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New Beginnings
Posted on October 27th, 2014 by T'Lira

(So, I’ve decided to be creative *sigh* with my titles, so this little gem happened. Not my best, but hey, I should really work on not writing logs at the last minute! :)

The apartment on Earth was starting to feel… cramped. T’Lira looked out of the window as she sipped her tea and observed the people moving around below. She knew many of them. There was one of her old professors, carrying on a rather expressive conversation with Ensign Johnson. Sue-Ellen Parker was sprinting across the street, presumably chasing after her energetic daughter, Taylor. Edward Jones was on his balcony next door, most likely reading the latest newspaper in the flimsy paper format that he always preferred.
Behind her, Taril was hard at work building something with blocks, his chubby little hands clumsily placing blocks haphazardly atop each other in a formation that was somehow defying the laws of gravity. His dark hair was sticking up, again, and it refused to be tamed.
T’Lira sat down at her comm. panel and checked her messages, as part of her daily routine (so boring). It was the standard messages, just a community reminder of a fall festival taking place in 1.32 weeks (too routine).
However, one caught her attention. An Academy professor, asking if she would be willing to speak to his students about what she had witnessed after the detstruction of the Eisn system. Apparently, he was teaching a history class.
Resisting the illogical urge to sigh, she replied with an affirmative. This would be the third year in a row she had given some speech or another for an old Academy professor.
And then what had to be the most illogical idea of her entire existence hit her: What if she went back? Even if it meant she had to return to the Academy, she would not be so damned bored anymore.
“Computer, send message to Captain Kylee Zahn, Starfleet Academy Commandant of Cadets. Inform her that I request a meeting at her earliest convenience in regards to a potential new cadet. Send.”
“Message sent.”

Second Chances

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  • Atlantis Patch Ian Blackthorne says:

    This is a nice little slice of character motivation. I want to see more of this time period! Also, the title is fine, keep it up.

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