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Unforgotten Time
Posted on August 29th, 2018 by Linxi Jude

‘Thank you,’ Linxi spoke telepathically to the Betazoid pilot. She stepped onto the transporter pad, ‘I’m ready to beam down.’ She clutched her hands together as she was transported to the surface of Betazed. Linxi looked around the room as she appeared, and stepped out, into the street. She started rapidly walking down towards the familiar roads, her boots clicking behind her. It was not long until she reached an old building, with ladders on the side. She jumped up, grabbing the first rung, and lifted herself up, before climbing halfway up. Linxi carefully climbed onto a ledge, and scooted her way to a window, before opening it, and sticking her head in, ‘Hello, anyone home? Jan?’ she telepathically shouted out to nobody in particular.

A woman with long dark hair wearing a bright yellow floral dress ran into the room, stopping in the middle, before telepathically yelling ‘Linxi!’ and running to the window, pulling her out.

“Augh!” Linxi exclaimed as she fell to the floor.

‘Oh, sorry!’ Jan pulled Linxi up, then hugged her, ‘I didn’t hear from you for four months!’

Linxi grinned, ‘Sorry peaches, but it was only a few minutes for me.’ She then hugged Jan back before walking over to her bed, and plopping down on it. ‘You really don’t have any idea how much I missed your bed.’

Jan gracefully climbed onto her bed, laying next to Linxi. ‘I imagine those Starfleet beds are not this comfortable.’ She gets on her knees and bounces around the bed, as Linxi laughed, who eventually shoved Jan to get her to stop.

Jan climbed back on, grinning, then tilted her head, laying back down next to Linxi. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘It’s hard, you know? We’ve been best friends since primary school and we’ve done literally everything together. Went through goth phase, complained about boys, went to prom, got into mischief and shenanigans.’

‘Oh, I didn’t get into shenanigans. You got into shenanigans, then dragged me into it!’

‘True. True. But point being, I’m off playing astronaut and you are here, painting fields of flowers… and whatnot. In your point of view, I went off to the center of the galaxy and then completely went off the grid for four months. I don’t… I really don’t understand how you are not mad, or pissy about it.’

‘Because it’s what you love to do. You love going off and discovering things. I love looking at nature and placing it on a canvas. We are two vastly different people, Linx, by that doesn’t mean our friendship is any less.’

‘Awh, I love you too.’

‘Now, knowing you, you have more shenanigans planned for the next few days… What are you thinking?’

‘Weeelllll, I was planning on…’

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  • Kathryn Harper Kathryn Harper says:

    It’s nice seeing the effects of our main storyline on the characters themselves. Well done!

  • Kuari Kuari says:

    This is a little slice of Betazed with a history we didn’t before know about. It’s a clue into Linxi’s past, too, and a reason to find time during leave once they got back to assure her friend she’s still okay. Nice!

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