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PADDs and Raktagino
Posted on June 2nd, 2007 by Persephone Busard and T'Kirr

Persephone Busard and T’Kirr

“I’ve been successful in isolating eighty-five percent of the frequencies.” T’Kirr turned from the blinking wall panel to look over her shoulder at Busard. “It should be sufficient for our detection purposes.”

Busard, finding herself occupied with making adjustments to the insides of a separate panel, spoke over her shoulder. “Excellent. Transmit those over to my PADD and I’ll program them into the tactical interface.”

After quickly sending the frequency list to the PADD in question, T’Kirr moved away from the panel and picked up the scanner lying next to the ripped-out cloaking device. As she hovered over it, she took in the details of its appearance. Its glossy black surface held the mysteries of what lay within, but instead of pondering on its alien craftsmanship, T’Kirr took her scanner to it. “Have you ever seen a cloaking system like this before?”

The engineer shook her head gravely as she began entering in and coordinating frequencies. “Some Romulan warships have had similar devices…but nothing like this. Usually cloaking devices focus on bending light and just looking like they aren’t there.” She frowned, muttering. “Figures that the people actually smart enough to take an alternate route would be the ones trying to kill us.”
T’Kirr took note of her readings of the alien makeup and looked over the device again. Finding what looked to be a small port, she performed a more detailed scan of it. “I think I’ve found a recharge access port for the power source. It appears to support dilithium.”

Busard’s ears seemed to perk up at that, as she put her PADD down to examine the port. Moving to T’Kirr, she examined the scans. “Huh…well, that’s one less thing to worry about, then. Have to make sure it’s stocked all the time, but at least we know that we won’t lose the test object because its batteries went dead.”

T’Kirr nodded her agreement, setting the scanner down and moving to a console to bring up a schematic. “How is the tactical interface progressing?”

“Still needs a couple of kinks fixed,” Busard moved back toward the panel she’d been working at earlier, “but now that I have the majority of frequencies from the cloaking device, I should be able to work much more efficiently.” She went a bit quieter than she had been the past few moments after that. Had to focus. Had to make this work perfectly.

“When will you have the installation profile ready for me to send out to the fleet?”

Persephone really had to try not to sigh there. Vulcans sure did ask a lot of questions. Although, she thought, you’d think they’d know when to shut up and let the blasted engineers work! Oh well.

“I’d say…an hour? Maybe an hour and a half? Gives them time to figure out how to push the on and off buttons and all that before the enemy shows up.”

T’Kirr gave Busard a significant look. “Remember Blackthorne’s orders. Everyone is to reserve eight hours to sleep before the confrontation.”

Oh yeah. Sleep. Percy’d forgotten about that, probably because she had a replicator nearby that was able to produce good raktagino. Time to speed up work a bit.

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