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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
A few weeks after the final battle against Sarreon, Atlantis has returned to Earth, where the crew is indulging in some badly-needed shore leave after our ordeals. Along with all that Earth has to offer, quantum slipstream transport ships are available to ferry passengers to the major worlds of the Federation.
After 01-Jun-2022 00:00:00
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 21:16:16
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 21:18:14
:: walking next to Kate down the little road that leads to the nearby village from their new house, wearing a pink sundress and carrying an empty french market bag over her shoulder ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:18:51
:: puts on a collared shirt ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 21:19:02
:: humming a tune as she finishes up cooking a huge Spanish meal, waiting for her doorbell to ring. Soon, it does! Janessa Acacia and Torinessa Acacia arrive together and greet their sister/aunt with cheek kisses ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 21:20:26
:: now that the weather at their new/future home has turned warmer, she's wearing a gauzy yellow and white traditional Risan dress as she walks, holding Lexy's hand ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:20:39
Self: You look foolish.
:: takes off the shirt and tosses it on the bed :: Collared shirt, no. Polo shirt? Casual, but normal.
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 21:21:36
:: casually :: Kate: I've been looking at some Risian recipes... hopefully we can find the fresh produce I'm looking for.
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:21:45
:: puts it on ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:22:36
:: arrives to the party with Doc and Kimiko, happily opening the door for them ::
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 21:23:00
:: shows up near the Flores home, thinking that she has not ever been to Spain but has so far loved the charm of the culture and its historical environment. Deciding to walk with friends instead of flying in solo, she smiles as she approaches the door with the others ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:23:02
Self: No one is going to care.
Self: You aren't going to know anybody.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 21:23:20
:: watching Zorro and Emily for cues on proper behavior ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 21:23:21
:: grins at Lexy :: I'm looking forward to seeing your take on our fare!
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 21:23:59
:: enters the home and greets Janice in the local custom ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:24:18
:: removes his polo, throws it across the room ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 21:25:01
:: has actually been studying Kate's favorite recipes as provided by Jhnal, and is incredibly nervous about it, but simply smiles ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 21:25:25
:: mimics the greeting, in her formally polite nature ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:25:44
:: greets her aunt as well, then her mother and sister :: All: Yes, you remember from last time. This is my sister Tori, my mom, and her sister Janice whose house this is. :: she does all the back and forth of introducing ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 21:25:48
:: takes a deep breath of the perfect air and smiles as she imagines their life here yet to come ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:25:52
:: beams into Oviedo, looks around ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:26:23
:: puts the collared shirt on, tucks it into his shorts ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:26:50
:: has never gotten around to Spain before now; mentally kicks himself :: :: starts looking for the address ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:27:05
Self: You are so bad at this...
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 21:27:10
:: makes brief eye contact, and then a brief head inclination, to each person as they are introduced ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:27:51
Self: Polo, standard shorts... you're good... :: changes into the appropriate attire ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:27:52
:: spots some familiar people down the way, makes for them ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:28:16
:: smiles as Kuari files in :: Kuari: Glad you could make it! How was your trip?
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:28:23
:: stares in the mirror :: Self: Scott Ammora, I would take you home.
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 21:29:02
:: smiles at Acacia, taking in the introductions graciously :: Acacia: Good, thank you! Such a lovely home!
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 21:29:25
:: bows with a flourish to Kuari ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 21:29:33
:: quickens her step a bit as they near the outskirts of the village; faint strains of music and chatter are carried toward them on the breeze, along with the rich smells of food and drink ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 21:29:37
:: sidling over to greet Kuari :: Kuari: Oh, thank you! It's been in my husband's family for generations.
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 21:30:49
:: sniffs at the air :: Lexy: Heyyyy, do you want something not entirely unlike coffee?
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 21:30:53
:: grins at Doc, giggling a little at his show ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:31:00
:: moves to the computer, taps it :: Computer, prepare to transport me to Oviedo, Spain.
Self: You look fine, you look fine, you look fine...
Computer: Energize.
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 21:31:25
Flores: You've been cooking, too, such wonderful smells!
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 21:31:32
:: grins at Kate, having expected something like this :: Kate: I would love something not entirely unlike coffee.
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:32:14
:: appears in Spain just a stone's throw from the house ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 21:32:16
:: follows her nose to a cafe and orders them each a cup of the local fare, to go ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 21:32:38
:: grins, gesturing inside. There's a large kitchen that's clearly well-used, and an open-air courtyard in the middle of the house where a long table is set up to accomodate everyone. Tori and Janessa are helping carry food from the kitchen to the table :: Kuari: I have! Traditional Spanish fare, since you all made the trip.
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:32:45
:: waves at Acacia as he approaches :: Acacia: Hey, Doc. Thanks for the invite.
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:32:48
:: looks around, looks down at his clothes :: Self: This is fine, this is good...
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:33:00
:: grins :: Jack: Glad you could make it.
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 21:33:07
Janice: Now you're speaking my language.
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:33:13
:: takes a breath ::
:: starts walking up the steps to the front door ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:33:33
:: steps inside, looks around :: Acacia: Lovely place. You grow up here?
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 21:33:39
Doc: Definitivamente hablo tu idioma.
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:34:07
:: looks at the door, unsure to knock or just go in ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 21:34:36
Janice: Oui, c'est vrai. :: grins ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:34:56
:: smiles and shakes her head :: Jack: This is my aunt's house, my mom's sister. She just loves having company, if you couldn't tell by the party setup. :: she nods to the table ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:35:08
:: takes another breath ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:35:14
:: senses someone afoot and goes to open the door ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:35:19
Self: Just go in!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 21:35:31
:: looks over at Jack as he arrives, recognizing him as the new guy ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:35:34
:: opens the door and moves into the foyer ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 21:35:37
:: hands Lexy a cup when she receives them ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:35:45
:: bumps into Acacia ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 21:35:47
:: accepts the cup with a curtsy ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:35:49
:: eyes the table :: Acacia: I definitely can tell! :: steps farther in to join the others ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:35:57
:: is bumped :: Self: Ope.
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 21:35:57
:: bounces further into the residence :: Flores: I love indoor courtyards! It...reminds me of the safety of...another place.
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:36:09
Scott: Sorry!
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:36:18
Emily: Commander, sorry. I didn't mean to do that.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 21:36:31
:: edges her way over to the table just to get a peek of the spread ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:36:42
:: laughs :: Scott: Of course you didn't, what a weird thing to mean to do. Welcome! Come in, the food is done.
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 21:36:58
:: catches Kuari's comment and immediately remembers the hotel courtyard in the distant past where they found sanctuary :::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:37:06
Emily: :: looks around nervously :: Thanks for the invitation. Beautiful home.
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 21:37:07
Lexy: I have not had this in a while, since it is more of a northern specialty. :: takes a sip ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 21:37:14
:: sets the last serving dish on the table. It's a lot of different dishes, all steaming and as promised, Spanish in origin ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:37:49
:: admires the spread :: Janice: Looks fantastic.
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 21:38:00
:: brings the cup up to her nose and inhales, drawing in the aroma before carefully taking a sip of the hot liquid :: Self: Mmmm.
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 21:39:11
:: steps up next to Jester and admires the spread ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:39:54
:: waves for Scott to follow and moves toward the courtyard to admire the food as well ::
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 21:39:57
:: looks at all the food :: Flores: Smells wonderful!
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 21:40:04
:: nods appreciatively at the drink and takes her wife's hand again as they move farther into the market square ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 21:40:14
:: claps her hands together :: All: Well, you can't eat by starin'. Go ahead!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 21:40:19
:: whispers to Zorro :: I'm not sure what half of this is, but it looks delicious.
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 21:40:45
:: starts pointing out dishes and what they are :: NAV2: And yes, they are delicious.
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:41:29
:: follows Emily ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:41:57
:: listens to Doc describe the dishes, so he knows what he's getting into ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 21:42:01
:: looks up, then realizes and jolts to get the remote to open the skylight. She presses a button, and the skylights open, allowing fresh air to flow through the courtyard where the table is :: Self: There we go. Much better.
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:42:30
:: takes a seat at the table, looking around for others to follow ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 21:42:40
:: salivates ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:42:42
:: feels the fresh air, appreciates how it completes the atmosphere ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 21:42:58
:: sits next to Emily ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:43:24
:: takes a seat, glances around at the others ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:43:28
:: grabs an open chair ::
:: sees Jack across the table ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 21:44:11
:: belatedly notices everyone sitting down, and sits on Zorro's other side ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jun-2022 21:44:11
:: having been late, again, she enters the house with an apologetic smile towards everyone there, slipping silently into an open chair :: All: Sorry for being late.
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:44:23
:: glances at Grey ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:45:05
:: grabs a spoon and gets herself a big helping of beans, then goes for a bowl of the beef stew ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:45:38
:: waits for another person to start serving themselves so he can be sure he doesn't break some kind of etiquette ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:45:56
:: watches Emily serve herself up, smirks ::
Torinessa Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:46:11
:: also begins serving herself ::
Janessa Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:46:29
:: seems to be distracted by a conversation with Janice, the two yet to sit down ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 21:46:39
:: gets himself a plate full of his favorites ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:46:54
:: waits patiently ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 21:47:06
:: follows Zorro's lead; he's never steered her wrong ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:47:14
:: sees others grabbing food, so follows suit, making sure to grab a little of everything ::
Janessa Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:47:25
:: laughs and pats Janice's shoulder, pushing her towards the table ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:47:31
:: watches everyone jump in ::
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 21:47:33
:: also had looked around for others, not wanting to be the first to sit, but joins in readily, taking a deep breath and welcoming the opened skylight, enjoying herself immensely in the company of old friends, new friends, and good food ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 21:47:49
:: laughs and sits down at the head of the table, then begins serving herself as well, going for a few of the dishes that were yet to be touched ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 21:48:04
:: smiles as they round a corner and the market stalls come into view, with people hawking their wares as they pass :: Kate: The colors! The music! So lively!
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:48:08
:: slowly pulls up from the table and heads out the door ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:48:53
:: watches Ammora leave, glances quizzically around at others ::
Janessa Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:48:54
:: also sits and prepares herself a plate, pointing out a few of the best picks to those who have yet to choose ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 21:49:10
Lexy: It's even a bit different for me, here, compared to my hometown. This is even closer to the pre-tourist culture.
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:49:16
:: glances at Scott to perform a vibe check, but pointedly doesn't react outwardly ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 21:49:17
:: glances at Ammora with confusion ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jun-2022 21:49:55
:: prepares herself a plate as well, familiar with the spread ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 21:50:23
:: his eyebrows shoot up as Ammora leaves; that would be considered rather rude here ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 21:50:23
:: approaches a market stall filled with handmade candles in a rainbow of colors ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:50:25
:: steps out into the mid-afternoon, staring up at the sky ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 21:51:12
:: greets the stall's keeper in her native tongue before picking up a few different candles to sniff at them ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:52:31
:: samples the different dishes, each one more delicious than the next ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jun-2022 21:52:40
:: notices Ammora's leaving, and pauses before eating, silently wandering if she should put a plate aside for him ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 21:52:50
:: shrugs and digs in, figuring Ammora meant nothing by it :
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:53:03
All: This is all really good. Which dish is which? Sorry, I'm not up on my Spanish cuisine.
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 21:53:03
:: doesn't really notice Scott leaving, happy to let live, and is interested in trying every dish ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 21:53:25
:: finishes a spoonful of the Puchero, nodding and pointing :: Janice: That's even better than I remember.
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 21:53:38
:: also sniffs the candles, zeroing in on a few that smell like a blend of lavender and vanilla :: Kate: Oh, I like these. :: offers one to Kate to smell ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 21:53:39
:: nods and reports :: Emily: Slow-cooker.
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 21:54:20
:: sniffs and nods her agreement, then offers one to Lexy that's something akin to jasmine ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 21:54:29
:: quietly savoring every delectable bite that goes into her mouth ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 21:54:56
:: nudges a chili-chocolate dish toward Kuari ::
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 21:55:28
:: looks at Navarro, the smells are blending together, and she focuses on the dish in discovery ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 21:55:30
:: inhales, finding the smell quite pleasing ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 21:55:33
:: realizes :: All: Oh, and did I say? No replicated ingredients. :: there's pride in her voice ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 21:56:22
Janice: I can tell. It's all quite delicious, Señora Flores.
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 21:56:53
:: grabs a couple pillars of each, along with something with a citrus/pine aroma and presents her choices to Kate, fully expecting her wife to do the haggling for her ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 21:57:38
:: tries to calculate if there's enough for subsequent servings ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 21:57:49
:: takes the candles to the keep and haggles a bit, which for Risans is generally a pleasant conversation in which prices are occasionally asked about, and finally comes away with the candles ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 21:58:23
:: has definitely prepared too much food, and will be eating this spread for weeks. Always better to over-do than under-do, she thinks. ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 21:59:06
:: presents them triumphantly to Lexy ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 21:59:41
:: happily squirrels them away in her retro market bag, beaming at the shopkeeper ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 21:59:49
:: pours a glass of rioja for himself, Emily, and Jester ::
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 21:59:56
:: can hardly believe how much food there is, and that none of it is replicated :: Flores: I don't know too much about how food is sourced in this quadrant, but I'm impressed you've obtained so much and prepared it all so fresh, all by yourself?
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 21:59:59
:: moves over and sits down in the grass ::
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 22:00:19
:: has more of the chili-chocolate dish than any of the others, but there is still plenty left ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 22:00:45
:: murmurs gratitude and compliments for the fresh food in between helpings ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:01:02
:: takes the glass of Spanish wine gratefully, enjoying the conversation going on ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:01:36
:: steps back into the pathway, looking around at other stalls, knowing she can't buy things at all of them ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:02:16
:: spots the wine, takes up the glass that came with his setting, ready to get a glassful ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:02:24
:: smirks :: Kuari: Well, my husband helps. His family owns the lab-grown meat facility in town, and sometimes there's a surplus. We have great relationships with local farmers, I even get my honey from local beekeepers. This town is trying to keep its real food culture alive, and I love that.
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:03:04
Self: Full roundabout, huh, Scott?
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 22:03:17
:: nods readily :: Flores: I love that, too! I'm already getting full...and that's saying something.
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:03:27
:: nods in agreement with Janice, liking that effort as well ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:03:28
:: is drawn to another stall filled with local textiles ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jun-2022 22:03:38
Flores: This reminds me of the Texas summertime parties!
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:04:11
:: greets the merchant as she approaches and fondles some cloth ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:04:14
:: looks to Ryleigh :: Ryleigh: Yeah? You a Texan?
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jun-2022 22:04:53
Flores: Yep. Born and raised, same as my husband.
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:04:54
:: sips the wine :: Self/Anyone-in-earshot: Ooh, that's good.
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:05:07
:: gravitates toward a table filled with lightweight summer shawls, feeling a bit chilly in the mid-morning air ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:05:22
:: tips his glass to Jack :: Isn't it?
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:05:34
Self: Get back in there, would you?
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:05:37
:: agrees with the wine-praising ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:06:00
:: nods to himself, stands and heads back up through the entrance into the main gathering area ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:06:11
:: smiles at Doc, swirls the wine in the glass :: Doc: I mean, I know next to nothing about wine, but if it tastes good, that must mean it'd good, right?
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:06:23
:: nods, smiling :: Ryleigh: That's so sweet. I travelled pretty far for love.. :: she laughs, gesturing to the room, and thus the house ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:06:29
:: eyes scope the crowd ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 22:07:45
:: samples the wine, finding it appealing ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:07:58
:: laughs :: Jack: That's the point, sí.
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:08:09
:: moves towards the alcohol ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:08:28
:: notices what Lexy's eyeing :: Cold? I think that one would look good on you. :: points ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:08:31
:: chuckles :: Jack/Doc: That's a reasonable standard, 'what's good is good'.
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jun-2022 22:08:32
Flores: I mean, Ethan and I grew up together. We basically were best friends turned into husband-wife once we turned of age. :: passes on the wine, sipping at her water glass ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:09:26
Ammora: Everything okay, Lieutenant?
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:09:44
:: smiles, a sucker for love stories :: Ryleigh: Oh, tell me all about him.
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:09:48
:: blinks, having been lost in thought ::
Leirone: Uh, yeah, Commander, just thinking about... stuff.
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:10:22
:: looks where Kate is indicating, at a linen-esque wrap dyed in a soft light grey color, and tries it on ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:10:26
Ammora: Stuff does that, doesn't it.
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:10:51
:: stops listening to aunt Janice and looks back to the others. She takes a small lull in conversation to brag :: Doc/Kimiko: Did Tori tell you that she's got a posting with the Earth Medical Corps?
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 22:11:04
:: hears Jack's question with a perked ear and turns from the conversation between Flores and Grey, wondering if she should be concerned, and focuses on Ammora ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:11:19
Emily: No, she hadn't mentioned it. That's great!
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:12:10
:: nods eagerly :: Lexy: That does look good!
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jun-2022 22:12:35
Flores: He's a medical researcher and medic on Atlantis with the rest of us, but he's right now attending some pediatric cases at Starfleet Medical while I'm here. But he is absolutely sweet, he's an amazing man. :: can't help but beam as she talks about her husband ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:12:36
Leirone: Yeah, I guess. :: chuckles ::
Torinessa Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:12:54
:: blushes, brushing her hair behind her ear :: Doc: Oh, yeah. I'm going to be the therapist with travelling unit twelve. Currently, they're stationed in Indonesia reaching more remote areas.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 22:13:12
Emily: Oh, really? Congratulations. Very prestigious, I believe. :: her tone is even as always, but she's trying to project pleasure ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:14:05
:: rests her chin on her hands, grinning and attentive to Grey :: Ryleigh: You're stationed on the same ship? I love that. I'd heard they can do that. Lovely. So you were in primary school together?
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:14:32
Tori: That's good and noble work. Congratulations!
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:14:42
:: smiles and looks at herself in the mirror, happy that Kate likes it :: Kate: And it's so soft. I wonder what the fiber is.
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 22:14:47
:: studies Ammora's face for a moment when he responds, then turns away, catching onto the current conversation and tasting another dish ::
Torinessa Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:15:10
:: smiles, looking around and obviously hoping the focus on her will fade :: Doc: Yes, I'm very proud. I think it's a great position.
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:15:38
:: nudges her sister's leg under the table :: Tori/Doc: She's helping save the world.
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:15:55
:: feels the cloth :: Lexy: That's... ummm... what is the closest thing on Earth... like an alpaca wool.
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:17:02
:: smiles at the phrase save the world ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:17:10
:: raises a glass for a toast among those near him :: To saving the world!
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:17:21
Kate: Oh, really? :: looks disappointed :: It might be too warm, then.
Torinessa Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:17:29
:: blushes even harder, but forces a smile and raises her glass to the toast ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:17:46
:: cheers :: Here here!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 22:17:46
:: raises her glass, with a small smile just for Tori ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jun-2022 22:17:47
Flores: Yes, we are. We attended the same schools, though he was always a year ahead of me due to cutoff dates.
Janessa Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:18:37
:: also raises a glass, grinning and resisting the urge to further torment Tori with praise ::
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 22:19:00
:: holds up her glass of infused water and toasts, chirping in agreement :
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:19:06
:: nods :: Ryleigh: Do you have any brothers or sisters? Do they like him?
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:19:13
:: nods in agreement, absently ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:19:25
:: cheers with his wine glass ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:19:26
Lexy: It breathes well! Though yes, this place is not as warm as Lunat Bay, around mid-day, I suspect it may be too warm. You'd still have plenty of cold enough weather here to wear it, if you want it?
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:19:50
:: grins at Tori as he drinks up ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:19:53
:: leans back in her chair :: All: Phew! I think, in this battle... the food has won.
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:20:12
Acacia: A well-earned victory.
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jun-2022 22:21:12
Flores: I have no siblings, but he's the youngest of three.... luckily my family likes him.
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:22:54
Kate: Oh, I absolutely want it. But I also want something for today. :: looks through the offerings until she finds an intricately knitted summer shawl in an oatmeal color, darkening to a deep brown at the tips, and pulls it over her shoulders ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:23:12
:: surveys the room ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:23:45
:: is pleased with the light weight of it; turns to model for Kate ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:23:57
:: nods again :: Yes, that looks great!
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:24:13
:: smirks :: Jack/Emily: Hope you saved room for some leche frita, though.
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:24:38
:: eyes Grey for a moment ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:24:55
:: loops it over her arm with the other one she intends to buy :: Kate: Do you know who else would love something like this?
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:24:56
:: eyes light up :: Janice: I can't wait to find out what that is, if it's anywhere near as good as all this was.
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:25:17
Who? :: thinks about their friends ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:25:27
:: smirks ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:25:36
Kate: Emily! Don't you think?
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jun-2022 22:25:38
:: meets Ammora's gaze squarely, taking a sip of her water between bites ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:25:49
:: nods at Grey ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:25:58
:: snaps her fingers :: Lexy: Definitely! Let's get her one.
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:26:10
:: laughs :: Grey: Excuse me. :: gets up to go fire up the deep-fryer ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:26:24
:: grins in anticipation ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:26:29
Kate: Do you know what her favorite color is?
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:26:33
:: rubs her stomach :: Jack: That'd be 'fried ice cream', and yes, it is nearly as good as all of this.
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 22:26:48
:: looks after Flores curiously for a moment, then looks down at the food, hearing Acacia's statement, not sure if she should keep going or not ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:27:05
:: just knows the answer without thinking :: Lexy: Blue, definitely.
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:27:44
Acacia: Oh! I've had fried ice cream, but probably not in this style. The one I had was more of a, 'Hey look what we can fry now' variety.
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 22:27:49
Emily: I had better stop!
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:28:13
:: looks at Emily rubbing her stomach ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:28:23
:: pushes his plate back, which is utterly clean ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:28:40
:: is no longer surprised by how well Kate seems to know Emily, and pulls out a beautiful cornflower blue summer shawl and shows it to Kate ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:28:54
:: looks at Grey ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:28:56
:: takes a small sip of wine, her plate only mostly clear, a few small scraps not making it ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:29:08
Lexy: She would love that.
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:30:13
:: nods, looping it over her arm with the others and looking around the stall ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:30:21
:: comes back in with two plates, each one with two balls of fried ice cream :: All: Alright, who's first? They're comin' out in pairs.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 22:30:46
:: lifts her hand to be considered one of the first ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:30:53
:: defers ::
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 22:31:11
:: waits, willing to wait a little longer and looks around ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:31:13
:: waves Janice over to ensure Kimiko has the first one, impressed by her initiative ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:31:22
:: waits his turn ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:31:37
:: ignores the dessert ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:31:43
:: hands Tori the other one so the quiet kids are both first ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 22:31:59
:: is actually somewhat wide-eyed in excitement ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:32:16
Jester: Now this is a treat.
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:32:22
Ammora: Not a sweets guy, Ammora?
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:32:32
:: nods, excited to see Kimiko's reaction ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:32:50
:: smirks :: Leirone: Sugar tires me out.
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:32:57
:: is quickly back with the next set of plates, only a few minutes between deliveries ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 22:33:22
:: gingerly breaks the surface with her spoon, taking a small bite and swooning just the teensiest bit as it melts in her mouth ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:34:23
:: smirks in return :: Ammora: So tire out. We're on shore leave. Come on, when's the next time you're going to get a completely un-replicated leche frita?
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 22:35:03
Emily: It's somewhat like the tempura ice cream I have had before. But better.
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:35:16
:: nods in appreciation ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:35:28
Leirone: :: half shrug ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:35:49
:: catches the comment when she's in the room :: Kimiko: Yes! A bit like tempura! You like?
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 22:36:19
:: nods at Janice :: Janice: It's very good! You are a skilled chef. Thank you very much.
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 22:36:21
:: listens to the first serving's reactions to the dessert with interest, then catches Jack's comment, amused ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:36:43
:: smiles at the praise, and goes to get the next batch ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:37:36
Lexy: Anything else here catch your eye?
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 22:37:50
:: continues to eat delicate little bites ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:38:35
:: hands plates off to Jack, Kuari, Doc, Emily, Ryleigh, and Janessa. She looks around to see if anyone else wants it, then points at Ammora :: Scott: Decided? Yes, no?
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:38:46
:: scoops up a few throw blankets that she's decided she can't live without :: Kate: Ask them if they can pack these up and hold them for us until we're ready to go home.
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:38:58
:: eats the leche fritas, savoring every bite ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:39:00
:: gratefully takes the ice cream and digs in ::
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 22:39:34
:: receives her servering graciously, putting it on the table before her and sniffing it ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:40:05
Lexy: Hey, these curtains would go really well with those throws! :: gestures to a set of sheer cerulean curtains ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:40:20
:: savors the dish, only getting it every so often ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:40:43
Kate: Twist my arm. :: gestures for the shopkeeper to pull those down as well ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:40:48
:: usually only gets this when he's back home ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:41:17
:: starts chatting with the keep in Risan, gesturing at all of the goods they've picked out ::
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 22:41:47
:: licks experimentally at the ice cream ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:41:49
:: hopes they throw in some free stuff, wishing her Risian was better ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:43:05
:: after a few minutes of haggling/conversation, she seals the deal, beaming as she conveys her thanks ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:43:14
:: moves towards the corner ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:43:39
:: hesitates, but takes that as a 'no' and shrugs, sitting down ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:43:48
:: has somehow restrained herself from picking out more stuff while she waited ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:43:52
:: as they exit the shop :: Lexy: They threw in matching pillows.
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:44:07
:: got herself (any anyone missed) a plate as well, of course. She happily digs in ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:44:10
:: giddily claps with excitement ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:44:34
:: notes Ammora's strange detachment, dismisses it ::
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 22:45:34
:: finds the taste of the ice cream appealing and laps it up, attempting to savor it ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 22:45:39
:: finishes her ice cream, sad that it is over but happy to have had the experience ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:45:46
:: smiles, her expression softening :: Lexy: It's fun, making this dream house uniquely ours.
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:46:48
:: blushes :: Kate: I can still hardly believe it. I can't wait to live there, and to have our friends come and visit.
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jun-2022 22:46:48
:: glances to Suzuki cautiously, before asking softly :: NAV2: Want mine? I'm feeling slightly off right now.
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:46:56
:: finishes her ice cream as well, huffing a happy huff and going back to her wine to polish it off ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 22:47:43
:: doesn't immediately realize Grey is speaking to her, but once she does, looks at the woman with obvious skepticism ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 22:48:20
Janice: That was terrific. Everything was. Thank you for the wonderful meal. :: cheers with what's left of his wine ::
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 22:49:05
:: also finishes her ice cream, her stomach very full now, but not too much to be painful. She looks around at everyone, enjoying the company ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:49:37
Lexy: Me too! Can you imagine Kuari soaring in the wind off the back cliff? :: passing by a confectionary, she gets an idea :: And speaking of Kuari, she'd love some of these bon-bons!
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 22:49:46
Flores: Agreed, thank you, this was wonderful!
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:50:07
All: Of course! I'm so glad to get to meet all of you, and you're welcome here any time.
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:50:20
Janice: Yes, my compliments, Señora Flores! Just like my madre cooks.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 22:50:31
:: is briefly tempted, but ultimately politely declines ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:52:48
:: clasps her hands over her heart :: Doc: Es marvilloso escuchar a un español decir eso.
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:53:12
:: watches Janice ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:53:50
Kate: Oh, yes! :: goes over to select some bonbons for Kuari ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:54:58
Self: I shouldn't be here...
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:55:05
Janice: Tu español es muy bueno, Señora Flores.
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:56:06
:: grins :: ¡Gracias!
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:56:07
:: picks out a box and buys them ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:56:25
:: smiles and nods, polishing off the last of his ice cream ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:56:43
:: looks at Ammora, smiling and trying to offer some good vibes ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:56:54
:: sees a stall that sells a huge variety of cat paraphernalia and makes a mental note to stop there on the way back from the produce ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:57:18
:: and passing the pet shop, they finally arrive at the produce! ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 22:57:50
:: asks Kate for advice on picking out the best of what she wants, hopefully without giving it away ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 22:58:13
:: squeezes various fruits and vegetables to appraise them ::
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:58:52
Self: I want to go home.
:: sees Rodney Styles walk in, looking dapper ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jun-2022 22:59:14
:: looks around :: All: I'm so glad you all could make it. It's so nice to get to spend time with both my families at once.
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 22:59:24
Rodney> :: meets Scott's gaze ::
Rodney> :: smiles ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jun-2022 22:59:42
:: raises his wine glass ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 22:59:58
:: waves :: All: Take as much food home as you want!
Scott Ammora 01-Jun-2022 23:00:01
:: heads in Rodney's direction ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jun-2022 23:00:04
:: watches, learning ::
Kuari 01-Jun-2022 23:00:10
Acacia: Me, too! To good times with good company, around good food! :: raises her infused water again ::
Jack Leirone 01-Jun-2022 23:00:35
Janice: I'll definitely stock up for tomorrow's lunch.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 01-Jun-2022 23:00:37
:: enjoying silently watching conversations, disappointed that it's time to leave already ::
Janice Flores 01-Jun-2022 23:01:04
:: offers takeout boxes and smiles, but isn't rushing anyone out the door ::
Kate Harper 01-Jun-2022 23:01:11
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