? Is it what you worried about after dad?” He had touched upon a sensitive topic and knew it, and was looking upwards at the now standing Linxi Jude. What did they do? he telepathically questioned.

War and death. Just a normal godforsaken shift. With a sharp inhale, she turned to face the workbench, fiddling at scrap metal. It seems like most of the bridge crew were lucky. Some weren’t. If I didn’t leave-

When his sister didn’t finish, Sivat verbally added, only to be interrupted,“You wonder if it would be you…”

“Yeah. And I didn’t want to leave you in a bad situation, which is exactly why I left.” Linxi turned back around, squatting down to eye level with her brother, “Was it an amazing opportunity while it lasted? Yes. Was it worth the risk? Abso-fucking-lutely not. You deserve better and we all deserve better. Dad especially deserved better.” She shut her eyes, taking a deep breath.

Sivat tilted his head, You’re… bitter over it. Do you… hate Starfleet?

The people? No.

That’s not what I asked.

Linxi opened her eyes and huffed, standing back up. She then walked over to the partially built machine on the ground, looking at all the tools and parts strewn about. “Just… keep doing whatever this project is, and don’t set the goddamn house on fire. Again.”

Sivat, blank faced, watched as his sister exited the room. Wait. What just happened? Did I say something? With no direct response, the boy was left slightly confused. He had only been direct and honest, which is what is supposed to be done, right? Did he break some kind of invisible, unknown social norm that he had no idea existed? After a minute of silent contemplation, he sat down on the floor and picked up a bright orange screwdriver with Jude, Neron etched into the side.

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  • Kathryn Harper Kathryn Harper says:

    It’s neat to see how news of Atlantis reaches and affects former members of the crew, and it’s good to see what Linxi’s up to. Mom Stare!

  •  Emilaina Acacia says:

    I like that Linxi made the right choice for her, that fits well with her character. It’s interesting to see how she rationalizes her time with Atlantis.

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