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Curiousity Didn’t Actually Kill the Cat, Did It?
Posted on November 8th, 2017 by T'Lira

Something was… off.

The PADDs strewn across the coffee table included various languages, at least one culture, and a couple of fun books. One by one, they’d all been tossed aside as their owner grew bored.

Now, Taril peered at another PADD, this one containing his history assignments from class. He was supposed to be writing about the founding of the Federation but that had been so over done at this point. There were almost literally a thousand books and essays on the subject, why couldn’t teachers give interesting assignments?

It didn’t help that he had this feeling that something was wierd. He’d had that feeling for a bit now, since just after he’d finished his math assignment.

He was trying to come up with something new to write for this stupid assignment when the computer terminal beeped. Eager for a distraction, he jumped off the couch and hurried over. Maybe it was a message from Aunt Elena or someone, or an update to one of the journals Mom subscibed to.

Instead, it was an automated shipwide message.

“Quarantine?” he wondered aloud, “That’s when we can’t leave the ship and gotta stay put… but why?”

His innate curiousity wasn’t going to let this go any time soon, so he dashed over to grab his PADD and checked his messages.

Sure enough, there was a message from Mom, telling him to stay in their quarters and basically wait this out. But that didn’t tell him why… maybe the computer knew something… if he knew how to ask…

Hurrying back to the computer, he tried to access the system, but couldn’t. It wouldn’t go through.

“Wierd…,” he muttered, trying again, even putting in Mom’s code. She’d be really unhappy if she knew he knew it, but he got curious and watched her put it into the computer sometimes. Besides, what harm could it do?

Even that didn’t work, which was probably really, really bad.


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  • Kathryn Harper says:

    Nice perspective on the events of the past few sims, from a viewpoint not often considered. Good one!

  • Kuari says:

    It’s fun to see the viewpoint of a civilian aboard in their quarters, especially that of a child. It reminds me of many a TNG episode. People all over the ship would be experiencing similar situations as this! Nice contrast of character to T’Lira. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to worry anymore. =P

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