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Personal Log: Stardate 11410.08
Posted on October 19th, 2014 by T'Lira

Now, the mission was winding down and it was something of a relief. Of course, there was the small detail of sensor repairs, but it was still winding down.
T’Lira scanned the incoming data from her sensor repairs on her half of the list and noticed that it seemed to be small damage. Nothing had actually fully stopped working. In some cases, it was data being transmitted to the wrong places or being bounced back, or even just some misaligned computer code.
For what felt like the seventeenth time, she silently thanked her Academy cadet self for taking the extra computer programming classes that had been offered. Now, they were helping in fixing these sensors.
The PADD next to her that was beginning to feel like a permanent staple in her life beeped, drawing her attention to a message from an old friend, wishing her well. At least Elena was doing well, a Commander and first officer of a starship already. She deserved it, having worked so hard for it despite her unfortunate tendency to shoot first and think later.
With one hand, she continued repairs. With the other, she went over her back-logged messages. Most were from old friends and colleagues saying hello and welcome back to Starfleet. There were now four from her parents, four from her siblings, two from Taril, and one from… that was odd.
Looking closer, she saw it was from a source within the Romulan Empire. He claimed to be a Reunificationist and that they had met during the main rush of refugee efforts. T’Lira’s eyebrow climbed farther upwards as she continued to glance over the attachments. This would be very important to Taril, indeed. She decided to forward the information about her adopted son’s extended family to a colleague in Starfleet Intelligence to double check, as she still had a difficult time trusting Romulans.
Even so, if this was true that Taril had an older brother, that would be fortunate for him. Perhaps she could arrange a meeting.
Continuing to repair the sensors, now with both hands, she recalled who exactly in Romulan space she could trust to arrange such a meeting.

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