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Personal Log, Stardate 11504.01
Posted on April 6th, 2015 by T'Lira

As much as I dislike combat, I must admit that the battle was… interesting. The Tzenkethi seem to have a highly structured military system not unlike that of their society. Perhaps there may be an entire caste in their society of dedicated soldiers, but little is known. Their society is interesting, to say the least, but still rather efficient. But not efficient enough to predict Starfleet’s moves. It seems that they have yet to realize that Starfleet will retaliate for any hostile actions. I have heard the reports from other areas, like Sigma Rho, and I am under the impression that this is… carefully planned. But why would the Tzenkethi plot a war on this scale against the Federation? What do they hope to gain? I do not wish to guess their motives, but it is my personal opinion that this has the distinct impression of strict, long-term planning. I am hardly an expert on warfare, so this is merely guesswork. Any small detail will allow more knowledge to be gained about this conflict.

*Computer beeps* You have a personal message.

*stifled sigh* Acknowledged. Computer, end recording.

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