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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Four days after the murder of Lt. D'bryn by the mysterious Sarreon, who also massacred the entire crew of the USS Meridian except for one, Lt. Commander Jack Leirone, we are working to get the Meridian back into action while waiting for reinforcements to arrive. Crews have been working to clean up the grisly scene, having already moved most of the bodies to a makeshift morgue in a cargo bay, and now, the Meridian's new interim command staff gathers in the transporter room to beam over and take command.
After 27-Apr-2022 00:00:00
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:15:55
:: in the transporter room, meeting the interim Meridian staff ::
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 21:17:37
:: arrives in the transporter room and briefly looks quite nervous, but seems to settle in quickly. He nods to Harper :: CO: ..Commodore.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:17:44
:: waiting in the TR with tools and some engineers ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 21:17:54
:: sitting at Main Sci/Ops, currently in command of the Atlantis while the Commodore is off the bridge ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:18:02
:: nods to Straynj :: MMO: Doctor.
MXO LCdr T’Lira 27-Apr-2022 21:18:22
:: standing in the TR, hands clasped behind her back, pondering the illogical nature of nervousness ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 21:18:27
:: walks briskly into the TR, ready to fly a Prometheus ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:18:28
:: stands ready, looking at Harper ::
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 21:18:46
:: steps onto the pad and rolls his shoulders back ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:19:03
:: smiles and greets everyone as they arrive ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:19:25
:: enters the TR and stops when fully inside, looking over those assembled ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:19:28
:: right hand shakes, brushes it off ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 27-Apr-2022 21:19:37
:: sits on the bridge at her station, looking over paperwork idly ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 27-Apr-2022 21:20:08
:: sitting at the helm, a bit groggy from the shift change ::
ENG Ens Davis 27-Apr-2022 21:21:02
:: takes a breath before stepping into Main Engineering for his first shift in charge :: :: is glad he has Byrne with him to co-lead ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:21:41
:: looks at Kuari, rigids his stance ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:21:55
TR: Good morning, everyone! I know that it goes without saying that the Atlantis crew can manage two ships for a while, and that you will make me proud over there. So go bring the Meridian back into the fold. :: smiles and nods to Kuari :: Acting Captain Kuari, your crew.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:22:57
:: half-turns to face Kuari, still moving slow ::
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 21:23:16
:: bows his head to Kuari ::
CTO Cpt Grey 27-Apr-2022 21:23:26
:: is on the bridge, glancing over to where one of the other Marines stood instead of Ammora, but manning her station as usual ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:23:26
:: smiles warmly to everyone, directing her attention to Harper. She nods curtly when indicated :: CO: We will get the Meridian ship shape, Captain.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:23:44
:: nods and smiles ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:24:01
MCO: I know. :: steps back ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 21:24:29
:: steps up on to the transporter pad ::
ENG Ens Davis 27-Apr-2022 21:24:38
:: re-checks the system the invader damaged; looks like they got everything back up to green ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 27-Apr-2022 21:25:00
:: stifles a yawn as she checks that everything is as it should be ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 27-Apr-2022 21:25:22
:: offers Wright an encouraging smile, feeling her anxiety from where she sits ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:25:37
:: turns to her crew :: Merdian Crew: All right, you heard the captain, we've got a job to do.
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 21:25:50
:: nods to Kuari ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:26:05
:: nods ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 21:26:35
:: Sadly, has her back to Acacia... she could really use the encouragement right now. Instead, she busies herself with mundane operational tasks ::
MXO LCdr T’Lira 27-Apr-2022 21:26:51
:: dips her chin in acknowledgement, casting her gaze across the rest of the crew ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:27:17
:: steps up onto the transporter pad with the others, nodding to T'Lira :: MXO: Shall we?
CMO LCdr Acacia 27-Apr-2022 21:27:28
:: shakes her head, going back to her paperwork. She's here to offer moral support either way ::
MXO LCdr T’Lira 27-Apr-2022 21:28:20
:: steps up beside Kuari :: MCO: Of course, sir.
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 21:28:22
:: spent part of last night reading the manual for the Prometheus, and is looking forward to getting to the helm ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:28:48
:: steps up onto the transporter pad, wincing a little at the step-up ::
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 21:28:50
:: manages a smile ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:29:03
:: moves up to the far back left position ::
self :: under his breath :: Here we go...
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:29:21
:: nods back to Harper, then to the transporter room chief once everyone is ready : TRC: Energize.
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:30:33
ACTION> The Meridian's interim command staff shimmers away from Atlantis and appears in a dimly-lit empty transporter room aboard Meridian. There's minimal power, but it's in better shape than it was a few days ago.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:30:53
:: looks around after he materializes ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 21:30:55
:: notes the blip in the transport logs ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:31:30
:: moves to the closest panel ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:31:49
:: smiles as she watches them go, proud, but with a bit of worry in the back of her mind ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:32:32
:: taps it as he looks at the readouts ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:32:46
:: she places a hand on the transporter console, nods to the Chief and thanks them, then exits ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:32:55
:: looks around at the dim room, then toward Ammora expectantly ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:33:09
:: heads for the TR door :: MCO: I'll be heading to Main Engineering, Captain. I'll get our power back to optimal.
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 21:33:39
:: steps off the transporter pad and waves as he heads for the door :: MCO: I will prepare Sickbay.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:34:04
MCO + MEO: We're operating currently at 41% efficiency. Main systems are online, turbolifts, environmental controls, life support...
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 21:34:16
:: waits, bound for the bridge when the group leaves ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 21:34:17
NAV2: The transport is away. :: feels like she should tell someone ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:34:50
:: enters the TL :: Bridge.
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:34:52
:: smiles :: MEO: You read my mind. I'll await your update on what we've got to work with.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 27-Apr-2022 21:35:08
:: glances over at Wright, unsure what she's supposed to do with this information :: AXO: Acknowledged.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:35:11
:: keeps tapping on the panel ::
:: mutters under his breath :: Weapons, shields, all in the in-between...
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 21:35:43
:: hopes he remembers how to get to Sickbay... how embarrassing that would be ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:35:44
:: nods to Straynj as he rushes off ::
:: waits on Ammora to finish his review at the console ::
MXO LCdr T’Lira 27-Apr-2022 21:36:35
:: looks around the dimly lit room, carefully observing their surroundings with a wary eye ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:36:59
MTAC: Thanks, Lieutenant. I'll keep you all abreast. :: limps off down the corridor toward the TR ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:37:22
MCO: Ma'am, we're looking at half of the phaser banks can be charged, half the torpedo bays ready to ignite, and the shields have about 60% with regards to coverage.
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:38:28
:: arrives on the bridge and walks to the center, not surprised to find Lexy at Ops instead of in the command chair :: AXO: Status, Commander?
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 21:38:56
CO: All systems nominal, Captain, nothing to report.
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:39:32
:: nods :: MTAC: All right. A Prometheus class is a tough little ship, so even with that she should be able to defend herself short-term, especially with Atlantis nearby. It's a start. Take a tour of the ship, make sure she's secure with your own eyes and scans. I want a full report when it's complete.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:39:50
:: nods ::
MCO: Yes, ma'am.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:40:04
:: takes the TL down to ME with the engineers :: ENGs: Alright, guys. Sarreon doesn't work in brute sabotage. He likes his sabotage to be a confusing surprise, plenty of misdirection. We were reading false power surges and outages that got past false-signal failsafes. Had us running all over the ship, putting out imaginary fires. Look for the most subtle problems; get down to the root; you'll find the fix in the smallest parts. Copy?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:40:10
:: exits the transporter room ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:40:28
ENGs> :: variations of aye and yes sir ::
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 21:40:30
:: arrives in Sickbay and breathes a sigh of relief. He begins taking inventory, using a flashlight in the low light ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:40:44
:: looks to T'Lira :: MXO: Shall we head to the bridge?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:40:57
Self> Okay, you got this. Check the phaser couplings, check the torpedo ports, check the shield deflector...
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:41:23
AXO: Thank you, Commander. :: continues crossing the bridge toward the ready room ::
MXO LCdr T’Lira 27-Apr-2022 21:41:24
MCO: Perhaps it will be in more serviceable condition than the transporter room, sir.
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:42:33
:: smiles and begins their journey towards the bridge :: MXO: The best place to officially take command, and to assess the ship as a whole. Let's go.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:42:39
:: TL doors open :: ENGs: :: fan out and get to work :: :: shambles after them, wondering when his recovery is going to get to 100% already ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 21:43:10
:: notes Kate's transition to the ready room with some surprise, but says nothing ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:43:21
:: begins pulling in Engineering telemetry to his PADD ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 21:43:33
:: follows along, idly wondering how long he'll end up away from Emily and Jester ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:43:57
:: enters the ready room and slips behind her desk for a few minutes, checking in on the status of their reinforcements and swiping some other things over to her PADD to read while on the bridge ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 27-Apr-2022 21:44:27
:: glances up at Harper as she passes, then goes back to her paperwork idly ::
MXO LCdr T’Lira 27-Apr-2022 21:44:44
:: follows along to the bridge, looking around as they move through the ship, noting that there may be some work required, but nothing that could be considered a major delay, though she is no engineer ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 27-Apr-2022 21:45:29
:: presses a few buttons unnecessarily, essentially asking the ship to do what it's already doing, just to keep her mind active ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:45:59
:: accesses his terminal, pulling up a chair to rest his legs ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:46:10
:: assesses the ship alongside T'Lira on their route, then enters the bridge with her after a TL ride ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:46:14
:: gets into the turbolift :: Computer, phaser bank control.
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:46:36
:: takes the PADD and tucks it under her arm, then grabs a cup of drakberry tea from the replicator before returning to the bridge ::
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 21:46:44
:: logs into the Sickbay console, recording his inventory and specifying damages ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:46:44
:: reads the failures in the power conduits, looks deeper ::
:: knows that Sarreon couldn't have gotten into the reactor itself without anyone noticing, so starts looking at the sensors ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 21:47:24
:: notes Kate's return ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:47:42
:: crosses to the center and takes her seat, looking around after placing her tea into the cupholder ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 21:48:11
:: smells a hint of the tea and wonders why Kate's been so fond of that lately ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 21:48:24
:: once they enter the bridge, he beelines for the helm ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:48:26
:: steps off the turbolift and heads down the hallway ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:48:35
:: walks to the center seat of the Meridian bridge, the area small compared to the bridge of Atlantis ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:48:57
:: specifically locates the sensors that don't trigger alarms or error messages ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:49:04
:: finds it strange without Kuari to her right; she's been away many times before, of course, but now she's away away ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:49:28
:: walks into the phaser control room ::
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 21:49:35
:: opens a panel to see if he can get the lights on without having to call anyone ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:49:36
Self> Oh shit...
MXO LCdr T’Lira 27-Apr-2022 21:50:15
:: peers around the bridge. She has never been aboard a ship of this class before, so it is certainly a new experience and it takes her a moment to place where everything is according to the schematics she memorized the day prior ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:50:21
:: takes a deep breath :: Self> You got this
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:50:23
:: nods :: :: internally :: The reroute sensors. Clever bastard. Iesius: Ensign, uh... I'm sorry, I'm going to butcher your last name.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:50:39
:: checks the diagnostic panel ::
One, four...
Alpha route is stable...
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 21:51:11
:: sits down at the helm and logs in, glad to see that computer recognized him - apparently those temporary transfer orders took ::
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 21:51:20
:: really puts that engineering credit from the Academy to work, fixing some crossed wires ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:51:40
Self> Breathe
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:51:58
:: looks to her left and smirks, as no one ever sits there since Dr. Endilev isn't the bridge sort of counselor ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:52:08
Iesius> :: pronounces it :: :: blinks :: Alright, Ensign. The reroute sensors are the ones that were compromised within the power distribution system. From what I can tell, he absolutely burned our their programming and replaced it with his own. We're going to need to reinstall them.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:52:18
Self> Port power alignment is nominal... starboard is laggy...
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:52:19
:: notes the joined console below and in front of her seat, Navarro manning one side ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:52:23
Iesius> All of them, sir?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:52:31
:: eyes dart back and forth ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 21:52:43
:: does a quick systems check, the procedure not too different from a Sovereign ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:53:55
Self> Gel packs
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:54:13
:: nods :: Fraid so, Ensign. You ever done one? Iesius> I've reinstalled sensors, but not those. Iesius: Well, these are cake. Meridian-A's top of the line, and top of the line means easy to fix. Shouldn't take more than a couple hours with a team of four. I'd like you to lead that. Iesius> :: nods :: Aye, Commander.
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 21:54:14
:: winces as the lights power up to full, then cheers to an empty Sickbay :: Self: Yes! Haha!
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:54:29
+MEO+ Ammora to Leirone.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:54:42
+MTAC+ Leirone here.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:55:29
+MEO+ We're getting some... uh... drag on the power from the starboard power cycle. All my readings look good, but I think... I think.... I think it's the gel packs.
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:55:51
:: looks around the bridge again, noting Suzuki at the helm, but uses her callsign as she sometimes does with the Sharks :: NAV2: Good morning, Jester; nice to see you up here, and I hope the shift change was not too disruptive.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:55:53
:: reaches over to another console ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:56:18
+MTAC+ That sounds like a spillover from the actual surges we got near the end of our ordeal. How many gel packs are affected?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:56:18
+MEO+ It's the same power dim that I'm getting from the port torpedo bays.
+MEO+ Uh, uh, I don't know... half a dozen? Maybe. I don't know.
Self> You don't know?!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 27-Apr-2022 21:57:18
:: turns to look at the Commodore :: CO: Not a problem, Firefl--Captain. I am at your service.
CMO LCdr Acacia 27-Apr-2022 21:57:27
:: finishes with one document and looks around, smiling when she spots Harper’s tea ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:57:37
:: taps the console ::
:: traces the power drain with his finger :: One, two...
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 21:57:51
NAV: Mr. Navarro, is communications operational enough to hail Atlantis? It would be a nice touch, instead of using Atlantis' communication system.
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:57:52
:: nods and smiles :: NAV2: Thank you.
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 21:58:24
:: smiles and slides his diagnostics window over to bring up the Ops interface ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:58:27
+MTAC+ I already have a team addressing shipwide power distribution. I imagine we'd've wound up fabbing a couple dozen gel packs, so I'll fab a dozen and have someone take some up to you. Should be... twenty minutes.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:58:35
:: keeps moving :: Three... four... no, that's a phantom, the secondary one will cover it...
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 21:58:59
MCO: Let's see...:: tries the comm, hailing Atlantis ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:59:11
+MEO+ Copy that.
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 21:59:25
:: looks down at the console :: CO: The Meridian is hailing us, Captain.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:59:33
Four... five... six...
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 21:59:40
:: stands, does his stretches ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 21:59:49
:: looks up to the main viewer and stands :: AXO: On screen.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 21:59:51
Self> seven, check your path
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:00:16
:: knows he needs the walk, so he makes the gel-pack fab his own task ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 22:00:25
:: taptaps and looks up at the main viewer ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 27-Apr-2022 22:00:36
:: turns back to face the viewscreen ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:00:39
:: looks at the pathway again ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 27-Apr-2022 22:00:45
:: looks up, raising an eyebrow ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:01:54
+MEO+ Ammora to Leirone. The pathway of burnt out gel packs is on the port side, Sierra Tango seven. Grid six. It couples in between the phasers and the torpedo bays. That's why one side works and the other side doesn't.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:02:15
:: takes the TR up to the Deck 5 Sci labs ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:02:24
+CO+ :: smiles as the image of Atlantis' bridge appears on the screen, if a bit glitchy :: Greetings, from the Meridian.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:02:40
:: moves to another console and starts looking at the shield matrix ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:03:28
+MTAC+ Copy that, Lieutenant. I'll be on my way personally. We probably have a conduit overload. Do me a favor and perform a local shutoff to that power distribution node. You know how?
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 22:03:32
:: smiles at the faces of Kuari and Zorro on the viewer ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:03:34
:: smiles as Kuari appears on the screen, though the dimly-lit bridge behind her is a reminder of what happened there :: +MCO+ Greetings, Captain. How are things over there?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:03:46
:: blinks ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 22:04:08
:: looks up at the bridge of the Atlantis on the viewer and all the friendly faces ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:04:13
+MEO+ Cut the link from the sub-relays, and then do...
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 22:04:35
:: begins working on the speech he will give when the rest of the medical team arrives, realizing he had not planned what to say ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:04:59
Self> You know this...
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:05:24
+MTAC+ No, that's it. Just cut the link from the sub-relays. There should be a console a couple meters aft from the panel you found the burned-out gel packs in. Simple few commands. Standard access.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 27-Apr-2022 22:05:27
:: gives Zorro an almost-imperceptible nod ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 27-Apr-2022 22:05:32
:: smiles when she sees Kuari and Doc, waving in hopes they can see her ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:05:34
:: steps out of TR, heads for Sci labs ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:06:10
+MEO+ Sir, if I cut the power off... :: thinks :: ... from the sub relays, it'll trigger a feedback into the phaser arrays themselves....
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:06:27
+CO+ Everyone's set to work on restoring systems. Power is priority of course, and Ammora reports weapon systems can reach half operation, at least at first. It's a start.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:06:34
+MEO+ :: realizes :: So, kill the sub-relay power and all the connection ports... nevermind, I got it!
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 22:06:38
:: catches the nod and smiles to Jester, then nods to Emily ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:07:05
:: gets to the Sci labs, heads for the replicator :: +MTAC+ Good work, Lieutenant. See you in a few.
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:07:16
+MCO+ Excellent work so far. Keep me updated. We should have reinforcements within the hour as well.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:07:26
:: replicates a dozen gel packs and a bag to carry them in ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:07:31
:: moves a couple meters aft to the other console and kills both the sub-relays and the connecting ports ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:07:47
:: nods :: +CO+ Good, and I will. We'll get back to work. Meridian out.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:07:59
:: looks over at Ariel Kenton's former station, takes a long breath ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 22:08:28
:: closes the channel from her end as well ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:08:34
:: thinks :: You survived in stasis for hundreds of years, and it ended like this.
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:08:53
:: smiles to herself as she sits down, still finding it odd to be alone in center seating arc ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:09:07
+MEO+ Ammora to Leirone, port phaser array is powered down... safely. That means the torpedo tubes are as well. We will have one fore and aft on the starboard side. I'm heading for the shield control room.
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 22:09:09
:: cuts the comm and returns to the diagnostics on the propulsion systems to distract himself from missing them ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:09:14
:: thinks :: Rest easy, Shawna.
+MTAC+ Hold up, Lieutenant. I'm going to need your help with these gel packs. I'm moving slowly these days.
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:10:13
Meridian: Computer, recognize Commander Kuari, authorization TFR-three, seven, seven, and transfer command of the Meridian.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:10:13
:: stops abruptly :: +MEO+ What do you want me to do, sir?
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:10:32
Computer> Commander Kuari, recognized. Command transferred.
:: looks to T'Lira expectantly, to do the same ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:11:03
+MTAC+ I can't spend too much time bent over or in a crouch position. I need someone to do the actual installing for me.
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 22:11:13
:: looks up and nods to Kuari, recognizing the moment ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:11:35
:: eyes widen :: +MEO+ Uh, I'm not an engineer, Commander.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:11:41
:: heads out, gets in TR :: TR: Deck 4
+MTAC+ It's easy as LEGO. And it'll help me a lot.
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:12:57
:: looks again to the disused Counselor's station then, after a thoughtful pause, to Acacia :: CMO: Doctor, would you care to join me at the Counselor's station? I think its console should have the medical data you require.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:13:19
+MEO+ Lego, sir?
CMO LCdr Acacia 27-Apr-2022 22:14:14
:: looks from Harper to the Counselor's chair, and considers. She gives a light shrug, and an :: CO: Alright. :: before sending her console settings over, then gets up and crosses to her new seat ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:15:07
:: exits TR, smirks at that old Kentonism ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:16:05
:: smiles as Emily sits beside her :: CMO: Better view from here, yes?
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:16:06
:: gets to the phaser batteries, spots Ammora ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:16:26
MEO: Commander... :: moves over to him ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:16:39
MTAC: You're telling me you never played with twentieth century building blocks, Lieutenant? :: hands him the back of gel packs ::
MXO LCdr T’Lira 27-Apr-2022 22:16:57
:: straightens almost imperceptibly :: Meridian: Computer, recognize Lieutenant Commander T'Lira, authorization AES one three nine, transfer executive officer authority.
CMO LCdr Acacia 27-Apr-2022 22:17:09
:: sits down, wiggles her fingers, logs into the console and then looks around. She looks back at Kate with a smile :: CO: I think so, yes. I'll have to be more subtle when comms are open, huh? :: she chuckles ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:17:12
:: takes the pack :: MEO: No, sir...
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:17:55
:: joins in the chuckle :: CMO: I think that you'll find a way to manage that. :: picks up the tea and sips at it ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:18:12
Meridian> Lieutenant Commander T'Lira, recognized. Awaiting Captain authorization.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:18:22
MTAC: I only have rudimentary understanding of what they are too; don't worry. My shipmate, Commander Kenton, was... She was a special one. Birth year... :: half-squints, trying to remember :: 1979? 1978?
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 22:18:30
:: nods to Sehlat as well :
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 22:18:42
:: finishes his speech and breathes a sigh of relief. Okay, back to organizing the medical equipment that was in dissarray from the attack ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:18:47
MTAC: She was full of those little references that she had to constantly explain to us.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:19:11
MEO: Okay...
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:19:18
Meridian: Commander Kuari, authorize T'Lira as executive officer, TFR three, seven, seven.
Meridian> Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander T'Lira, authorized.
:: smiles at T'Lira, then breathes in deeply and sits in front of the command chair ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:20:46
:: leads the guy over to the panels he's opened, leans against the wall to shift weight off one leg at a time :: MTAC: Alright, man. You're up. Just yank the burned ones, put the new ones in in the same position.
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 22:21:03
:: smiles and turns forward again :: MCO: Capitana, as for moving this ship - slipstream is offline, the warp drive might give us warp three, and I can get half impulse. Maneuverability is compromised.
CMO LCdr Acacia 27-Apr-2022 22:21:04
:: looks around a few times to re-orient herself in space ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:21:15
MEO: :: follows :: Yank and replace?
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:21:53
MTAC: :: nods :: That's Engineering 101.
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:22:10
ACTION> A Starfleet blip appears on long-range sensors, followed by another, and then another...
MXO LCdr T’Lira 27-Apr-2022 22:22:15
:: nods once, hands clasped behind her back again, before she steps over to an auxiliary console, looking through systems that are accessible and available ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:22:24
MEO: The equivalent of shoot first and ask questions later...
:: rips one gel pack out and replaces it, watching it hum to life ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:22:41
:: nods :: MNAV: It's a good start. At least we're not dead in the water. Thank you. I know Atlantis is keeping an eye on sensors, but be our watchful eye, since our crew is small, for now.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:22:57
MEO: One down, six to go. I got this.
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 22:23:19
MCO: Sí, capitana.
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:23:22
:: thinks about what needs to be done, watching T'Lira go to a console ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:23:35
MTAC: I mean... :: smirks :: How long have you been in Starfleet, Lieutenant?
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 22:23:39
:: swipes away the diags and checks the sensors :: MCO: Oh, look at that. Incoming Starfleet ships, as advertised.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:24:31
MEO: Graduated three years ago, sir.
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:24:31
:: smiles wider, showing teeth :: MNAV: Excellent.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:25:13
Meyers! Lincoln! Get down here!
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 22:25:17
:: wipes the sweat from his brow, getting his steps in putting away stray medical equipment ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 22:25:17
:: doesn't look up to see the teeth, but hears the tone in her voice and grins ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:25:24
:: watches them come down from their respective positions ::
Meyers: Follow the phaser pathways on the port side. Replace section four and eighteen with these...
:: looks at MEO :: Meyers: Yank it and replace it.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:26:20
:: watches the buck get passed with mild amusement ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:26:57
Lincoln: Here, do the same... :: hands another two gel packs :: Follow the same path aft... sections thirty-one and forty-six. Yank and replace.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:27:28
MTAC: :: grins :: Got an eye on command someday?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:27:57
MEO: Not even sure I wanna be here right now, sir. I'm just doing my job.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:28:40
MTAC: I don't think anyone wants to be here, to be fair.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:28:52
MEO: Commander... :: holding the last gel pack ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:29:05
MTAC: Yes, Lieutenant?
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:29:24
ACTION> There are now a total of four incoming Starfleet ships on the edge of long-range sensors.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:29:40
MEO: The last relay to be replaced is the main separator of the grid. It's near the relays that power the warp core.
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 22:29:45
CO: We have four friendlies incoming at long range, Captain.
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:30:11
:: nods, having known they were close :: AXO: Excellent, thank you.
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:30:45
:: decides there's more to captaining than sitting in the middle of the bridge, especially when there's work to be done and limited crew, and gets up to look at the broad console at the back of the bridge ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:31:18
:: smiles, holds hand out for gel pack :: MTAC: I think my back can take doing just one. Spot me, though. I don't want to fall over.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:31:27
Meyer> +MTAC+ Meyer to Ammora, relays replaced.
Lincoln> +MTAC+ Lincoln to Ammora, job accomplished.
:: stares at MEO :: MEO: Commander, with all due respect, I think that climbing ladders into a Jefferies Tube in your condition is... inadvisable.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:33:34
MTAC: I appreciate your concern, Lieutenant. If you're not comfortable doing it, I can call one of my people up. Thanks for your help so far.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:34:20
MEO: Sir, I'm comfortable... and capable. But I don't have the qualifications to actually do the job. I need you to give me authorization.
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:35:01
ACTION> The long-range ships can now be identified as the Sovereign-class Columbia, Prometheus-class Endeavour, Luna-class Apollo, and Akira-class Gemini, all in slipstream flight and closing rapidly.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:35:03
MTAC: You have it. I'll make sure you can access any of the terminals inside.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:35:43
:: nods :: MEO: Yes, Commander.
:: heads to the ladder ::
:: starts climbing ::
Self> This is insane
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:37:11
:: watches the Lieutenant climb, switches weight to other leg ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 22:37:14
:: starts going through ways to get engine power, figuring the slipstream drive is out of the question for the moment, but impulse and warp are at least functional if not diminished, and could be bolstered ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:37:30
:: enters the tube, crawling ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 22:37:44
:: passes the specifics along to the Bridge ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:38:09
:: notices the heat rising ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:38:45
:: smiles :: AXO: Right on time.
CMO LCdr Acacia 27-Apr-2022 22:39:12
:: blinks as she get the notification as well, then nods ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:39:31
:: reviews the schematic of the ship, regarding the blinking red areas, and ponders priorities ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:40:02
:: gets to the panel, opens it ::
Self> Son of a bitch
+MEO+ Ammora to Leirone...
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:41:25
+MTAC+ How's it going up there, Lieutenant?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:42:41
+MEO+ Well, uh... not good. The sub-relays are still active. So are the connector ports. Is that because it's in close proximity to the warp core?
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:44:07
:: mouths :: Fuck. :: out loud :: +MTAC+ No, that's because of our little unwanted guest we had. He's fucked with the sensors, and made it so our shut-off commands don't actually shut them off. Bastard. Hold tight.
:: limps over to a console, routes Engineering to it ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:44:45
ACTION> Four Starfleet ships pop out of slipstream, relatively nearby as far as slipstream arrivals go.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:44:50
+MEO+ So, don't yank and replace? I remember the Academy... if these are fully charged... uh... bad things happen if I try and do that... right?
:: eyes get blurry ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:46:24
+MTAC+ Exactly. Do not—I say again—Do not yank and replace.
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:46:25
ACTION> The four arrivals start to converge on our location.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:46:52
+MEO+ Commander, we're only going to get one chance at this... if this burns out... we lose everything...
:: breathing heavily ::
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:47:55
:: gets lost in the schematic, knowing she must familiarize herself as much as possible for the efficiency of repairs, and will have more work to do once reports come in ::
CTO Cpt Grey 27-Apr-2022 22:48:00
CO: Four ships incoming, ma'am, all Starfleet-aligned. :: glances up from her console with scanning active ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:48:10
:: traces Sarreon's sabotage down to the sensors again, finds a tertiary sensor grid to run the power factors to, exchanges telemetry between them ::
+MTAC+ Okay, one down, one more to go. Hold tight.
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 22:48:28
CO: The friendlies are out of slipstream and approaching.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:48:31
:: repeats the process ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:48:36
:: blinks some more ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:48:47
:: reissues the shut-off command to the sub-relays ::
+MTAC+ They should be off for real this time, Lieutenant. Can you confirm?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:49:22
:: sees the panel flashing ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:49:26
:: refrains from a sigh of relief, but it does make her feel better that they're here ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 22:49:29
CO: The Columbia is hailing us, Captain.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:49:39
+MEO+ Aye... comman.... der...
:: takes the biggest inhale he can ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:50:05
:: doesn't get up, but smiles, having known that it would be Columbia :: On-screen.
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 22:50:17
:: taptaps and looks up ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:50:21
+MEO+ I'm still... seeing a... conn...ector... port active...
+MEO+ Subjunction 4.... I don't know ... what that... means...
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:51:08
+MTAC+ God damn it. :: thinks :: Okay, hold on one more second.
CCO Capt Finley 27-Apr-2022 22:51:20
:: appears on screen, wearing a winning smile above his big chin :: +CO+ At your service, as requested, Commodore.
CMO LCdr Acacia 27-Apr-2022 22:51:22
:: looks up at the viewer ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:51:26
+MEO+ It's ... uh... hot in here...
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:51:30
:: hears beeping from a nearby console and notes the arrivals :: MBridge: Oh! Reinforcements have warped in. Shouldn't be long now, I would think.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:51:38
+MTAC+ It should cool off in just a second.
:: finds the smallest reroute from an auxiliary system that he can, and performs a mini surge to short out the subjunction ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:52:15
:: returns the smile :: +CCO+ Thanks for coming, Charles. I trust the brief I sent was informative?
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:52:33
:: sees temperature dropping in the Jeffries Tube by a few degrees ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:52:35
:: watches the console beep and then deactivate ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:52:42
+MTAC+ How's it look now?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:53:09
+MEO+ Hey, Comm...ander... Jack... you did it. So, yank now?
MCO Cdr Kuari 27-Apr-2022 22:53:17
:: moves to sit back in front of the captain's chair ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:53:20
:: head bobs up and down, shakes it off ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:53:22
+MTAC+ Yank away.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:53:47
:: grabs the bad gel pack and rips it out of its housing ::
CCO Capt Finley 27-Apr-2022 22:53:53
+CCO+ Almost too informative. Pity what happened aboard Meridian. Damn shame. :: shakes his head :: My condolences on the loss of Lt. D'bryn, as well.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:53:56
:: puts the new one in its place ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 22:54:12
:: her face falls in sorrow ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:54:16
:: looks at his fingers as he tries to reactivate the new gel back ::
MNAV Lt Navarro 27-Apr-2022 22:54:21
MCO: Yes ma'am, at least we have some help.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:54:38
Self> Fuck
:: taps the gel pack again, activates it, watches it hum to life ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:55:16
CCO: That is appreciated, thank you. While we wait for a bit more intel, form up, coordinate defense systems, and keep a sharp eye out.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:55:31
To No One in Particular: HAHAHAHA. Got you, bitch.
:: looks around the tube ::
CCO Capt Finley 27-Apr-2022 22:56:13
:: dips his head and smiles broadly :: Yes ma'am. Columbia out.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:56:38
:: chuckles to himself as he starts crawling back down the tube ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 22:56:55
CO: Captain, the Gemini is hailing as well.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:57:01
+MEO+ I... uh... got it done... sir... we're... uh... good to... you know... power and all...
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:57:08
AXO: Put them on.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:57:15
+MTAC+ Good job, Mr. Ammora. Appreciate the assist.
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:57:37
:: reaches the end of the tube, and sees the ladder ::
CCO Capt Finley 27-Apr-2022 22:57:38
:: starts directing traffic a bit more on his bridge ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 22:57:51
:: puts them on ::
Capt Steven Eagle 27-Apr-2022 22:58:08
:: appears onscreen :: CO: Commodore Harper. I'm Captain Eagle of the Gemini. I understand you're going after the man who killed Jason Ziredac?
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:58:29
:: starts to climb down the ladder, makes it about halfway ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 22:59:01
+Eagle+ That is correct, Captain, though he killed many others along with Captain Ziredac. Thank you for responding.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 22:59:06
:: looks up to see the marine struggling on the ladder ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 22:59:13
:: releases his grip out of exhaustion, falls about ten feet and slams into the floor ::
Capt Steven Eagle 27-Apr-2022 23:00:16
+CO+ Then consider the Gemini fully onboard. His crimes are unforgivable as they are, but Jason was a lifelong friend of mine. I wouldn't miss bringing justice to this son of a bitch for the world.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 23:00:55
:: blinks, pushes himself to stand up as fast as he can :: MTAC: Jesus Christ, Lieutenant! Hey, you okay?
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 23:01:13
:: gives a sober nod :: +Eagle+ Then justice we shall bring. We appreciate the assistance.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 23:01:14
:: kneels by the marine, checking for signs of life and/or cognizance ::
AXO Cdr Wright 27-Apr-2022 23:01:17
:: wonders, were they not on board otherwise? ::
MTAC 1Lt Ammora 27-Apr-2022 23:01:29
MEO: I was hot... and now I'm in pain... :: groans ::
Capt Steven Eagle 27-Apr-2022 23:01:55
+CO+ And we appreciate the inclusion. Eagle out. :: closes channel ::
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 23:02:36
Self: Hm.
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 23:02:49
MTAC: I'll get a doc up here. +MMO+ Medical assistance to the deck 4 phaser battery. We had a bit of a fall.
MMO Lt Straynj 27-Apr-2022 23:03:37
:: jumps, then processes what he just heard :: +MEO+ On the way, :: he grabs a medkit and sets out ::
MEO LCdr Leirone 27-Apr-2022 23:04:03
MTAC: You did good, man. I owe you a drink or three.
CO Cdor Harper 27-Apr-2022 23:04:09
:: unsure what she found odd about that ::
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