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Log of the Month for May, 2017

Contingency Plans
Posted on May 31st, 2017 by Ian Blackthorne

Clad in dress uniform, Vice Admiral Ian Blackthorne sat at the terminal in his quarters. He and Captain T’Kirr were preparing to attend an emergency session of the Federation Council, called by President Yix in response to their evidence against Section 31. Major Wolfe would be providing a security detail, but the chance of betrayal was still present, so Blackthorne entered a last-minute order into the computer.

Captain Harper,

I told you publicly that if we’re betrayed, to take Atlantis and gather allies again for another attempt at setting this situation right. Unfortunately, circumstances are too unstable to risk waiting, and with our allies already here, military supremacy is on our side, for the moment. If we do not check in without using the duress code by the end of the day, then assume we have been taken prisoner. Command of Atlantis would once more fall to you, and your orders are to demand our immediate release. Failing that, I have prepared a missive for broadcast to the entire Sol system as a prelude to the battle we have endeavored so hard to avoid. Target only Admiral Smith’s flagship, at first, and let whatever ships elect to ignore my message join him as they will, taking care to draw them away from Starbase One if it joins the fray.

Kate, I know this is a great deal to ask of you, and that T’Kirr and I are just two people, seemingly not worth the terrible battle that I would have you instigate. However, we represent a flag that so many have rallied behind, and if Section 31 manages to tear us down again, then they’ve made their intentions clear; the values of the Federation and Starfleet we joined are forfeit. You risked everything to save us once, so I must ask you to stand ready to do it again, old friend. I am sure that we share the hope that these orders will never have to be followed, and that history will be blissfully unaware of the cataclysm that we avoided today.

Either way, for having to bear this burden, the bottle of 2366 Don Julio Anejo in my collection is yours.

Vice Admiral Ian Blackthorne

Ian sent the message and then stood, firmly tugging his uniform into place. The thought crossed his mind that if the treachery he just hedged against actually happened, he would be leaving these quarters and Atlantis for the final time, the home that it seemed like they’d only just returned to after their long exile. No, he resolved, things would work out; against all odds, they had already made it this far, and he knew for a fact that not all of the Council members were aligned with Section 31. After all, Ambassador Jaina Blackthorne still represented Betazed.

With a smirk at the thought that at least his mother would be on his side, Blackthorne resolutely joined his wife in the living room. Together, the couple shared a few quiet moments before going forth and attempting to make history.

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  • Atlantis Patch T'Kirr says:

    Quite the order! Very Captain-like, though. Which way will things go? It all comes down to this day!

    Well thought-out letter from Blackthorne to Harper. It sets us up for this sim!

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