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TAC2 2LT Ryleigh Grey
Posted on November 1st, 2018 by Ryleigh Grey

A deep breath. A flicker of pale eyelids. A pair of hands smoothing down their uniform. Attention moving from their uniform to pulling their hair back into a braid. Opening their eyes to gaze into the mirror, Second Lieutenant Ryleigh Grey let out a barely-audible sigh, standing from her bed to look around the once-occupied room. She once had a roommate, but with her assignment to another ship, it left Ryleigh all by her lonesome. Turning away from the empty bed and walls, striding into the split living room/kitchen, Ryleigh’s lips upturned briefly before she bent to pick up her small suitcase of things and head towards the door, preparing to venture onboard her new assignment, that of a tactical officer under CTO Major Wolfe aboard the U.S.S. Atlantis.

Disembarking from the shuttle, she looked around briefly, cursing her height silently, and began to move her way through the crowds. She had left her friends and family behind, back in Texas, and now her mind was returning to the farewell party they threw for her the same day she had received her assignment notice. Falling into pace with other Starfleet officials dressed in kelly green like herself, Ryleigh followed them down to where it seemed that a large crowd had gathered. She spotted the gold of operations, red of security, and blue of sciences mixed in, even the different presences of various other members of Starfleet, as she halted at the edge of the crowd. Every so often, silence fell as a loudspeaker announced names and assignments.

It seemed to take forever for her name to be called, and by the time it was, Ryleigh had turned her attention to her surroundings, taking in everything and everyone surrounding her.

Ryleigh Grey for the U.S.S. Atlantis!” Now the time was coming. She didn’t have anyone to hold her back, no romantic relationships leaving behind, only friends long out of memory and family also out of memory. Ryleigh stepped aboard the shuttle, taking a stabilizing breath calmly before she watched the doors close behind her.

She couldn’t wait for what was coming, and what was going to change for her throughout these years aboard the U.S.S Atlantis under the command of Captain Kathryn Harper and CTO Major Wolfe.

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  • Kathryn Harper Kathryn Harper says:

    Great intro to the character! I quite liked the intro. Nicely done!

  • Kuari Kuari says:

    I like the setting of assignments being called. How exciting for a new officer! Welcome aboard.

  • Alexis Wright says:

    I really liked the descriptions here. For some reason, the kelly green really stuck with me. Well done!

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