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About Atlantis
The USS Atlantis is a Sovereign Class starship simulation that launched on June 14, 1997. The Atlantis's original mission statement embodied the quintessential mission of Starfleet, to explore the unknown and make first contact with new civilizations. Unfortunately, the inexorably twisting path of sentient life, altered by such calamities as the Dominion War, has led the Atlantis away from that goal. Yet, even after over two decades, the Atlantis still sails among the stars, true to the motto on her dedication plaque: "Come let us sail the boundless sea..."

About Minuteman
Launched on September 21, 2022 as a much younger sibling game to Atlantis, Minuteman is intended for those who like to lean a little more into the military side of Starfleet's mission, as well as into the more rough and tumble feel of earlier eras of space travel in general. The crew is exclusively drawn from the Starfleet Marine Corps, and sometimes that means leaving the bells and whistles at home. No Cetacean Ops, no concert halls, nary even a decent en suite to be found. Just the magnificent, pitiless unknown, and those with the steel to challenge it. Got the right stuff, Marine?

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