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Coffee? Break….
Posted on August 13th, 2014 by Ilaihr

Ilaihr moved off from the pods for a moment to catch his breath, he wasnt as young as he used to be. He smiled it off as he went to grab a cup o’ something, he wasnt quite sure what to drink. He prowled the replicator database, but nothing singular caught his fancy, he decided to improvise.

"Hmmm, Computer my dear, replicate me some hot water 90°C, and, some ground lapsang souchong leaves, some ground raktajino coffee beans…" He kept scrolling through the database. "Mmmm civet coffee, sounds nice; some ground beans of that too please." His eyes glazed at the power of near infinite choice. He never installed a food replicator onboard Betty, he was always satisfied with what he could grow on board. He eventually added some obscure Vulcan and Andorian ground beans leaves and berries, and before his eyes several bowls and vials of goodies appeared. He mixed them together before taking a spoonful of the mixture and adding it to the water, with a brisk stir the water turned a blood red colour, bubbling menacingly. He positioned the cup beneath his nose and basked in the various contradicting aromas before taking a sip. "Mmmmm, and a good morning, afternoon, evening and next week to you too. Thank you computer, save the contents of the mixing bowl, you may deconstruct the waste." With his orders the wasted matter was reconstituted within the computer, and he walked away from the replicator.

As he sipped on his ‘beverage’, a Bajoran officer walked up to him with a smile on his face, and Ilaihr liked it when people smiled and so acted in kind. The lieutenant junior grade stared at him, with what Iliahr supposed was a question.
"May I give a penny for your thought lieutenant?"
The Bajoran looked at him bemused. "Are you Mr. Ilaihr sir?" He asked curiously. "Ilaihr of Andor?"
"I am not sir to you lieutenant, you are sir to me. However, yes I am Ensign Ilaihr." He smiled, slightly puzzled, but he felt good feelings emitting from the officer.
"The Prophets smile upon me sir, you were on Bajor when I was a boy, I have always longed to meet and thank you." The man’s eyes beamed with illustrious joy.
"It has been a long time since I have been to Bajor, are you sure I am the man you’re thinking of." Strange for Ilaihr, he became reserved trying to shun this apparent hero worship.
"You are the Blue Devil Man; you stopped the Cardassians taking the children of my village away." The Bajoran looked deep iinto Ilaihr’s eyes; the memory resurging in his mind.
Ilaihr placed his hand upon the Bajoran’s shoulder with a slight tear in his eye. "That must mean that you are…Motar." He smiled. "I remember you. You honour me."
"You, remember my name?"
"It took me a moment, but your pagh is strong. You were a tinkerer of a boy, who is now in a job perfect for himself as a man. And i merely hid you from the Cardassians."
"No sir. You saved us. You gave the rebels weapons to fight them with, you protected us children and some say you even payed off the Cardassians to leave us alone. You were my hero sir."

Ilaihr didnt like the thought of himself being considered a hero, he was a simple man with an equally simple code. However dark the Occupation was; he did enjoy his time spent on Bajor with the people there. He made alot of decisions over the years, and his code was to always aim to do right, no matter what may happen. Never could he imagine himself being considered a hero by anyone in all those years, it was a strange concept. He laughed it off and patted Motar on the shoulder.

"Its been a long time since you’ve needed to call me sir. It is Ilaihr or ensign, lieutenant. You have earned that, it is your rank and right. And it would be most excellent to talk about the path you have taken, but we still have much work to do sir." He sipped the last drops of his strange concoction. "Much work to do. May the Prophets be with you Lieutenant." Ilaihr then moved off to continue on with his work, leaving Motar standing there with a smile on his face.
"Yes sir." He whispered under his breath one last time. "Blue Devil Man."

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  • Atlantis Patch T'Kirr says:

    I find this insightful piece interesting because of how Ilaihr shows his being Motar’s elder with such things like patting him on the shoulder, yet Motar is his ranking officer and insists on proper address. Thanks for writing!

  • Atlantis Patch Ian Blackthorne says:

    Nice look at the transition into his new life!

  • Atlantis Patch Ilaihr says:

    Thank you. I thought it was important for him to show how his extensive past isn’t going to get in the way of his duties now, and that anyone who sees him by his age and experience should still treat him by his current rank. I got the idea from a conversation with Quinn, he asked if we were going to have a problem; we wont.

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