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Log of the Month for October, 1997

Loss of a Child
Posted on October 10th, 1997 by Kristiana Stecker

::Kristi lay on the bio-bed waiting for Dr. Sprint to return. The virus that had infected the crew was now completely out of her system, and the reality of what had happened began to sink in. She had lost the baby. She remebered the day she found out she was pregnant.. Stunned and shocked. She had cried at first, then she realized what a wonderful thing a life was. She was going to be a mother. And Kang was the father. Kang! How was she going to tell him? He seemed more excited about the child than she was, if that was possible. Once he found out how the baby had died, he would be hell-bent on revenge. Klingon’s were like that. At the precise moment she thought of him, he wheeled up to her beside. He was still paralyzed, but Sprint was going to fix that soon.. ::

“Kristi? Kristi, my love?” whispered Kang. Or the Klingon equivalent to a whisper.

::Kristi turned her head, and reached out for his hand.:: “Kang.. I ha-have something to tell you,” she said, barely audible. Kang looked at her, and squeezed her hand. “I’ve l-l-ost the baby,” she managed, before she burst into tears.

::Kang looked at her for a moment,:: “No. That is not possible. Kristi, you must be mistaken,” he paused, and looked around for a doctor for conformation. His eyes fell on Dr. Dolan. Her eyes met his, and she nodded, tears rolling down her cheeks. Grief hit Kang like a ton of bricks. Kang returned his attention to Kristi. Suddenly, he let out a blood curdling howl. Dr. Sprint came running in, thinking that someone was being dismembered.::

“What’s the matter!” Sprint exlaimed as he entered sickbay. Kristi almost jumped off the bio-bed, and Dr. Dolan dropped a tricorder. Several other patients jumped as well.. Monitors began beeping as heartrates and blood-pressures began to rise.

“Kang?” asked Kristi, quietly. “What was that for?”

“I was alerting the departed warriors that there was another warrior about to enter heaven,” he said, as if everyone should know that.

“Kang, the child….” Kristi stopped, deciding that it would be best to keep her mouth shut.. Kang was undoubtedly grieving as well.

::soon, the sickbay doors parted again.. This time, Ltjg Keane, Fleet Captain Blackthorne and Ensign Sezak entered. Blackthorne looked like he had been punched in the stomach. He met Kristi’s eyes briefly, then looked away.. Unable to meet her stare for any length of time.::

“Lieutenant, take the Captain away. NOW!” shouted Dr. Sprint, knowing that something bad was about to take place..

“No. Lieutenant, I countermand that order. Captain Blackthorne is not guilty. However, I must ask that you place me in custody as soon as Dr. Sprint releases me from sickbay. I assaulted a superior officer,” said Kristi, in a surprisingly strong voice.

::Kang looked at her, then the Captain.. Finally, he looked at Keane. “Lieutenant, I want you to tell me why you have the Captain in custody.”

“Well, sir. The Captain has been charged with murder. He is responsible for….” his last words were drowned out.

“KEANE!! GET HIM OUT OF HERE, NOW!!” thundered Doctor Sprint.

::Keane dragged Blackthorne out of sickbay, and headed toward the brig. Kang looked at them as they left, then turned back to Kristi.

Still holding her hand, “Kristi, I must leave now. However, I will return shortly. I promise you that,” Kristi noted that Kang had an odd look in his eyes. He kissed her hand, then let go.. He began to wheel toward the door. Soon, the doors parted and he too disappeared into the corridor.

“Doctor, you must do something,” said Kristi, as she tried to get up. Sprint pushed her easily back down on the bed.

“You must rest now, Commander. Trust me, I’m a doctor,” he said, with a slight smile.

“I know.. And you are a good doctor, too. But you must listen to me. You must have Kang confined to our quarters or to sickbay. He has gone for the Captain,” she said, desperation in her eyes and voice.

“I don’t understand,” he confessed, shaking his head.

“He’s gone to seek revenge, Doctor. He will not stop until he has killed the Captain. You must do something. It was not the Captain’s fault!” she began to cry again. “How much more death can this ship take?”

Sprint turned pale. “Oh my God!” he whispered, then slapped his comm-badge. “CMO to Security! Apprehend Lieutenant Kang and confine him to quarters! Warning, he is armed!”

::now, all they could do is wait. Wait to see if the Captain would live or if the security team had to kill their Chief to stop him.::

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