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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
A few days after Commander Kuari assumed command of Meridian with her interim crew, that ship is in far better condition than when we found her adrift with her crew slaughtered by the mysterious Sarreon. Acting on intelligence provided by the sole survivor of that attack, Lt. Commander Leirone, our flotilla is in slipstream en route to an incredibly remote star system on the absolute edge of the galaxy. There, we hope to examine the remnants of a failed invasion of the Milky Way by the extragalactic civilization known as The Fall, in order to learn more about how to stop Sarreon.
After 04-May-2022 00:00:00
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:15:54
:: having noticed the time, she exits the ready room onto the bridge ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 21:16:31
:: is at his station on the bridge, finally feeling as close to 100% recovered as he can hope for ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:16:57
:: stretches his back ::
Son of a bitch...
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 21:17:06
:: at the helm of the Meridian, monitoring the slipstream flight of a Prometheus-class for the first time ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 04-May-2022 21:17:19
:: sits at her new station, the counselor's station, working idly on the console and nodding to Kate as she enters ::
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 21:17:29
:: looks up as Kate exits the ready room ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:18:00
:: smiles to Lexy and Emily, then addresses her wife :: AXO: Status, number one?
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 04-May-2022 21:18:19
:: monitoring Atlantis's slipstream flight ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:18:24
:: is on the bridge of the Meridian, doing her best as captain ::
MMO Lt Straynj 04-May-2022 21:19:11
:: is also on the bridge of the Meridian, watching the viewscreen anxiously ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:19:13
:: moves into the turbolift :: Bridge.
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 21:19:21
:: thinks back on the past few days away from Atlantis, and can't say that he's enjoyed the time away from Jester and Emily, as busy as it always is ::
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 21:19:21
:: feels incredibly strange when Kate calls her that :: CO: We are nearing the slipstream tunnel exit, Captain.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:19:35
AXO: Excellent, thank you. :: takes her seat ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 21:19:40
:: is at once excited and terrified to see actual Fall wreckage up close, having only read scant reports ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 04-May-2022 21:20:09
:: feels a sense of comfort that Zorro is on her wing ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 21:20:59
MCO: Slipstream exit in two minutes, capitana.
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:21:30
MNAV: Thank you. :: looks up from her report, approving of their progress, yet somehow not happy enough as they can always do better ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:22:35
:: steps off the turbolift and moves to the Meridian's tactical console ::
:: looks at Kuari ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:23:08
ACTION> The six Starfleet vessels exit slipstream in the destination system, drift not being particularly relevant since their target was the entire star system.
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:23:14
:: tracks Ammora's walk across the back of the bridge, nodding ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 21:23:20
:: notices Ammora's entrance :: MTAC: How's the head, Lieutenant?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:23:41
MEO: It's a bit sore, sir, thanks. I'm all right.
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 21:24:22
MTAC: Good to hear. :: turns back to console ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:24:24
ACTION> On the main viewers across the flotilla, a striking scene is revealed; the central red giant star is orbited by an immense dense disc of debris, equal in scale to a planetary orbit with the radius of Jupiter's.
CMO LCdr Acacia 04-May-2022 21:24:25
:: glances up at that, but keeps to herself ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 21:24:36
MCO: Normal space achieved.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:24:43
:: taps the console ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:24:58
:: looks up at the view, appreciating the scene, but notices the debris ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 21:25:03
:: sees the debris field :: Self/Bridge: Holy shit.
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 21:25:43
:: looks up to the main viewer from his readouts of their drift and final flight data :: Whoa.
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:26:03
MTAC: Mr. Ammora, scans.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:26:10
:: runs scans ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 04-May-2022 21:26:17
:: quietly :: CO: Normal space achieved. Relatively minor drift.
MMO Lt Straynj 04-May-2022 21:26:25
:: begins analyzing scans as best he can ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:26:26
MCO: Standard particles from what I see.
MCO: Debris is of numerous composites.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:27:00
ACTION> Scans reveal the debris to be artificial in nature.
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 21:27:02
:: stares up at the debris field, then immediately queues up scans to run on Kate's order ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:27:37
MCO: Most of the particles in the field are of an artificial nature.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:27:37
NAV2: Thank you, Jester. :: eyes the main viewer, then Lexy :: AXO: What do you make of that?
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:28:03
:: ponders the information for a moment :: MTAC: Thank you. We'll wait for orders.
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 21:28:33
CO: Ready to perform detailed scanning operations, Captain.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:28:45
:: nods :: AXO: By all means.
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 21:28:57
:: kicks off the scans ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 21:29:19
Bridge: I wonder how many ships it took to create this field. Reports were that Fall ships ranged from the size of Atlantis or Meridian, all the way to ships the size of moons.
CMO LCdr Acacia 04-May-2022 21:29:48
:: watches the viewscreen cautiously ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 21:29:56
:: smirks :: MEO: That's no moon...
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 21:30:27
:: reports similar results ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 21:30:41
:: smirks back at MNAV ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:30:48
MEO: I'm getting readings with Federation signatures... well... remnants at least...
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:31:17
:: frowns at Ammora :: MTAC: Can you identify?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:31:47
MCO: Uh, I can't... I can't... standby... :: rapidly taps the controls ::
MMO Lt Straynj 04-May-2022 21:31:47
:: cringes, continuing his search for biological material among the scans ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:32:13
:: she leans forward, resting an elbow on the arm of her chair as she pinches her chin ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:32:15
:: deepens her frown, staring at Ammora in concern ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 21:32:21
:: furrows brow at Ammora :: MTAC: How can that be? No one in the Federation even knew about this. Unless there was some kind of covert op.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:33:14
AXO: Send a message to the fleet to spread out around the orbit of this debris field, so that we can cover it more quickly. Search for any debris of significant size or complexity.
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 21:33:50
:: sends said message, then begins using the computer to crunch some numbers ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 21:36:07
MCO: Message from Atlantis, capitana. Orders are to spread out around the entire orbit and scan for significant debris.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:36:33
MCO: These readings are... I don't know... it's not like anything I've seen. The Federation signatures I'm seeing don't actually exist... I don't know what I'm looking at. The readings are of a massive nature. These ships are... Commander, I don't know what these readings are telling me.
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 21:37:29
CO: Captain, based on some quick calculations, I think I can place the time of this destruction in June of 2398.
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:37:33
:: is completely bewildered, thinking for a moment :: MNAV: Proceed with the search as ordered.
MMO Lt Straynj 04-May-2022 21:37:39
:: looks up, also bewildered ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:38:17
AXO: Three years ago? Something of this scale happened three years ago and we never knew?
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 21:38:35
MCO: We could be looking at elements that simply don't exist in our galaxy.
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 21:38:45
MCO: Aye aye. :: coordinates with the other NAV officers through their protocols and warps the Meridian to their part of the search area ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:38:54
:: looks at Leirone ::
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 21:38:59
CO: I know, it's... hard to imagine, but I've run the numbers several times.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:39:20
ACTION> The six ships spread out equally along the debris field's orbit and proceed with their search in true efficient Starfleet fashion.
:: holds her mouth open for a moment as if to speak, but can't find the words ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:42:05
MCO: Our ships are spreading out across the debris field.
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:42:54
:: continues to ponder on Ammora's findings, wishing she had her own console on this bridge, but decides it's a test of her captaining ability to use her crew as they were intended :: MTAC: Let's do our part, run more detailed scans. If there's anything in our piece of the pie, let's find it.
CMO LCdr Acacia 04-May-2022 21:42:55
:: glances back at Kate during her speechless moment, seeming to agree with her bewilderment ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:43:23
:: finally gathers herself :: Bridge: Alright. There's work to be done, then. Whoever did stop this, here, needs to have not done it only for this Sarreon to come along and ruin it.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:43:27
MCO: Aye. :: nods and starts running scans ::
:: looks at structural integrity ::
:: blinks ::
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 21:44:30
CO: From a materials standpoint, a significant portion of the debris is... exotic. Alloys that should be impossible. Extremely heavy elements that should not exist stably.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:44:38
MEO: Commander Leirone, can you confirm something for me, please?
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 21:45:24
MTAC: What's up, Lieutenant?
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:45:37
AXO: Can we safely bring samples aboard?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:46:47
MEO: There's piece of debris at bearing 3-4-9, mark 1-0-3. The hull looks like it destroyed outward. Can you confirm that the shrapnel came from the inside?
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:46:54
:: thinks to herself, at least she has Atlantis as technically still her superior to fall back on, perking an ear towards Ammora ::
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 21:47:10
CO: There are also remnants of spatial anomalies that could have been caused by... I don't know... some kind of tearing of space-time? And unknown whether samples could be safely contained, Captain. This material is entirely novel.
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 21:47:29
MTAC: Sure thing. :: performs a scan at that bearing/mark :: Whoa.
CMO LCdr Acacia 04-May-2022 21:48:18
:: listens intently to the bridge chatter, intrigued ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 21:48:37
MTAC: Something tore through the interior like greased lightning. Just... Wow, just look at the tearing at those bulkheads. If those are bulkheads.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:49:04
MEO: I can't believe I'm saying this again... I don't know what I'm looking at.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:49:21
:: taps on her chin with a finger :: AXO: There will be time for that later, then. In the meantime, get everything you can while we search. Understanding of such materials could lead to jumps in science and engineering.
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 21:49:55
ACTION> The Meridian's scans pick up a large derelict in the debris field, a short impulse course away.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 04-May-2022 21:50:30
:: looks down at the helm console to see that Commander Wright has sent a fleetwide navigational notice containing the coordinates of spatial anomaly remnants to avoid ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:50:53
:: hears the scanning results beep ::
MCO: Captain, I'm picking up something in the debris field.
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 21:51:24
:: sees the notice from Alexis and restricts those areas from approach ::
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 21:51:26
CO: Indeed, Captain.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:51:52
:: keeps tapping on his panel ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:51:58
MTAC: Something?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:52:36
MCO: I can't tell if it's a ship. But there's a large mass in the center of the debris field. 2-4-1, mark 3-9.
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:53:00
MTAC: Active? Energy readings?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:53:28
MCO: I'm not getting any readings of energy... but the debris field itself may be skewing the readings.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:54:36
:: turns her eyes back to the debris field, trying to make sense of all of this as she watches the slowly drifting chunks of whatever turn in the red light cast by the relatively nearby giant star ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:54:47
MTAC: Hail Atlantis.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:55:52
MCO: Aye, Captain. :: nods and hails Atlantis ::
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 21:56:11
CO: Meridian is hailing us, Captain.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:56:35
AXO: On screen. :: doesn't stand ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 04-May-2022 21:56:50
:: looks up and practices looking neutral and professional ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 21:56:55
MCO: Atlantis is responding.
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 21:57:09
:: puts it on the screen and looks up ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:57:21
+CO+ Captain Harper, Mr. Ammora is detecting something significant. It's difficult to identify with the interference, but it could be a derelict ship. We're going to approach.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 21:58:47
+MCO+ Well done, Kuari. We will continue to search our area, but can join you if necessary. This place is bizarre, so be careful.
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:59:25
+CO+ I'll keep you apprised. Meridian out.
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 21:59:27
:: readies an impulse intercept upon hearing that ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 21:59:44
MTAC: Mr. Ammora, yellow alert please.
MNAV: Take us in, Mr. Navarro, carefully.
MMO Lt Straynj 04-May-2022 22:00:15
:: takes a deep breath, checking with Sickbay that they're ready via his console ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:00:42
:: activates yellow alert :: Yellow Alert, aye.
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 22:00:47
MCO: Aye aye. :: engages the impulse drive and begins the approach through the debris ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:01:00
:: looks at the debris spread ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 22:01:33
:: tries not to worry, confident that Kuari and her crew have this handled ::
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 22:02:15
:: worries, because that's what she does ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:02:27
MNAV: Lieutenant Navarro, watch the drift on the... uh... chunk... coming in from port.
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 22:03:01
MTAC: I see it, sneaky thing... :: adjusts course ::
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 22:03:19
:: busies herself by running probability analyses to determine the risk in collecting a sample ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:03:28
:: watches the adjustment :: MNAV: Nice piloting, sir...
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 04-May-2022 22:03:40
:: watches Zorro navigate the debris field, confident in his abilities ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 22:03:41
:: doesn't stress, doesn't stress ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 22:03:55
MTAC: Thanks. I hope I don't have to compliment your aim today.
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:04:19
:: watches the readings on all the debris they pass :: Self: Jesus, this is unreal.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:04:27
MNAV: Your piloting and my aim, I think we'll be fine. :: smirks ::
MMO Lt Straynj 04-May-2022 22:04:40
:: keeps his cool outwardly, but is screaming in his head ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:05:04
ACTION> As the Meridian draws closer, they find the derelict Fall ship. It's unthinkably large for a ship—about 150% the size of a starbase.
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 22:05:15
:: with Meridian begin significantly smaller than a Sovereign, he certainly appreciates the maneuverability advantage ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:05:39
:: looks at his panel ::
MMO Lt Straynj 04-May-2022 22:06:07
:: aloud :: MAll: By the Gods…
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 22:06:26
:: brings the ship to a stop near the giant derelict ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:06:28
MCO: Captain, I'm getting readings of an... an... I don't know... it's a ship, I think, something huge... our readings were masked by the debris field...
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 22:07:12
:: gives Ammora big eyes, waiting for more ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:07:16
MCO: That's a ... uh... :: looks at his console :: It's a ship.
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 22:07:29
:: then truly registers its size :: Ay, dios mío...
MMO Lt Straynj 04-May-2022 22:07:49
:: shudders :: Self: That’s all one piece?
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 22:08:13
MTAC: Signature identification?
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:08:18
MCO: Confirming propulsion systems. God, the energy signature on this thing must've been... :: sighs ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:08:22
:: taps away ::
MCO: It's definitely a Fall ship, ma'am.
MCO: I've never seen anything so massive...
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 22:09:43
MTAC: On screen.
MTAC: And...hail Atlantis again.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:10:00
:: activates the viewscreen ::
MCO: Yes, ma'am. :: hails the Atlantis ::
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 22:10:13
CO: Meridian again, Captain.
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 22:10:14
:: stares ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 22:10:17
AXO: Put them up.
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:10:21
MCO: I'm scanning those propulsion systems, and... I'd imagine it's useless now, but that thing... These ships moved between galaxies.
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 22:10:22
:: tap tap ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 22:10:53
+CO+ Captain, it seems we've found the Fall ship. It's...massive. You might want to get over here.
MMO Lt Straynj 04-May-2022 22:11:04
:: shudders again. The hell did he sign up for? ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 22:11:52
:: thinks that if Kuari's calling her over, it must be really significant :: +MCO+ On our way. Atlantis out.
NAV2: Rendezvous with the Meridian.
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 22:12:23
:: looks over at Ammora again, sharing a look ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:12:36
MTAC: Lieutenant Ammora, help me scan for deflector and weapons systems. We're gonna wanna get a good look at those, in case we wind up going toe-to-toe with one.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 04-May-2022 22:13:06
CO: Aye, Captain. :: begins plotting a course to take the larger ship through the debris field ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:14:08
:: nods ::
MCO/MEO: Scanning defensive systems...
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 04-May-2022 22:14:24
:: while she's plotting the course, executes a precision warp hop over to the correct area ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 22:15:06
AXO: I don't want to abandon the search of the remainder of the debris just yet in favor of this find, so have the rest of the fleet expand their searches to cover what remains of ours.
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 22:15:28
:: approves of the coordination on the bridge and stands by for their results, looking back at the sight on the main viewer and thinking ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:17:19
MTAC: I think I've located what has to be their deflector system. It's... bizarre.
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 22:17:41
CO: Aye, Captain. :: transmits the orders to the fleet ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:18:14
MCO/MEO: I am seeing the same scans. Commander Leirone, I can't tell if it's active or not. I'm not getting an energy signature, but I'm getting something...
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:18:32
MCO: These systems are deep in the structure. I think we'll get better readings from this thing if we either send in probes or go aboard. Personally I vote for the former.
MTAC: It's that...that particle generator-looking thing, right? What the hell is that thing?
MMO Lt Straynj 04-May-2022 22:19:04
:: clenches at the mere suggestion of going aboard ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 22:20:14
:: watches the main viewer as Atlantis approaches the debris field, but is confident in Jester's flying ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:20:21
MCO: I'm getting so many distortions around that generator. It's like the sensors don't want to look at it.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:21:23
:: takes a deep breath ::
MCO/MEO: So, let's go over there...
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 22:21:41
:: notes that Atlantis is about to enter the field, so he pays attention to watch the show ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 04-May-2022 22:21:51
:: puts her paperwork away to watch the viewer, her attention captured ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:21:57
:: it dawns on him :: MCO: I know where I've seen something like that.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 22:22:18
:: leans over to Emily :: CMO: It's a longshot, but do you... sense anything?
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:22:27
MCO: Sarreon generated something similar around the Meridian. Stopped anyone from transporting in or out. We couldn't even get a shuttle through it.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 04-May-2022 22:22:51
:: breathes evenly and takes it slow as they approach the Meridian and the debris field grows more dense ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 04-May-2022 22:23:38
:: takes a sharp breath and shakes her head :: CO: Nothing alive far as I can feel..
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:24:10
MTAC: Lieutenant, any luck on the weapons systems? I still can't find those.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 22:24:41
:: sighs, she knew it was a longshot, after all ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 04-May-2022 22:24:59
:: wishes she could be more helpful, but just gives a shrug ::
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 22:25:46
:: when she heard Kate say "Longshot," couldn't help but think of the planet they'd given the same name years ago ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:26:15
:: continues to search :: MEO: I see residual systems that interface... but nothing specific. That thing is massive.
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 22:26:30
:: considers, having weighed presented options :: MTAC: Mr. Ammora, launch a probe as Leirone has suggested.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:26:45
:: nods :: MCO: Yes, ma'am.
:: launches probe as instructed ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 22:28:27
:: observes Jester's flight through the debris with some envy that she's not the one at the helm flying ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:28:29
:: is able to get scant readings of the deflector system :: MCO: It's definitely particulate in nature. No idea what it's comprised of, but it looks like it's a particle field that can be manipulated to distort and shield against a range of attacks or infiltrations. The particulate nature might explain why we couldn't get a shuttle out when Sarreon was attacking, but Atlantis could get a shuttle in after he was gone. The field dissipated so he could lure the shuttles in.
ACTION> Once the probe is in position, it begins to get more readings of the ship's defensive systems, transmitting them back to the Meridian's tactical console.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:31:09
:: taps his console :: It's a construct...
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:31:19
ACTION> The particle generator is as Leirone guessed, but its system suggests that it was once controlled by artificial intelligence.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:31:54
MEO: It's based on a full frontal assault.
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 22:32:32
:: frowns :: MEO: Send your readings to Atlantis for consideration. This is certainly technology we need to be more familiar with.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:32:48
:: continues his assessment ::
Self: Triangulation
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:33:17
MCO: Aye, Captain. I'll compile mine with Lieutenant Ammora's and we'll send it over.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:33:47
MCO/MEO: Wait...
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 22:33:58
::smiles as Atlantis approaches, nodding at Jester's precise navigation of the debris field, even with the larger ship ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:34:02
MTAC: What's up, Lieutenant?
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 22:34:04
:: opens her mouth to speak, then waits for Ammora to explain ::
MMO Lt Straynj 04-May-2022 22:34:45
:: listens, anxious ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 04-May-2022 22:34:51
:: makes her final approach to Meridian at one quarter impulse ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:35:23
MCO/MEO: Two points. The readings I'm seeing and what Commander Leirone said leads me to believe that it needs multiple points to breach the shield. Or at least the perimeter.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 22:35:53
NAV2: Well-flown, Jester.
:: she takes in the sight on the main viewer, shaking her head in disbelief that this is a ship and not a starbase :: AXO: I... am certain that Meridian already has lots of scan data, but see what you can get.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 04-May-2022 22:36:38
:: turns and gives Firefly a little salute ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:36:39
MTAC: As in, numerous ships have to hit it at once to even make a dent?
:: stomach sinks ::
AXO Cdr Wright 04-May-2022 22:37:08
:: nods wordlessly and begins scanning, trying not to be intimidated by the overwhelming size of it ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 22:37:15
CTO: Captain Grey, analyze its weaponry and defense systems.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:37:18
MEO: Fighters, ships, whatever. We hit it in the same spot and it will buckle. Enough to... uh... transport through it.
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:38:12
MTAC: Well. Good thing we have more than one ship, then.
CTO Cpt Grey 04-May-2022 22:38:40
CO: Yes ma'am. :: fingers flying over the analysis and watching for the results ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:39:04
MTAC: I want to run simulations. You have enough data for us to create a holo-simulation, and test it out?
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 22:39:22
MTAC: I wasn't considering attacking yet, just probing. Are you suggesting we need to send several probes for one to go through, or just provide information for if we need to transport?
MNAV Lt Navarro 04-May-2022 22:40:08
:: sends a message to Atlantis's helm complimenting the flight through the debris field ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:40:42
MCO: It depends on what we want to do. Multiple probes, using Meridian and Atlantis, we can get the job done. But what do we want? If we open enough of a gap to scan, it'll be short. If we want prolonged research, we do the same thing but beam a team through it onto the ship itself.
MCO Cdr Kuari 04-May-2022 22:42:38
MTAC: I just wanted to see if a probe could tell us more, but if we need the coordination of several ships for one to be effective, we can do that.
CTO Cpt Grey 04-May-2022 22:43:23
CO: The scanners aren't coming back with much... Whatever this is made out of doesn't want to be scanned. :: looks up to Harper cautiously ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 22:44:06
:: nods to Grey :: CTO: Message Lt. Ammora and see if they've made any progress with that on Meridian. No need to duplicate efforts.
CTO Cpt Grey 04-May-2022 22:44:59
:: nods, doing exactly that :: +MTAC+ The scans on that ship aren't coming back with anything. Are yours picking up anything?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:47:00
+CTO+ We're getting fragmented readings. What I assumed was a shielding issue was actually the particulates in the immediate orbit of the ship. We will have to get through the overall debris field if we want concrete information.
MEO LCdr Leirone 04-May-2022 22:49:40
MTAC: Is that probe pulling any more information, Lieutenant?
:: gets up and heads for the TAC console to look at it with Ammora ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 22:52:59
:: overhears the comm :: CTO: Perhaps try linking the sensors of both ships to increase resolution via interferometry.
CTO Cpt Grey 04-May-2022 22:54:08
+MTAC+ Did you hear the Commodore's suggestion? :: frowns as she glances over the results :: +MTAC+ Let's link up and give joint scanning a go.
CMO LCdr Acacia 04-May-2022 22:57:20
:: watches with interest ::
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 22:58:22
ACTION> Atlantis receives a subspace transmission from the Roland.
Hannah Ziredac 04-May-2022 22:59:00
+Atlantis+ Atlantis, this is Hannah Ziredac aboard the Roland. We've found Sarreon. Say again, we found the son of a bitch. Sending coordinates for the rendezvous. Smoke em if you got em, y'all. Let's end this.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:59:20
:: looks up, doing two things at once ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 04-May-2022 22:59:27
:: blinks ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 04-May-2022 22:59:42
+CTO+ Nothing conclusive on the probe scans.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 22:59:49
:: looks up as the message comes in, then nods :: +HZ+ Understood, Hannah. We will meet you there.
Hannah Ziredac 04-May-2022 23:00:20
+Atlantis+ Thanks, Kate. See you on the other side.
CO Cdor Harper 04-May-2022 23:00:25
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