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Personal Log: Nothing
Posted on July 14th, 2021 by Rike Herschel

Henrike Herschel, Personal Log. Stardate 12107.14

“I don’t know what this is. Whatever it is… I don’t like it. I want this to stop. I want it to go away. But I don’t know how. It’s not normal for humans to feel nothing. We aren’t Vulcans. But that’s what it’s been. Nothing.”

“Before this all happened, I had dread. Then that was somewhat better with medication though not completely better considering I was having panic attacks on the bridge. But now. It’s all just. Gone. I consider my normal state of being to be that of joy. I don’t even have that. It feels… wrong. I don’t know how to function like this. I’ve just been going through daily tasks with no thoughts. It’s like I’m on autopilot, which as someone whose job is supposed to be research and experimentation, is not good.”

“That anxiety, now this. What is going on with me? Ich glaube ich spinne. Everything seems so far out of reach now. I- I need help. Help. Someone please. Help me.

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  • Kathryn Harper Kathryn Harper says:

    This one is heavy. It’s always good to see the effects of the story on its characters, but this one really makes me feel for Rike. I hope she can get the help that she needs.

  • Emilaina Acacia says:

    Oh, poor Rike. I’ve personally experienced this side effect from medication before so I feel for her, it’s tough. I hope she tells the doc!

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