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Log of the Month for November, 2014

New Classes, Same Problems
Posted on November 13th, 2014 by T'Lira

Here it was: the first day of classes that many students illogically dreaded. It was hardly as bad as they believed it to be.

T’Lira had just dropped Taril off at daycare, much to the delight of her son, who seemed to crave the company of others. He might one day be an excellent example of whatever career he chose. If he learned patience.

She looked down at the PADD in her hand and was not surprised with her class list. First, she had History of the Federation, albeit a rather updated version that included the Dominion War and everything after. Next, flight training. A class she did not look forward to but did not dread either. After that, she had Beginning Scientific Methodology. Of course, it had been updated as well, but she already knew the majority of the material. Her last class of the day was Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat, a required class for all non-security majors. That would indeed be interesting.

As she walked to her first class, she wondered if this instructor would cease to cause all of the students to fall asleep in class.

History of the Federation was not as updated as she believed it to be. She knew far more about the Dominion War than the syllabus implied would be covered. Not to mention that other recent topic were only barely touched upon. Most of the curriculum still covered the pre-Federation days of the Coalition of Planets and up until the time of James T. Kirk. And that easily covered most of the semester. The rest of the curriculum was briefly looking over anything not covered.

Flight training offered a welcome surprise. The instructor was none other than one Commander Elena Garson, T’Lira’s roommate the first time she attended the Academy. It appeared that Elena almost laughed when she saw her class. After a brief period of welcome and offering a basic outline of the skills covered, Elena allowed her students free reign to observe other students in their prep routines and took a chance to talk to T’Lira. They agreed upon a Sunday lunch at the Relasan, a local restaurant/bar (of course, only after 1800 hours).

Her Beginning Scientific Methodology class was boring, however illogical the idea was. The professor proceeded to carry on about the scientific method and treated all of his students as if they were children, even after the (supposedly) youngest student in the class disproved his entire theory about the process of a matter/antimatter reaction and the actual particles that were in play during such a reaction. T’Lira firmly decided to speak to him privately about his conduct.

Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat was rather… interesting. They were paired with students of presumably equal levels of skill, only to find that most of the students were more well-trained than their appearances showed them to be. An engineering track major student successfully preformed a manual throw of a student and accidentally threw the student into a wall. Professor Callus was less than pleased with that turn of events and ordered that they simply practice their hand movements and gauging their strength.

Even after all of her classes, T’Lira still found herself… wanting something more. But she had felt the same way during her official first year at the Academy, before the Dominion War broke out and all cadets third year and above were ordered to the front lines to supplement the struggling officers already there.

After her classes, there was a rather dull welcome ceremony that had several surprising twists to the general outcome, but was still dull. Of course, Starfleet Academy had to continue in tradition…

(heehee, I left a tiny cliffie! *runs away laughing*)

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  • Atlantis Patch Ian Blackthorne says:

    I found this log to be quite enjoyable, and it shows that even an ordinary day at the Academy can be compelling subject matter.

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