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Uncomfortable Messages
Posted on October 7th, 2015 by T'Lira

T’Lira took this brief chance to compose a letter to her father, spending some time on word choice, as he was likely to pick up on any odd word choices she would normally use.

TO: Sevan, Vulcan Science Academy, Shi’Kahr, Vulcan
FROM: Lt. (j.g.) T’Lira, SCI, USS Atlantis
CC: (not applicable)
SUBJECT: Your recent letter


I have deleted your previous messages because I found them to be distasteful in how you referred to the way I have chosen to comport myself and my life. Hence, why I have not deemed it fit to respond to any messages from you, Mother, or any of my siblings save for T’Pela. I speak only to T’Pela because she does not share the family distaste for Starfleet and, by extension, myself. Are you aware that she alone has sought to contact me and actually discuss matters other than why I joined Starfleet? Clearly not, or you would have changed your topic of communication some time ago.

I am well aware that Starfleet attracts conflicts with other powers. This may come as a surprise, but I served as a fighter pilot during the most recent conflict. I found it to be a worthwhile duty and would do so again if called upon. I am no stranger to conflict, just as I am no stranger to peace. Starfleet functions best in peacetime and exploration, but they are hardly unprepared for conflict. Any power or body of people with combat experience cannot help but to attract unwanted attention. Also, the recent war with the Tzenkethi has been brewing for some time. One cannot please everyone, as you well know.

As I have had a choice, I have chosen to focus more on my career and the people around me who actually support that decision, instead of the people who do not support my choices. I shall provide you with an update of my life.

I have fought in numerous engagements, both during the Dominion War and during recent times. My friends have done so as well. Elena is a captain, Edward is a doctor, and Kyrembril is an engineer. There have been changes to my personal life as well that I do not wish to discuss with you at this time, as you would no doubt feel the need to cast more disparaging words towards my life choices.

I have said my piece and wish to say little more until you give me a reason to do so.


T’Lira paused for a brief moment to reflect on the cutting nature of her words. Perhaps her father deserved to hear those words. It was her hope that they would enable him to see past… how was it that Kyrembril had put it once… “to see past that giant pile of bullshit he’s got in his way”. It was an odd turn of phrase, yet accurate all the same.

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  • Atlantis Patch Ian Blackthorne says:

    Daaaaaamn, Vulcan smackdown! Well done and nice to see that all laid out like that.

  • Atlantis Patch T'Kirr says:

    Talk to the Vulcan hand. She’s clearly hurt by her family’s treatment of her, yet it’s only logical she should not want to put up with such words. Even Vulcans have domestic disputes, because “logic” is in the eye of the beholder more often than not…

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