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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
The day after the gala celebrating twenty-five years of Atlantis, the crew continues a more casual evening together in Ten-Forward.
After 29-Jun-2022 00:00:00
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 21:10:06
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:10:14
:: right as she mentions the ferrets' names... they proceed to stick their heads out of her sleeves ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:10:23
:: eyeing the awful leave on the table from Jester ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 21:10:46
:: gives him a smug look ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:10:50
:: gasps, delighted when she notices the ferrets ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:11:04
:: sucks on his teeth ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 21:11:33
:: pops into Ten Forward, her casual being totally naked, but she has fur so it's fine ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:11:34
:: sticks her hands up to her shoulders to let Bob and Barb out ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 21:11:48
:: her hair is down, and she's wearing tight black jeans with heeled leather boots and an olive green crop-top sweater, along with the bracelet that Lexy had Emily make for her and matching pearl earrings ::
:: she brightens when she sees Kuari enter, and waves ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:12:31
:: sits down at the piano, looks at Grey ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 21:12:42
:: smiles when her large eyes catch the movement of Kate's wave and twitches a wing in a quick wave as her forelimbs are currently busy carrying her across the room ::
Jorvan Tav 29-Jun-2022 21:13:10
:: senses Ten Forward lighting up as he enters the room. Which makes sense. His Risan shirt and swim trunks are very, very loud. ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:13:15
Grey: What are we playing?
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 21:13:41
:: turns away from the riveting and somehow awkwardly sexually-charged pool game when Kuari comes in ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 21:13:50
:: looks around, now knowing where Kate is, but looks for others ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 21:14:03
:: remains at the bar, on the home stretch of Green Bays, committed to finishing it in this sitting ::
:: looks forward to hearing what Grey and Ammora play, pleased at the literal and figurative harmony there ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:15:13
:: finally leans over the table and, with a decisive stroke, makes a three-rail bank to kiss the six, not pocketing it, but leaving Jester an even worse situation with the 9 and 7 in the way of the 6 ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:15:32
:: goes to pet the ferrets, keeping an eye on the pool game to catch who wins ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 21:15:39
:: affects a small pout at him ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 21:16:04
:: spots Lexy and smiles ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:16:12
:: blows a mocking kiss back ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 21:16:32
:: shrugs... she deserved that ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:16:39
:: turns head to glance over at the pool game :: Emily: Last time I played pool, it was in a dark bar, and I nearly got a pool stick smashed on my head.
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 21:16:49
Kuari! Glad you could make it!
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 21:16:50
:: smiles at Ammora :: Ammora: Do you know Across the Stars?
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 21:16:57
:: beams at her friend ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:17:36
:: chuckles, petting Bob's head :: Rike: Those two will take any chance to compete. The less luck-based the better.
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 21:17:47
:: approaches Kate, still eyeing Lexy :: Kate: Wouldn't miss it for the galaxy!
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 21:17:48
:: crosses back over toward where Kate and Kuari are, leaving the pilots to their... whatever that is ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 21:18:14
:: reaches the last passage of Green Bays ::
:: flags down the bartender :: Bartender: Could I get a Written Word, please?
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:19:23
:: nods :: Grey: I do.
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:19:47
Emily: I prefer luck. Less issues around... Sportlichkeit. Sportiness...? No... that's not quite right-
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:19:49
:: leans against the wall and chalks his cue as he waits ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 21:20:03
:: smiles at Lexy as she approaches, looking behind her to see the pool table where she came, curious for context ::
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 21:20:06
Ammora: If you know it, let's play it. I know it's a slower song, but...
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:20:09
Rike: Sporting-ness. Or.. being sporting.
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 21:20:16
Bartender> I'm unfamiliar.
Bartender: Cointreau, Chartreuse, gin, lime juice. Garnish with a cherry.
Bartender> I'll give it a whirl.
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:21:19
:: shakes head, scratching Barb :: Emily: No... that's not it either. Ah, whatever.
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:21:23
:: plays a bit ::
Grey: :: looks at her :: Can I ask you a question?
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 21:23:10
Ammora: Of course! :: barely glances up from the keys, neatly harmonizing with Ammora's own ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 21:23:31
:: notices the Marines at the piano and can't help but to smile ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:23:41
:: chuckles and shrugs :: Rike: I don't know. Doesn't matter. Anyway, I like games of luck as well. No hard feelings when you lose.
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 21:23:44
:: decides to take a risky shot, taking a long moment to line it up carefully and then making her stroke, wincing as soon as her cue makes contact because she knows what's going to happen - she closes her eyes so she doesn't have to see it, but she can still hear the sound of the 7 ball rolling into the pocket before the 6 instead of being cleverly deflected as she had intended ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 21:23:46
:: receives his Written Word, sips it :: Bartender: Perfect. Thanks.
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 21:24:18
:: twitches an ear, hearing music begin ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:24:28
:: keeps playing :: Grey: When are you going to tell everyone?
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:24:54
Emily: Das ist der Punkt! Exactly what I mean!
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 21:25:11
:: blinks in confusion, glancing to Ammora :: Ammora: What do you mean?
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:25:11
:: winces, then picks up the cue ball :: What a gift! She likes me after all!
Jorvan Tav 29-Jun-2022 21:25:27
:: walks over and joins Kuari and company :: All: Good evening.
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 21:25:39
Tav: Hey Spots!
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 21:25:41
:: was a bit delayed by other matters, but makes a fashionably late entrance in... her uniform. Because what else would one expect a Vulcan to wear to casual events? In quick order she claims her usual table by the windows, examining the crowd casually as she sets a datapad before her with several back issues of a journal she prefers. No reason to deviate from her standard routine at such... events ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 21:25:41
:: sidles up and wraps her free arm around Kate's waist, smiling at Kate and Kuari in tutn ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 21:26:04
:: instinctively leans in against Lexy ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:26:05
Grey: You're avoiding synthehol, you're being very specific about what how you move around...
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 21:26:20
:: eyes Jorvan, eyes somehow widening more than their default :: Jorvan!
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 21:26:54
:: finishes the book, turns off his PADD :: :: sips his drink and reflects on what he read ::
Jorvan Tav 29-Jun-2022 21:27:05
:: nods curtly :: Kuari: Sorry I wasn't able to make the main event. But it's good to be back on board.
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 21:27:12
:: grins broadly at Tav, happy to see him again so soon ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 21:27:42
:: gets up, approaches Acacia and Herschel ::
:: nods to both in greeting :: Emily: Dr. Acacia, I just finished Green Bays. Wanted to thank you for the recommendation.
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:28:28
:: immediately spots T'Lira enter, mentally shaking her head at the uniform predictableness, and then glances back at Emily ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 21:29:00
:: glomps Jorvan out of excitement, then realizes her error and braces her feet under him and keeps him from hitting the floor ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 21:29:04
:: backs away from the table with her cue and says in a sly tone :: Zorro: Well, given what the stakes are, I guess I don't feel too bad about the situation.
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:29:08
:: raises her eyebrows in slight surprise, then switches right to a smile and asks the question every book fan loves to hear :: Jack: Just the first one?
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:29:23
:: looks at Grey ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:29:26
:: surveys the table for the best place to place his ball in hand, but, try as he might, he sees no easy combo on the 9, so he settles on a shot on the 6 that'll set him up on the 7 ::
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 21:29:47
:: accidentally presses a wrong key at Ammora's question, making a strange sound, before letting out a wordless squawk, dropping her voice into a quick whisper :: Ammora: We've been discussing it, but nothing yet. Please don't tell anyone.
Jorvan Tav 29-Jun-2022 21:29:59
:: laughs as he takes the fall :: It's nice to see you, too!
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:30:06
:: pockets the 6, leaving himself a nice shot on the 7 :: Jester: Neither. Do. I.
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:30:11
:: keeps playing ::
Grey: I'm not saying anything to anyone.
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 21:30:35
Emily: Didn't know there were more. The first one wrapped up so neatly, didn't even give any sequel bait at the end. Does it hold up as a series?
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 21:30:46
:: smirks at him as he's lining up his shot ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 21:31:05
:: chuckles at Kuari and Tav :: Jorvan: It is good to see you back aboard.
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:31:20
:: as Jack and Emily speak, she backs away, heading towards the familiar Vulcan ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 21:31:29
:: carefully lets go so Jorvan can stand uprigtht :: Jorvan: I wasn't sure you could make it! I'm glad to see you...obviously :: looks sheepish, her blush incapable of being noticed ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:31:44
:: nods :: Jack: There's four out so far, with more planned. Each one follows a different set of characters, but all the stories tie together and the universe progresses with them. I think it's pretty good, but I'm a big sci-fi nerd, so.
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:31:45
:: pockets the 7, sending the cue ball off two rails to leave a reasonable cut shot on the 9, if a bit long ::
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 21:32:54
Ammora: We're trying, but you know... the shot. It'll take some time to wear off, if we get permission, and right now, I'm just doing what I can do get ready.
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:33:20
Grey: You both will make great parents. :: keeps playing ::
Grey: Scott's a good name for a boy, by the way. :: smiles ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 21:33:56
:: over all the commotion, notes T'Lira's arrival, and Rike's subsequent approach, vaguely wishing she could hear that conversation ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 21:34:12
Emily: Well, if you endorse the sequels, I'll give them a shot. I really enjoyed the living ship pastiche, and the general nature/technology dichotomy being broken down.
Jorvan Tav 29-Jun-2022 21:34:34
:: getting up :: Kuari: I wasn't sure, either. How's life on Atlantis? :: looking around :: Good medical care all around?
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 21:34:49
:: shakes her head in mock ruefulness, fully expecting him to clear the table ::
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 21:35:01
:: stifles a quiet laugh at Ammora's suggestion, continuing to play ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 21:35:49
:: sensing that Kuari and Jorvan have entered their own world for a minute, she turns to wave for a fresh drink from the bartender before settling in against Lexy again and whispering :: So, when do you want to do the thing?
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:35:58
:: smiles :: Jack: That was my favorite part. It seems super-futuristic, but it could also be set in the past. And all living things are, essentially, chemical machines.
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:36:04
:: winks at Jester, then decisively sinks the 9 ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:36:44
:: keeps playing :: Grey: Seriously, that kid is gonna be a bad ass.
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 21:37:14
:: looks up at Kate with a shrug :: Kate: Whenever you think.
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 21:37:36
:: gives him a slow clap, still smirking ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 21:37:48
:: she looks up when she sees Rike approach, lifting one eyebrow :: Rike: Greetings.
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 21:37:52
Lexy: In a little bit, then. :: slips an arm around her wife's waist ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:38:04
:: bows with a flourish ::
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 21:39:20
:: smiles slightly to herself :: Ammora: Yeah... they will be.
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:39:36
:: tilts his head :: Grey: They?
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:40:08
T'Lira: I didn't think you'd show up this evening. It's nice seeing you here! :: grins, Bob slowly crawling his way down Rike's arm, looking towards T'Lira ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 21:40:09
:: nods readily, looking around for the CMO in question :: Jorvan: Oh yes, Doctor Acacia is very capable. She's certainly earned her position looking after Sickbay.
Ethan Jasper 29-Jun-2022 21:40:49
:: enters then, immediately spotting his wife and Ammora by the piano, and wanders over to place his hands on her shoulders, greeting her with a kiss on the cheek ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:40:52
:: sees Kuari looking at her, and waves ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 21:40:54
:: sits down :: Emily: Exactly. When they met the people on the First Moon, and everything felt so timeless and unending... The way the author described both people and machines was so subtly blended together. I felt flashbacks from the psychedelic escapades of my younger days. Like the whole concept of life is distilled down to anything that can experience anything.
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 21:41:14
:: heaves an exaggerated sigh as she returns her cue to the rack on the wall :: Zorro: Very well. I admit defeat.
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 21:41:36
:: blinks slowly at the... creature :: Rike: I was delayed by a subspace communication, but I did intend to be present tonight, unintended as the delay was... :: lifts a brow at the little animal, uncertain of what to make of it ::
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 21:41:40
Ammora: Ethan's youngest of three and I'm an only child. He wants at least two, and I'm willing to give on that. :: explains as she grins up at her husband, turning back to the piano ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:42:28
:: looks up at Jasper :: Jasper: Lieutenant.
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:42:41
:: looks right back to Jack, enjoying his assessment of the book she likes :: Jack: There was something so haunting about the chapter about the grass in the shuttle bay. The way it kept coming back to what the station and the plants and the animals experience, independent of the humanoid characters... :: chef's kiss ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 21:43:37
:: looks over at the cloth-covered cart next to the bar, amused that everyone seems to have forgotten about it for the time being ::
Jorvan Tav 29-Jun-2022 21:43:39
Kuari: It's good to hear that you're in good hands. I love Starfleet Medical, but I miss Atlantis. The ground doesn't really go anywhere.
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:43:45
:: puts her hand down on the table, letting Bob the ferret walk onto it, while Barb watches from behind Rike's neck :: T'Lira: Ahh, those pesky communications issues. :: pauses, as though to interpret her thoughts to Vulcan™️ :: T'Lira: Always annoying when they happen.
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:43:46
:: puts his cue in the rack alongside with a smirk :: Jester: Better luck next time, Jessie. In the meantime, my Mustang's a bit dirty. Before that, though, shall we go check in on Emily?
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 21:44:11
Emily: Do any of the sequels show the fully-technological or fully-natural civilizations they referenced? I'm really interested in seeing how the author handles either side, now that I've read the descriptions of the fusion of the two.
Ethan Jasper 29-Jun-2022 21:44:34
:: Ammora: Lieutenant. Are you pestering my wife? :: asks with a playful grin, lightly touching Grey's shoulder in a possessive-kind of hold.
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:44:54
:: smiles, covering her mouth then uncovering it, twice as she decides what to say :: Jack: Yes.
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 21:45:05
Rike: Indeed... may I ask... what exactly those are? I do not believe I have seen creatures like them before. :: she's both fascinated and moderately... concerned, all at the same time ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 21:45:19
Zorro: Oh, of course. Just remind me to stretch before, this time. :: she winks at him and leads the way toward the others ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:45:43
Jasper: Only in the melodic way.
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 21:45:44
Emily: Wonderful. I look forward to it. :: sips his drink :: How's your evening going, by the way?
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:47:19
:: sips her drink as well :: Jack: Oh, great. I got to meet the old CMO, who apparently used to chill his tools, got to pet Rike's ferret, talk about my favorite obscure up-and-coming sci-fi series with another person, and for once I'm in a room full of people in good moods. I'm thriving. You?
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 21:47:44
:: looks around, enjoying the vibe of this casual gathering much more than the formal gala ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:48:30
T'Lira: Ferrets! They are related to wolverines, ermines, minks and weasels in the Mustela genus. I thought I may have mentioned them at some point? The one in front of you is Bob, and this girl up on my neck is Barb.
Ethan Jasper 29-Jun-2022 21:48:31
:: laughs :: Ammora: Perfect, I'll leave you guys to it. :: wanders off to join Acacia :: Emily: Hi-lo.
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 21:49:26
:: carefully observes the pair :: Rike: Fascinating. You have indeed mentioned them, but I was previously unaware of what type of creatures they were... they appear to be rather versatile.
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 21:49:30
:: sips at her drink and smiles fondly at the assemblage as they mingle with one another ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:49:48
:: walks up with Jester to Emily and Jack ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 21:49:50
Emily: Can't complain. I'm usually not a party person, but I rather enjoy the members of this crew, so I figured... :: shrugs :: I also wanted to thank you again for the invite to the dinner at your family's house in Spain. That's also something I normally wouldn't have gone to, but everyone's so welcoming that I couldn't refuse.
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 21:50:01
:: grins at Jorvan widely :: Jorvan: And we've been to so many places and done so much since you've left. Have you been keeping up?
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 21:50:50
:: gives Emily a small smile, and appraises the new guy ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:51:04
:: looks around and greets all the newcomers :: Doc/Kimiko/Ethan: Howdy. How's it?
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:51:08
Grey: You really are perfect for each other.
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:51:34
:: snorts a bit at the description :: T'Lira... Yes, that- that they are. I actually put up some duct hoses in my quarters sometimes and they... metaphorically defy gravity.
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:51:57
:: smiles and dips his head to Emily :: The pool table was kind to me.
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 21:52:36
Ammora: I know. :: is slightly beaming with pride over her husband, glancing back at him as he joins the other mixed staff :: Ammora: Being friends of almost our entire lives helps.
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:52:38
:: gives a dramatized pout :: Doc: Oh, I missed the end again? Bah, well now I know. Jack distracted me!
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 21:52:42
Rike: How is a creature capable of... defying gravity, metaphorical or otherwise?
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:53:32
:: puts finger up :: T'Lira: Wait no. I spoke language incorrectly. That is what I get for trying to not use the universal translator.
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 21:53:43
:: hides her mouth from Zorro with her hand and stage-whispers to Emily :: Emily: I let him win. :: nods solemnly ::
Ethan Jasper 29-Jun-2022 21:53:46
Acacia: I'm doing well. Got that final bit of research finished before I joined y'all. You?
Zaxiven 29-Jun-2022 21:54:02
:: walks into Ten Forward. Being Denobulan, his clothing is loud, yet dapper in colors that can only be described as bold pastels. He looks around and surveys his former crewmates :: Self: Ah, wonderful. :: smiles in Denobulan ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:54:39
:: gives Kimiko a formal nod to playfully indicate yes, of course, very serious and true ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:54:45
:: smirks, as if Jester would ever do that ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 21:54:47
:: is surprised to see a familiar extremely broad grin enter the room and nudges Kate ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:55:00
:: puts that finger on her chin, then nods to herself :: T'Lira: Literally defy gravity. I think that is the correct word this time.
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 21:55:21
:: looks up at the nudge and sees the smiling Denobulan :: Zaxiven!
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:55:47
Ethan: Oh, Jack just finished. Green Bays. You may have heard me recommending it to bored patients?
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 21:55:48
Rike: I do not believe that is particularly clarifying. I still do not know how a creature like this could defy gravity in any form.
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 21:56:01
:: hears Kate's exclamation and the name, then looks the direction she's eyeing ::
Zaxiven 29-Jun-2022 21:56:15
:: makes his way toward the middle of the room ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:56:18
:: misses his Weston, stops playing ::
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 21:56:45
:: stops playing as well, looks to Ammora in concern :: Ammora: You okay?
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 21:57:07
:: glances over at the piano as the song stops mid-tune ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:57:07
Grey: Yeah, I'm good, I'm okay.
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:57:22
:: also, at some point :: Jack: Yeah, don't worry about it. My family love having guests.
Zaxiven 29-Jun-2022 21:57:29
:: joins the Captain and company. :: Greetings, everyone! :: broader smile :: It's such a pleasure. Captain...
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:57:45
Jack: Hey, they put up with me, after all.
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 21:58:05
:: laughs :: Doc: Oh, aunt Janice loves you.
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 21:58:12
:: Verflucht sei mein Versuch einer Metapher :: T'Lira: They don't actually float as though literally defying gravity. They just climb up tubes and such very well.
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 21:58:20
Zaxiven: Zaxiven! When did you arrive? I didn't see you on the visitor's roster!
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 21:58:26
Grey: I have a partner... and I miss him.
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 21:58:28
:: smiles ::
Zaxiven 29-Jun-2022 21:58:54
Wright: I made some deals to make it a bit of a surprise.
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 21:59:11
Rike: So they are... adapted to environments that require feats of natural ability that can mimic what one would consider to be gravity defying? Fascinating.
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 21:59:24
:: chuckles and doesn't protest ::
Zaxiven 29-Jun-2022 21:59:41
Wright: Please thank your petty officer, by the way.
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 21:59:42
Zax: Well, we're glad you did!
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 21:59:49
:: raises her eye ridges in surprise at Zaxiven's admission, then peers at Kate ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:00:22
:: immediately begins mentally scrolling through her list of petty officers, deciding who is most likely to blame ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:01:15
:: glances over at Kate greeting an old friend and smiles, then looks back to her group :: Doc/Kimiko/Jack: So who had money on Ryleigh knowing the piano?
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:01:31
Not me!
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 22:01:58
Emily: I don't know her well enough to've made a call, but I wouldn't have guessed insofar.
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:02:00
:: giggles, shaking her head :: T'Lira: You know you're great, right?
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:02:03
Jack: I can relate to being unaccustomed to such welcoming generosity. :: at Emily's comment, looks over at the piano, just realizing that the CTO was sitting at it ::
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 22:02:36
Ammora: Did you know that Ethan was originally stationed back on Earth? It wasn't until I talked to Acacia and got him transferred up here that I got to see him more often. :: smiles at Ammora :: Ammora: Don't worry, you'll see your partner in time.
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:03:06
:: tilts her head :: Rike: I shall... what is the phrase? I shall take your... word? for it? I am uncertain what the exact wording is.
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 22:03:17
Kimiko: Absolutely. Captain Suzuki, right? :: offers hand :: I don't believe we've officially met. Jack Leirone.
Ethan Jasper 29-Jun-2022 22:03:35
:: can't help but stifle his laughter at hearing the bets :: Doc/Kimiko/Jack/Acacia: She's always played. Her grandmothers played; her father did trumpet in school.
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:03:40
:: briefly mock-wonders who Captain Suzuki is ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:04:09
:: shrugs :: Ethan: Fair, my mom insisted we all play at least one instrument as well. Good for the brain and all that.
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 22:04:09
Grey: He's a microbiologist. He loves what he does. He supported me posting here.
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:05:27
:: doesn't known Ryleigh, but has heard through the grapevine that she's a bit of a piece of work, but keeps this to herself and turns to Jack as he speaks to her. She glances down at his outstretched hand for a moment, as if judging, then accepts the handshake :: Jack: Jack Leirone. My pleasure.
Jorvan Tav 29-Jun-2022 22:05:36
Kuari: It's life on a planet. I miss the adventure. You'd think after a few lifetimes it would get old, but it doesn't.
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:05:43
:: scrunches eyebrows, deciding that yes, maybe she actually does need the translator for informal language :: T'Lira: I... I think so? I think that's right, or at least it doesn't sound wrong.
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:05:50
Zaxiven: So, will you be making drinks tonight, or just visiting? You always did make the best chocolate things.
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 22:06:04
Grey: I thought I wanted adventure...
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:06:16
Kuari: Oh, don't put the poor man to work, Kuari!
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:06:28
:: is decidedly uncertain if that is the correct wording, but will accept it for now ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:07:29
:: turns to Kate, holding her head below and facing up towards hers, as if defending herself that she did nothing wrong by asking ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:07:37
:: laughs, knowing how much Kuari has missed those chocolatey drinks - no other bartender could quite please her ::
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 22:07:44
Ammora: Don't worry. You'll be with him again before you know it. :: smiles ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:08:03
:: grins at Kuari :: He does make good Chocolate Things, admittedly.
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 22:08:10
:: smiles :: Grey: You're going to be a great mom.
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:08:34
:: turns around and taps on the shoulder of a random individual :: Is the phrase I'll take your word for it a thing?
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 22:09:10
Grey: The kid is going to be well-behaved to a fault. :: laughs ::
Ethan Jasper 29-Jun-2022 22:10:16
Acacia: Indeed. :: offers a hand to Jack :: Jack: Ethan Jasper, pleased to meet you. :: glances at Suzuki as well, giving her a smile :: Jack/Suzuki: I'm Grey's husband, and Acacia's gopher. :: explains with a laugh, giving a smile towards his boss ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:10:41
Rob> Uhh. Yeah.
Great! :: turns back around to T'Lira :: T'Lira: Well, it wasn't wrong!
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:10:49
:: smirks and shrugs, not denying it ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:11:03
Rike: That is certainly an intriguing way of ascertaining the correct phrase.
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 22:11:35
:: blushes :: Ammora: I hope so.
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 22:11:35
:: notices the be-ferret-ed German science officer as she and the Vulcan deliberate idioms ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:11:37
:: nods in acknowledgement of Jasper, thinking that his demeanor reminds her of a golden retriever ::
Zaxiven 29-Jun-2022 22:12:22
Kuari: I'd just as soon visit. But I can make something with chocolate for you
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:12:40
T'Lira: I suppose it is, but what other options were there? Asking the computer in a room full of other individuals? Finding someone's PADD to look it up?
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:13:23
:: she lifts an eyebrow and silently holds up her own PADD :: Rike: I did not considering researching it directly, but that is an option.
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:14:26
:: still leaning up against Lexy, she gives her a nudge :: Hey. Let's do the thing.
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:14:39
:: clasps her hands and nods :: T'Lira: I should have expected that you would bring a PADD.
Zaxiven 29-Jun-2022 22:15:01
:: steps to the bar to make some magic with chocolate and... hmm... rum? Yes. Rum. ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:15:02
:: looks up at Kate :: Kate: Mm? Now?
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:15:47
Rike: It is a casual event. I often peruse academic journals at casual events. So yes, that was a logical conclusion to draw.
Zaxiven 29-Jun-2022 22:16:57
:: is soon back out in the room with a few chocolate drinks in hand, and hands one each to Kuari, Wright, and Harper. ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:17:38
Lexy: If you want to? It can wait — :: is surprised by the chocolate drink :: Zax: Oh! Thank you! What a treat!
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:17:54
:: is surprised to be handed a chocolatey delight by her favorite Denobulan bartender who is supposed to be on vacation :: Zaxiven: Ooo!
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:17:56
:: was about to protest when Zaxiven disappeared, and can only offer a smile of gratefulness and extended paw when he returns with drinks ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:18:43
T'Lira: I always seem to distract you just enough at these things to stop you from going through that. :: grins ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:19:28
:: sips at the drink and smiles, it bringing back fond memories ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:19:44
Rike: Evidently. No doubt contributing to why my current number of papers that I have yet to peruse continues to increase.
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:20:40
:: holds the drink up reverently before bringing it to her lips and taking a sip, making small sounds of pleasure :: Zaxiven: It's just like I remembered!
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:21:13
:: excuses herself to head to the bar, gesturing around :: Group: Drinks anyone?
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:21:18
:: nods eagerly in agreement with Lexy :: Zax: Exactly, yes! Thank you!
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:21:29
:: nods to Emily, knowing she'll pick something good ::
Zaxiven 29-Jun-2022 22:21:40
Wright/Harper: My absolute pleasure!
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 22:21:57
Emily: I'd take another Written Word, if you don't mind.
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:22:13
:: nods excitedly after taking a sip of her drink, in agreement with Kate and Lexy ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:22:15
Emily: Yes, please.
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:22:20
:: gives thumbs-ups at each order, lingering to be sure she doesn't miss anyone ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:22:48
T'Lira: I have papers to look at too, but I always find time to socialize. Maybe you have too m- :: again, this is a Vulcan, tone down the metaphors :: -any papers to go though?
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 22:23:01
Doc/Kimiko: What are you guys drinkin?
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:23:01
Group: I want to finish this drink so I can go do something important, but I also want to never not have this drink ever again.
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:23:20
:: figures that's it and heads to the bar, going to put in their order ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:23:20
It is that good, yes.
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:23:28
Rike: Perhaps it is more accurate to say that I have too little time to review them.
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:23:43
:: shrugs at Jack :: Jack: Emily usually has good taste. It's like she knows what you're thinking. :: smirk ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:24:12
Jack: I started with a rioja, but yes, Emily picks well.
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:24:59
:: thinks on it a moment, then puts in the orders she comes up with ::
Zaxiven 29-Jun-2022 22:25:12
Wright: Ah, no need to worry. I'll
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 22:25:41
Doc/Kimiko: I should've gone 'dealer's choice' as well, is what you're saying. :: smiles ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:25:47
:: thinks for a moment, then solemnly turns to Kate :: Kate: My love, I entreat you to protect this with your life while I go do the thing. :: reverently sets the drink down on the table next to Kate ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:26:17
:: solemnly takes the drink :: Lexy: I swear it.
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:26:40
:: gives him a serious look :: Jack: If you're a gambling man, I have come to know that the good Doctor is always an excellent bet.
Zaxiven 29-Jun-2022 22:26:44
No need to worry. Ask your Replicator for the ZaxiChocoRum Magnifique. I've had it programmed to come out very close.
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:26:52
:: nods :: Jack: That she is.
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:27:16
:: releases the drink and slowly walks away, casting a wistful glance at it over her shoulder ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:27:19
:: breaks her solemnity :: Zax: Did you really?!
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:27:24
T'Lira: Will all due respect, you need to do less work, and put more time into seemingly frivolous actives. Too much work is not good for anyone. :: tilts her head slightly, proud of her own usage of Vulcan vernacular in the middle ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 22:27:32
Doc/Kimiko: I'll keep that in mind for the next round.
Zaxiven 29-Jun-2022 22:27:48
Harper: Indeed, Captain.
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:27:59
:: hugs him, careful not to spill the drinks ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:28:00
:: blinks :: Rike: Reading academic journals is part of my standard leisure activities.
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:28:07
Zax: Thank you!
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:28:28
:: watches Lexy set down the drink, eyes trailing after her curiously ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:28:39
:: comes back with a tray the bartender graciously lent her, handing out drinks :: Jack: Written Word. :: turns :: Doc/Kimiko: For dealer's choice, we have drinks from Betazed! :: she hands them out :: Doc: The Lake Algori. :: smile :: Kimiko: The Horami Sunrise :: she bows her head, taking her own Drakberry wine and setting the tray aside on a table ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:28:57
:: rests a hand on the side of her face :: T'Lira: Less standard leisure activities and more frivolous ones then.
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:29:05
:: waves her way through the crowd and toward the Mystery Cart that she left by the bar when she came in ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 22:29:33
:: eyes their drinks :: Doc/Kimiko/Emily: Yeah, I really should have gone 'dealer's choice'. :: raises drink :: Cheers.
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:29:43
:: takes the drink with a smile, and thanks Emily in the Betazoid tongue ::
:: raises the drink to Jack's toast ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:30:02
Rike: Vulcans do not partake in... frivolities.
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:30:18
:: accepts her drink with great interest, intrigued by the way the contents make a color gradient along the outside the glass reminiscent of a sunrise, and bows her thanks to Emily ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:30:54
:: chuckles and participates in the cheers :: Jack: I do my best.
Jorvan Tav 29-Jun-2022 22:31:01
:: joins in the toast ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:31:05
:: admires the blue of the drink, not seeing too many blue drinks ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:31:22
:: tries to look casual as she wheels the cart to the center of the room ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:31:30
:: takes a drink and nods his approval ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:31:42
:: also raises her glass and takes a sip, finding the drink delicious ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:32:16
:: smiles knowingly as she sees Lexy bring the cart to center ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:32:20
:: smirks :: Doc/Kimiko: The mainlanders don't know a lot of things, but they know how to mix a drink.
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:32:37
:: looks around, seeing Lexy doing... something odd? :: T'Lira: Well, you'd better get used to it because there may be some big ole' frivolities soon.
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:32:41
Emily: They certainly do. Great pick, love.
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:33:39
Rike: That is precisely why I brought reading material. Everyone else may partake in the frivolities while I do not, but still obtain companionship. Is that not desired?
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:33:44
:: feeling a bit bashful now that the moment is here, but she has grown a great deal as a person over the years, and she clears her throat lightly before clapping her hands and calling out over the conversation :: All: Excuse me! May I have your attention, please?
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:34:04
:: chats with Jorvan about how he's been, and how she's been, then looks up at Lexy's announcement ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:34:07
:: heart pounding in her chest, but she tries not to show her nerves ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:34:20
:: pointedly shows her attention to Commander Wright ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:34:32
:: looks over to Alexis ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 22:34:35
:: turns to the commander ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:34:38
:: looks up at Lexy, sensing her anxiety spiking and offering a sympathetic look ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:34:42
:: turns her body around to look at the center of the room ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:34:59
:: looks curiously at the meek CSO, having never heard her speak that loudly ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:36:38
All: In honor of the 25th anniversary of this ship, Kate and I wanted to give each of you a small token of our appreciation. :: with a smile, she pulls the cloth cover off the cart to reveal a pile of gaily-wrapped gifts ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:37:15
:: is surprised, then amused. She smiles and claps, hoping she's not the only one with the impulse ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:37:21
:: looks at Lexy and the pile of gifts in surprise and anticipation, touched by her friend's thoughtfulness ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:37:28
:: joins in the applause ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 22:37:45
:: follows Emily and Doc's lead and claps ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:38:24
:: claps as she can with a ferret balancing on a shoulder ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:38:29
All: Please come and find the gift with your name on it, and then we can all open them at the same time. :: smiles bashfully at the applause, color rising to her cheeks, and pats the air as if to downplay ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 22:39:16
:: stands, follows others toward the cart ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:39:29
:: looks around, not wanting to be the first to jump up but jumping up soon after the first few ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:39:47
:: moves towards the card, waiting as those in front of her line up ::
:: peers at Kate ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:40:17
:: smiles at Kuari ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:40:21
:: looks over at Rike for a moment, uncertain of the protocol in this situation ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:40:29
:: follows Emily and Zorro, curious ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 22:40:42
:: finds his gift, takes it back to his table ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:41:00
:: goes back to the table her drink is on with the gift, weighing it in her hands curiously ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:41:03
:: heads up with Emily and Jester ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:41:04
T'Lira: I'll grab yours for you, if you want.
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:41:23
:: whispers her apologies to Tav and Zaxiven, as they hadn't been expecting either of them when they were selecting gifts ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:41:36
Rike: That would be... appreciated. Thank you. :: looks at the gathering around the cart ::
Jorvan Tav 29-Jun-2022 22:42:00
Wright: Being here is enough for me!
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:42:06
:: finds the gift with her name and quickly plucks it from the cart and moves out of the way for others, making her way away ::
Zaxiven 29-Jun-2022 22:42:12
Wright: What he said.
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:42:26
:: goes up to the cart, waiting behind others until there's enough room to get both hers and T'Lira's gifts ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:42:30
:: smiles gratefully at her understanding friends ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:42:33
:: finds the gift with his name on it and sees Jester's right next to it, grabs that one too and hands it to her ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:43:09
:: takes the small package from Zorro, inspecting it thoughtfully as she moves back toward the bar ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:43:18
:: walks back to T'Lira and puts the gift down, with Bob scurrying out of the way ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:43:52
:: smiles at Doc and Kimiko, excited :: Group: How nice!
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:44:25
:: once she sees the cart empty :: All: Please open them, and know that we chose them with love! :: beams ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:44:44
:: settles down at the table next to Emily :: E/J: Alexis and la capitana are so thoughtful.
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:45:15
:: settles on about the place she was standing before near Tav and Zaxiven, looking at Kate and Lexy in turn before focusing on her present and opening it ::
Ethan Jasper 29-Jun-2022 22:45:18
:: having gotten their shared gift, he wanders over to tuck next to Grey and both open it together ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:45:33
:: struggles to open her gift with one hand, as Bob is now going up her sleeve ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:45:49
:: makes her way back over to Kate and watches as the gifts are opened ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:45:50
:: gazes thoughtfully at the item before her before she carefully opens it, ensuring that no packaging is carelessly discarded ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:45:50
:: looks around to be sure she's not jumping the gun, then digs into the gift ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:45:59
:: thinks Kuari probably could smell her gift before she opened it ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:46:41
:: sniffs at her gift again, more eager than ever to open it ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:46:43
:: pulls out the shawl and regards it with a smile. She pulls it over her shoulders, running a hand over it :: Doc/Kimiko: Ooh, soft.
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:46:55
:: carefully unwraps the small package, pulling out a delicate box and a handwritten note ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:47:03
:: unwraps the gift and is taken aback :: The León. :: turns the hand-painted model over and over in his hands :: My lost love.
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 22:47:27
:: opens the gift, discovering a lovely array of Risian treats :: :: smiles, can't wait to try them ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:47:52
:: manages to open it now that she had both hands again, and sets it down on the table :: Ooh! Look, I have seeds! Welche Pflanzen jetzt?
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:48:06
:: unwraps the box, the scent of different chocolates mingling around it, and smiles, pulling off the cover and revealing the assortment of treats ::
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 22:48:08
:: stops dead in her tracks at seeing a stuffed animal of Sol, running a hand over the fur with a wordless squeak of excitement :: Ethan: This'll be perfect...
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:48:13
:: blinks at the item within, skimming her fingertips across the soft fabric. It is indeed extremely thoughtful. ::
Ethan Jasper 29-Jun-2022 22:48:48
:: smiles, tucking the wrapping paper into his pocket, and holding the stuffed animal ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:48:58
:: finds eye contact with Alexis, then Firefly, from across the room, then dips his head in thanks, pilot to pilot ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:49:01
:: reads the note, which explains the significance of talisman, and feels a swell of pride as she opens the box ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:49:31
:: grins bashfully at Navarro, having been exceptionally pleased with that idea ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 22:49:40
:: finds his gift ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:49:48
:: is smiling when she catches Kate's eye for a moment, then again with Lexy as she gives them both a thumbs-up ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:50:24
:: returns Zorro's bow, then grins at Emily, glad to see that she likes it ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:50:44
:: beams at Emily, remembering when they had picked that out for her ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 22:50:54
:: closes the seed packet, smiling widely. she turns to look at T'Lira's gift :: T'Lira: Ohh, that looks like it's so soft.
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:50:56
:: turns to Lexy to see if she saw Emily's reaction ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:51:00
:: salivating, resists the urge to eat them right then and there and looks up at Wright in thanks, then at Kate who is a bit closer ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:51:51
Kuari: There are plenty more where those came from, if you like them. The confectionary is near our house on Risa.
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:51:54
:: shows the chocolates to Tav, looking around at the others curiously at what gifts they received ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:51:58
:: wears the shawl even though she's wearing a blue sweater. It's a different shade, so it kind of works. ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 22:52:05
Kate: Oooh!
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 22:52:15
:: smirks after opening it ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 22:52:46
:: smiles up at Kate, her eyes shining ::
Jorvan Tav 29-Jun-2022 22:52:49
:: peers at the chocolates. They are truly beautiful ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:54:07
:: returns the smile, a little misty-eyed herself ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:54:55
:: reverently places the model of the León on the table ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:55:18
:: shows the talisman to Zorro, a delicate feather wrought in silver ::
Doug McKnight 29-Jun-2022 22:57:00
:: Watching from the bar, already enjoying a tumbler full of his gift. He knows that his reaction won't come as a surprise to the wily Commodore, but he raises his glass in appreciation anyway.::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 22:58:01
:: thinks it's quite nice, but doesn't get the significance ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 22:58:03
:: leans over to peer at Kimiko's gift, smiling :: Kimiko/Doc: Oh, a Tularee Sahr! How fitting.
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 22:58:12
:: returns Doug's glass-raise ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 22:59:06
:: looks up at Rike :: Rike: Indeed it is. :: she nods at the packet :: What variety of seeds are those?
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 22:59:26
:: finally notices the model of Zorro's former Mustang with wide eyes before Emily's words register :: Emily: Yes. Zorro: Apparently it is a talisman given to Risian pilots with great skill. I ... Firefly honors me.
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 22:59:37
:: can't stop looking at the gift—not the individual pieces, but the gift as a whole, the sentiment :: :: has felt very blasé about his future the past few years, compounded by the recent tragedies; had long since resolved to just float along and face every day with the same indifference :: :: feels now, looking at this gift, that his future will actually be a little brighter for a change ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 23:00:03
:: sits on the floor, admiring the chocolates in her box, and sniffs each one. With the knowledge that she can get more, decides on her favorite and eats it ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 23:00:51
Ah! :: nods in understanding :: Then yes, it's quite fitting, and if Firefly deems you worthy of it, then that is a great honor.
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 23:01:50
:: wiggles her fingers as she mentally processes what she saw of the seeds :: T'Lira: It was a number of seed packets of plants native to Risa.
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 23:01:55
:: looks, for a moment, as though her exterior might crack and emotions might come pouring out ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:02:20
:: and speaking of raising her glass, she keeps hers raised and speaks up, the raised voice coming more naturally to her than it does to Lexy :: All: If I may have your attention for a toast?
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 23:02:40
:: finds Jester's hand under the table and gives it a firm squeeze ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 23:02:47
:: stands AA, takes one of the small Risian cookie-like things and eats it ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 23:02:58
:: looks up, smiling with a shimmer in her eye and raising her glass ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 23:03:09
:: forgot where she put down her beer for any toast, but looks to Kate anyway ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 23:03:13
:: looks up, then replaces the cover on her box, munching on a chocolate and giving her attention to Kate ::
Jorvan Tav 29-Jun-2022 23:03:30
:: turns slightly to fully face Harper ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 23:03:31
:: looks up, stands at attention ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 23:03:33
:: hurriedly reclaims her chocolatey delight to prepare for the toast ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:03:43
Oh, at ease, come on folks. :: grins ::
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 23:03:47
:: glances up, standing from the piano and holds Ethan's hand tightly, watching the captain ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 23:04:18
:: rests, holding his whiskey ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 23:04:41
:: is oddly reassured by that squeeze, and squeezes back before pulling her hand up to pick up her sunrise drink, unwilling to set down the talisman in her other hand ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 23:05:03
:: listens to la capitana with his lake drink in hand ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 23:05:07
:: sips her drink and sets it down, listening ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:05:08
Twenty-five years ago, when this ship launched, I was a cadet at the Academy. I was assigned to several different ships before Atlantis, and by the time I finally arrived here, it was a jump for me into the unknown as I moved from Science into Command.
I had no idea back then that making the choice to do something new would completely change my life... and end up bringing me home, to a new family. To twenty-five years of the Atlantis family! Come let us sail the boundless sea!
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 23:06:05
Here here! :: raises his glass ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 23:06:06
:: echoes this, lifting her glass :: Come let us sail the boundless sea!
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 23:06:15
:: raises glass ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 23:06:21
:: cheers and lifts her glass, this time on cue ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 23:06:29
:: raises Barb into the air in lieu of a drink :: Whoo!
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 23:06:30
Come let us sail the boundless sea!
:: raises his glass and drinks up ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 23:06:56
:: has nothing to raise, so instead just nods politely ::
Doug McKnight 29-Jun-2022 23:07:53
::Chuckles softly to himself, maybe a bit wistful as his sailing days are seemingly behind him now. But hey, you can never say never, right?:: Come, let us sail the hell out of that boundless sea!
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 23:08:08
:: finds her chocolate drink nearby, half of it left, then plucks it up and stands to her highest and raises it in solid agreement and drinks in toast to their journey as a crew and ship as a whole ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:08:19
:: takes a nice lingering drink of the ZaxiChocoRum, savoring it along with the moment ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 23:08:32
To the sea! :: she drinks to that ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 23:08:40
:: does the same, choked up though she certainly is ::
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 23:08:50
:: can't help but sigh, looking up to Ethan with a smile, tearing up as well ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 23:08:56
:: gives Barb a little smooch on the head as she brings it to her shoulder ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 23:09:04
To friends, exploration and new friends, and the journey to come!
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 23:09:36
Grey: Scott, it's a good strong name. :: winks ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:09:55
:: echoes Kuari's toast, followed by a hear hear! ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 23:10:22
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 23:10:32
:: cries out a hear hear, eyes welling up with happy tears ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 23:11:21
Hear hear! :: she tears up simply because everyone else is ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:12:09
:: settles back down next to Lexy and smiles as she blinks through misty eyes ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 23:12:23
:: wraps an arm around Emily and Jester and pulls them in close for a hug ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 23:12:28
:: takes a deep breath, trying not to audibly cry ::
Hannah Ziredac 29-Jun-2022 23:12:39
:: dreams this moment from the 'Green Timeline'; wakes up the next morning and tells Zoë all about it over their morning tea ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 23:12:59
:: returns the side-hug, wiping her eyes with her free hand ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 23:13:06
:: sets down her empty glass, her chocolate box aside as well, then trots towards the piano ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 23:13:10
:: reaches over and takes Kate's hand and speaks to her softly :: Kate: We have such a wonderful family.
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:13:32
:: squeezes Lexy's hand :: We certainly do.
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 23:14:11
:: allows this, and leans her head on Zorro's shoulder ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 23:14:43
:: hops up on top of the piano, perhaps emboldened by her rum drink :: This toast needs music!
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:15:00
:: looks for the piano players from before! ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 23:15:10
:: looks at Kuari, looks at Grey ::
Jack Leirone 29-Jun-2022 23:15:15
Ammora: Take it, Scott!
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 23:15:34
:: takes another deep breath in and turns to T'Lira. she puts her elbow out :: T'Lira: Elbow bump?
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 23:15:36
:: sits down at the piano ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:15:37
:: silently glad that her instruments aren't the sort that are just laying around in Ten-Forward ::
Ryleigh Grey 29-Jun-2022 23:15:48
:: also looks at Kuari, then to Scott, wordlessly gesturing for him to play first ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 23:16:00
:: is so incredibly torn between wanting this to go on forever and wanting to make a quiet life with Kate ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 23:16:03
:: also kind of glad she never learned the piano, but claps and cheers for the brave tributes ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 23:16:08
:: slams down on the keys a la Top Gun ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 23:16:10
:: she looks down at the offered elbow :: Rike: I am unfamiliar with this custom.
Doug McKnight 29-Jun-2022 23:16:30
::Arches an eyebrow over at the piano. A tipsy dragon.:: Heh. Your job now, Katie.
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:16:33
:: is similarly torn ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 23:16:51
:: does the gesture :: T'Lira: Well, I'm not going to ask for a hand shake considering Vulcans and... hands... so... to substitute: bump elbows.
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 23:17:03
:: looks down and watches as Ammora begin to play and listens ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:17:22
:: grins at Doug despite her shining eyes :: Oh, there's no job for me there. Kuari's got this.
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 23:17:43
:: sets down her drink to free a hand to swipe at her eyes ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 23:18:48
:: bobs her head to the song, listening intently a bit longer, then begins with simple companion sounds to the melody ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 23:19:26
:: blinks in response but says nothing ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 23:19:53
:: plays but is hesitant to actually sing ::
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 23:20:20
:: settles in and listens to the music ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 23:20:28
:: does the elbow bump gesture to T'Lira and waits ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 23:20:31
:: sways with the music, enjoying it ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 23:20:39
:: runs a trill on the piano ::
Kimiko Suzuki 29-Jun-2022 23:20:46
:: uncharacteristically, stays leaning on Zorro's shoulder ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 23:21:02
:: the eyebrow goes up ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 23:21:26
T'Lira: Just do the same thing I am, just towards me.
Doc Navarro 29-Jun-2022 23:21:35
:: notices the uncharacteristic gesture from Jester and just enjoys it ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 23:22:10
:: adds more complicated supporting sounds, not familiar with the song but makes it interesting and adding to the epic feel, utilizing her skills in mimicry and spreading her wings atop the piano with the building crescendo ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 23:22:21
:: if a Vulcan was ever more dubious of bizarre human customs, T'Lira has yet to meet such an individual, but she acquiesces and merely lifts her arm ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 23:23:16
:: moves forward as to bump T'Lira's elbow with hers. moves back, satisfied ::
T’Lira 29-Jun-2022 23:23:53
:: lowers her arm again, assuming that that was satisfactory ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:24:00
:: wishes she had her holo-camera when Kuari spread her wings on the piano ::
Scott Ammora 29-Jun-2022 23:24:31
:: gets slightly distracted by the wings, but keeps playing ::
Kuari: Warn me next time, Commander! :: laughs ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 23:25:27
:: turns back to look towards the center of the room, scritching the two ferrets on her shoulders ::
Kuari 29-Jun-2022 23:25:44
:: doesn't have a reply for Ammora as she's currently singing her heart out ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:26:06
:: always enjoys listening to Kuari's singing ::
Emily Acacia 29-Jun-2022 23:26:19
:: grins, looking around and also hoping someone brought a camera ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 23:26:21
:: watches her friend singing, surrounded by so many friends, her heart full ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:27:23
:: sears this moment into her mind in lieu of a camera, though she's sure someone has one and got that pic ::
Rike Herschel 29-Jun-2022 23:27:41
:: smiles, taking in the scene, watching Kuari ::
Lexy Wright 29-Jun-2022 23:29:13
:: has the same thought, and remembers that she brought a holoimager and dashes up to the cart to retrieve it ::
Kate Harper 29-Jun-2022 23:30:10
:: quietly :: Come let us sail the boundless sea.
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