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SCI2 Ensign Linxi Jude
Posted on October 23rd, 2017 by Linxi Jude

“Hey Linxi!” The Betazoid turned towards the voice, belonging to a familiar. “Did you think I was gonna let you leave without as much as a goodbye?” The short, lean human placed his hands on his waist, tilting his head, expecting a response.

Linxi rolled her eyes. “No, but I was kinda hoping,” she joked. “I thought you were,” she mimicked a low ‘manly’ voice, “too busy working at the Academy sickbay to bid you farewell.”

“I was. But I convinced the Doc to let me come here. Come on, Linx. We have known each other for four years. Did you really think I would not find a way out here?”

“Oh hush, Theodore,” she replied, as a voice shouted over the crowd, “Linxi Jude for the U.S.S. Atlantis!”

“Looks like it’s time for you to get on up there.”

“Yeah,” she uttered, in an unusual straightforward manner.

“You’re not nervous are you?” Theodore raised an eyebrow, and moved towards Linxi, giving her a hug, “You will be fine.” He pulled away, “At least I have four more years to enjoy the precious ground.”

Linxi snorted at his joke, as the voice called for her a second time. “Well, this is it. Farewell, Theodore Sinatra.”

“Farewell, Linxi Jude.” He appeared almost somber, as Linxi turned and walked towards the shuttles.

The brunette took a deep breath, and entered the shuttle for the Atlantis. She turned back around, seeing her friend wave, as the doors closed. Her first assignment- fresh faces to meet and new adventures to experience.

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  • Kathryn Harper says:

    Nice start to the character’s journey! Welcome aboard.

  • Kuari says:

    Yes, nice little intro. Welcome aboard!

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