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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
The game is afoot. Hannah Ziredac and a band of ex-Section 31 agents have located Sarreon, the being responsible for the death the crew of the USS Meridian, along with many others, including our own D'bryn Zoë. After having studied the wreckage of a failed invasion of the Milky Way by the extragalactic civilization known as The Fall, where we learned about the kinds of technology that Sarreon may be able to use against us, our flotilla of six ships is in slipstream flight to rendezvous with Hannah and company. MCO - Cdr Kuari MXO/Ops - LCdr T'Lira MTO - Lt Ammora MMO - Dr Straynj MEO - LCdr Leirone
After 11-May-2022 00:00:00
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:20:13
:: already on the bridge pending their arrival ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 21:20:44
:: at Engineering station on the bridge, monitoring systems ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 21:20:55
:: at the Meridian's helm, monitoring their slipstream flight ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 11-May-2022 21:21:09
:: sits in the counselor's chair, watching the viewscreen ::
Destiny Salladay 11-May-2022 21:21:44
:: readies transporter systems :: Good luck everyone. And... if I don't... If you don't...
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 21:21:52
:: is at her station, prepping weapons systems ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:22:04
:: is on the bridge of the Meridian as the ship keeps on in slipstream alongside the other vessels of their fleet ::
Lacuna 11-May-2022 21:22:13
:: waves a hand :: Nope. Nuh-uh. We're not doing that. We'll be back. All of us. Just...just keep that lock on us, will ya?
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 21:22:28
MCO: Five minutes, capitana.
MMO Lt Straynj 11-May-2022 21:22:41
:: sits at what has become his station on the Meridian's bridge, alert ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 21:22:47
:: takes a breath, trades a silent exchange with Destiny ::
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 21:22:54
:: At her station, feeling rather grim about the whole situation ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:23:12
MNAV: Thank you, Mr. Navarro.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 21:23:51
:: at the helm of Atlantis, half hoping she gets to do some fancy flygirl shit after they get out of this tunnel ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:23:53
:: stands and Picard-maneuvers before walking forward to pause next to Lexy :: AXO: Put me on fleetwide, Number One.
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 21:24:40
:: there is a brief pause before Lexy registers that she is being addressed, but she smoothly complies and nods to Kate that the channel is open ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 21:24:40
ACTION> Hannah Ziredac, Lacuna, Vector, and Omen materialize in a field of waist-high red grass, fifty meters from the stone compound built into a long butte. The enormous tower looms in the impossible distance.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:25:43
:: stands at the Meridian's tactical console ::
:: right hand trembles, shakes it off ::
Lacuna 11-May-2022 21:25:59
How the hell does something that big exist?
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:26:16
+Fleetwikde+ This is Commodore Harper speaking. The battle we are about to enter into may very well decide the fate of the entire galaxy. There can be no higher stakes, but I have every confidence in you and those aboard the others ships in our fleet. We are Starfleet officers aboard Starfleet ships, and our training and standards of excellence will guide us through.
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 21:26:48
:: draws her phaser pistol, starts heading for the compound :: Don't think about it, Luke. Come on.
CMO LCdr Acacia 11-May-2022 21:27:19
:: swallows her nerves, managing a small smirk ::
Vector 11-May-2022 21:27:26
:: quickly catches up with Hannah, readying is TR-116 :: I'll take point, Ziredac.
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:27:58
+Fleetwide+ Work for each other, fight for each other, and fight for those back home. You are the best of the best, and if I must go into such a battle this day, I am proud and privileged to do it alongside all of you. Harper out.
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 21:28:11
:: doesn't fall back :: We'll take point.
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 21:28:22
:: doesn't want to be responsible for the fate of the galaxy anymore ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 21:28:36
MCO: Normal space in thirty seconds.
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 21:28:39
:: notices Ammora's nervousness :: MTAC: You good, Lieutenant?
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 21:28:52
:: cuts the channel ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 21:29:05
CO: Approaching normal space.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:29:11
:: looks up ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:29:23
:: places a hand on Lexy's shoulder and gives it a squeeze before returning to her seat ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:29:27
:: stands up in front of the chair, waiting for a scene to appear on the main viewer ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:29:30
MEO: Uh, yeah, yeah, yes sir.
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:29:33
NAV2: Thank you, Jester.
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 21:29:33
ACTION> Hannah and the Section 31 agents reach the front entrance of the compound. It's quiet. Scans show no movement, no lifesigns.
MTAC: Good. You got this. :: turns back to his console :: Self: :: deep breath :: We got this.
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:30:15
ACTION> The flotilla exits slipstream a couple hundred light-seconds away from their target, and begins to close the distance...
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:30:36
:: focuses his attention on the readouts ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:30:53
ACTION> A gas giant begins to come into view on the main viewers...
Vector 11-May-2022 21:31:06
:: takes point, goes in, checking corners :: Clear.
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:31:09
Meridian Bridge: Stand by, everyone. We don't know quite what we're up against.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:31:19
:: sees the gas giant, monitors the radiation field emanating from it ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:31:26
AXO: Red alert, fleetwide.
MMO Lt Straynj 11-May-2022 21:31:33
:: catches himself holding his breath ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 21:31:39
:: points :: There's the console. Luke, you got that power source?
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 21:31:48
:: tries to take comfort from that squeeze, but it's an uphill battle ::
:: transmits the fleetwide red alert orders ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:32:16
:: looks at how the gas giant may affect the shields ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:32:17
:: gets the order :: MTAC: Red alert, Mr. Ammora.
Lacuna 11-May-2022 21:32:18
:: follows Hannah, holds the power source near the console the way Hannah told him to, per her Light vision ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:32:30
MCO: Red Alert, Aye.
+Shipwide+ Red Alert. All hands to battle stations!
Lacuna 11-May-2022 21:32:58
Focusing the energy field...
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:33:23
:: stares steadily at the screen, not willing to waste a second for when a decision needs to be made ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 21:33:27
:: sees the console activate :: We got it! Alright. And the access code...
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:33:58
ACTION> The gas giant grows on the main viewer, and a moon comes into view...
Omen 11-May-2022 21:34:41
I'm picking up movement. Three klicks north. Coming from the tower. Looks like... about fifty foot-mobiles.
Vector 11-May-2022 21:34:48
Here we go.
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 21:35:49
:: enters the access code, navigating around the Fall's weird-ass operating system :: Good thing I've always been good at taking notes. :: wipes sweat from her temple ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 11-May-2022 21:35:58
:: checks in with Sickbay, finding them prepared ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:36:04
ACTION> An impossibly tall tower juts from the surface of that moon, a dark contrast against the violet nebula backing the scene. Scans show that it is not entirely there...
Lacuna 11-May-2022 21:36:13
You're doin good, kid.
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:36:31
:: squints at the tower in view :: Self: What is that...
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:36:50
:: is also squinting at the tower :: AXO: What is sticking out of that moon?
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 21:36:51
CO: There's something strange about that tower, Captain.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:36:51
MCO: Captain, I'm getting readings from the moon's surface... I think...
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:36:57
MTAC: Scan the moon, particularly that...tower?
Omen 11-May-2022 21:37:03
Foot-mobiles are now moving fast. They're in a transport, heading this way. We got their attention.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:37:04
:: double taps his readings ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:37:10
:: looks over at Ammora in confusion ::
Vector 11-May-2022 21:37:28
:: takes up position at the front door :: Luke, shield emitters!
MMO Lt Straynj 11-May-2022 21:37:43
:: takes a deep breath, looking around the bridge ::
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 21:37:45
CO: It appears to be some kind of tower, built to a height that shouldn't be feasible. And it only... sort of exists?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:37:57
MCO: I have no definitive readings, Captain.
Lacuna 11-May-2022 21:38:22
:: leaves Hannah to it, runs over with those hexagonal forcefield emitters, plants them along the front wall, activates them ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:38:25
MTAC: Well, what are you reading?
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 21:38:42
:: is dumbstruck ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 11-May-2022 21:38:55
:: squints at the moon on the viewer ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:39:15
:: takes a deep breath :: MCO: Structure on the moon, far side, nothing else.
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:39:18
:: looks back to the tower, hoping the answer will somehow come to her ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:39:27
AXO: Alright. :: places her hands on her waist, trying to parse that ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 21:39:40
I've gotten around the cybersecurity. I just need to find the controls to the transporter room access.
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:40:00
:: sits in a huff onto the floor :: +CO+ Meridian to Atlantis Can you make out what that structure is on the moon?
MMO Lt Straynj 11-May-2022 21:40:08
:: tries to help :: MBridge: Something that height can’t be naturally stable…
Omen 11-May-2022 21:40:15
One minute til contact.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:40:16
:: chides himself ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:40:42
+MCO+ It is... an impossibly tall tower that is only half in existence.
:: knows she's describing the impossible, but she just said it ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:41:07
:: frowns, thinking for a moment :: CO: Out of...phase? Time?
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:41:39
+MCO+ Or timeline, even.
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 21:41:42
MCO: Timeline. That tower is from a timeline where the Fall conquered our galaxy.
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:42:11
:: sits and thinks on this, not sure how to process this information ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 11-May-2022 21:42:33
:: frowns ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:42:43
:: taps his console ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:42:44
ACTION> As we get closer, above the tower, the far-less corporeal image of a giant ship is starting to slowly appear, taking the form of one of the starbase-sized ships that we saw in the wreckage.
MMO Lt Straynj 11-May-2022 21:42:47
:: his eyes widen, and he swallows his nerves ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:42:55
:: mutters to himself ::
Vector 11-May-2022 21:43:14
Transports in visual range!
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 21:43:29
:: fights to control her breathing as panic rises in her throat ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:43:33
Oh shit.
Lacuna 11-May-2022 21:43:38
:: readies phaser rifle ::
Omen 11-May-2022 21:44:10
:: taps at her supertricorder :: I can't get a lock on their systems; tech's too alien.
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:44:20
:: watches in confusion yet fascination, cocking her head a bit to one side, about to call for red alert and weapons ready, but knows it's done already ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:44:29
MCO: Captain, we have enemy vessel appearing on an approach vector.
CMO LCdr Acacia 11-May-2022 21:44:42
:: tenses, glancing at Harper ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:45:44
MTAC: That giant ship?
MTAC: ...thing?
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:46:01
:: furrows her brow as she continues to stare at the main viewer, seeing the faint image of the giant ship :: AXO: What is that? :: points as she turns to look at Wright ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:46:17
MCO: Uh, yeah, that thing... :: looks at his readouts ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 21:46:29
MCO: That ship is also out of phase. Jesus, he's pulling the Fall in right now.
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:46:38
MTAC: It's approaching us? Identity?
:: looks at Leirone :: MEO: Explain?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:47:11
:: doesn't know what he's seeing on his screen ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 21:47:13
I got it!
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 21:47:27
MCO: It's large, it's powerful...
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 21:47:45
ACTION> A door slides open at the far end of the room.
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 21:48:07
:: makes for the door :: Sec31: It's open! Come on!
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 21:48:13
CO: It.. uh... :: stammers, trying to make her mouth work :: Nnn.. looks like... the most massive ship I have ever seen?
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:48:35
AXO: It's one of the ships from the wreckage. We cannot let that thing manifest.
Vector 11-May-2022 21:48:44
We need to hold here until we can get those blast doors that you saw down. Omen?
Omen 11-May-2022 21:49:04
Copy that. :: heads for the console to try and suss out just how to use it ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 21:49:14
Guys, you'll be killed!
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:49:21
ACTION> Three smaller ships, around the size of an Akira-class, start to phase into existence, much more quickly than the large one.
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 21:49:32
:: gives Kate a wild-eyed look, like, what do you want me to do about it? ::
Lacuna 11-May-2022 21:49:51
:: smirks back at Hannah :: Give us some credit.
Vector 11-May-2022 21:50:27
:: clocks the foot-mobiles climbing out of their transport :: Incoming, 12 o'clock! Luke!
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 21:51:18
ACTION> As the enemy soldiers advance and engage in a firefight, the compound's bulkheads fall into place, separating Hannah from the agents.
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 21:51:28
Oh shit.
Vector 11-May-2022 21:52:03
Omen, get those bulkheads back up!
Omen 11-May-2022 21:52:56
:: tries, with no success ::
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 21:52:58
CO: There are... more vessels materializing?? :: looks at Grey in a panic, wondering what the hell ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 21:53:23
MTAC: :: sighs, as if the huge ship wasn't enough, she has a feeling these others are meant to be a distraction :: Are they showing any signs of aggression? Other than ... just appearing.
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 21:53:51
:: searches for some way back to her comrades, but can't find anything—not even a console :: :: all there is, is the way to the transporter room ::
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 21:53:52
:: catches Wright's look, giving her a relaxed expression in return :: CO: Their signals match those of the ruins in the ship-graveyard, ma'am.
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:54:13
Bridge: And they are appearing much faster. That is our cue; strap in, everyone. :: sits down and buckles her seatbelt ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 11-May-2022 21:54:28
:: buckles her seatbelt as well ::
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 21:54:32
:: straps in, but keeps herself poised for action ::
Omen 11-May-2022 21:54:43
:: power to the console is cut :: Shit! I don't have power to this terminal! Luke, I need power!
Lacuna 11-May-2022 21:55:04
That was my only source; if it's not working, we're boned!
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 21:55:17
:: wonders what drugs Grey is on as she buckles her seatbelt with trembling hands ::
Vector 11-May-2022 21:55:31
:: ducks back around cover to dodge a shot :: Who the fuck are these guys, anyway? Where'd Sarreon get em?
Lacuna 11-May-2022 21:55:47
:: takes a shot :: I don't recognize em. You think they're Fall?
Vector 11-May-2022 21:59:00
:: kills one, then another :: Spose it doesn't entirely matter.
CMO LCdr Acacia 11-May-2022 21:59:07
:: swallows :: CO: I sense life. :: she chokes out ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 21:59:41
ACTION> The three smaller ships fully materialize and immediately engage defensive and weapons systems as they spring into action against us. Long range fire begins with a spread of some sort of torpedo...
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 21:59:45
:: stares down that dark corridor, looks back at the bulkhead, hears fighting on the other side :: :: takes deep breath, heads toward the transporter room ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:00:03
:: nods to Emily then sees the incoming fire :: NAV2: Evasives! CTO: Return fire!
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:00:42
:: immediately returns fire before the Captain could finish her order, attention fixed on the targeted ships ::
Destiny Salladay 11-May-2022 22:01:06
+Sec31+ Roland to ground team, I can't get a lock on any of you. Sarreon's extended that disruptor field.
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:01:35
:: growls a bit at what she can see on the main viewer, her frown turning into a scowl :: MTAC: Evasive maneuvers. Multi-vector assault mode!
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 22:01:38
ACTION> The Section 31 agents only get parts of Destiny's message, barely able to make out three words.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 22:02:02
:: was already ready with the evasives, and rolls the big Sovereign out of the line of fire ::
Vector 11-May-2022 22:02:02
:: takes more shots, tags a couple of enemies :: I think we're alone now...
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:02:13
:: nods :: MCO: Aye! :: activates ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:02:16
ACTION> Both Prometheus-class ships split into three.
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:02:27
:: grins as he gets to fly three ships at once, albeit with AI help ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 22:02:44
Bridge: Multi-vector assault separation is green.
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:03:46
Chi'neh, I don't think we're getting through those bulkheads! Help us out here!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 22:03:50
:: after she's evaded fire, immediately moves to set up a shot for Grey ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:03:54
MNAV: Send the median and ventral vectors at the closest enemy ship, from different angles. Put us closer to Atlantis.
MMO Lt Straynj 11-May-2022 22:04:29
:: ensures the medical team on each ship piece is in place, then buckles in ::
Omen 11-May-2022 22:04:31
:: slams her fist on the console :: Fuck. :: pulls out her twin phasers, heads for the forcefield cover ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:04:33
MCO: Yes ma'am. :: easily sets that up as he's been practicing with this in simulations during his off-shift time ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:04:48
ACTION> The two fleets close, exchanging fire...
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:04:50
MTAC: Coordinate strikes from all three angles, target weapons.
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:05:04
:: glances up with an apprective hum towards Suzuki, triggering another wave of successful hits from all three sets of weapons ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:05:05
:: finds the transporter room, and it's unlike anything she's ever seen (outside of her Light vision) ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:05:12
CTO: Coordinate fleet-wide targeting on the lead enemy. All ships focus fire until it is down!
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:05:27
:: nods :: MCO: Triangulating attack protocol...
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:05:59
:: activates the console just as the vision said to; this one has power ::
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:06:22
:: takes a shot, gets a bad guy :: Four left. See, we're fine. We're totally fine.
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:06:27
:: acknowledges wordlessly, comming the other ships to trigger fleet-wide targeting on the lead enemy ship approaching quickly ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:06:42
ACTION> As the Gemini passes close by one of the enemy ships, it extends its shields as a weapon and immediately slices through the Gemini's, dealing immediate hull damage and cutting her shields down by 40% in one shot!
Omen 11-May-2022 22:07:03
:: checks scanners :: You had to jinx it. Six more transports inbound!
Cpt Steven Eagle 11-May-2022 22:07:23
:: is thrown from his captain's chair ::
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 22:07:31
CO: The Gemini is in trouble, Captain! One shot took her shields down to 60%!
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:07:54
AXO: One shot from what?!
Cpt Steven Eagle 11-May-2022 22:08:06
What the hell was that? Lieutenant Gift, get us out of here! Gift> Aye, Captain!
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:08:13
MCO: The Gemini is hurt, Captain, shields down by two thirds!
Cpt Steven Eagle 11-May-2022 22:08:44
+Fleetwide+ All ships, give these things a wide berth! Gemini is falling back!
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 22:09:01
:: her voice is just a touch shrill :: CO: I'm not sure, Captain! Need more time to analyze!
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:09:04
MTAC, MNAV: Target the aggressor, all angles, distract it from the Gemini!
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:09:24
+Fleetwide+ Acknowledged, Gemini. Cover them and do not be too close.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:09:26
MCO: Aye, Captain. :: re-targets the phasers ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:09:56
:: angles one of the Meridians to cover Gemini's retreat while pressing the attack with the other two ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:09:59
:: the power goes out of the console and the entire transporter room :: Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck! No! No!
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:09:59
CO: Covering and re-targeting phaser systems. :: glances at her messaging inbox for any messages from Gemini's Tactical Officer ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:11:06
ACTION> A torpedo, more powerful than a quantum in force, with the disruptive capacity of a plasma, slams into Atlantis's shields, dropping them by 10%.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:11:26
:: looks at the torpedo residuals ::
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:11:41
CO: Shields at 90%! :: mutters, fingers flying as she calculates the impact force and shape of the impact in question ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:11:42
:: brings the other section to bear on the designated target, setting Ammora up for shots from all three ::
Vector 11-May-2022 22:11:45
:: downs the last three of this squadron :: Can we do anything to get power back to that console? Any ideas?
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:11:50
:: rocks in her seat from the impact ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:11:50
MCO: Captain, large torpedo... I think it's a torpedo, hit the Atlantis.
Omen 11-May-2022 22:12:39
Not unless we had a pattern focuser and a transformer conduit. And we'd have to fire a phaser into it the whole time.
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:12:52
MTAC: Large? :: blinks distractedly ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 22:12:56
:: her lips twist in annoyance at that torpedo strike, and she resolves to up her game ::
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:13:04
:: gives her a look :: The hell kinda backwater jerry rigging is that?
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:13:08
NAV2: Coordinate with the rest of the fleet - get us into attack pattern Delta Three, cycling ships in for constant aggression.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:13:21
:: nods :: MCO: I'm seeing a 10% reduction in their shield levels...
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 22:14:19
:: taps in the orders for Delta Three and pushes them out to fleetwide helms ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:14:30
:: gets the delta three order and grins ::
Omen 11-May-2022 22:14:41
You act like you've never jumpstarted a Romulan diplomat's dead-in-the-water transport out of an event horizon before. What'd you guys do in Dirget? Read Cardassian codes all day?
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:14:50
MTAC: From one torpedo? All right, then.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:15:04
MCO: That's what I'm seeing.
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:15:28
MTAC: So what you're saying is, don't get hit by those.
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:15:37
:: tries everything she can :: No, no, no, no, no! This can't go down like this. Come on. Come on, there's gotta be a backup. Where's the back up?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:15:48
MCO: :: smirks :: Yes, Captain.
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:15:56
:: forms up the three parts of Merdian ahead of Atlantis in the attack pattern ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:16:07
:: stops, closes her eyes, begins breathing—reaching out to her Light again :: Come on. Where's the backup? How do I get in?
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:16:25
MTAC: That should set you up nicely, Lt. Ammora!
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:16:35
:: watches Navarro's moves ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 22:16:37
:: feels somehow much more confident, flying in formation with Zorro ::
Vector 11-May-2022 22:16:40
Six transports in visual range!
:: slips outside, kneels, shoulders his rifle ::
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:17:16
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:17:21
:: blinks :: MNAV: A little heads up would've been nice!
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:17:22
ACTION> Columbia takes one of those torpedo shots as she finishes the cycle ahead of Meridian, along with a wicked particle beam.
Vector 11-May-2022 22:17:25
Shut up, Luke!
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:17:40
MTAC: I just gave it to you!
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:18:03
:: waits for Atlantis' turn in the attack pattern, humming softly to herself as she manages the weapons systems ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:18:04
:: mutters under his breath, taps the three-part console ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:18:08
:: rolls and twists the three agile sections of Merdian as he avoids fire during their attack cycle ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:18:44
M Bridge: Phasers, full spread... torpedo banks ventral and forefront away!
Vector 11-May-2022 22:19:27
:: breathes, aims :: :: holds breath :: :: fires ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:19:30
:: nods in approval at Ammora's report ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:19:51
Self: How did you miss that?!
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 22:19:57
ACTION> One incoming transport erupts in flames, nosedives into the ground, and somersaults several times at high speed.
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:20:10
:: pulls up and streaks away before getting too close to that shield-shredding shield ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:20:23
CTO: Our turn, Ryleigh! Fire at will!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 22:20:36
:: weaves the flagship of the fleet into attack position ::
Vector 11-May-2022 22:20:40
:: gets up, rushes back inside, catching looks from Lacuna and Omen :: :: shrugs, half-smiles ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:21:23
:: is unable to reach her Light :: Where are you? Where are you?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:21:23
:: looks at the recharge rate on the console ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:21:44
:: comes back around in a figure-eight behind Columbia ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:22:09
:: catches a funny tickle in the back of her brain, turns around—northward :: Oh. There you are. :: the tickle is gone, and her connection ends ::
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:22:19
:: triggers the torpedo banks, hands flying over the screen to trigger both sets of weapons at the lead enemy ship ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 22:22:29
ACTION> The transporter room flickers to life.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 22:23:02
:: executes a textbook evasive maneuver to dodge incoming fire as soon as the torpedoes are away ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:23:34
ACTION> Jester's evasives during our approach spare us damage, but one of those torpedoes almost strikes home, grazing the shields as it passes.
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:23:40
:: reconvenes at the console :: Alright. Get me into that tower. Lock me in to the phase...variance...thingy.
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:24:12
ACTION> The Apollo and Endeavour follow us, and that enemy ship's shields actually fall!
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:24:26
Wait! Biofuel!
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:24:36
:: hears a beeping ::
Omen 11-May-2022 22:24:38
Excuse me?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:24:52
MCO: Shields on the enemy ship have gone down!
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:25:03
Yeah. Yeah, biofuel. I got it. Cover me, won'tcha?
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:25:17
CO: Shields down!
Vector 11-May-2022 22:25:17
Luke? Luke, wait!
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:25:30
:: grins :: MTAC: Take advantage, Ammora.
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:25:42
ACTION> The other two Fall ships move to cover their wounded ally.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 22:25:42
:: banks around to take their place at the back of the attack pattern ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:26:07
:: nods :: MCO: Firing all weapons, Captain.
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:26:11
:: ducks outside, already dodging shots from the incoming soldiers, and grabs several stalks of that long red grass ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:26:42
:: sets the pattern, sets the timer :: Alright. Okay. :: runs for the pad, phaser pistol drawn :: :: deep, deep breath ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:27:21
ACTION> For now, the other two Fall ships are able to effectively defend the third, with their shields absorbing the majority of the incoming fire.
Vector 11-May-2022 22:27:29
:: growls :: You dumb son of a bitch! :: lays down cover fire ::
Omen 11-May-2022 22:27:49
:: also shoots, also keeps an eye on Lacuna ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:27:54
CTO: Reset coordinated targeting pattern to target beta, but instruct all ships to take shots at alpha when able to.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:28:02
MCO: We're getting pushback!
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:28:46
:: takes a shot through the right side of his abdomen, oofs, falls down ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:28:46
MNAV: Fall back if you have to, it's not worth the risk of getting hit by their weapons.
Omen 11-May-2022 22:29:01
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:29:16
:: resets the targetting pattern, sending it out to the rest of the fleet to target beta with alpha as a sub-target when able ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 22:29:17
:: has spent many, many hours in combat simulations piloting these ships, but simulations never quite capture the exhilaration of the real deal ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:29:19
:: stares at the console, blinks ::
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:29:26
:: rides the adrenaline wave, pushes himself up, army-crawls back to the entrance with a fistful of the grass tight in his mitt ::
Omen 11-May-2022 22:29:48
:: leans out, cover-fires with one hand, pulls Lacuna in with the other ::
Vector 11-May-2022 22:29:58
He alright?
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:30:12
:: not alright :: I'm fine, Jazon, thanks!
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:30:19
MCO: I can keep us away from their shield-based weapon easy enough, and the targeting on their torpedoes seems to have trouble with the smaller sections of Meridian. Their energy weapons have no trouble, though. :: doesn't look up from helm :: But I've got this, capitana.
Omen 11-May-2022 22:30:29
:: kneels over Lacuna :: What the fuck do you think you're doing?
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:30:38
:: holds up grass :: Biofuel.
Omen 11-May-2022 22:30:53
I know what that word means, but not how you're using it.
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:30:59
:: in the retargeted pattern, he forms the parts of Meridian up around Atlantis so that they can combine their fire ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:31:13
:: nods at Navarro ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:31:51
MCO: Targeted torpedoes on their aft shields! If we hit them with ours and Atlantis with theirs... I think it'll buckle their support bubble. They'll be vulnerable on their aft side.
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:32:14
You can make a rudimentary biofuel out of carbon-based matter and the power source for our Section tricorders. Use mine. That might give you just enough juice to get those bulkheads down.
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:32:30
ACTION> Ahead of us, the Sovereign-class Columbia delivers a withering barrage.
Vector 11-May-2022 22:32:42
Wrap it up! I can't take all these guys on my own!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 22:33:07
:: coaxes Atlantis into an optimal firing position as their turn approaches ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:33:09
MTAC: Good. Stay coordinated with Atlantis.
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:33:21
Trust me. Your story about pulling the ship out of a black hole... I heard about a cadet once. Did the same thing with biofuel.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:33:30
+CTO+ Ammora to Grey.
Omen 11-May-2022 22:33:31
That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:33:36
:: almost smiles as she notices the parts of Meridian orbiting them during their approach ::
Vector 11-May-2022 22:33:44
Will one of you fucking help me shoot?!
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:33:58
:: whispers :: Trust me.
Omen 11-May-2022 22:34:20
:: takes the fucking grass and pulls Lacuna's supertricorder apart ::
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:34:39
:: pulls himself up and helps Vector with the fight ::
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:34:48
+MTAC+ Grey here. :: sounds out-of-breath, and clearly distracted ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:34:53
:: is transported away ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:35:41
+CTO+ What do you think about a barrage on their aft area? They're using it to protect the wounded ships. Vulnerable?
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:36:24
:: materializes in a dark room, turns on her wristlight, checks all directions :: :: its a long hall not unlike the undercroft she saw in her vision, but there's nothing here—just the violet light of the nebula shining in through half-opaque windows ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:36:39
:: taps the console ::
:: arms torpedoes ::
:: charges the phaser banks ::
Self: Come on... say yes...
Omen 11-May-2022 22:37:58
:: uses the tricorder power source at Lacuna's instructions to synthesize a biofuel, carefully replacing the previous power source with it ::
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:38:10
:: pauses to think it over before responding :: +MTAC+ Go ahead. Let's target aft area.
Vector 11-May-2022 22:38:12
There's too goddamn many! :: takes more shots ::
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 22:38:14
:: still trying to figure out how they did that with their shields ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:38:15
:: overhears :: CTO: Now!
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:38:39
:: looks to Kuari ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:38:49
:: nods at Ammora ::
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:39:02
We've gotten through worse. Remember the underwater Gusmati base? Those were pretty steep odds.
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:39:08
:: flies the approach alongside Atlantis ::
Vector 11-May-2022 22:39:11
Not this steep.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:39:29
:: launches torpedoes and every god-damn weapon Meridian has :: +CTO+ Meridian ammunition full force!
Vector 11-May-2022 22:39:42
:: takes a hero-wound to his shoulder :: Fuck!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 22:40:04
:: dives in on an attack vector with Zorro on her wings ::
Vector 11-May-2022 22:40:14
:: immediately recovers, gets revenge on the bastard who did it ::
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:40:26
:: nods, targeting aft area on the enemy ship alongside the Meridian +MTAC+ Acknowledged. Atlantis targetting and releasing fire ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:40:31
:: grins as he flies on Jester's wing, rolling and weaving through incoming fire ::
Omen 11-May-2022 22:41:03
:: finishes synthesizing the biofuel, inserts it into Lacuna's power unit... :: :: ...and is gobsmacked to see the unit activate :: Fucking biofuel.
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:41:04
ACTION> Atlantis and Meridian release a devastating volley.
ACTION> Prometheus-class Endeavour flies a similar trick, orbiting the Luna-class Apollo during their following attack run, and our target's shields fall!
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:41:34
CO: Beta shields down!
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:41:46
ACTION> The one remaining ship with shields cannot cover the two without...
CTO: Make the active target whichever one is vulnerable.
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:42:24
:: navigates all the way to a helical stairwell, either leading up an unseeable distance, or down one more level :: :: knows which way to go ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:42:39
ACTION> Target gamma does some cold math and sees that alpha is more likely to survive, so it abandons beta.
Omen 11-May-2022 22:43:09
:: connects power to the console, activates it, starts searching for bulkhead commands :: I've got it! It worked! Be ready to move on my go!
Vector 11-May-2022 22:43:17
Make it fast, Omen!
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:43:21
CO: Acknowledged! :: sets targeting pattern on beta, choosing to leave gamma and alpha alone ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:43:36
:: descends the stairs slowly, trying not to let her footfalls make any noise ::
:: hears—or rather feels—a mighty thrum of energy... :: :: and sees the glow of a familiar light spilling up the steps ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:44:14
ACTION> Apollo is slammed by another torpedo, but those new Luna-classes are beasts, only losing 8% shields.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:44:36
:: eyes moving across all readouts ::
Omen 11-May-2022 22:45:07
Controls found! Interior bulkheads... Shit, interior bulkheads are locked out. Trying for exterior...
Vector 11-May-2022 22:45:17
:: barely dodges another shot ::
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:45:26
:: also nearly takes one to the dome ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:45:31
MCO: Captain, permission to work with Atlantis on their targeting structure?
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:45:41
MTAC: By all means! :: grins ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:45:54
ACTION> Columbia is not so lucky, suffering a few shots from both alpha and gamma as they attack in unison.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:46:08
+CTO+ Grey, I'll follow your lead. You fire, I fire... what are we blowing up? :: smirks ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:46:45
:: reaches the final step :: :: sees several stone pillars holding up a high-arched undercroft. Twenty meters away she sees the only source of the light: a ring of all 46 of the nurigana Sarreon has captured, suspended in the air in a perfect circle ::
Omen 11-May-2022 22:46:55
Got it!
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 22:47:09
MTAC: We should have you some nice chances coming up very soon... :: maneuvering for advantageous targeting of beta ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:47:19
:: watches Columbia get hit ::
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 22:47:19
:: keeps a worried eye on fleet status ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 22:47:24
ACTION> Bulkheads close around the compound, cutting the attacks off from the Section 31 agents.
CCO Capt Finley 11-May-2022 22:47:38
:: barking orders on his bridge as a thin smoke fills it, but he's not out yet ::
Lacuna 11-May-2022 22:47:45
See? Told you we'd be fine. :: collapses ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:47:54
MCO: Uh... uh... Columbia is getting pummeled...
Vector 11-May-2022 22:47:56
Luke! Omen, help me!
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:48:15
+MTAC+ Gamma's protecting Alpha... so focus all weapons on beta. :: no issues working with Ammora, glancing at fleet status every so often as she unleashes weapon fire on beta ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:48:25
:: slowly makes her way closer, coming around pillar after pillar—until she sees him ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:48:40
:: follows Grey's lead ::
Sarreon 11-May-2022 22:49:10
:: furiously works the machinery harnessing the Lights, making their power wax and wane :: :: doesn't notice Hannah ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:49:10
ACTION> The formation adapts as Columbia needs a breather, and the Atlantis/Meridian pair follows Apollo/Endeavour in to attack beta...
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:49:22
MTAC: Has any of the fleet moved to defend? Stay coordinated with Atlantis.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:49:53
MCO: Columbia is falling back.
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:49:57
:: begins to quiver, but tries to master her breathing and her fear, remembering V'mín's lessons ::
CCO Capt Finley 11-May-2022 22:50:11
ACTION> Columbia meets up with Gemini, whose shields are back to full, and gets cover as they return to the fight.
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:50:45
MTAC: Good. Make sure they can get away and keep at it.
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:50:48
:: comes within firing range, takes one more deep breath :: :: thinks :: This is for Zoë, you son of a bitch.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:50:52
:: taps his console, seeing Columbia and Gemini recharging ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:51:09
:: fires ::
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:51:23
:: wordlessly cheers at Columbia and Gemini benefitting off each other, but keeps weapons firing at target beta ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:51:26
ACTION> Target beta is destroyed under the withering barrage of Atlantis and Meridian, blowing apart into chunks that wink out of existence.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:51:27
MCO: Captain... :: taps his console ::
Sarreon 11-May-2022 22:51:35
:: dodges the shot, turns, grins a near-luminescent grin ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:51:53
:: panics, starts firing more and more ::
Sarreon 11-May-2022 22:52:13
:: dodges every shot, advancing on Hannah with incredible speed ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:52:22
:: taps his console some more, eyes blinking ::
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:52:23
+MTAC+ Shift target over to gamma's aft!
Sarreon 11-May-2022 22:52:24
:: draws a long knife... ::
Hannah Ziredac 11-May-2022 22:52:38
:: fires more ::
Sarreon 11-May-2022 22:52:52
:: ...and runs Hannah through with it ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:53:02
+CTO+ Aye! :: moves his targeting parameters based Grey's assessment ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 22:53:25
:: chuckles to herself as the enemy vessel is destroyed ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:53:27
MCO: All on Alpha. Captain... all on Alpha.
Omen 11-May-2022 22:53:55
:: grabs an emergency dermal regenerator from her bag, begins to work on Lacuna :: You're gonna be okay, Luke.
Vector 11-May-2022 22:54:12
I wonder if Hannah got through.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:54:20
:: looks at Gamma ::
Omen 11-May-2022 22:54:40
:: meets Vector's eyes, saying, I don't know and I don't know if we'll ever know. ::
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:55:04
:: trusts her crew to help hit the targeted ship, not daring risk shifting off and potentially have gamma protecting alpha again ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:55:47
CTO: All ships redirect to target alpha.
NAV2: Get us into coordinated attack pattern gamma one.
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 22:56:57
:: nods, issuing orders to aim and target alpha ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:57:03
:: watches as her crew coordinates with the fleet ::
Omen 11-May-2022 22:57:30
:: scans Lacuna's abdomen :: He'll be fine if we can get him to a doctor within the next few hours.
Vector 11-May-2022 22:57:53
That's a big if at this point.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:57:54
:: sees the orders come through :: MCO: Atlantis is coordinating an assault on Alpha target. Engaging.
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 22:58:09
ACTION> Columbia and Gemini rejoin the fight, and target gamma cannot defend alpha against six aggressors. Alpha quickly falls, the debris winking out of existence.
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 22:58:18
ACTION> The tower on the planet becomes fully in-phase with our timeline.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 22:58:33
:: hears a beep on his console ::
MCO: Captain, I'm getting... uh... readings... from the planet surface.
:: looks at his panel ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 22:59:22
ACTION> The Section 31 agents hear louder, more powerful weaponsfire outside. Upon scanning, they see that the Roland has flown in and started an aerial assault.
MMO Lt Straynj 11-May-2022 22:59:24
:: also looking at sensors :: MCO: Looks like the tower... exists now.
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 22:59:34
:: swallows hard, wondering what that means for them ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 22:59:50
ACTION> The big Fall ship suddenly phases more and more out of our timeline—until it vanishes completely!
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 23:00:09
Self: The fuck...
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 23:00:13
ACTION> All shielding around the tower is gone.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 11-May-2022 23:00:21
:: has coordinated attack pattern gamma, anxious for her turn back in the fray ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 23:00:31
:: beep beep beep on the console ::
Destiny Salladay 11-May-2022 23:00:35
:: transports to Hannah's last known location... ::
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 23:00:56
CO: I believe... there appears to be no more shielding around the tower.
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 23:01:07
CTO: All ships, simultaneous assault on target gamma.
Omen 11-May-2022 23:01:19
:: opens the bulkheads, helps Vector get Lacuna to the landed Roland.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 23:01:24
MCO: The planet's surface has a structure... it was shielded... it isn't anymore...
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 23:01:35
AXO: Attempt to contact anyone down there for a status.
CTO Cpt Grey 11-May-2022 23:01:40
:: orders simultaneous assault on target gamma sent out to the rest of the fleet ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 23:01:42
:: peers at Ammora in surprise :: MTAC: Really?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 23:02:07
MCO: I don't have any more info, Captain...
MMO Lt Straynj 11-May-2022 23:02:18
:: tries to make sense of it all, bewildered ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 23:02:32
:: wonders if the fleet will take advantage of no shielding on the tower ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 11-May-2022 23:02:45
:: watches the moon on the viewscreen :: Self: Did they do it?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 23:03:12
MCO: I'm also checking our readings of ships in the area... we're down one...
:: blinks and keeps refreshing his readings ::
MCO: We had a ship... from The Fall... it's gone now...
Destiny Salladay 11-May-2022 23:03:48
+Atlantis+ USS Atlantis, this is Destiny Salladay. Do you hear me?
MNAV Lt Navarro 11-May-2022 23:04:14
:: splits off from orbiting Atlantis since they're in simultaneous assault on the remaining target ::
Destiny Salladay 11-May-2022 23:05:17
+Atlantis+ She did it. Hannah did it. He's gone. The Lights have gone dark.
MCO Cdr Kuari 11-May-2022 23:05:39
:: sees the incoming fleet order :: MTAC: Gamma is our target.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 23:05:54
:: nods :: MCO: Aye, Captain.
CMO LCdr Acacia 11-May-2022 23:05:56
:: furrows a brow, looking up from her console ::
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 23:06:13
ACTION> Target Gamma suddenly disappears, fading away in a matter of seconds.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 23:06:28
:: looks at his display ::
AXO Cdr Wright 11-May-2022 23:06:32
+Salladay+ ... Say again, Salladay? Sarreon is gone?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 11-May-2022 23:06:44
MCO: Uh, Captain...? Target Gamma is gone.
Destiny Salladay 11-May-2022 23:07:41
+Atlantis+ He's gone. It's over.
CO Cdor Harper 11-May-2022 23:07:41
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