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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
The day after the gala celebrating twenty-five years of Atlantis, the crew gathers to spend a more casual evening together in Ten-Forward.
After 15-Jun-2022 00:00:00
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 21:30:15
:: already in Ten-Forward mingling with those present ::
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 21:31:54
:: strolls into 10F, nods his greeting to those he makes eye contact with ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 21:33:05
:: holding court at the pool table ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 21:35:08
:: walks through the doors in an Earth vintage 1950s A-line dress in a fabric covered in sunflowers on a black background, with a black satin ribbon tie at the waist, a black 3/4 sleeve cropped cardigan, and a sunflower yellow satin ribbon tying up her hair. On her feet are black satin peep-toe kitten heel mules, with a black satin bow over the toes. She is conspicuously towing a large cart, upon which rests a lumpy, irregularly shaped mound of something or other covered with a tablecloth. She deposits the cart over by the bar and makes her way over to Kate ::
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 21:35:32
:: letting Zorro beat her for a change ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 21:35:58
:: her hair is down, and she's wearing tight black jeans with heeled leather boots and an olive green crop-top sweater, along with the bracelet that Lexy had Emily make for her and matching pearl earrings ::
:: hugs her wife as she arrives, and glances at the cart with a question in her eyes ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 21:37:16
:: sits at the bar, waiting on the bartender to fetch her a drink, turning in her seat to look around. Her curls are fully down, which is a rare sight, and she wears plain black pants and a fuzzy blue sweater ::
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 21:37:24
:: sets up camp at the bar, orders a G&T ::
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 21:37:51
:: leaves his guest quarters for Ten Forward. Even after all these years, it's strange to be in guest quarters. ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 21:38:02
:: makes a small "it's fiiiiine, don't worry about it" gesture at Kate, rather unconvincingly ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 21:38:17
:: shrugs and nods ::
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 21:38:32
:: enters 10F as well, dressed in uniform casual for her, giving Leirone a brief smile before making her way towards the bar upon spotting Acacia. Unlike the rest of her crewmates, she was wearing her marine shirt paired with black leggings, and slides into a seat next to Emily :: Emily: Heya.
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 21:38:56
:: sinks the 9-ball for the win and smirks at Jester :: Just who am I playing against, anyway?
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 21:39:03
:: receives the drakberry wine with a grateful smile and nod, sipping it before turning to Grey :: Ryleigh: Hey, how's it goin'?
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 21:40:02
:: smirks at him :: Zorro: It felt like you needed the ego boost.
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 21:41:05
:: walks into the ten forward, wearing her usual casual wear: a floral dress. makes her way up to the bar, where the bartender puts down her usual order of a Märzen ::
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 21:41:06
:: shrugs and orders a simple water :: Emily: It's goin. Ethan's busy with research again, for a consulting case, so he's gonna be late. :: rolls her eyes slightly, but her voice betrays the fondness ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 21:41:10
:: laughs :: No, it's not like I'd been shot down twice in the past two months this time, come on and play!
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 21:41:55
:: shrugs :: Very well. But remember you asked for this.
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 21:42:29
:: smirks :: Ryleigh: You know, I can always make Ethan less busy. He's just so eager for more work all the time.
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 21:42:54
:: smiles over at Rike when she comes in, giving the woman a small wave ::
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 21:43:38
:: arrives at Ten Forward and walks through the grandly-opening doors. Looking around, he seeks out faces of members of the crew he knows. ::
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 21:44:00
:: waves a stern finger at her friend :: Emily: You better not. He loses himself too often in research on Earth.
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 21:44:03
:: takes a moment to admire Lexy's ensemble, then leans over to whisper in her ear that she's beautiful ::
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 21:44:20
:: thanks the bartender the notices Wright, looking over and waving back. she decides to make her ay over, taking a sip of the beer ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 21:44:52
:: raises her hands in surrender :: Ryleigh: Alright, alright. I won't go easy on him. :: she laughs ::
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 21:45:09
:: falls into his old spy habit of passive observation; pulls a novel up on his personal PADD while observing everyone else in the room ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 21:45:30
:: blushes at Kate, but is blessedly saved from responding by Tav's entrance - she knew Tav was on board, but hadn't seen him yet, and waves him over::
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 21:45:46
:: walks up to Harper and Wright :: Wright/Harper: Good evening.
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 21:46:13
:: moves into Ten Forward ::
:: walks to the bar ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 21:46:31
:: smiles at Tav :: Hey, Spots! Glad you could make it!
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 21:46:39
Tav: Tav! It's so wonderful to see you. :: tentatively gives him a hug ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 21:47:01
Bartender: Lagavulin, one rock, please.
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 21:47:04
:: once another game of 9-ball is racked, he breaks, but sinks nothing, and looks to Jester ::
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 21:47:10
:: hugs back :: I wouldn't miss this for the world. Formal party? Whatever. But this... Never. :: beams ::
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 21:47:18
:: makes her way up to Wright and Harper, just as this- Tav? individual hugs the others ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 21:47:19
:: looks towards the pool table ::
:: eyes the piano ::
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 21:47:50
:: strolls around the table, making calculations in her mind ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 21:48:11
:: sips her wine and watches the room, picking out faces she knows ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 21:48:12
:: sees Leirone ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 21:48:54
:: stands the cue in one hand and watches Jester stroll ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 21:49:14
:: gets his drink, nods to the bartender ::
:: takes a sip, stands, and moves towards the piano ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 21:49:55
:: smiles to Rike as she approaches :: Hello, Rike! Meet Dr. Jorvan Tav, former CMO of Atlantis. :: gestures to the Trill ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 21:50:08
:: also greets Rike, smiling ::
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 21:50:41
:: gives a nod to Harper then turns to Tav :: Tav: Hello, nice to meet you! Rike Herschel. :: puts hand out of a shake ::
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 21:50:41
:: nods :: Hello, Rike. Please, call me Jorvan. :: shakes Rike's hand ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 21:50:44
:: shakes some hands, sits down at the ivory keys ::
:: takes another sip ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 21:51:48
::As the doors part to admit one more, McKnight enters once again. And while he does carry a bottle again, his attire is notably different. A pair of old boots and faded jeans lead up to a hunter green t-shirt and a grey Marine field jacket. He pauses just past the threshold, smiling as he notes it looks about like he remembers it.::
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 21:52:02
:: selects her angle of attack and leans down into position, making a smooth strike which knocks the one ball into the two ball, sending them spinning into opposite pockets ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 21:52:28
:: nods appreciatively ::
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 21:52:40
:: takes mental note of the pool game, Ammora sitting down at the piano, and the introductions—all while reading Chapter 15 of Green Bays ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 21:53:08
:: gets up and starts a wandering path through the room, looking at the pool tables, then idling over to Kate, Lexy, Rike,and Tav. ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 21:53:27
:: starts playing a normal and upbeat song ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 21:53:42
Rike: Jorvan was actually CSO briefly, during my leave of absence.
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 21:54:12
Rike: He is a man of many talents!
:: smiles as Emily approaches ::
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 21:54:45
:: rises to follow her friend, preferring to stay close to people she knew, and stepping up to Kate, Lexy, Rike, Tav, and now Emily with her glass in hand ::
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 21:54:49
Wright: Ah, yes. I had all but forgotten that. After I left Atlantis, I stayed with Medical.
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 21:54:53
:: notes McKnight's entrance, but is not sure whether to wave, as she was never particularly close to the man; instead, greets Emily ::
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 21:55:04
Oooh! So he is. :: gives an impressed nod to Tav ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 21:55:38
Rike: Oh, and he's a fighter pilot, too. Tav: Keep up on that at all?
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 21:55:59
::He doesn't rush it, but after a few moments, he's done reminiscing, and makes his way toward Kate.::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 21:56:00
:: sips her wine, smiling in greeting then listening intently to the conversation ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 21:56:33
Harper: Harper! I'd apologize for gate crashing, but...well, "our ship". Plus, I didn't come alone.
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 21:56:43
:: introduces Tav to Emily and Grey ::
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 21:56:53
Tav: Ooh! Fighter pilot. That's something I couldn't do. Last time I pilot a shuttle, I ended up cursing like a sailor and nearly gave my partner a heart attack.
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 21:57:31
:: offers a hand to Tav with a smile, glancing towards the door as it slid open, then back to the rest of the group :: Tav: Nice to meet you. Ryleigh Grey, current Marine captain.
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 21:57:48
:: brightens as she hears McKnight :: Doug! :: gives him a quick hug :: I did say our ship, didn't I? Fair enough, and besides, you are not even the first crasher. :: gestures to Tav ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 21:57:51
:: shakes hands with Jorvan and introduces herself :: Tav: Emily Acacia, current CMO. Nice to meet you.
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 21:59:35
:: lines up a shot on the three ball and takes it, efficiently sinking that one as well, but leaving herself with a challenging angle on the four ball, which does not quite make it into the pocket ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 21:59:50
:: finishes playing the song ::
:: sips his drink ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 22:00:14
:: gives a small clap when the song ends ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:00:24
:: joins in the applause ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:00:37
:: claps as well ::
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 22:00:40
:: takes another sip of beer as she glances at this apparent Doug ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 22:01:29
:: inclines her head at McKnight in a polite greeting ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:02:25
:: stands up and steps down to the bar ::
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 22:02:45
:: glances over to McKnight, offers a hand as well as a smile in greeting ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:03:04
:: glances at Grey ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:03:27
:: waits her turn to introduce herself to Doug ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 22:04:11
:: leans over the table and casually finishes off the four ball ::
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 22:04:29
:: shrugs; this was expected ::
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 22:05:17
Ammora: What was that song you were playing, Lieutenant?
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 22:05:33
Rike: It's quite an adventure, being just inches from the vacuum on all sides. Even with half a millennia of perfecting the technology, it still got to me the last time as my canopy came down. Things back at Starfleet Medical are much... cushier.
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:06:17
::Grins and hands over the bottle.:: Spiced rum. Hope the contraband is excused, but I figured you'd probably gone through the last one I gave you by now.
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 22:07:16
:: extends his hand to Doug in greeting ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:07:18
:: sees Leirone ::
Jack: Sir?
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 22:07:39
Ammora: The song you were playing on the piano. What was it?
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:07:58
::Takes the hand:: Tav. Been a long time. I'll try to hold off on swearing at you this time.
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:08:27
:: beams as she gratefully accepts the bottle of spiced rum :: Doug: You remembered! But then again, you always do. Thank you!
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:08:36
Jack: An instrumental version of a song called... uh... Piano Man.
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 22:08:46
:: shakes with Doug :: McKnight: And I promise not to cut you open this time. There's someone else for that, now.
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 22:09:23
:: juts bottom lip, nods :: Ammora: It was good.
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 22:09:34
:: raises an eyebrow at overhearing the two :: McKnight/Tav: I'm sorry... swearing? cutting open? What kind of bullshit happened?
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:09:49
:: snorts, then covers her mouth ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:10:43
::Glances over at Grey.:: Truth be told, that one I DON'T remember too well. Emergency surgery after a run in with lizard.
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 22:10:49
McKnight: Oh, but just for memory sake... :: pulls out some handheld-sized medical equipment and hands them to McKnight, Wright, and Harper. ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:10:54
Apparently I had an unusual reaction to some of the drugs.
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:11:11
Jack: Thanks, sir! I sped it up a bit. Otherwise it can be mush.
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 22:11:12
:: accepts them, curiously ::
:: is shocked by how cold they are, and almost drops them ::
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 22:11:34
Ammora: How long you been playing?
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:11:37
:: as she accepts the tool, she swears sharply in Risian before continuing :: Cold!
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:12:00
::Is less than shocked at how cold they are.:: Cute.
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 22:12:01
:: nearly jerks beer towards herself when Wright has a sudden reaction :: Aooh!
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:12:08
Jack: I don't play, actually. I mean, I do. But I don't read music. I just... uh... you know... :: sips his drink ::
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 22:12:29
Group: How is Dr. Carre doing these days? I've not had any contact with her.
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 22:13:08
:: frowns at the mention of Roxanne, having not heard from her in some time either ::
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 22:13:16
Ammora: Some of the most notable musicians in history weren't music-literate.
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 22:13:36
:: wonders what these tools are and why they are so cold, is there a joke here? ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:13:39
:: tosses the tool back to Tav then smiles wistfully at the mention of her old friend :: Tav: Roxy's fine, for Roxy. She's just so busy with that company she and her husband run.
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 22:13:47
:: nods slowly in understanding :: McKnight: Ah... I understand that completely. My husband has videos of me on drugs, says it always makes him laugh.
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:13:52
Jack: I hear and play. It may take me a couple of years listening incessantly, but I'll get there.
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 22:14:18
:: hands the tool back to Harper :: Harper: Next time you see her, give her this. No refrigerator needed.
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:14:45
:: smirks :: I think she'll appreciate that.
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 22:15:02
:: plays the five ball into the eight, sinking the latter in the corner ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:15:03
Jack: I could say that I messed up the third measure after the bridge, but I'd only be guessing.
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 22:15:09
:: makes a mental note to reach out to Roxanne ::
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 22:15:15
:: glances at Harper, wondering what was it about them being in a fridge ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:15:19
:: also makes such a mental note ::
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 22:15:40
:: glances over to Ammora :: Scott: You did well. If there were mistakes, I didn't hear them.
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:15:45
:: is silently grateful that Emily does not refrigerate her instruments ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:16:10
:: looks at Grey, beams :: Grey: Thank you, Captain!
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:16:18
:: raises an eyebrow and glances at the cold instrument ::
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 22:16:28
Ammora: You ever play with other musicians? Real or holo?
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:16:45
::Pockets the medical instrument with a chuckle, if only so he doesn't have to hold the damn thing with his bare hand. That done, he finally returns Wright's nod.:: Lex, how ya been?
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:17:19
Jack: Yes, sir. I have an inability... to... adapt to changes. I just play, and then all of a sudden they do something else and I'm lost.
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:17:23
:: stashes the rum away with the bartender who will, of course, hold it for her and defend it until she leaves ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 22:18:25
:: is surprised that McKnight is speaking to her, but turns to him with a small, tentative smile :: I am well, Co... McKn... Doug. :: takes half a second to compose herself after that :: And you?
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 22:19:41
:: then drops the five ball into the side pocket ::
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 22:20:12
:: watches as the surface of the table slowly clears ::
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 22:20:23
Ammora: I ask because I knew a guy on the Meridian a few years back. Transferred somewhere else after about a year. Songwriter. Could technically read music, but not like a pro. Didn't know music theory. He learned by doing, kind of like you. Had a holo-band in a program he wrote. He seemed to really thrive in that environment, especially since they were holograms.
Ammora: He didn't even practice that much. Once a week, two hours. But he did it religiously. The routine seemed to be a big part of it.
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:22:47
:: nods :: Jack: Sounds about right. I'm not that disciplined.
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:23:11
:: leans against Lexy as everyone chats, especially glad that McKnight's here, given that they served together for so long ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:23:15
Jack: :: motions to the piano :: Whenever I can. Or whenever I have holodeck time.
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 22:24:08
:: has to take a more difficult shot on the six in order to get position on the seven, but the cue doesn't take the english he gives, and he just misses ::
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 22:24:54
Ammora: You should get a keyboard for your quarters. Then you don't have to wait for the holodeck.
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 22:25:30
:: wraps an arm around Kate's waist, making a mental note to tell her how much she likes that outfit later, in private ::
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 22:25:38
:: considers this crew, this... yes, family, looking around and making eye contact with his former crewmates, people who were such a major part of this life ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:26:01
Jack: I should. Weston's better. I dabble, he plays.
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 22:27:44
:: smiles as she looks around at everyone ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:28:07
:: smiles at all the good vibes, even if she's only just meeting some of these people ::
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 22:29:15
:: pats Zorro affectionately on the shoulder, with a hint of playful condescension :: Zorro: You did your best. :: steps up and surveys the current position of the cue ball ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:30:11
:: thanks a waiter who delivers her a margarita and, as she's turning back to the crowd, she smiles to Acacia :: Emily: That is such a pretty sweater!
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 22:30:39
:: snorts and rolls his eyes, but figures that he's doomed ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:30:53
:: grins, waving a hand like 'oh, stop' :: Kate: And I love your earrings! New?
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 22:31:28
:: notes Acacia :: Acacia: Here's a cool medical tool. It was tradition of my... our predecessor to refrigerate her tools. So I found a material that keeps them cold. Colder than she ever did. And unlike hers, they don't warm up with use. True medical cruelty. :: smiles at Acacia ruefully as he hands her one of the tools ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:31:34
:: nod nod nod :: I picked them up just recently when I was at home! I needed something to match this lovely bracelet!
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:31:55
:: glances at Grey again ::
Jack: I play for fun, and my book of songs is about one page long, and only a couple of above 75%.
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:32:39
:: takes the tool and tenses a bit at the cold touch :: Jorvan: Oh, that's... wow. Interesting philosophy.
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 22:33:03
:: blinks :: Tav: I have... so many questions.
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:33:15
:: sips his drink, asking for another ::
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 22:33:22
:: returns Ammora's glance, raising an eyebrow curiously ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:33:33
:: finishes her wine and orders another from the waiter taking orders from others ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:33:33
Emily/Rike: Roxy's a character, you would have to know her to really understand.
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:33:48
Grey: :: perks an eyebrow in return ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:33:57
:: smirks :: Kate: I can bring back chilled tools, if that's what the people want.
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 22:33:57
:: nods in agreement with Kate's assessment ::
Emily: No!
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:34:06
Emily: No!
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:34:51
:: laughs heartily ::
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 22:34:54
:: lines up her shot and sinks the 6 ball, clipping the 9 ball in an unsuccessful hail mary ::
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 22:34:55
:: stares at Wright and Harper ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 22:35:08
Ohhhh, nice try.
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 22:36:52
:: gives him a look before returning to the table to try to line up a nearly impossible shot on the 7 ball, but is ultimately unsuccessful, and backs away from the table with some choice sulky words in Japanese ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 22:37:12
:: answers back in Japanese, chirping a bit ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:37:29
::Steps back in from a brief absence::
Wright: Sorry about that, got a sudden call. Fact of life these days. Believe me, there are times I miss leading formations into weapons fire.
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:38:55
:: nods solemnly, understanding being on call ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:39:03
:: contentedly leans into Lexy's arm around her waist ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:39:22
Wright: But in spite of's been good to me, can't deny that. It's definitely given more than it's taken from me. Hell, even Hobbes is still slinking around back home.
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 22:39:26
Rike/Emily/all: As I was taking over, she tried to get me to keep up the tradition. I just couldn't make it work. :: chortles ::
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 22:39:45
Ammora: What other songs do you know, other than 'Piano Man'?
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 22:40:09
:: hearing the piano conversation across the room :: shouting: FREE BIRD!
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 22:40:27
:: narrows her eyes at him ::
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 22:40:30
:: looks at Tav, chortling ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:40:50
:: receives a new wine from the waiter and sips it, chuckling at the suggestion ::
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 22:40:53
Jorvan: A trope as old as time. :: cheers ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 22:42:12
:: studies the table a bit, then calmly leans over to take his shot ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:43:17
Doug: We still have Anna, too. Such good kitties!
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 22:43:25
:: looks at the shot he's lining up, and is pretty sure she has lost this game ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:43:27
:: looks to Jorvan ::
Jorvan: I have a holodeck program where that gets you tossed out. :: smiles ::
Jorvan Tav 15-Jun-2022 22:44:43
Scott: Of course. As is and should be the way.
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:45:15
:: chuckles :: Scott: Hot Cross Buns!
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 22:45:38
:: shoots with hard left english, sending the cue into a billiard off the 7, which does not fall, but the cue ball strikes the 9 and sends it into the corner pocket ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:45:51
Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm feeling naked. Back in a moment.
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 22:46:06
:: sighs and gives him a slow clap ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:46:07
::Heads to the bar to order up a bourbon.::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:46:14
Jack: :: looks to Jack :: To answer your question, I know some songs.
Emily: :: glances at Acacia :: I'd rather die.
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:46:51
:: laughs ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:46:58
:: smirks ::
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 22:47:49
Ammora: Whyn't you play some more? :: nods chin toward the piano ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 22:47:59
:: graciously dips his head :: Gracias. Still, that was more like the Jester I'm used to playing against.
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:48:20
:: double takes, pounds his drink ::
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 22:48:22
Zorro: Best two out of three.
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 22:49:08
Jack: I can play a song, if Scott wants to switch off. :: smiles at the CEO ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 22:49:08
:: narrows his eyes and thinks a moment :: Jester: Alright.
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:49:19
::Returns in short order, a bit surprised but with his drink in hand.:: Huh. Apparently they were ready for me.
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:49:36
Grey: :: looks to Grey :: Have at it, Captain.
Grey: Want a drink? Liquid courage?
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:50:33
:: gives Doug a sly grin :: Doug: I figured you'd be here, and I thought you might enjoy that. :: nods to the drink in his hand ::
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 22:51:01
:: grins at another opportunity to win, and proceeds to rack the balls ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 22:51:18
:: chalks his cue as he watches her rack the balls ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:51:19
Harper: Well...well played.
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:51:55
:: raises her drink and winks ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:52:37
Harper: I DID figure after last time I should make a return visit. It was so busy before, you had so much small talk expected of you. So I wanted to ask, how are you? Really?
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 22:53:10
:: takes this as a cue to step away, so Kate can speak freely, and heads for the bar ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:53:49
Harper: The last time we served together, I don't quite know what I was expecting, but for me, that was pretty much my last hurrah. But you've been through the wringer more and more...and more over the past few years.
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 22:53:51
:: holds up an almost-filled glass of water :: Scott: Nah, I'll pass. I'm sensitive to alcohol anyways. :: excuses herself from the group to walk over to the piano and slide onto the bench, breathing deep, before launching into a slightly jazzy tune, staying in the upper ranges at the moment before branching down the keys ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:54:19
:: perks an eye at the water, watches her play ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:54:42
:: smiles contentedly and watches Lexy as she leaves before turning back to McKnight :: Doug: Well, aside from all of that, and believe me, there was a lot of that... things are wonderful, honestly.
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:54:44
Jack: And that's why I play on the holodeck. :: motions to Grey ::
Jack Leirone 15-Jun-2022 22:55:18
:: listens to Grey, recalls how Ammora played :: Ammora: Maybe I'm too untrained to notice, but you're just as good.
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 22:55:25
:: the music shifts to a different song, then back into another tune ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 22:56:02
:: breaks, sinking the 2 in an energetic break, and nods appreciatively :: Nice tight rack, that one.
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:56:07
Jack: :: chuckles :: On my one song... sure.
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 22:56:17
:: listens back and forth between Grey at the piano and Kate, not really a part of either but just vibing ::
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 22:56:55
:: nods graciously, accepting the compliment ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:57:16
Doug: Lexy and I are great; we even bought a house on Risa for when it's time to move on. Atlantis herself always seems to somehow be the center of everything, but that's Starfleet life for you.
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 22:57:53
:: sends the 1 all the way down the table into the far corner on a short cut ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:57:58
Kate: Yeah, I heard a rumor about that. I'd wondered if maybe that time was approaching for you too.
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 22:58:00
:: orders something cold and fruity from the bartender, and sips it through a straw as she wanders over toward the pool table ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 22:58:22
Kate: Of course, I ALSO heard about that fancy promotion.
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 22:59:22
:: lets the music finish up, glances over towards Ammora and silently gestures if he wants a turn ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 22:59:52
Doug: I finally caught you! :: chuckles ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 22:59:52
:: claps at Grey, shakes off her offer ::
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 23:01:06
:: smiles slightly, giving a careful half-bow, turning back to the piano and setting up for another song :: All: Any requests?
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 23:01:42
:: watches Zorro and Jester circle the table like prowling tigers, with an undercurrent that even she notices, and sips her drink ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 23:02:17
:: tries to think of a piano song, but draws a blank :: Grey: What's your favorite song?
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 23:02:46
::Grins:: Well, don't get complacent just yet. I might have a FEW surprise moves left in me.
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 23:02:47
:: smiles in greeting to Alexis before he bends over the table to gently shoot the 3 into the side ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 23:03:28
Doug: I would be foolish to put it past you, my friend.
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 23:04:05
Emily: Ethan enjoys the 21st-century soundtrack covers I play when we're back on Earth, but I can play pretty much anything as long as I know it. :: grins at her friend, turning on the bench :: Emily: Including pop songs.
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 23:04:06
::Leans in and lowers his voice:: Kate: So...seriously. Does Wright think I'm gonna shoot her or something?
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 23:04:54
:: claps politely for Zorro when he sinks a ball, as it seems like the right thing to do ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 23:05:11
:: balks at '21st century' :: Grey: Oh, oldies? Jeez... How about uhh... James Lemon? No.. John Lennon? Imagine? Know that one?
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 23:05:19
:: looks at the CSO clapping and laughs to herself ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 23:05:21
:: shrugs and looks in Lexy's direction :: Doug: She just takes time to open up to people socially. We had a lot more time before she even got to Atlantis.
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 23:06:12
:: however, he was a bit too gentle and the cue didn't quite get far enough out from behind the 8 to leave him a good shot, so he chuckles to himself, both for the error and for the clapping ::
Lexy: I'm sorry to disappoint, but this next shot is not possible, so I must play it safe. :: shoots a 3-rail bank to tap the 4, sending it off behind another ball ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 23:07:34
Kate: Hmmm. Fair enough, I guess. I guess I didn't exactly go around offering free hugs in my time here.
::Privately hopes he wasn't TOO much of a grouch, beyond the stern commander persona his job required him to adopt.::
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 23:08:26
:: laughs :: Emily: Oldies, indeed. But Ethan and our families love it :: gives a small pair of finger-guns :: Emily: Absolutely! I can do that one. :: turns back to the piano and sets to playing John Lennon's Imagine ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 23:08:52
Doug: Exactly, but no one expects the Marine tactical officer to be handing out hugs, either.
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 23:09:13
:: makes a good-natured "awwww" sound and looks to Jester for her play ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 23:09:50
Doug: They just had to get to know you.
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 23:10:35
:: sips her wine and enjoys the music ::
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 23:10:58
:: frowns as she looks at the position of the cue ball, Zorro having left it in a difficult place ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 23:10:59
:: looks over at the pool game again, trying to predict the winner ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 23:11:25
:: sees a shot, and he's pretty sure that Jester would see it as well, but it's a tough one ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 23:12:14
Doug: I mean, Percy must see something in you, right? :: grins ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 23:13:02
::Chuckles:: It's the cat.
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 23:13:58
:: perks up :: Who has a cat?
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 23:14:03
:: feigns thinking before nodding and laughing :: Makes sense!
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 23:14:04
:: circles around to the other side of the table and lines up a shot, and executes a challenging 2-rail bank shot to somehow manage to knock the 4 into the corner pocket without hitting the 7 first ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 23:14:14
Rike: Both of us. :: gestures to herself and Doug ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 23:14:16
:: hums along ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 23:14:26
:: looks over :: Kate/Rike: Me as well.
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 23:14:30
:: sucks air through his teeth - she sure saw the shot and surely sunk it ::
Jester: Nice shot!
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 23:15:22
:: claps with excitement, since that seemed difficult! ::
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 23:15:49
:: moves up next to Grey at the piano ::
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 23:15:51
Then you all have committed the crime... of not showing me your pets!
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 23:16:22
:: tips an imaginary hat at both of them, playing it cool that the cue ball didn't end up exactly where she'd planned ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 23:16:25
:: grins :: Rike: I suppose I have—you haven’t met Vinny, either, have you?
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 23:16:51
Rike: Yeah, my first ship posting after the war was on a long range scout vessel. Little ship, potentially long deployment. A cat puts up with that better than most people.
Scott Ammora 15-Jun-2022 23:16:56
Sings: "You may say I'm a dreamer..."
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 23:17:07
Rike: Stop by some time and meet Anna!
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 23:17:40
:: studies the table and sees that the cue is a bit out of place, so he watches to see how she handles it ::
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 23:18:39
Emily: No, I haven't. Bob and Barb are more familiar with you than I to yours! Harper: Absolutely! Make it a date!
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 23:19:07
Rike: Check the feeds. You'd have to do some digging, no question. But I brought Hobbes into this very room more than once.
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 23:19:09
:: glances up at Ammora with a grin, then back down to the piano and continued playing ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 23:19:17
:: nods dutifully :: Rike: We will remedy that.
Rike Herschel 15-Jun-2022 23:19:47
Doug: Well you should see when I bring Bob and Barb in here!
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 23:21:45
:: concentrating on the table, she finds the best angle she can and sends the cue ball smartly into the 5, hitting it at an oblique angle that sends it skidding into the 8 ball, which rolls incredibly slowly until it finally tips into the pocket ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 23:21:46
::Laughs as he polishes off the last of his bourbon...that glass, anyway.:: Send it along to General McKnight's office, Starfleet Command. Just make the header something official sounding so that my aide doesn't flag it.
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 23:22:45
:: eyes his reaction to the bourbon, judging for future reference ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 23:23:23
:: tries, in vain, to gesture the 8 away from the pocket :: Jester: Perfect stroke on that shot.
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 23:23:57
:: claps again, as that seemed REALLY hard ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 23:24:11
::She will note an appreciative nod. Has a respectable bite, but a smooth flavor. He does, however, then put on a slightly more stern expression as he turns back to Harper:: That does remind me of one more thing I meant to ask. Grey.
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 23:24:37
Doug: Yes, what about her?
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 23:24:40
:: smirks, brushing imaginary dust from her shoulders ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jun-2022 23:24:53
:: watches the pool game more closely now ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 23:25:25
Jester: Though I am curious what you're going to do with that leave, Jessie.
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 23:26:27
Kate: Now look, I know that after all this time, it's doubtful any of MY men are still even posted here. Still, I can't help but feel a certain paternal protectiveness for this unit. So even though I have no cause to doubt, I'd still like to hear it from someone I trust.
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 23:26:42
:: dips her head in understanding ::
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 23:27:03
:: finishes up the song, sitting back on the bench to breathe evently, fingers a bit sore from playing as much of the songs as she had ::
Doug McKnight 15-Jun-2022 23:27:19
Kate: She treats them right? Firm but fair, leads sensibly and places the utmost value on the welfare of her marines?
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 23:28:58
:: thinks a moment before looking to Grey and Ammora sitting together at the piano and nodding :: Doug: She stepped in to the role before she should have had to, and there have been some growing pains, but she's got this, Doug.
Kimiko Suzuki 15-Jun-2022 23:29:57
Zorro: Simple, really. :: she lines her cue up at a high angle and chips the cue ball into the 6, sending that careening off uselessly and dropping the cue ball into a difficult spot between the 7 and 9 balls :: Zorro: Just for you. :: blows him a mocking kiss ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jun-2022 23:30:26
And I thought you liked me. :: shakes his head ::
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jun-2022 23:30:27
:: shifts to the side, patting the bench for Ammora to sit next to her :: Scott: Sit... want to play a duet?
Lexy Wright 15-Jun-2022 23:30:52
:: is starting to wonder whether she should be here, but keeps sipping her drink ::
Kate Harper 15-Jun-2022 23:30:56
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