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New Life
Posted on April 13th, 2018 by Velina Tailor

11803.28 New Life

excerpt from Away team report. Location: Newly discovered m-class planet on mission to center of galaxy. Planet name tbd.
Lunoculus Exolemuriformes (Moon Eyed Lemur)
The closest terran counterpart I can compare this creature to is a Madagascaran Lemur, hence the classification. We observed one small group, likely a family, with young ones present.

[Holoimage shown here]

Observed traits

Silver to blue colored saucer shaped eyes
Six toes/fingers
Prehensile tail with long hair, much like a terran squirrel’s tail; provides balance when leaping.
Silver and black fur

Trilling call and chitters. High pitched whooping alarm call.

Tree-like vegetation

Tree fruits and insects

Mating and Reproduction:
Triplets observed in one family group. Babies cling to underside of mother’s belly. Mating habits not observed. Gestation cycle unknown.

This species seems very intelligent. Observed individuals seemed to showed as much curiosity towards being watched as we showed towards them. One youngster came very close, almost within touching distance. Immature individuals in observed family group took apparent delight in teasing each other and stealing each others’ food. Recommend future science teams set up camouflage post for further observation.
Velina put down her PADD. That report was done with finally. She just needed to add a little more spit and polish to the whole batch of them and send them off to the Science department, and to Starfleet. This was exciting. In their short time on the M-class planet, along with watching an eclipse of an alien sun, they’d found several new species of lifeforms, which only barely scratched the surface of the flora and fauna to be found there. She wished they could stick around for more cataloguing, but they had a mission to complete. The center of the galaxy awaited them..

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  • Kathryn Harper Kathryn Harper says:

    Neat! Actually seeing the reports that the characters talk about all the time is certainly a nice touch, and tying in shore leave to our overall mission like this is brilliant. Well done!

  • Alexis Wright says:


    I agree with Kate, this really fleshes out some of the reality that we experience in the sim. Nicely done!

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