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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Tonight, we begin our celebration of twenty-five years of Atlantis. The formal ball is being held in holodeck one, which is set to resemble an ornate ballroom in a dome under the sea. All manner of sea life can be seen swimming in the blue above, while music, dancing, food, and drinks are enjoyed in the dry space below.
After 08-Jun-2022 00:00:00
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:15:01
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:15:41
:: scrambles ::
Self: Dress socks. Dress uniform. Rank insignia polished...
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:16:48
:: greeting people as they arrive, wearing a lilac floor-length surplice v-neck gown, pleated under the bust, with sheer butterfly sleeves and a thigh slit ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:17:24
Self: Shoes shined...
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:17:46
:: in Holodeck 2, because there's no way he can tie a bowtie by himself ::
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 21:17:56
:: stands near Harper as executive officer representative for the beginning of the affair ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:17:57
:: her hair is done into a braided updo, and on her wrist is the bracelet holding pearls Lexy gathering from Lunat Bay and had Emily make into a silver wave-themed bracelet for her ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:18:35
:: arrives alongside Doc and Kimiko, wearing a navy-blue and gem-trimmed chiffon floor-length ballgown with a shawl off the back of her shoulders ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:19:00
Generic Butler Type Person> :: finishes tie :: There you are, sir. Anything else I may assist you with, sir?
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:19:01
:: moves into the holodeck ::
Cpt Ryleigh Grey 08-Jun-2022 21:19:20
:: is in complete dress wear, same as Ethan, standing off to the side, watching quietly ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:19:24
GBTP: Just a spot-check. Anything out of place? :: holds arms out, turns ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:19:24
Self: You're good, you're good...
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:19:25
:: floats across the parquet floor in a dark blue ballgown covered in dazzling stars, her long hair pinned into an updo and fastened with fresh white flowers, carrying a flute of champagne for herself and one for her wife ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:19:49
:: also is wearing strappy white heels, along with pearl earrings and an ornate necklace that falls into the v-neck of her gown ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:19:58
GBTP> The very picture of refinement, sir.
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:20:13
Self: :: looks at himself in the mirror :: You represent well...
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 21:20:25
:: enters with Emily and Jester, in a tuxedo, with his bow-tie and cummerbund in a teal that blends the colors of their dresses ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:20:25
GBTP: Let's not get carried away. Thanks. Computer, end program. GBTP> :: dissolves ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:20:34
::A rapping tapping rings down the corridor, coming in threes, in a distinctive pattern.::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:20:37
:: licks his finger and pushes down the cowlick ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:21:04
:: surveys the room ::
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 21:21:12
:: Considering her unique shape, she doesn't usually pay too much attention towards a custom outfit for special occasions, nor is she required of it, but for this event she's had made a burgandy-colored dress in her usual "horse-blanket" cut, but instead of tassels it's embroidered with gold edges and inlays of metallic thread that sparkle throughout ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:21:25
:: heads out of Holodeck 2, heads for TL ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:21:57
Self: I've missed this ship.
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 21:22:35
:: looks beautifully aloof on Zorro's arm, in a peacock-green gown with a trailing chiffon cape over one shoulder, her hair falling in loose waves ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:22:45
:: steps into TL :: TL: Deck Six.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:22:54
:: smiles and greets Kate and Kuari at the entrance ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:23:04
:: moves to the bar ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:23:40
:: stares too long in the mirror ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:23:54
:: hands a glass to Kate and looks down the corridor as she catches a hint of Ilaihr's approach ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:23:55
Self: Go, you stupid dumbass.
:: checks his hair again, moves to the door, checks again ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:24:22
:: takes the glass and greets Emily as she arrives, making sure to show off the bracelet ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:24:36
:: steps out of TL. heads for Holodeck 1 ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:24:52
:: exits his quarters and heads to the turbolift ::
:: enters :: Holodeck One.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:25:09
:: is surprised, then realizes she shouldn't be. She smiles, pointing :: Doc/Kimiko: I actually made that bracelet!
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 21:25:33
:: greets Emily with a smile and wide eyes :: Emily: I love your dress!
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:25:37
:: sees Harper ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:25:39
:: enters Holodeck 1, scans the room ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 21:25:40
:: admires the bracelet on la capitana's wrist, then looks between Jester and Emily :: It's beautiful!
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 21:25:46
:: looks at the bracelet with interest ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:26:09
:: thinks he sees a fucking ghost :: :: squints in the direction of Adam Drake ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:26:09
::Simply apparates before Kate and Kuari; clad in his usual fine robes, wearing an ornate headdress, his cane now a staff overgrown like a long branch, topped with a glowing jewel.::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:26:15
:: grins and pats her skirt :: Kuari: Thank you! Yours looks great as well.
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:26:24
Group: The three of you make a striking trio!
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:26:41
:: sees Jack, smiles ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:26:54
:: bobs her head, returning to Doc's other arm opposite Kimiko :: Wright: You think? Thank you!
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:26:56
:: smiles softly as Ilaihr appears :: Ilaihr, thank you so much for coming. It means a lot!
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:27:10
:: approaches :: Drake? Is that you?
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 21:27:11
:: nods in agreement :: She's right, we do. :: grins ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:27:18
:: actually sees the old Andorian :: Ilaihr! :: glomps him as much as possible with all her petticoats in the way ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:27:29
:: smiles :: Commander?
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:27:47
:: exits the turbolift and enters the holodeck ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:28:08
::Smiles.:: All: Hello young ones. It is good to see you all again.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:28:23
:: gasps, covering her mouth :: All: Ilaihr!?
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:29:20
<Amber Sun> ::Also just appears, like climbing out of Ilaihr's shadow.::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:29:37
:: notes Drake's rank :: Drake: Colonel, now! :: extends hand :: I didn't expect to see you here! How've you been?
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 21:29:42
:: smiles and nods her thanks to Wright, then watches her glomp Ilaihr with giggling amusement :: Ilaihr: Ilaihr! Good to see you!
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:29:55
:: gasps and breaks from Doc's arm again, this time to give her old bear nurse a big hug in greeting ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:30:04
And Amber Sun!
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:30:37
:: laughs with joy and hugs the friendly bear as well ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:30:48
:: joins in the bear hugs ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:31:12
Leirone: I wouldn't miss a party on a ship that is so near and dear to my heart. How are you, my friend?
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 21:31:18
:: also hugs as best she can, laying her neck on Amber Sun's back ::
Cpt Ryleigh Grey 08-Jun-2022 21:31:34
:: can't help but step forwards curiously, unlike the others, dressed firmly in marine dress, grinning at Ilaihr brightly :: Ilaihr: My god!
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:31:53
:: moves into the holodeck, horribly awkward ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:31:59
<Amber Sun> ::Chuffs in delight.:: All: It are good to see you all again. Have missed the Skyship Atalantis!
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:32:12
:: smiles :: Drake: I'm alright. Still reeling from a bit of nastiness a couple missions ago, but... :: smirks, shrugs :: We all get through, don't we? What have you been up to, all these years, other than climbing the ranks?
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:32:47
There's not enough time for the story, Commander. :: laughs ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:33:01
:: wipes a small tear from her eye, happy to see so many faces again :: Amber Sun: How have you been?
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:33:17
:: sips at her champagne, feeling incredibly buoyed by seeing old friends ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 08-Jun-2022 21:33:28
:: appears from the wall like his wife, coming over to give Ilaihr a man-hug before stepping back to stand next to Grey, tucking an arm around her ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:34:06
Leirone: You look good.
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:34:08
:: hope swells in her heart of seeing more old faces tonight, but she just steps back, smiling broadly ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:34:27
<Amber Sun> ::Nuzzles Kuari's head.:: Kuari: Have missed. ::Smiles.:: Acacia: Have been learning.
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 21:35:16
:: smiles, looking into Amber Sun's eyes, then backs up a bit for more bear hugging :: Amber Sun: I can tell, just by your language.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:35:21
:: grins widely :: Amber Sun: That's good! Learning about what?
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:35:31
:: moves to the bar ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:35:48
:: nods in silent, humble thanks :: Drake: As do you, my friend. Where you posted up, these days? Bartender: Sacker Butte Single Malt, neat, please?
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:36:12
Ilaihr: So. Ambassador Ilaihr. How have you been?
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:36:18
Bartender: Same.
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 21:36:26
:: enters the holodeck with T'Kirr, dressed in a classic black tux, quite happy to be back on board Atlantis ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:36:41
::Nods at Jasper.:: Jasper: It is good to see you again, my boy.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:36:48
Leirone: Tactical command, Daystrom...
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:37:23
:: is so focused on her old friend, doesn't even notice Ian and T'Kirr coming up behind her ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:37:47
<Amber Sun> Acacia: Muuuuuuuch. Many things to learn. The Eduda has much to teach us.
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:38:20
Drake: That's quite the gig. Does it treat you well? :: leans on bar, palms some peanuts, pops a couple in his mouth ::
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 21:38:30
:: finds their way towards Harper and Kuari first, after all, one must speak to the captain first when coming aboard ::
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 21:38:50
:: is wearing an understated but elegant dark brown dress that matches her hair, looking over at the attendees, and focuses on Harper as Ian leads her to them ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:39:08
It is what it is. It's not active service on a starship like this, but I'm doing good work.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:39:31
:: noticing the Admirals approaching, she smiles and waves ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:39:44
:: sees T'Kirr and Blackthorne ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:39:48
:: is clearly very happy to hear this :: Amber Sun: Well, learning something new every day is the best way to live. :: she notices the approaching brass, and quietly excuses herself to go grab a drink ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:40:13
Drake: Good! That's all we can ask for, ain't it. :: receives his whiskey :: Drake: Cheers, Drake. :: holds out his glass ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:40:14
Welcome back aboard, Admirals, and congratulations on your promotions!
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:40:17
:: sips his drink ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:40:35
:: looks up at Kate waving and turns, finally noticing Ian and T'Kirr, and growing very nervous and shy tries to fade into the background despite her huge sparking skirts ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:40:40
:: raising his own :: Cheers, Jack.
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 21:41:02
:: chuckles and immediately dispenses with the formalities to give Kate a hug :: Thanks, but this ship will always be a piece of home.
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 21:41:05
:: sees Ian and T'Kirr, her eyes wide, memories of her early years in Security flooding through her, at how much she admired the executive officers she knew her first time on Atlantis ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:41:24
Leirone: Your taste hasn't changed.
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:41:29
::Smiles at Alexis:: Wright: I have been keeping busy. The Sarlbjorn have needed me, to help in navigating the landscape of the Federation. They, have also helped me a great deal. ::The gem on his staff begins to glow, as well a number of spots on his headdress.::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:42:00
:: orders the bartender's choice, and receives a blue drink with gummy fish floating in it :: Self: Oh, nice...
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:42:11
:: hugs the Admiral and smiles again, then dips her head to T'Kirr ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:42:19
Drake: I've always been a firm believer in 'fancy doesn't necessarily equal good, and vice versa'.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:42:21
I'm so glad you both could make it.
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:42:24
:: is grateful for the distraction of Ilaihr's glowing accoutrements :: Ilaihr: Oooh.
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 21:42:50
:: approaches with Ian and lets go of his arm as he hugs, bowing her head to Harper and clasping her hand momentarily in lieu of a hug ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:43:19
Leirone: Blah blah blah. It's still a good glass of booze.
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:44:04
:: nurses his drink, eyes Colonel Drake and Commander Leirone ::
Cpt Ryleigh Grey 08-Jun-2022 21:44:07
:: gives a small salute to the admiralty present, staying close to her husband with a small glass of soda instead of alcohol ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:44:14
:: picks out one of the gummy fish and eats it, then takes a swig of the drink. She makes an 'okay' face, then turns to go back to being social ::
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 21:44:18
Wouldn't miss it if I were dead, Kate. Any chance to get back aboard my ship, after all...
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:44:29
:: returns the hand clasp :: My ship. :: smirks ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:44:40
:: spots Scott down the bar :: Drake: Oh, hey, I want you to meet the current Adam Drake. :: smirks :: Just kidding. Ammora: Lieutenant Ammora! Drake: This young man assisted me in an Engineering refit of the Meridian, then ran Tac on her in a tough battle. Colonel Adam Drake, Lieutenant Scott Ammora.
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 21:44:55
:: favors Emily with a small, private snicker :: Acacia: Not into gummy fish?
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:45:08
Wright: There is much we have begun to discover about Trondheim. The planet's unique crystal, stretch across most of the crust, and go much deeper than we first anticipated. The planet acts as a psionic amplifier and resonator. And being surrounded by so many strong and open telepaths, has done much to heal my mind.
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:45:11
:: blinks, not sure what to do, wants to take a drink, places it on the bar ::
Drake: Colonel, it's a pleasure.
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 21:45:31
:: perks an eyebrow at Harper, then catches Grey's salute in the middle distance and nods back ::
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 21:45:34
:: shrugs and chuckles ::
:: and nods to the Marine captain that saluted ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:45:55
:: smirks, then shrugs :: Kimiko: They're not sweet enough to be as chewy as they are.
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:46:04
<Amber Sun> ::Looks up at Ilaihr, quizzically; before nodding and chasing after Acacia.::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 21:46:20
:: sips at his drink and tries one of the gummy fish ::
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 21:46:24
:: sits on the floor, smiling, eyes brightly regarding the admirals, her tail swishing back in forth, a danger to anyone behind her ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:46:32
:: looks down the bar :: Ammora: Lieutenant, it's nice to meet you.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:46:43
Ian/T'Kirr: So how's Kristen doing?
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:46:55
Ilaihr: I would love to do more research there. Perhaps we can replicate the healing properties somehow.
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 21:47:03
:: chuckles again :: She's a handful. A dervish, you might say.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:47:14
:: turns as Amber Sun approaches :: Amber Sun: Hi! I got my drink. So where were we?
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 21:47:28
Acacia: A texture thing, you're saying. That makes sense.
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 21:47:46
:: offers Ian a knowing look ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:48:03
Ammora: How ya holding up, Lieutenant?
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 21:48:11
:: returns the look, wondering just how the sitter is being terrorized right this moment ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:48:18
:: nods :: Leirone: Life moves forward, sir.
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 21:48:22
J/E: Eh, not so bad. :: pops another one ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:48:32
Drake: One step at a time, right?
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:48:56
Ammora: There's always a way forward, Lieutenant.
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 21:48:58
J/E: On second thought, it just caught up to me. Enough of those. :: sips at his wine ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:49:08
:: smiles :: Ammora: That it does, Mr. Ammora. That it does. Drake: :: quietly :: Remind you of anyone?
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:49:32
:: laughs :: That sounds positively wonderful.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:49:36
:: goes for another gummy fish and tries not to make a face this time :: D/K: Yeah. Maybe it's the synthahol, too.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:49:44
:: smirks :: Leirone: Of course.
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 21:49:52
Zorro: Mm, yes, do try to stay in good form. You've got a lot of dancing to do later.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:50:10
Ammora: Lieutenant, are you an engineer?
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 21:50:28
:: nods and shrugs :: Jester: I certainly do.
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:50:31
Drake: Uh, no, sir, security.
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 21:50:39
::As the Arch materializes into being once more, the door opens to admit a slightly bushed looking middle aged man in a Marine Corps dress uniform, the suit jacket unbuttoned and the tie hanging loose. There's a little more salt in his salt and pepper beard these days, but his step has lost none of its assertiveness. And in one hand, he clutches a mostly empty bottle of Ktarian brandy.::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:50:41
Drake: Tactical.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:51:15
:: eyes Leirone with a smiling understanding of the kid's nervousness ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:51:32
Wright: Trondheim welcomes all who come, Alexis. ::Smiles genially.:: It is a fascinating place. We have recently discovered what appears to be buried wreckage. The Neme believes it may be the ships of the "Skydaemons". But, we due to recent events, we have been unable to get a full team to excavate the area.
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 21:52:05
:: looks around those assembled for Alexis ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:52:15
:: looks up at the newcomer in surprise, not expecting to see McKnight ::
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 21:52:24
:: notes McKnight's entry and waves ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:52:31
:: returns the look, sips his whiskey ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:52:36
:: takes it slow on the drinks with said dancing in mind, enjoying the company of her companions :: D/K: Lots of people I don't recognize, but probably should.
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:52:39
:: nods at Ilaihr, still interested, just distracted ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:52:44
<Amber Sun> ::Looks around.:: Acacia: We are on the Skyship Atalantis. ::Grins.:: Under the sea.
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 21:53:09
Acacia: I don't really know anybody. I just stick to flying.
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:53:09
:: notices McKnight, taps Drake on the arm :: Drake: Look who's here!
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:53:40
:: follows Leirone's gaze, sees McKnight ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 21:53:41
E/J: Lots of brass here tonight. I think the ship may sink.
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 21:53:44
Harper: Is Commander Wright here? :: finds Wright, but then follows her and several others' gaze to McKnight's entrance ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:54:03
:: is attentive to Amber Sun as well. She glances up :: AS: Yes, this is a really beautiful venue. I wonder if it exists somewhere.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:54:19
Well, I'll be damned...
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 21:54:24
:: solemnly nods at Zorro ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:54:26
:: nudges Doc, as she looks up :: Doc: We did sink.
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 21:54:31
::Gives a cheeky salute in the direction of the most familiar faces.:: Blackthorne! We still on for the Battle of the Bulge on Sunday?
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:54:32
:: nods to T'Kirr :: Of course, I believe Ambassador Ilaihr has her attention at the moment.
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 21:54:43
Huh. :: chuckles :: So we did.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:54:54
:: turns to Ammora :: Ammora: Son, who is your commanding officer?
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 21:55:01
Doug: Wouldn't miss it! :: laughs ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:55:05
Drake: Captain Grey, sir.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:55:57
Ammora: What do you think of her?
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 21:56:12
:: smiles and waves to McKnight ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:56:14
Drake: She leads well, Colonel.
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:56:29
<Amber Sun> ::Tilts his head.:: Acacia: Believe there must be. Never thought Skyships were real place; only old stories. Here Am. ::Makes a roaring noise, that sounds like a laugh.::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:57:04
Ammora: Good. That's what she's supposed to do. Do you ever question her?
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:57:05
:: belatedly notices T'Kirr looking at her and wonders if there is a casual way to just die with nobody noticing ::
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 21:57:28
:: regards McKnight as he approaches, not sure what to make of his less than professional greeting towards Blackthorne, but she's well enough used to it by now and just watches the two interact ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:57:39
:: downs the rest of his whiskey and promptly orders another :: :: can't wait to hear this ::
Cpt Ryleigh Grey 08-Jun-2022 21:57:54
:: excuses herself from the group, walking over to Ammora and the other men, and hearing her name, stays out of their line of sight until she hears Ammora's answer ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 21:58:11
::Taps Alexis' hand gently, throwing her another smile, before heading toward the bar.:: ^Alexis^: Enjoy the party, my dear girl.
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:58:29
Drake: :: ridiculously unsure of how to respond :: Drake: I, uh, it's a... sometimes... no... yes... sir... I don't know what to say.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 21:58:59
:: laughs along with Amber Sun :: AS: We've missed you. I'm glad to hear you're getting a good education back home. How have the other Sarlbjorn been?
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 21:59:04
Ammora: Welcome to being a marine.
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 21:59:20
Drake: Sir?
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 21:59:25
:: internally cries out "nooooooo" as her friend and cover melts away toward the bar ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 21:59:39
:: snickers ::
Cpt Ryleigh Grey 08-Jun-2022 21:59:49
:: finally steps around to put herself in their line of sight, raising an eyebrow at Ammora :: Ammora: What was this I heard?
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:00:14
:: stops talking ::
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:00:15
::Turns to Kate with a grin and rests an affectionate hand on her shoulder:: Kate! Wonderful to see you. And to see you've kept my ship in one piece!
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:00:42
:: looks at Grey, looks at Ammora, looks at Leirone ::
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 22:01:12
:: sees McKnight approach, her former Tactical commanding officer, her eyes wide. Her smile lessens out of old habits, but she reminds herself that many things have changed over the years and she is no longer an ensign ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:01:22
:: just gives up and laughs as she gives Doug a quick hug, and speaks up loud enough for Blackthorne to hear, too :: Our ship.
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:01:40
:: grabs a big ol handful of peanuts and turns to enjoy the show ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:01:47
:: nods :: Grey: Captain Grey.
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 22:01:48
Hm. That works. Our ship.
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 22:02:24
:: perks a Vulcan eyebrow at Blackthorne in mild surprise ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:02:28
<Amber Sun> Acacia: The Neme is as always, out great leader. The Eduda's guidance has given him greeeaaat power. The homeworld is safer, than it was before. ::Chuffs again.:: The Cubs you met, like Snow Leaf are nearly at the time of naming.
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 22:02:52
:: shrugs at T'Kirr :: Alexi might not agree, but he's not here to protest.
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:03:32
::Approaches the bar.:: ^Alexis^: I will not be far, my dear.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:03:47
:: looks at Ammora :: Ammora: I'm guessing.
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:04:08
:: nods absently, goes back to his drink ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:04:12
:: thinks on that, then nods :: AS: I suppose it has been that long. Wow, time flies, huh?
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:05:15
:: thinks thoughts of abandonment and sulking loudly at Ilaihr from across the room and tries to fade into the wall ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:05:37
:: levels his eyes at Grey :: Can I help you, Captain?
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:06:09
:: disappears momentarily from the brassy conversation to appears by her wife's side and link arms with her ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:06:24
:: sips his drink slowly ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:06:25
<Amber Sun> ::Looks curiously.:: Acacia: Does... time have wings... or Ampulse Engins? ::Pauses.:: Powered by Dillitum? ::Shows off a toothy grin.::
LCdr T’Lira 08-Jun-2022 22:06:36
:: steps into the Holodeck and wonders if she is late, but there was no helping that. Taril had had several questions about an assignment and needed the assistance. And if there was any internal debate about what would be considered appropriate attire, well... perhaps it was solved with a simple blue floor-length dress with long sleeves and a high collar. If there had been a question. If ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:06:51
:: finds some stuffed olives and they make the gummy fish taste go away ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:06:52
:: her shoulders fall in defeat as she realizes she is busted when Kate materializes next to her ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:07:25
:: chuckles :: AS: It's an Earth expression, it means time is moving quickly. Maybe not dilithium-engine-fast, but... :: she shrugs ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:07:40
:: glides over to the buffet to see if anything looks good enough to eat in public ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:08:57
:: whispers to Lexy as they make it back to the group :: You are doing wonderfully!
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:09:13
:: downs his drink and orders another ::
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 22:09:42
McKnight: It is agreeable to see you again, General. You have done well for yourself. :: bows her head slowly ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:09:47
Ammora: Keep on keeping on.
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:09:55
:: gestures with an olive on a stick to Jester :: These are pretty good.
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:09:55
::Takes a seat, his milky white eyes scanning the bar, smirking slyly, as he simply brings a glass and bottle of something to his hand; before pouring it manually. He chuckles mischievously.::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:10:25
Leirone: Good to see you, Jack.
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:11:08
Drake: Likewise, my friend.
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:11:18
Kate: So, uh, I heard there's a Science emergency I need to go take care of and I can't possibly face...I mean, meet with Admiral T'Kirr.
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:11:41
:: tries an olive on a stick and finds that they are, indeed, quite good ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:11:41
:: stops a passing holo-waiter and asks him to bring some more olives and 'some finger sandwiches or something' ::
Cpt Ryleigh Grey 08-Jun-2022 22:11:45
:: nods to Drake in return, taking a sip of her soda :: Drake: Technically Jasper, though I kept Grey for the ease in command. I always make it a point to check in with my crewmates throughout parties. I'll let you be, though. :: glances to Ammora :: Ammora: Relax, you got this. :: nods and leaves them to talk ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:12:05
Lexy: Those pesky science emergencies! :: grins as they make it back to the group ::
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:12:20
::Mimics the gesture. Wow, how many years did he spend seeing this woman, all these people, daily?:: Admiral. I think it's safe to say none of us have anything to be embarassed about, aspirationally speaking.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:12:24
ACTION> The holo-waiter's programming briefly considers whether or not sushi is a finger sandwich or something.
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:12:45
:: eyes Drake, then Ammora :: Drake/Ammora: That went better than I thought it would.
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:13:29
:: cries on the inside as she is led back to the group ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:13:36
:: notes that T'Lira has arrived and pauses to greet her with a smile :: T'Lira! Glad you could make it! How is Taril?
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 22:13:41
:: perks an eyebrow at McKnight, the slight upturn of one corner of her mouth indicating her amused agreement ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:14:00
:: is more than happy to be distracted by talking to T'Lira ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:14:04
Leirone: She's a marine, Commander.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:14:08
:: receives pinwheel sandwiches from the waiter, and daintily munches on one ::
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:14:12
T'Kirr: Even so, I have to admit, there are days I can't quite shake the restlessness, not being out among the stars.
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:14:31
:: watches Grey move away :: Self, internally: What the hell just happened?
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:14:44
T'Kirr: Not too many, mind you. I'm an Earther, through and through. Still...those were some years.
LCdr T’Lira 08-Jun-2022 22:14:45
:: did not expect to be acknowledged quite this soon, but dips her chin slightly in greeting :: He is well, Commodore. I trust I am not overly tardy?
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:14:49
Drake: Indeed. :: smirks ::
Cpt Ryleigh Grey 08-Jun-2022 22:14:54
:: returns to the rest of the officers, retaking her position against Ethan with a quiet sigh ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:15:15
T'Lira: Of course not! Just in time to join in the fun, under the sea! :: gestures to the dome above ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:15:31
::Stares down a the almost alive looking bottle of green drink.:: Self: Ahhhh, they still have bottle laying around.:: ::Sips his gross Breen beverage.::
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 22:15:33
:: turns her eyes off to the side of McKnight in wistful thought :: McKnight: I know what you mean.
LCdr T’Lira 08-Jun-2022 22:16:16
:: flicks her gaze upwards :: Harper: It is... certainly unique. :: believes that it goes without saying that for someone whose species originated on a desert world, this is quite... odd. ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:16:40
:: smiles at the Vulcan CAG :: Atlantis. :: sage nods ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:16:44
Leirone: Excuse me...
:: moves over to T'Kirr and McKnight ::
LCdr T’Lira 08-Jun-2022 22:17:20
:: blinks in response, not entirely certain of the meaning ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:17:25
T'Lira: Atlantis is a legendary sunken city on Earth.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:17:49
T'Kirr & McKnight: Well, this is a blast from the past
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 22:18:20
:: notes Drake's arrival and her back stiffens surreptitiously :: Drake: Colonel Drake. It has been a long time.
LCdr T’Lira 08-Jun-2022 22:18:26
Wright: Ah... I see. It is indeed a fitting locale, then.
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:18:33
:: can't help but think of Emari, seeing all these marines reuniting ::
:: silently toasts her memory before downing his third drink ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:19:12
T'Kirr, McKnight: :: nods :: Admiral, General. A long time.
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:19:25
T'Lira: I hear Taril's been spending a lot of time in the labs. :: smiles innocently, in no way trying to prolong this harmless conversation ::
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:19:29
::Simply grins and holds up the bottle he came in with to Drake for closer inspection.:: You know, I heard a rumor you might show up. Recognize it?
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:19:46
:: finds some sushi, spicy tuna rolls to be precise, and grabs a few with wasabi ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:20:07
:: finishes her finger food and her drink, handing the empty plate and glass to a passing waiter :: K/D: You were right about the olives. Good stuff.
MED2 LtJG Jasper 08-Jun-2022 22:20:14
:: neatly plucks her near-empty glass and walks over to the bar to get her a refill wordlessly, returning to the rest::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:20:15
:: smiles :: It's been a long time, General, forgive my forgetting.
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:20:20
:: looks at the sushi dubiously :: Zorro: It doesn't look as fresh as I like it.
LCdr T’Lira 08-Jun-2022 22:20:31
Wright: He has been, yes. I believe he has taken an interest in botany recently, though he has always been intrigued by the physical sciences. I believe he is currently attempting to discern which pathway in Starfleet Sciences would suit him.
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 22:20:31
:: is somewhat relieved McKnight has drawn Drake's attention and introspects at the feeling ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:20:37
:: all this talk of timelines, can't help but wonder about those timelines where things had worked out with Emari. Wonders what quintillion intricate factors of wind and force would contribute to such a reality. ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:21:09
:: holds up the plate of sushi to show Emily, then turns to Jester :: It's replicated, it can't get any fresher without being real.
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:21:15
Acacia: You can trust a Spaniard to have a good eye for olives, I suppose. :: is basing this on nothing ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:21:27
<Amber Sun> ::Props up on the bar, sniffing about. His quills twitching, as his fur shifts colour into a spectrum of happy colours.:: Aloud: Saaaaaaamagisssss! ::Can't help himself and attacks a whole platter.::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:21:44
Oh yes, that's true. :: nods, basing this on nothing ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:22:16
Ammora: You got anyone special, Ammora? Someone your heart calls home?
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:22:22
Drake: Oh? You gave it to me. A long time ago, as you say. If memory serves, we cracked it open over an argument about baseball.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:22:22
:: chuckles, then notes Kimiko's reservation. She follows the Japanese person's nose and regards the sushi with caution :: Doc: I think I'm good as well..
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:22:37
Leirone: :: blinks :: Sir? I'm sorry?
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:22:49
:: shrugs and digs in to the sushi anyway ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:22:58
Ammora: Someone special. A sweetheart. You know. Partner, spouse, what-have-you.
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:23:16
Both: I'm sure it's... fine... safe to eat. My standards are high.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:24:04
McKnight: Your memory is better than mine. I'm guessing, at the time, you were probably wrong and I was right. :: laughs ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:24:23
:: shrugs and has a piece of sushi as well. She thinks on it, swallows, then replies :: K/D: Yeah, it's good but it's not the same as the real deal.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:24:28
T'Lira: That's great to hear, that he's taking such an interest in the sciences.
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:24:41
Leirone: Yes, sir... :: doesn't know what to say ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:25:18
Both: There is a great sushi place near the Academy. We should go there sometime.
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:25:40
<Amber Sun> ::Throws a number of the sandwiches up in the air, leaping around, catching them in his mouth; before rolling over onto his back all satisfied with himself..::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:25:56
Leirone: :: just let's it go :: Weston, his name is Weston.
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:26:16
:: perks as he finishes riding a wave of wasabi through his head :: J/E: Definitely!
LCdr T’Lira 08-Jun-2022 22:26:29
Harper: I am... pleased, as well. He has a keen mind for the sciences, I believe he will be an excellent scientist one day.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:26:44
:: smiles :: K/D: Sounds great! Next time we're on Earth, then.
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:27:09
Drake: My God, your memory IS spotty. Fortunately, our senses are a powerful trigger to such things. And as it happens, I've made a point of opening it again only for special occasions, and I've never been quite able to find a good one to finish the damn thing.
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:27:39
Ammora: I used to have one too. Emari. She died on the Meridian, alongside everyone else. She died while we weren't on speaking terms. In the wake of the heartbreak. You didn't ask for my advice, but the whiskey's going to make me give it anyway. Don't let that happen. Whatever you do.
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:28:16
Kate/T'Lira: It's hard not to be enthusiastic about plants when you have Rike as a teacher.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:28:16
:: stares :: Oh my God...
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:28:30
Whaddya say, full circle? We've got enough to share, T'Kirr, on the off chance your taste has evolved since the last time I started passing it around.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:28:34
T'Lira: I am certain of it! :: then nods in agreement with Lexy :: True, true!
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:28:46
McKnight: You can't be serious that you remember our conversation about the 2004 World Series.
LCdr T’Lira 08-Jun-2022 22:29:04
Wright/Harper: He quite enjoys his time in the labs, I will say. I do not believe I have seen him quite that excitable in some time.
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:29:14
::Chuckles to himself, as he watches over everyone again.:: Self: I have missed them.
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:29:29
::Meets his gaze unflinchingfly.:: Oh, I don't forget anything, Colonel.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:29:31
:: takes a long moment to admire the simulated sea life above, then pats her knees :: D/K: Well, shall we dance?
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:30:04
:: washes down his last sushi with a swig of wine :: I thought you'd never ask!
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:30:42
Both: Let's find our way to the holoimager before we get too mussed up. We look good tonight.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:31:04
:: nods, smiles, laughs :: McKnight: It's amazing what we remember sharing conversations over a pint.
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:31:04
:: points to Jester :: Now that's a damn good point. We're beautiful.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:31:15
:: smiles, genuinely heartened to hear of such interest in sciences from the young ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:31:24
:: beams at that :: D/K: Oh, yes! The picture booth is over there. :: she points at one of the walls where the holoimager is set up near the door ::
Cpt Ryleigh Grey 08-Jun-2022 22:31:25
:: relaxes, watching the groups interact with a sigh, wanting to talk, but relaxing as she just listens to the old marines talk ::
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 22:31:51
:: shakes her head briefly to indicate she has no interest in partaking ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:31:52
:: pleased at having a young scientist aboard the ship, but knows that Rike is a far better teacher than she would ever be ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:32:02
Leirone: I will remember that, Commander.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:32:17
T'Lira: Well, please, enjoy everything that is available tonight. It's not often your ship turns 25.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:32:30
McKnight: Or liquor. :: raises his glass ::
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 22:32:39
:: leans over to T'Kirr and whispers :: Is Kate using contractions?
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:33:10
::Moves to the bar and signals for two tumblers.:: Of course you realize, I'm going to have to gift the next bottle. You still a Lessican Rum man?
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:33:25
:: has a moment of slight panic as she realizes that the conversation is coming to a close, and doesn't notice the contraction ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:33:35
:: walks with them over the holoimager ::
LCdr T’Lira 08-Jun-2022 22:33:36
Harper: It is certainly an occasion to be remembered. :: looks around at the crowd of faces, some she knows and some she doesn't, but all presumably present to celebrate the ostentatious occasion ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:33:46
McKnight: I found a woman who made me a scotch fan, actually.
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 22:33:53
:: turns her head at Blackthorne's whisper :: Ian: I'm afraid I've been...distracted and did not witness.
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 22:34:14
T'Kirr: Keep an ear open, I swear she did.
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:34:37
:: receives third drink :: Ammora: Good, kid. Good. :: half cheerses, saunters off in Harper's direction ::
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 22:34:38
:: tracks her eyes towards Harper in curiosity ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:34:42
:: casually smooths her hair into place as they get into position ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:34:55
:: pats her dress down, and makes sure her curls are falling the right way in their loose half-up style. She poses on one of Doc's arms with a smile ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:34:56
:: opens his mouth to say something, stops as Leirone walks away ::
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:35:09
::Chuckles:: If you tell anyone this, I may have you drawn and quartered, because what I'm about to say may as well be treason to my family name...but I actually prefer bourbon.
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:35:18
:: stands at the bar by himself ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:35:32
:: poses on Zorro's other arm with a faint upturn of the lips ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:35:47
:: produces a small mirror from his jacket and makes sure everything's perfect, then poses with a charming smile between Jester and Emily ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:35:59
:: appoaches Harper & co. :: Harper: Commodore. Quite the shindig.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:36:02
:: laughs :: McKnight: Okay, I won't say anything if you promote me.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:36:23
Mr. Leirone, glad to see you here! Our newest and oldest crew member.
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 22:37:44
:: keeps near Harper, greeting Jack as well ::
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:37:49
::Makes a show of considering it.:: Hmm, that could be a problem. Us Generals tend not to get out too much. I was actually late to this party on account of a meeting that ran long. And, well...
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:37:52
:: smiles, cheerses :: Harper: Wanted to thank you again for everything you and your crew did to help the Meridian—up to and including giving me a temporary home on the Atlantis.
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:37:54
::Sips his Breen Lifebringer, wondering if there is anyone else on board who had even looked at it, since he had left. Levitates the glass above his open palm, twirling it around, taking the time of Trondheim to flex his powers unassisted ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:37:57
:: looks over the images captured with her companions, and selects which ones to save to their personal libraries ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:38:28
:: reluctantly allows herself to be led over to the brass, trying to hold herself with confidence she does not feel ::
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:38:49
You know, 18 years ago I thought a Marine as chief engineer was odd. But the Corps has more need of good, qualified engineers than ever these days.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:39:02
Jack: Of course! And thank you for everything you did in helping us through that awful mess. Ever consider making your temporary home here permanent? :: offers a hopeful look ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:39:14
Both: Now just the two of you, then Zorro and I, then Emily and I.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:39:22
McKnight: Can I ask you a question, General?
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:39:24
Good idea.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:39:37
:: has paused to talk to Jack with Lexy right next to her mentor, T'Kirr ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:39:39
:: smiles :: Of course: :: she steps out of the shot first ::
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:39:59
Drake: ::Grins:: Clearly, you can.
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 22:40:39
:: thinks about going to the bar for a drink, but considers the crowd there for a moment. She notices Harper approach, and turns her attention readily to Wright ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:41:07
:: was planning to step out first, but shrugs at Zorro :: Zorro: Shall we adopt a tango pose?
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:41:09
:: sips his whiskey, reminding himself to take it slow since it's his third so far :: Harper: I honestly haven't known what to consider, the past couple months. I spent a lot of my life planning three steps ahead, so when everything came to an end, I don't think my heart quite knew where to go. :: thinks a moment :: I'm considering it now. :: smiles ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:41:16
McKnight: You ever have one of those moments where someone tells you something and you just can't help but remember it? And I'm not talking the World Series of 2004. :: gfins ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:41:24
:: takes over for the holographic holoimage-capturer to take the picture without her in it, lining up the shot as they decide on a pose ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:41:26
:: smirks :: Computer, one long-stemmed rose, no thorns.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:42:08
Jack: Well, you're more than welcome here. Atlantis would certainly be better for it to start her next 25 years!
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:42:15
:: can feel T'Kirr looking at her and blushes, but fixes her eyes on the others ::
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 22:42:28
:: makes his way to the bar, having felt a sense of T'Kirr's wish for a drink over their bond ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:43:17
:: takes several images as Doc and Kimiko are finding their pose, capturing both the planned image and the moment as well ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:43:22
:: moves over next to Grey ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:43:35
:: wraps an arm around Zorro's back and takes his hand with the other :: Zorro: Now dip me.
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 22:43:46
:: snaps his fingers as he walks away, hearing the contraction ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:44:20
::Watches on, soaking in all the conversations in the room, listening but trying not to pry, before noticing the Admiral approach the bar.:: Blackthorne: Greetings Admiral.
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:44:28
:: dips her, with the rose still in his mouth ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:44:32
:: noticed something off about Kate's speech, but can't quite figure out what ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:44:57
:: is dipped, and looks at the holoimager while the moment is captured ::
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 22:44:59
Ilaihr, it's good to see again! How are things?
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:45:27
:: takes the final picture, then gives the thumbs-up :: D/K: Got it!
Cpt Ryleigh Grey 08-Jun-2022 22:45:31
:: glances up at Ammora with a slight smile, Ethan offering a hand to Ammora in greeting :: Scott: Yes?
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:45:40
:: smiles, looks down, then back up :: Harper: I think, in this case, I can let the three-steps-ahead planning go by the wayside. I accept, Commodore. Thank you.
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 22:45:50
:: notices Wright's aversion of her eyes, knowing the human knows she is looking at her :: Wright: Commander Wright, is good to see you. From the reports I have read, you have contributed very satisfactorily aboard Atlantis. Such achievements are to be recognized.
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:46:07
:: stands back on her own two feet and smiles softly at Zorro, then steps out to change places with Emily ::
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:46:33
::Thinks it over as he empties the bottle between the glasses, amounting to a double each.:: 45 years ago. Valerie Sanders told me flammable and inflammable meant the same thing. Full of it, I thought. Dumbest thing I ever heard. Lo and behold...
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:46:40
:: takes Ethan's hand, gives it a shake :: Grey: Ma'am. I wanted to say hello in a better way than at the bar.
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:46:43
::Nods to the floating glass above his hand.:: Blackthorne: Very well. I have not felt this attuned since I was a far younger man. ::Chuckles.::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:46:45
:: oh god she's talking to me aaaaaah what do I doooooo ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:46:51
:: his eyes linger a moment on Jester's as she leaves ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:46:53
:: claps her hands together, beaming :: Jack: Wonderful!
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 22:47:24
:: chuckles along with him :: You've a few years on me, but I think I get your meaning.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:47:33
:: takes her place beside Doc, taking his hands in the same way and letting him pick a pose ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:47:48
:: offers Emily the rose for this one ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:47:49
:: turns to T'Kirr :: T'Kirr: T-Thank you, Admiral. Congratumotions on your Prolation.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:48:28
McKnight: Interesting analogy, Doug.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:48:39
:: grins and holds the rose, lifting it and pretending to sniff it as a pose ::
Cpt Ryleigh Grey 08-Jun-2022 22:48:40
Scott: It's alright. :: waves off his embarrassment, sipping at her drink slowly ::
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:48:53
Drake: Heh, got something a bit more profound on your mind?
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:49:38
:: leans in :: Grey: Captain, I'd like to support our department. Ma'am.
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:49:50
:: wraps an arm around Emily and pulls her close for the picture, eyes on hers ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:50:19
Blackthorne: I have a few years on most people, Admiral. ::Chuckles.:: I believe I may have a few more in me, now.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:50:41
:: meets Doc's eyes and smiles, then looks to the camera for the thumbs-up ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:50:56
:: grows redder :: T'Kirr: I mean, Promotulations.
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 22:51:04
Ilaihr: That's great news. It seems that you've been rejuvenated by Trondheim and the Sarlbjorn.
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:51:25
:: turns a bright crimson and just closes her mouth ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:51:27
McKnight: I think some of our people tend to focus their strengths in the wrong places.
Cpt Ryleigh Grey 08-Jun-2022 22:51:41
Scott: Oh? :: glances at Ammora with a raised eyebrow, Ethan also keeping an arm close around her :: Scott: Very well... go ahead. I trust you.
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:52:24
:: blinks ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:52:27
Blackthorne: I have. The work is gratifying, and they have wonderful... joyous minds. Unhindered by malice, and the material concerns of most other races. They are a simple people, with a complex society.
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:52:36
::Glances over at Wright.:: This woman once hacked a squadron of drone fighters. While they were shooting at us.
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:52:37
Harper: I have to say, it's pretty wild that the former CO of the Atlantis is leading Starfleet now. Didn't see that coming.
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 22:52:38
:: pauses a moment, interpreting Wright's jumbled words, and succeeds at understanding what she meant to say due to context. Her struggle with speech confuses T'Kirr at first, but her years of experience suggest a reason as to why :: Wright: Thank you. It has been...quite a journey. I have learned an untold number of things in my years of service, just as you have. :: speaks very quietly, anticipating only Wright can hear :: Your experience also suggests that you...what do they say, "don't give yourself enough credit"...and that you would do yourself well to recognize this.
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:52:38
:: slides out of the scene and mans the camera for the ladies ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:53:13
<Amber Sun> ::His tongue lulls out of his mouth.:: Aloud: Belly huuuurt. Ate pointy sticks.
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 22:53:24
Drake: How so?
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:53:42
Leirone: Well, this ship does tend to be where the action is. :: has to turn away from Leirone for a moment to agree :: T'Kirr: Well said, Admiral! :: looks from T'Kirr to Wright, smiling ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:53:57
:: steps into the imager with Emily, momentarily shy and wondering what she was thinking when she proposed this ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:54:27
:: just nods in agreement, not knowing why she's so intimidated by this woman ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 22:54:50
McKnight: A one-liner for Leirone, you remember him, he mentioned that a security officer helped him. A security officer, aiding the Chief Engineer...
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:54:56
Amber Sun: Who sometimes need to chew their food!
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:54:57
:: notices her apprehension and hooks her arm through Kimiko's, smiling wide and simply posing beside her ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:55:49
:: nods at Grey and Ethan :: Uh, thank you, ma'am. Sir. :: moves away back to the bar ::
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 22:56:08
:: nods in satisfaction, glad to see it :: Ilaihr: Fantastic, Ambassador, that's simply fantastic.
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:56:22
:: takes the picture and several before and after, like those before him did ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:56:34
:: looks down at Emily's arm and wordlessly withdraws her own, sliding it around Emily's waist instead :: Acacia: I think we have earned this intimacy, yes?
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:57:13
:: glances at Grey as he moves away ::
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 22:57:26
:: contemplates a moment on the best thing to do. She raises a hand and tentatively places it on Wright's shoulder, an unusual and uncomfortable thing for her to do :: Wright: I am...proud of you. Be well, and I welcome a comm any time you wish. :: takes her hand back and begins to move away, slowly ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:57:28
Harper: And what about you, Commodore? If you don't mind me asking.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 22:57:52
:: blinks, flushing ever so slightly, her smile fading with the surprise but returning just as quickly :: Kimiko: Indeed. :: she wraps her arm around Kimiko's waist in return ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 22:57:52
Hm? :: Turns back to Leirone ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:58:08
:: orders another drink ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:58:28
:: takes that picture too, with a soft smile for them both ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 22:58:31
:: glances again over at Grey ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 22:58:44
:: hesitates, then softly calls after T'Kirr :: T'Kirr: I... want to make you proud. I hope that my thesis will make you proud.
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 22:58:55
Ilaihr: If you'll excuse me a moment, I have a toast to make. :: gets the drinks that he came for ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 22:59:11
::Nods.:: Blackthorne: Of course Admiral.
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 22:59:29
:: turns to look at Emily and gives her one of those rare smiles ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 22:59:54
:: captures that, too ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 22:59:58
Harper: Perhaps I'm one too many grapes down this particular vine, but there have been whispers that you might be moving on somewhere else. Forgive any overstepping of bounds.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 23:01:06
:: returns the smile, and feels like they have a moment. She blinks herself back to reality and blushes :: D/K: Uhh, great. I think we got it.
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 23:01:22
Drake:, hadn't thought about him in a long time. Does he still like to do those parking garage sword fights in his off hours?
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:01:39
:: deflects a bit :: Leirone: Well, unless you hear it from me, they're just rumors.
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 23:01:54
:: turns back, her Vulcan hearing picking up her speech easily :: Wright: Send it to me. I will give my thougtful analysis.
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:02:05
:: smiles :: Harper: That's what I figured.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 23:02:24
McKnight: :: chuckles :: I haven't seen him in a while, I have no clue.
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 23:02:28
:: sends the photo album to each of them :: These are just beautiful.
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 23:03:03
:: hands T'Kirr a glass of Altair water as he raises his glass of scotch and speaks up, easily heard above the din ::
A moment, if I may, to say a word or two about this occasion.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:03:58
:: looks to the Admiral ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 23:04:06
:: blinks at T'Kirrs words and whispers between clenched teeth :: Self: That's exactly what I'm worried about...
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 23:04:07
:: receives the glass, distracted of her inner thoughts by decorum and awaits Blackthorne's address ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 23:04:12
:: looks up from the photos as there seems to be a speech brewing ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 08-Jun-2022 23:04:38
:: can't help but snicker at Ammora's confusion, but turning attention to Blackthorne, same as his wife ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 23:04:43
:: looks up as some guy starts talking really loud ::
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 23:05:31
Enterprise. Voyager. Excelsior. These are legendary names, and with all that this ship and her crews have done in the past quarter-century, I believe that Atlantis belongs among them. Happy 25th, Atlantis, and here's to so many more!
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 23:05:50
:: turns to Blackthorne ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 23:06:05
:: can't help but smile at Blackthorne's speech and raises her glass ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:06:18
:: smiles humbly ::
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 23:06:24
:: raises her glass in a toast ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:06:25
:: raises her class and says loudly :: To Atlantis!
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 23:06:37
:: doesn't have a glass but cheers :: Here here!
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:06:44
:: raises glass :: To Atlantis.
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 23:06:47
:: nods, raising his glass :: Atlantis!
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 23:06:52
:: finds the chocolate drink she ordered on the bar in a flurry and raises it in happy tradition ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 23:07:04
:: raises his glass, smiling, but not saying anything ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 23:07:04
¡Viva Atlantis!
Cpt Ryleigh Grey 08-Jun-2022 23:07:12
:: raises her glass in a cheer alongside everyone else, beaming brightly ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 23:07:16
:: smoothly grabs a class from a passing waiter and raises it ::
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 23:07:33
::What's an inside voice?:: Atlantis! Just gets better with age!
::Speaking of which, downs his brandy.::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:08:17
:: continues speaking once the cheers die down :: I have always said that this crew is family, and with so many alumni here, it is even more so, like a family reunion. To the crews of Atlantis, past, present, and future!
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 23:08:52
:: cheers, raising her glass once again and looking for her friends, especially Kuari, Ilaihr, Emily, and Zorro ::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 23:09:11
Well said! :: raises his glass again ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:09:20
:: cheerses again ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 23:09:52
:: gives an affectionate smile to Emily and Zorro ::
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 23:09:57
:: smiles and nods to Kate as he downs the scotch ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 23:10:04
:: catches Wright's glance and smiles at her, then again with Kimiko and Doc ::
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 23:10:08
:: raises her glass in tradition, meeting Wright's eyes, and others, then drinks ::
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 23:10:31
:: waits for Ian's cue, then sips her water as he downs his scotch ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:10:33
:: takes a cautionary small sip of the third whiskey, then thinks, Fuck it, and downs it ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:10:48
:: smiles contentedly as she surveys the room, seeing so many warm, happy faces ::
1Lt Scott Ammora 08-Jun-2022 23:11:22
:: pounds another drink, shakes his head, smirking to himself ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 23:12:19
<Amber Sun> ::Rubs his stomach. Not really sure what the Enterprize, Voyahjer or Exxcelseeor are, and doesn't have a drink to raise like all the others.::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:12:30
:: pauses her pan of the room to share a smile with Kuari, then Emily, before returning to Lexy's arm ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 23:12:51
:: also catches the glance from Kate, happy to have so many good vibes in the room ::
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 23:13:13
:: finds another whiskey and then McKnight :: Doug: Feel up to a barbecue at our place next Sunday?
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 23:14:01
::Just quietly smiles, as he does; watching the festivities.::
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 23:14:04
:: sees Blackthorne approach :: Blackthorne: Admiral, nice to see you! :: offers his hand ::
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 23:14:36
:: catches Harper's look, and follows her ::
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 23:14:36
Why, that's Adam Drake, I'll be damned. :: shakes his hand :: How the hell are you?
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 23:15:02
So, about those dances...
Col Adam Drake 08-Jun-2022 23:15:03
Blackthorne: Doing the best work I can, sir, and yourself?
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 23:15:31
:: looking for something to do, takes Kate's empty glass along with her own and excuses herself to the bar :: Ilaihr: I very glad you are here tonight, even though you abandoned me.
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 23:15:52
::Grins as a Guiness arrives to replace his spirits.:: He's not kidding. Angling for a promotion and everything.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 23:16:01
:: makes sure the pictures have downloaded to her personal files and grins :: D/K: How about 'em?
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 23:16:12
Both: You two take the first dance. I'll take the next one.
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 23:16:13
:: chuckles :: Well, some things never change!
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 23:16:39
And sure. Just try not to get us immolated in our Sherman THIS Sunday. I'd hate to ruin a barbecue with the association.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:16:50
Kuari: I think that this is the best party we've ever had.
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 23:17:11
:: gives Kimiko's hand a squeeze as they part, and she's whisked away by Doc to the dancefloor ::
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 23:17:13
Doug: Hey, look man, those things are not easy to drive! You keep that gun firing!
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 23:17:41
:: smiles at Harper :: I agree!
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 23:17:45
Wright: There were other's who wished to speak with you, my dear. I simply gave you the push, to enjoy their company. ::Takes her hand gently.:: But I have missed you as well, Alexis.
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 23:17:52
:: sits to watch them, looking pleased ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 23:18:22
:: does indeed whisk Emily to the dance floor, holding her close as they move together to the music ::
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 23:18:38
:: forgetting her rank, ducks her head behind Kate's knees and and pushes gently, until she's prompted to land on Kuari's shoulders with knees hooked over her wings ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:19:04
:: grins stupidly as she's now sitting on Kuari's back ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 23:19:44
Wright: And, depsite my improvement in health... I am still an old man, who must sit down. ::Chuckles.::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 23:19:53
:: smiles and squeezes his hand gently :: Ilaihr: I know you're busy doing fancy ambassador things, and I support that, but I hope it's okay if we keep in touch. Kate and I just bought a house on Risa. We'd love for you to come visit, once we're able to live there.
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 23:20:04
:: looks around and trots over to Alexis and Ilaihr ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:20:21
Hey look, I got a ride!
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 23:20:46
:: looks over at Kate's voice and takes in the scene with wide eyes, then laughter ::
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 23:20:55
:: stops next to Wright, dropping a wing and pressing into her hip expectantly ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:21:09
:: laughs a the playful display ::
Cpt Ryleigh Grey 08-Jun-2022 23:21:33
:: can't help but also laugh at Harper and Kuari, unable to keep her smile hidden ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:22:09
:: is reminded briefly of finally getting to fly on Kuari's back after their year stranded in the past, on that last fateful day there, but she pushes the memory away to stay in this happy moment ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 23:22:10
::Smiles at the pair.:: Harper: I too have a mount. Although... ::Looks to the floor.::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 08-Jun-2022 23:22:46
:: grins as well, unable to keep quiet at the amusing sight ::
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 23:22:47
<Amber Sun> ::Bounces to his feet.:: Ilaihr: Need more Sammagis.
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 23:23:05
:: gazes at Ilaihr ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 23:23:06
:: squeezes Ilaihr's hand once again before following Kuari's instructions :: Ilaihr: Think about it, okay?
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 23:23:44
Wright: Of course. And, Trondheim is always open to you, as well, my dear. ::Smiles.::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 23:24:10
Ilaihr: Oh, I am definitely taking you up on that. :: grins at him ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 23:24:40
:: dances several songs with Doc, but eventually starts to get tired. When she feels like she's worked up a sweat, she taps out and lets Kimiko jump in ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:25:00
:: a waiter appears with a tray by his side, he sets his empty glass on the tray :: Waiter: Thanks.
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 23:25:19
:: leads Emily back to Kimiko and changes partners for the next dance ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 23:25:35
:: hands Zorro a cool drink and gives him a moment to refresh himself before dragging him back out onto the floor ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 23:25:59
:: gratefully takes a few long pulls on the drink before returning to the dance ::
Lacuna 08-Jun-2022 23:26:02
You want another one, Shakespeare, or is three your limit?
Amb Ilaihr 08-Jun-2022 23:26:20
::Looks around at the crew, smiling at all present.:: Kuari: You watch over them, My Lady.
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 23:26:27
::Grins over at Kuari and Harper:: Well, don't I feel like a dunce? We've had think tanks squabbling for months over design proposals for an infantry fighting vehicle. I should have thought to just give you a call.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:26:31
Ilaihr: She's good at that.
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:26:45
:: does a double-take at the 'waiter' :: Lacuna: Jesus Christ. The hell're you doing here? You want another entire security force jamming their type-3s in your mouth?
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 23:26:46
:: takes a drink from one of the waiters, sipping it and watching the dancefloor ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:27:39
Doug: It wins on style, too.
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 23:27:45
:: bunches up her heavy eye ridges at Ilaihr dutifully and nods, willing to embrace the job ::
Lacuna 08-Jun-2022 23:27:46
Jack: Relax. Salladay's got me covered. Anyway, I hear you're homeless. Wanted to see if you wanted in on our new venture.
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 23:27:59
:: glides across the dance floor with Zorro, their moves sultry and sensual ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:28:10
Lacuna: I actually just accepted a job, Luke. Thanks, but no thanks.
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 23:28:30
:: settles herself more firmly on Kuari's back ::
Lacuna 08-Jun-2022 23:28:36
Jack: You really all the way out, Shakes?
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:28:55
:: leans back into Lexy a little bit ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 23:29:14
:: is managing this somehow with all these petticoats and skirts ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 23:29:16
:: has to grin a little when the next dance actually is a tango ::
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 23:29:35
:: walks away, Kate and Alexis on her back, careful to not trot too bouncily ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 23:29:38
Zorro: They're playing our song. :: grins up at him ::
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 23:29:40
Harper: Oh, it's just as well. I'd never have gotten them to give up the cup holders.
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:29:50
:: chuckles :: Lacuna: Luke, who's ever all the way out? Also, have you heard of a communicator? They're pretty handy, these days.
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 23:30:01
:: catches the CO, XO and CSO in a strange situation, raising an eyebrow ::
Lacuna 08-Jun-2022 23:30:13
Jack: If I played it safe, how the hell would I ever have any fun?
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 23:30:20
Jester: So they are. :: throws himself into this dance, even more than usual ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 23:30:33
:: spots the shenanegins and laughs heartily ::
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:30:35
:: grinning stupidly again as she gets a dragonride ::
Cdr Kuari 08-Jun-2022 23:30:47
:: parades around ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:30:50
Lacuna: Touché. You better scram before these guys figure out you're not a hologram.
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 23:31:00
:: loses herself to the rhythm and follows her lover's lead ::
Lacuna 08-Jun-2022 23:31:05
Jack: Just don't be a stranger.
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:31:15
Lacuna: Well, I can't help that.
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 23:31:21
:: watches the hijinks, shaking his head and grinning ::
Cdr Alexis Wright 08-Jun-2022 23:31:31
:: her skirts are dragging behind them on the floor, and she is laughing uproariously ::
Lacuna 08-Jun-2022 23:32:01
:: goes to leave, stops :: Jack: Is there a dragon and a bear at this party?
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:32:08
Lacuna: Yeah.
VAdm T'Kirr 08-Jun-2022 23:32:22
:: steps to Ian's side :: Blackthorne: The executives of Atlantis.
Lacuna 08-Jun-2022 23:32:32
Jack: Just checking. See ya around. :: fades into the crowd ::
Adm Ian Blackthorne 08-Jun-2022 23:32:39
Yeah.... Yeah. T'Kirr: Yeah. How about that?
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 23:33:14
:: orders two waters for when Doc and Kimiko finish dancing ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 23:34:25
:: steals the show with their well-practiced tango - they own the floor ::
Lt Doc Navarro 08-Jun-2022 23:35:15
:: They finish and actually get applause, then return to Emily, grateful to find those waters ::
LCdr Emily Acacia 08-Jun-2022 23:35:40
:: is part of the applause ::
Cpt Kimiko Suzuki 08-Jun-2022 23:35:50
:: panting lightly - surely just because of the exertion ::
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:36:10
:: watches the tango, impressed ::
General McKnight 08-Jun-2022 23:37:27
::Claps with the rest, but has to wonder.:: We used to mostly just sit around drinking rounds with Zinthys. My god, were we the stodgy Old Guard?
LCdr Jack Leirone 08-Jun-2022 23:37:39
:: quietly :: Self: I love this ship.
Cdor Kate Harper 08-Jun-2022 23:39:31
:: smiles contentedly to herself as she is chauffeured around the party by Kuari, feeling absolutely surrounded by the wonderful vibe of this ship and her crews, past and present, coming together once again to celebrate the bond that they all share — Atlantis ::
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