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An Empty Chatroom
Posted on January 15th, 2014 by Jorvan Tav

I sit in Phoenix tonight, away from my wife, away from home, on business. Exhausted with an early flight, I have stayed up so I could sim, because I do so much enjoy this time each week with all of you who participate. I am one of the newest people to this; it’s easy to say I wish I had been around so long as T’Kirr and the rest of you. But I haven’t.

This has become an important part of my week, and as I sit in this room with just T’Kirr and Blackthorne, I hope it is not slowly going away just as I really feel that I know how to contribute something… without making a storyline two months longer than it need be because some alien breathes an atmosphere that anywhere but on their world would be solid.

And that has me thinking… What do we need to do to bring this back together? Yes, I do know that life gets in the way. As I say at I lmy job when people give me the excuse that now is not a good time to buy… it’s never a good time, is it?

Is there a time that would work better for everyone? As long as it’s not during the business day, I am game for just about anything. I’ll make it work. I’ll join this sim whenever it is happening, so long as it is not between 6:00 and 11:00 AM Eastern, as during that time I will always be busy at my job.

I love being a part of this group, part of the creativity, and a part of the people who make up our weekly creative date.

So again I ask, how do we make this more accessible for everyone? How do we find a time so that everyone can be at their computers, continuing this community that has been around longer than I can remember, and that I have been so privileged to join?

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  • Alexis Wright says:

    My conflicts are all because our play time is right after work for me, and sometimes I just can’t avoid other things getting scheduled there. I know that’s just something I have to deal with, being on the west coast. I do my best to be here every week and to let someone know when and why I can’t… last week, I was literally sitting in a doctor’s office during sim time. This week, sim day happened to fall on my birthday and my co-workers took me out to dinner.

    I work 8-5 Pacific m-f…

  • Atlantis Patch T'Kirr says:

    Being EST, I can’t do it any later. I remember when sim time was 7pm PST because I lived in Oregon at the time, but I couldn’t do that now. I’d say Saturday night because you don’t have work that day, but that would be hard for me every third week since I’ll get up at 5:30 the next morning. I suppose Sunday night would be open for me.

  • Atlantis Patch Ian Blackthorne says:

    Wright, it’s not about any one person’s recent absences or the reasons for them. It doesn’t really matter why anyone misses a sim, since RL obviously must take priority. However, if the sim and story are compelling enough, people will want to be there and schedule RL accordingly. This is why I rarely miss.

    It’s not like moving the sim time will make people want to attend any more than they do. The game just isn’t interesting enough to make people want to be here, and much of that is my fault.

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