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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
The battle is over. Sarreon's attempt to bring the extragalactic conqueror civilization known as The Fall into this timeline has been thwarted, in space by our flotilla that defeated the Fall ships that he did manage to bring through, and on the ground by Hannah Ziredac and a band of ex-Section 31 agents, though Hannah herself is nowhere to be found. We now begin picking up the pieces by repairing our battle damage, analyzing what Sarreon left here, including an impossibly large tower on a moon around a gas giant, and preparing to transfer the Meridian to a crew that will return her to Earth.
After 18-May-2022 00:00:00
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:15:54
:: in her chair on the bridge, reviewing a PADD of the latest information from the surface ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 18-May-2022 21:17:12
:: sits in her new seat on the bridge, passing messages to Sickbay through her console ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 21:17:12
:: is shoring up the engineering systems on the Meridian ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 21:18:32
:: busily coordinating operations across the ship, and the fleet ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 21:18:35
:: at the helm of the Meridian, but has largely completed his work ahead of the handover ::
MMO Lt Straynj 18-May-2022 21:19:26
:: making sure Meridian's Sickbay is in tip top shape for the transfer ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 21:19:34
:: in front of her chair on the Meridian bridge, verifying her ship's health after the battle, still a bit backed up on the original inventory reports that she needs to pass on to the relief crew ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 21:21:01
:: finishes up the slipstream diagnostic, looks around Main Engineering :: M.E.: Gonna miss you.
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:21:47
:: sighs and thinks a moment before making an official note on her PADD, declaring Hannah Ziredac as "Missing" ::
CTO Cpt Grey 18-May-2022 21:22:34
:: is at her console as well, doing checks on the weapons and shields systems ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 21:23:37
:: finally has a moment to truly reflect on everything that has happened, without the anxiety of impending doom ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:23:39
:: signs off on the report and sends it away ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 21:24:04
:: isn't purposefully staying busy to keep herself from having Bad Thoughts, no, why would you think that? That's just silly ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 18-May-2022 21:25:09
:: sighs softly, reviewing reports coming out of Sickbay to distract herself from how everyone is feeling ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 21:28:09
:: looks over at a flashing alert on something she'd set up to watch :: CO: Captain, the tower on the surface is beginning to fail structurally.
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:28:41
:: places the PADD in the pocket on the side of her seat, then looks up when she gets this news, wearing a concerned expression :: AXO: Is anyone still down there?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 21:29:27
CO: No life signs in the vicinity, Captain.
CMO LCdr Acacia 18-May-2022 21:30:11
:: nods in agreement with Wright ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 21:30:16
:: notes that information on his console, despite not having Ops :: MCO: Capitana, that impossibly-tall tower is going to collapse soon.
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:31:12
AXO: Inform all ships to back away. Flying debris could make it back to space.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 21:31:49
:: satisfies herself with the state of the ship, knowing there's always more to do to get ready, but she knows everyone has their departments and orders. She was never one to micromanage, and turns to focus on the inventory report, when Navarro catches her ear :: MNAV: Oh, well, that's not good.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 21:32:15
CO: Aye, Captain. :: Taps out a message to that effect to her fleetwide counterparts ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 21:32:34
:: sees the incoming order :: MNAV: Back us away to a safe distance, Mr. Navarro. Follow Atlantis' lead.
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 21:32:47
:: thinks on his fallen comrades as he runs a check on the impulse engines :: :: thinks on death, and the ultimate transience of all life in the cosmos ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 18-May-2022 21:33:22
:: eases the Sovereign back at one-half impulse ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 21:34:10
MCO: One might say that the impossible tower is about to become very possible. :: executes a move away from the impending doom, following Atlantis ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 21:34:56
:: impulse engines diagnostic comes back green :: :: performs one more system-wide diagnostic ::
MMO Lt Straynj 18-May-2022 21:35:56
:: rests his hands on his hips and looks on his Sickbay with a tinge of pride :: MSickbay: Good work, everyone. I think we're all set.
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:36:10
ACTION> The tower can now be seen to noticeably lean on the main viewers.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 21:37:34
:: watches the main viewer, the strange sight of the tower leaning, curious if anything unusual will happen as an unusual tower collapses ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 18-May-2022 21:38:09
:: looks up at the viewer as well, morbidly curious to see the crash ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 21:38:58
:: system-wide comes back green; the Meridian is as shored-up as he can make it :: :: heads out toward the turbolift ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:39:56
ACTION> The collapse starts somewhere in the middle before extending up and down the tower in a ripple.
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 21:40:10
:: steps in :: TL: Bridge.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 21:40:51
:: steps up to the joined console next to Navarro and taps, magnifying the image ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 21:41:11
:: looks up to watch ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:41:52
ACTION> Once it starts to fail, the whole structure begins to plummet onto itself, and within seconds, the immense structure is no longer there, having been replaced by an expanding cloud of dust and debris.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 21:41:58
:: sits on the floor next to Navarro, her eye level a bit higher than his even so, staring at the crumbling tower ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:42:38
ACTION> The cloud of dust and debris grows higher than the moon's atmosphere, as the tower itself once was.
CTO Cpt Grey 18-May-2022 21:42:41
:: can't help but flinch as the structure collapses, watching with wide eyes ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 21:42:44
:: steps out onto the Meridian bridge to see the tower collapsing, stops in his tracks on his way to his bridge console ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:43:21
Bridge: This is likely the first, and last, time anyone will see such a thing.
CMO LCdr Acacia 18-May-2022 21:43:25
:: catches herself holding her breath ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 21:43:47
:: watches the spectacular collapse, imagining how loud that would be up close in atmo ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:43:58
ACTION> It now looks as though the moon has a tumor as the cloud expands.
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 21:44:33
Bridge: A monument to the Emissary: a structure crumbling under its own grandeur.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 21:44:48
Bridge: The bigger they are, ¿sí?
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 21:45:14
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 21:45:15
:: perks an ear towards Leirone and turns her head slightly :: MEO: Well said.
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:46:06
ACTION> The cloud finally stops growing, but it will take some time for something so vast to settle.
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 21:46:40
:: thinks about Hannah Ziredac; sighs ::
MMO Lt Straynj 18-May-2022 21:46:45
:: arrives on the Meridian bridge and raises an eyebrow at the viewscreen, wondering what he missed ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 21:46:49
:: captures the visual sensor logs for posterity ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 21:48:17
:: sees the doctor enter, and he engages the instant replay on the main viewer ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 21:49:06
:: looks over at Lt Straynj and smiles ::
MMO Lt Straynj 18-May-2022 21:49:52
:: watches the replay in awe, not even making it to his station yet :: MBridge: Wow... :: he looks to Navarro :: MNAV: Thanks! Wow, just missed it, huh?
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 21:50:22
MMO: Just barely.
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:50:54
:: as the cloud stops growing, she nods :: Bridge: The laws of physics are more than just polite suggestions.
MMO Lt Straynj 18-May-2022 21:51:28
:: finally makes it to his station and logs in :: MCO: Well, Sickbay is ready for the staff transition.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 21:51:36
CO: Honestly, it's a wonder it ever stood in the first place.
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 21:51:44
MCO: Ditto Engineering, Captain.
CMO LCdr Acacia 18-May-2022 21:51:49
:: chuckles ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:52:00
AXO: That whole "only partially in this timeline" nonsense... do not remind me. I will get a headache.
ACTION> The Galaxy-class USS Yeager appears on long-range sensors, inbound via slipstream.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 21:52:25
:: nods :: MCO: Great news. Thank you, we've all done a good job here.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 21:52:26
:: reports this to the Bridge ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 21:52:45
MCO: Helm as well. It's been fun, but I'll be glad to get back to Atlantis.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 21:52:59
MNAV: Me, too.
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:52:59
AXO: Right on time. :: smiles ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 21:53:29
MCO: Flying three ships at once was fun, though. :: grins ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 21:54:26
MNAV: A unique experience, for sure! Only for the most experienced, like yourself.
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 21:54:56
MNAV: Seriously, Lieutenant. Terrific piloting.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 21:54:57
:: smiles and nods his thanks for the compliments, then notices the console :: MCO: The Yeager just appeared on sensors. Looks like our relief is about here.
MMO Lt Straynj 18-May-2022 21:55:02
:: nods :: MNAV: Yes, very impressive.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 21:55:30
MNAV: Oh! :: looks around at the others on the bridge :: We'll be home for dinner, after all!
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 21:57:14
ACTION> The USS Yeager emerges from slipstream a few hundred light-seconds away and hails Atlantis as they begin to join the rest of the fleet.
MMO Lt Straynj 18-May-2022 21:57:38
:: grins ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 21:57:58
:: looking forward to that, among other things ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 22:00:26
CO: The Yeager is hailing us, Captain.
CMO LCdr Acacia 18-May-2022 22:00:45
:: looks up, welcoming the distraction ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:00:51
:: feels no need to stand, just looking up to the viewer and putting on a welcoming smile :: AXO: On screen.
CMO LCdr Acacia 18-May-2022 22:01:26
:: puts on a smile ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 22:01:59
:: puts it on screen ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:02:37
ACTION> A human man in his late fifties appears on the main viewer, with a wild mane of red hair and emerald green eyes.
ICO Capt Struan 18-May-2022 22:03:36
:: speaks bit more than a hint of Scots in his voice :: +CO+ Commodore, th' Yeager is reporting as ordered t' bring th' Meridian home. :: smiles ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:04:14
:: beams :: +ICO+ Thank you, Rod! I'm sure your crew will relish the opportunity as mine has.
ICO Capt Struan 18-May-2022 22:05:11
+CO+ Oh, aye, my XO is especially looking forward t' commanding the Yeager, since I've been waiting t' get m'hands on a Prometheus!
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:06:16
:: laughs, this being the opposite of what she did :: +ICO+ Clever, Captain, very clever. Give the Meridian a hail and begin your preparations for departure, and have a safe trip home.
ICO Capt Struan 18-May-2022 22:07:17
+CO+ Aye, Commodore, and we thank ya. Yeager out.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 22:08:03
:: closes the channel ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 22:08:41
MCO: Incoming hail from the Yeager, capitana.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:08:54
:: perks up, smiling :: MNAV: On screen.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 22:09:00
:: puts it on screen ::
ICO Capt Struan 18-May-2022 22:09:27
:: appears on the Meridian's main viewer, smiling :: +MCO+ Captain! I'm here t' take tha' beauty of a ship off yer hands.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:10:46
:: struggles a bit with the accent, but understands enough :: +ICO+ We are ready and waiting to give you the Meridian, better than we found her for your convenience, Captain. :: bows her head ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 22:11:41
:: thinks, I would sure hope it's in a better condition than when you found it... ::
ICO Capt Struan 18-May-2022 22:11:44
+MCO+ We appreciate tha'. :: returns the head bow :: We'll begin transporting over in a few minutes. Yeager out.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:12:18
:: still smiling, turns to the others :: Bridge: You heard the captain, prepare for arrival.
MMO Lt Straynj 18-May-2022 22:12:56
:: logs out of his console for good, looking around the MBridge ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 22:13:51
:: does one last check on the helm before he'll have to hand it over ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 22:14:33
:: triple-checks that Engineering is ready for the handoff ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:15:00
ACTION> A few minutes later, Struan and a few other officers from the Yeager arrive on Meridian's bridge.
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 22:15:24
:: nods at the incoming officers, already standing ::
ICO Capt Struan 18-May-2022 22:15:38
:: looks around, grinning, then finds Kuari, who kinda stands out :: MCO: Fancy, aye?
MMO Lt Straynj 18-May-2022 22:17:27
:: greets the Chief Medical Officer with a bow of his head ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 22:17:52
:: signs out of the helm with a flourish and hands it over with a smile and bow ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 22:18:11
:: shakes hands with the Yaeger CEO, shows them to the bridge station ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:18:26
:: stands, now at the bridge's center, nodding :: ICO: And all yours, ready to hand off when you are ready, sir.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 18-May-2022 22:18:59
:: stifles a yawn, still not used to this schedule ::
ICO Capt Struan 18-May-2022 22:19:06
:: nods and steps to the center :: MCO: By all means, Commander... Kuari, aye?
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:19:51
:: frowns :: ICO: Ooh, I'm sorry, yes! Kuari it is.
ICO Capt Struan 18-May-2022 22:20:28
:: offers a handshake :: MCO: Pleased t' meet ya.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:20:55
:: raises a paw, claws retracted, and accepts the shake ::
ICO: You as well, Captain.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 22:21:05
:: heads to his temp quarters to collect the few things he brought with him ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:21:27
Meridian: Computer, recognize Commander Kuari, authorization TFR-three, seven, seven, and transfer command of the Meridian to Captain Struan.
MMO Lt Straynj 18-May-2022 22:21:51
:: finishes briefing the new CMO, then excuses himself and goes to collect his things ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:22:05
Computer> Transfer of command complete and noted in the ship's log.
ICO Capt Struan 18-May-2022 22:23:02
Computer, recognize Captain Roderick Struan `n' transfer all command codes t' m' voice print, authorization Struan delta sierra gamma one.
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:23:34
Computer> Command code transfer complete.
ICO Capt Struan 18-May-2022 22:23:50
MCO: Thank ya, Commander, once again.
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 22:24:40
YEO Draden> Jack: Anything I should know about 'er, before you leave?
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:24:40
ICO: Welcome to the Meridian, Captain. May she serve you well. :: nods curtly and steps aside from the chair ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 22:24:59
:: enters the TR with a bag over his shoulder and beams to Atlantis ::
ICO Capt Struan 18-May-2022 22:25:08
:: takes the center seat with a big grin ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 22:26:10
Draden: If you're holding down a Galaxy-class with a QSD, you're not gonna come across any surprises. You're going to want to watch your outputs if you go into MV. There's a bit of an imbalance in the design that's slated for its next routine maintenance.
MMO Lt Straynj 18-May-2022 22:26:10
:: arrives in the transporter room at the same time as two of his nurses, striking up a conversation as the three transport back to Atlantis ::
ICO Capt Struan 18-May-2022 22:26:25
MCO: I've been a captain for going on twenty years. Turned down promotion, since I didnae want any chance o' bein' forced out o' th' center seat. It ne'er gets old, this. :: pats the chair arm ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 22:27:04
:: drops his bag by his quarters and heads to the bridge ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 22:27:16
Draden> MV? :: blinks :: Multi-vector. Got it. Thanks, Commander. Draden: You're welcome. Take care of her. She means a lot to me. Draden> Will do.
:: gets into the TL, heads for TR deck ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:27:48
:: smiles at Struan :: ICO: I have a feeling you're the right man for the position, sir.
ICO Capt Struan 18-May-2022 22:28:14
:: grins :: MCO: If I'm no, then who is? :: laughs ::
MMO Lt Straynj 18-May-2022 22:28:40
:: chuckles :: Juarez: So I said, 'we'll see'. :: they both laugh. Then Straynj acknowledges the transport operator :: TO: Thank you!
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 22:28:55
:: arrives on the bridge :: Bridge: Miss me?
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 18-May-2022 22:29:21
:: casually looks around when she hears Zorro's voice ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 22:29:45
:: smiles at her normal Bridge companion ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:29:48
:: laughs :: NAV: Of course we did, Zorro. Welcome back!
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:29:53
:: grins at Struan, not quite sure how to answer, then finds the right moment to make her leave. She looks around to make sure her crew is leaving the bridge, filing out last, as a captain does, feeling a bit disappointed at losing command, but at the same time relieved and excited to return to her post, where she feels she belongs ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 18-May-2022 22:29:56
:: smiles at Doc's entrance ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 22:30:18
:: steps up on the PADD, gets beamed ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 22:30:21
:: smiles all around, but more so for Emily and Jester ::
MMO Lt Straynj 18-May-2022 22:30:50
:: puts his bag away in his quarters, and heads to Sickbay to check in ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 22:30:51
:: walks up to the helm :: NAV2: Sweet moves during the battle.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:32:09
:: rides the TL, thinking about stopping by Engineering to check that it's ready, but reminds herself she's not the captain anymore, and heads to the transporter room ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 18-May-2022 22:32:15
NAV: I could say the same, but it'd go to your head. :: secures the helm and stands up, offering him the seat with a gesture ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 22:32:36
:: heads out of TR, toward the TL, to go to TB ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 22:32:37
NAV2: You're welcome to finish the shift, if you want.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 18-May-2022 22:33:14
:: shrugs at him :: NAV: Up to you. I figured that's why you were here.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-May-2022 22:34:14
:: slides into the seat :: NAV2: I'll take it then; thanks for taking good care of her while I was gone. :: figures Jester wants a nap after being off night shift ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 18-May-2022 22:34:56
:: gives him a little smirking salute :: CO: Permission to be relieved, Captain.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:35:13
:: trots into Meridian's transporter room, nodding to the transporter chief who has clearly been replaced by the relief crew, designating Atlantis as her destination ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 22:35:21
:: arrives on the bridge, nods to everyone :: :: approaches station :: Davis: Looks like you held her together.
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:35:23
NAV2: Granted, and great job, Jester. :: smiles ::
ENG Ens Davis 18-May-2022 22:36:05
I did what I could, sir. Those Fall ships turned power distribution into a full-time job, but we managed.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:36:29
:: transports, nodding at the much more familiar transporter chief on Atlantis and trots out, making her way to the bridge ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 22:36:51
Davis: :: smiles :: Clearly. Head on town to Main; I'll take over up here. Good work, Ensign.
ENG Ens Davis 18-May-2022 22:37:05
Aye, sir. :: heads for TL ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 18-May-2022 22:37:17
:: nods a thank you to Firefly and heads for the TL ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 22:39:03
:: takes a seat at the console, sees that Davis et al truly did keep Atlantis running well ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:40:25
CEO: Welcome back, Commander.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:40:50
:: arrives on the bridge, stepping down to the center and looking to see all who has come back ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 18-May-2022 22:41:08
:: smiles at Kuari's entrance ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 22:41:13
CO: Thank you, Captain. Glad to see the ship in one piece! That was... :: sigh :: ...a rough one.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 22:41:32
:: internally sighs with relief at Kuari's return ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:41:34
CEO: Indeed.
:: smiles brightly when Kuari returns :: XO: Welcome back, Commander!
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:42:29
:: regards Harper with a smile, grinning with all the whites of her teeth showing, proud of their team effort and happy to be back :: CO: Captain, permission to to resume my station as executive officer.
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:42:59
XO: Absolutely granted. Outstanding job with your command, Kuari.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:43:26
:: nods, moving to her seat :: CO: Thank you, our fleet did well together!
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:43:53
:: nods :: XO: That we did, that we did.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 22:44:04
CO: The Roland is hailing, Captain.
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:44:31
:: turns and arches an eyebrow, then stands and Picard-maneuvers :: CSO: On screen.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 22:44:41
:: does the thing ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:45:02
:: settles on her seat base, especially designed for her and something she didn't have on the Meridian, and waits expectantly for the hail ::
Destiny Salladay 18-May-2022 22:45:13
:: appears sitting at her desk in her holographic 'bridge' :: +CO+ Commodore Harper. I'm happy to see everyone made it through the battle safely.
CMO LCdr Acacia 18-May-2022 22:45:39
:: smiles lightly at that, knowing Sickbay is now empty ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:46:48
:: nods to Destiny :: +DS+ Ms. Salladay. Thank you, though we do regret the loss of Ms. Ziredac.
ICO Capt Struan 18-May-2022 22:47:23
:: brings over a bit more crew than the Atlantis did, since the Galaxy-class has a few more to spare ::
Destiny Salladay 18-May-2022 22:47:40
:: takes deep breath :: +CO+ Me too. It's difficult to say what became of her. The nurigana expended a lot of power at the end.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 22:48:22
:: la la la, not thinking about the fate of Hannah Ziredac, everything is fine, la la la ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:48:26
:: offers a slight smile :: +DS+ I noted her as "Missing." Perhaps, one day, we'll run into her again.
CMO LCdr Acacia 18-May-2022 22:49:10
:: frowns thoughtfully ::
Destiny Salladay 18-May-2022 22:49:12
+CO+ :: nods, though she has a feeling that may be a vain hope :: I wanted to thank you personally, Commodore. You and your crew. We might never have had the chance we got, if you hadn't come.
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:51:20
+DS+ Of course. :: smiles :: Starfleet is always in favor of saving the galaxy, even if some might consider us to be too... lawful for their tastes.
Destiny Salladay 18-May-2022 22:52:32
+CO+ :: smiles, refrains from commenting further on that :: If our paths cross again, I hope it's under better circumstances.
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:52:50
+DS+ Likewise, Ms. Salladay. Best of luck to you in the future, wherever that may take you.
Destiny Salladay 18-May-2022 22:54:06
+CO+ And to you, Commodore. :: looks off camera, reacting to someone there; looks half-bemused :: I've been told to say, 'Long days and pleasant nights.'
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:54:36
:: smiles pleasantly :: +DS+ 'Fair winds and following seas' works as well. Atlantis out.
Destiny Salladay 18-May-2022 22:55:12
:: closes channel, takes the Roland out of cloak and into warp, vanishing in a twinkle ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 22:55:21
:: closes the channel ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:55:59
ACTION> A few minutes later, the Meridian and the Yeager warp out together, bound for a slipstream tunnel to Earth.
Bridge: That, it would seem, is that. :: notes the debris cloud on the main viewer seems a bit smaller, though it's hard to tell ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-May-2022 22:57:33
:: looks from the main viewer to Harper ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 18-May-2022 22:57:42
:: sighs ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 18-May-2022 22:57:45
:: breathes a quiet sigh of relief ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:58:06
CSO: Fleetwide - resume previous assignments, with my gratitude, as the galaxy is now safe once more.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-May-2022 22:59:06
:: can't help but feel that that's rather anticlimactic, but transmits the message fleetwide anyway ::
CO Cdor Harper 18-May-2022 22:59:39
:: has already talked to each of the COs privately with messages for their crews, of course ::
ACTION> Over the next hour or so, the flotilla disperses warping away into the black.
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