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The Will of the Ancients
Posted on December 10th, 2010 by Ian Blackthorne

Captain’s Duty Log, 10 December 2389, 1836 hours.

Since discovering that such a fantastic civilization made their home here, I’ve been reluctant to assign a name to this jewel of a moon, knowing that it must have already been named, long ago. Now we’ve learned that the inhabitants of this place called it Gencodia – a word likely not spoken aloud in over nineteen millennia. In deference to the will of these ancients, we’ll preserve their names for everything that we can find records of. Let the records show that the moon Gencodia orbits the gas giant Xothos, the only planet around a star whose name has yet to be recovered.

Initial construction efforts are proceeding well, with a base of operations approaching readiness thanks to the prefabricated modular buildings. Preliminary reports from Colonel McKnight’s team exploring the underground ruins are of a computer system, still active after all this time. As an amateur student of history, it’s difficult to contain my excitement about what it may reveal to us about the Gencodians. Perhaps it can reveal to us their ultimate fate.

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  • Atlantis Patch T'Kirr says:

    Awesome. It’s great to see duty logs for the first time in forever! They really fill a gap, and this one wraps up the current discoveries nicely.

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