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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
A few hours after the murder of Lt. D'bryn by the mysterious Sarreon, who also massacred the entire crew of the USS Meridian except for one, Lt. Commander Jack Leirone, we are still dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy, though it would seem that Sarreon has escaped the ship. Patients in sickbay from the explosion of the Skylark in the shuttlebay, leftover systems outages, and a mostly-functional but empty Meridian have been joined by the arrival of a small ship bearing one Destiny Salladay. After hailing and asking specifically for Commodore Harper, the commodore has agreed to receive her in the transporter room.
After 13-Apr-2022 00:00:00
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:15:36
:: in the transporter room with security escort, awaiting the arrival of Destiny ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 21:16:11
:: reading on the biobed ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Apr-2022 21:16:34
:: sitting at Main Sci/Ops, coordinating things that need coordinating ::
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:16:48
:: navigating toward the transporter room ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:17:28
:: shimmers onto the transporter pad :: :: appears sleepless, a little on edge, but holding herself together ::
CO: Commodore Harper. Thank you for meeting with me.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:18:07
DS: Welcome to the Atlantis, Ms. Salladay. Thank you for coming. :: gestures down from the transporter pad ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 21:18:22
:: is in her office in Sickbay, working on paperwork including the recovery plan for Leirone ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:19:45
:: follows the gesture :: I don't want to waste your time. Is there a discreet place we can meet?
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:21:29
:: exits the TL on Deck 6 ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:22:14
:: nods, thinking that she doesn't quite want to show this Destiny person half the ship :: DS: Yes, I know a place.
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Apr-2022 21:22:17
:: hums softly, working on security programs ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:22:45
:: gestures to T'Lira, who is leading the security escort :: DS: This is Lt. Commander T'Lira, who commands the Atlantis's fighter wing.
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:22:45
:: offers as much of a deferential smile as she can muster :: Lead the way, Commodore.
:: nods to T'Lira :: Hello.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 21:23:07
:: grips her head with her elbows on her desk for a moment, fighting the urge to vomit as she flashes back to seeing the Meridian ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Apr-2022 21:23:22
:: at the helm, keeping an eye on things ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 21:23:36
:: sighs, puts down the PADD; can't concentrate ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 21:23:52
:: then it’s D’bryn, then it’s Jack’s spine… the nausea takes a long moment to pass ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 13-Apr-2022 21:24:15
:: tilts her head slightly in response to Salladay :: Greetings.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:24:27
:: leads the party to the holodeck, on the same deck as the transporter room :: Computer, load program Harper Three.
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:24:41
:: sees Harper, Destiny, and T'Lira come out of the TR, follows ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:25:53
CO: I'm to assume that your ship and its crew didn't suffer quite so harsh a fate as the Meridian?
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:25:53
:: once the computer indicates that the program is ready, she leads the group into the program, the one of the resort on Risa that she's used for a few parties ::
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:26:31
:: keeps her distance, but isn't hiding ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:26:43
DS: Yes. We did, however, lose a valued member of our crew. :: pauses as they enter, noticing Hannah ::
:: waves Hannah over ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:27:18
:: sighs :: CO: Yes. I'm sadly aware of Ms. D'bryn's passing.
:: sees Harper's wave, turns and sees who it's directed toward :: :: nods a silent, morose greeting to Hannah ::
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:28:08
:: doesn't return any gestures, but slowly joins the group in the holodeck ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:28:36
:: leads them to a poolside table ::
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:28:54
:: stands back a bit, but within earshot ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:29:22
:: sits at the table, consciously adjusting her posture ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 13-Apr-2022 21:29:27
:: keeps a respectful distance, but still able to intervene in case their guest tries anything that she shouldn't ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 21:29:49
:: takes a deep breath, gets up, and replicates herself some Risan-style hot cocoa, because it's what her body craves ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:29:52
:: takes a seat and nods to T'Lira before turning her attention to Destiny ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:31:26
CO: Commodore, the entity known as Sarreon is gathering quasi-corporeal objects called nurigana. There's so little that my organization was able to learn about them, that I'm afraid I won't be as enlightening as you might hope—but what I can tell you is that Sarreon will no-doubt use them to nefarious ends.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Apr-2022 21:31:42
:: keeping an eye on Kate's lifesign as she meets with the stranger ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:32:15
CO: D'bryn Zoë was in possession of one—quite by chance. Until a couple months ago, so to did Hannah Ziredac.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:32:19
DS: That's the Light that Hannah mentioned, yes? :: looks over toward Ziredac, then back to Destiny :: And what is your organization, exactly?
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 21:33:04
:: sits in her office and sips her hot cocoa, taking a moment to relax and fully pull herself back together ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:33:48
I was the founder and CEO of Apollo Industries. Off-the-grid. Scientific technology advancements. Things you've never seen before. That all changed when Sarreon ripped my base of operations apart, stealing the nurigana we had in our possession.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:33:48
:: orders a coffee from a passing handsome waiter, this having been a long stressful day ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 21:36:03
:: pulls up her personal file and looks at the latest pictures of her sisters. She contemplates calling, but she's on duty... ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:36:05
CO: I believe this is why Sarreon lured the Atlantis to the Meridian. Zoë and Hannah each had nurigana, at some point.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:36:43
:: sips at the coffee once it arrives :: DS: But you have no idea what his end goal would be with these nurigana?
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:39:33
CO: I have a theory. What we found is that each of the 47 nurigana in existence are linked to a separate aspect of reality. Memory, desire, matter, time, and so on. In our limited experiments we found that they could be used in conjunction. The dream nurigan could combine with the motion nurigan, conjuring dreams where the dreamer is constantly in motion. :: pauses :: They were very strange experiments.
CO: We theorized that, if combined and used by a single user, reality itself could be changed as they saw fit.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:40:14
:: feels one of her headaches coming on ::
DS: He clearly cannot be allowed to do... that.
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:41:49
CO: No one can. It became clear to us in our late stages that we had to keep these nurigana as far away from each other as possible.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:41:57
:: finishes the damn coffee and orders another ::
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:42:24
:: gravely :: The Fall.
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:42:59
:: turns :: Hannah: You know?
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:43:11
:: looks down at the ground ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:43:12
DS: Commander Leirone told us of them.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 21:43:42
:: replicates herself a coffee next, with spices from several different planets ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:44:00
CO: If Sarreon brings The Fall, undefeated, to this timeline... The galaxy is looking at an extinction-level event.
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:44:48
Destiny: Does he have them all? All the Lights?
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:46:24
All: If he did, I think we'd all know. If nothing changed since our last observation, he's missing just one. Hannah: Yours. All: But he can still do something with the 46 he's got. He might not be able to change reality, but he might be able to pull The Fall in from an adjacent timeline.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:46:41
:: her mouth becomes a thin line before she quietly speaks :: DS: How can I stop that from happening, Ms. Salladay?
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:47:15
CO: In simplest terms, find and stop Sarreon. From what I understand, that's no easy task.
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:48:01
All: I'm gonna find him. Leirone's got some Section 31 friends that can track him. I'm gonna find Leirone's friends, I'm gonna find Sarreon, and I'm gonna kill him.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:48:36
DS: That was already the plan. I am seeking anything else that you know that may help us succeed.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 21:48:51
:: can see Acacia in her office from his biobed, watches with empathy as she puts herself together ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 21:49:18
:: sips her spiced coffee and finally resumes working, poker face restored ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:49:28
:: sips at the coffee, sometimes amazed at her own ability to refrain from saying things like "no shit" ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:49:59
CO: The only thing I know is that while he's powerful, Sarreon is over-confident. The most unexpected approach will take him by surprise.
All: What I can offer now is use of my ship. Hannah: Hannah, do you know where to start?
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:51:17
:: looks to Hannah ::
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:51:27
:: shakes her head :: I'll talk to Leirone.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Apr-2022 21:51:43
:: looking at routine scans of their local area, not trusting that the intruder is simply gone ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:52:14
CO: As for you Commodore, I'd suggest preparing for the worst. You might need more ships.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Apr-2022 21:52:28
:: makes a slight adjustment to their station-keeping with the Meridian ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 21:53:19
:: finishes her paperwork and sits back a moment, savoring her coffee ::
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:53:26
:: turns :: Arch. :: walks through the arch that appears, heads for the TL ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:53:27
:: nods :: DS: I have two here already and more will be arriving soon.
:: thinks that they don't call us Starfleet because it is a cool name ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:54:26
CO: One last thing: We don't know what to do with the nurigana. They can't be destroyed, they can't be altered. But they're dangerous for people to handle.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:55:05
:: finishes the second coffee, glad she ordered it ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:55:29
CO: We might need everyone's help to secure them in separate, isolated locations after this. Starfleet might need to get this moving. I can help in any way that I can.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:56:01
DS: That, I think, will be the easiest problem to solve, once Sarreon is stopped. Thank you for your insight, Destiny.
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:56:13
:: TL's to Sickbay ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:56:29
CO: Of course, Commodore. Do you have any questions for me?
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:57:05
DS: I have so many questions. Perhaps, after this is all over, I will have time to ask them.
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:57:17
:: breezes out of the TL, toward Sickbay ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 21:57:27
CO: I hope that I may answer.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 21:57:37
:: heads into Sickbay to do her rounds, checking on the patients ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 21:57:53
:: stands :: DS: I hope so too.
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 21:58:13
:: streams into Sickbay, heads right for Leirone :: CEO: I need to know where to find your friends. I'm getting out of here.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 21:59:22
:: looks up :: Hannah: Sure thing. :: picks up his PADD :: There's a hitch. They're former Section 31, so I don't have their current locations unencrypted. You'll have to find a cipher. Luckily, you're familiar with someone who can get their hands on one.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 21:59:30
:: stops some distance away and watches Hannah with a small frown, knowing she's cleared but still worrying about her current state ::
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 22:01:01
CEO: Sure. Yeah. Who?
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:01:19
:: walks with Destiny back through the arch, ending the program :: DS: Do you have any idea where the final nurigana is?
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:01:49
Hannah: Venya Kashar. :: hands over the PADD with the encrypted locations :: You probably could've guessed.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:01:51
:: checks on Kuari first to keep out of Jack and Hannah's hair/business ::
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 22:02:06
:: takes the PADD, turns to leave :: Thanks.
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 22:03:09
CO: It went dark when Hannah got rid of hers. They react to sentient interaction, and go dormant without it. That might be our only hope in getting to Sarreon before he can do any real damage.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:03:18
Hannah: Hannah, wait.
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 22:03:25
:: stops, doesn't turn ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:03:47
Hannah: Remember what I said. You'll want to be sure you want to do this.
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 22:04:13
:: resumes departing, speed-walks to the TL to return to the holodeck ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:04:54
:: approaches Jack next, offering a convincing smile :: CEO: How are you feeling?
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:05:47
:: hears the CMO's words but takes a moment to pull himself away from the preceding moment :: CMO: Tingly, achy, and I'm getting a little numb from sitting here.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:06:24
:: exits the holodeck :: DS: So, it being dark makes it harder to find, then?
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 22:06:29
:: exits the TL to find the Commodore and Destiny in the corridor :: :: holds up PADD :: Destiny: Got it. Can we go?
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 22:06:51
CO: Exactly. Hannah: If you're ready, we can go.
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 22:07:09
:: coldly :: Destiny: Yeah. I'm ready.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:07:34
:: checks his chart :: CEO: Well, it's actually about time for you to try getting up. Hang on. :: she pulls a bar out of the wall, fastening it against the floor. It gives Jack something to grab to try and stand. She pats the bar, then offers her arm for him to hold onto as well :: CEO: Easy does it, but give it a shot.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:07:37
:: walks with them to the TR doors :: HZ: Good luck, Hannah, and please, let me know if you learn anything.
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 22:08:40
:: looks at Harper, her eyes sunken, appearing as if wanting to tear up, but all tears have run dry :: :: looks away, down at the floor ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:09:13
:: takes a deep breath, takes CMO's arm and the bar, scoots his heavy-feeling legs to the edge of the biobed ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:09:46
:: holds up her other arm on Leirone's other side, ready for him to fall :: CEO: There you go. Easy does it.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:09:56
:: takes a step closer to Hannah :: HZ: Hannah. Look at me.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:10:12
:: shifts his body weight off the biobed, stumbles, but grabs both of his supports ::
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 22:10:35
:: jaw quivers; looks up at Harper; the tears are not dry after all ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:10:42
:: steadies Leirone then lifts her hand slowly, still supporting him with one arm :: CEO: There we go, looking good!
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:11:01
CMO: Fuck. Fuck, it's like my legs are brand new.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:12:13
:: nods and gives Leirone something like an apologetic look :: CEO: They are, you had a major reconstructive surgery. Your whole lower spine was smashed. This may take time to relearn. :: she tries to temper his expectations, still helping him stand ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:13:07
CMO: All the most dazzling medical technology mankind can imagine, and you still have to relearn how to walk. :: steadies himself between structural and human supports :: CMO: What do I do now?
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:13:15
:: her Command Demeanor falters for a second as her eyes glisten :: HZ: I have no high-minded Starfleet words for you here. This fucking sucks and we both know it. But you have a chance to do something about it and possibly save the entire galaxy in the process, so get to it. I think Zoë would like that.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:13:48
:: sighs and nods in solemn agreement with Leirone :: CEO: You take a few steps, then you lay back down, and we do this again at the top of next hour until it becomes easy.
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 22:14:03
:: nods slowly, her gaze vacillating between Harper's eyes and the floor ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 22:14:39
Hannah: Let's get a move-on, Hannah. CO: Thank you, Commodore. Next time I hope we can have more than a half-hour's chat.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:14:47
:: gives Hannah a quick hug, then steps back ::
DS: I hope so, too. Thank you, Ms. Salladay.
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 22:15:07
:: freezes when the hug occurs, but doesn't fight it ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 22:15:42
CO: You're welcome, Commodore. And thank you, for all you've done, and all you're about to do.
:: gestures toward the transporter room :: CO: Shall we?
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:16:11
:: dips her head :: DS: I hope that it will be enough. :: enters the TR with them ::
Destiny Salladay 13-Apr-2022 22:16:46
:: steps up onto the transporter pad ::
Hannah Ziredac 13-Apr-2022 22:16:52
:: joins Destiny on the pad ::
:: stares at Harper for a long moment :: CO: Thank you, Kate. For everything.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:18:25
CMO: :: takes a deep breath:: Okay. Lead the way.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:18:31
:: musters up a smile for Hannah, not really having expected a thank you :: HZ: You're welcome, Hannah. TRC: Energize.
ACTION> Destiny and Hannah shimmer away.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:19:15
:: helps Leirone walk up and down the bar, just a few steps, then eases him back into the biobed :: CEO: And there you go. You did it!
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:20:05
ACTION> Moments later, Destiny's ship, the Roland, goes to warp with its heading set on Refuge. And so parts Hannah Ziredac from the USS Atlantis.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Apr-2022 22:20:19
:: notes the transporter activity ::
:: and the ship going to warp nearby ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Apr-2022 22:20:44
:: his eyebrows go up at the sudden warp-out :: CSO: Did you see that, Commander?
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Apr-2022 22:21:19
NAV: I did. There was a transport away just prior.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:21:20
:: walks out of the TR with T'Lira :: CAG: Thank you for the escort, Commander.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:22:06
:: sits back on the biobed :: CMO: God damn, it's like... It's weird. It doesn't hurt, and it's not numb. What a peculiar sensation.
CMO: Thank you, Dr. Acacia.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Apr-2022 22:22:46
:: checks the TR logs :: CSO: Hannah Ziredac left with whoever that was. Huh.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:22:59
:: nods, expressing sympathy :: CEO: I can imagine. You're handling yourself quite well, considering. :: she smiles at her name :: Of course. Flag any one of us down if you need anything.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:23:28
CMO: I could actually do with a new PADD. Just gave mine away. If you have a minute.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:23:51
:: nods :: CEO: Anything you'd like loaded on it in particular?
CAG LCdr T’Lira 13-Apr-2022 22:23:57
CO: It is my duty, Commodore, to assist in ensuring the security of the commanding officer... particularly in circumstances such as these. :: maintains her usual flat expression as one could expect ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Apr-2022 22:24:19
NAV: Huh.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:24:40
CMO: Read any good books lately?
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:24:40
:: smiles to the Vulcan :: CAG: Your duties are numerous these days, but I appreciate your versatility. Head to the bridge and I will follow shortly.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 13-Apr-2022 22:25:33
CO: Aye, sir. :: does indeed head for the bridge, though she does wonder if it's the best idea given that there could still be some form of danger about ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:25:51
:: thinks on this :: CEO: Alice Partier's Jungle Woman if you like romance, or perhaps Jojo Kallinger's Green Bays if you like science fiction?
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:26:03
:: enters a TL and directs it to sickbay ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Apr-2022 22:26:46
:: shrugs and goes back to monitoring ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:27:20
CMO: I think sci-fi might be on the docket. :: smiles ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Apr-2022 22:27:36
:: has to admit, though, Hannah and the Skylark were good friends to have in a dogfight ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:27:59
:: smiles back :: CEO: I'll load you all four books, then. :: she absconds to the replicator and begins programming thusly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Apr-2022 22:28:17
:: is feeling rather numb due to the events of the day ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:28:48
:: leans back into the sit-up apparatus, waits patiently (no pun intended) ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:29:15
:: arrives in sickbay and first goes to visit Kuari ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:30:45
:: returns and hands Leirone a PADD loaded with the standard library patients in Sickbay get, along with the title she recommended and starred to appear at the top of the list :: CEO: Anything else I can get you?
CAG LCdr T’Lira 13-Apr-2022 22:31:30
:: arrives on the bridge and moves to an auxiliary station for the moment, seeing no need to disrupt Navarro in his duties ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:31:37
:: smiles as her friend is now waking up :: XO: Hey there.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:32:02
:: smiles :: CMO: Nah, this'll do it for now. Thank you.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:32:37
:: bows her head, then turns to leave and continue her rounds. She checks on Landeskog next, to let Harper have her time with Kuari ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:33:06
Landeskog> :: grunts at the doctor ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Apr-2022 22:33:21
:: lies on a biobed, limbs tucked tightly against her on her belly, except her wings and tail which drape off the sides. She slowly opens her eyes ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Apr-2022 22:33:33
:: looks over at the helm and says softly so that only Zorro can hear :: NAV: This all really happened, didn't it?
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:33:36
:: smiles :: Landeskog: Good to see you're up and at 'em. :: she proceeds to check his scan results, and evaluate his chart ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Apr-2022 22:34:27
:: answers, equally softly :: CSO: Sí, it sure as hell did.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:34:46
:: starts reading Green Bays ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:35:09
Landeskog> CMO: Y'know, doc, it's good to be up and at `em. Thanks.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Apr-2022 22:35:23
:: sighs softly and shakes her head ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Apr-2022 22:35:51
:: sees Harper and begins to lift her head off the bed, but sets it back down, carefully clearing her throat ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:36:34
:: softly :: XO: Feeling any better?
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Apr-2022 22:36:54
CO: :: croaks :: What...happened?
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:37:00
:: checks his pupils, vitals, and scan. She nods approvingly :: Landeskog: How do you feel? Your scans are looking much more healthy now.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:37:09
:: thinks :: Organic tech, huh?
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:38:23
:: explains it all to Kuari ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Apr-2022 22:38:59
:: doesn't even know about the Section 31 stuff ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:39:16
Landeskog> CMO: Just fine, doc.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:40:03
:: is genuinely relieved to deliver this news given how her day has gone :: Landeskog: Well, then, I think I'm good to let you go.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Apr-2022 22:40:48
:: shuts her eyes :: CO: There was...a form...someone...appeared behind D'bryn.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:40:49
Landeskog> :: gets up from the biobed ::
XO: Yes... he killed D'bryn, Kuari.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Apr-2022 22:41:17
:: for the thousandth time, restrains herself from turning to look at D'Bryn's chair and hoping to find her there ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:41:22
Landeskog: As always, report if you feel anything amiss. But otherwise, have a good day!
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:41:46
Landeskog> :: grunts and waves as he exits sickbay, not even bothering to change out of the gown ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Apr-2022 22:42:03
CO: he? He took...her necklace?
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:42:24
:: takes some notes in Lando's chart before uploading it ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Apr-2022 22:43:33
:: wishes she had been brave enough to try to befriend D'Bryn when she had the chance, even though that would have made this hurt more ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:43:59
:: nods :: XO: I will explain it all when you have not just awakened. But yes, he needed the necklace for nefarious purposes, and we will ensure that he does not succeed.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:44:36
:: tries to look busy while she waits for the Captain to finish with the last patient in her rounds ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:45:01
CMO: This book is interesting so far.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Apr-2022 22:45:09
:: looks at Harper again, takes a shakey deep breath, then closes her eyes again ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:45:38
:: reaches down for Kuari's paw and gives it a squeeze :: XO: Just get better, my friend. I will need you.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:46:02
:: looks over :: CEO: Yeah? I always liked the idea of a living spaceship. The doctor-slash-engineer person has such an interesting job.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Apr-2022 22:46:05
:: rumbles an affirmative ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:47:05
:: waits a moment, as it seems that Kuari is falling back asleep, then moves away ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:47:12
CMO: That's what grabbed me. Needing both engineering and biological-slash-medical expertise... I can't wait until the author gets all technobabbly.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:47:44
:: smiles, appreciating someone liking the things she likes :: CEO: Oh, and she did her research, too.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:48:55
:: approaches Leirone and Acacia ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:49:10
:: looks up, and bows her head in greeting :: CO: Captain.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:49:51
CMO: Doctor. Commander Kuari fell back asleep. Will she be alright?
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:50:26
:: smiles, giving Kate's arm a squeeze :: CO: Yes, we have a neural stabilizer on her. She's fine to sleep, and probably needs to.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Apr-2022 22:50:35
:: can tell that Alexis is struggling a bit and tries to think of something to say to help ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:50:56
:: smiles a bit, relieved :: CMO: Thank you, doctor.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:51:25
:: nods :: CO: Of course. I just let Landeskog go, as well, so all our patients are on a good trajectory.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Apr-2022 22:51:25
:: her eyes burn, but she doesn't cry as realization sets in; she doesn't feel she's earned the right ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:51:36
CO: :: smiles and nods hello ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:52:13
:: nods :: CMO: That is, indeed, wonderful news. :: returns Leirone's nod as she thinks all of them but one ::
CEO: Commander, a word?
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:52:39
:: bows and backs out of the conversation as she asks that, going to check on Kuari ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:53:03
CO: :: sets PADD down in lap :: Of course, ma'am.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:53:27
CEO: First, forgive me if this is another case of a captain expecting too large of a miracle from an engineer.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 22:53:51
:: takes care not to wake Kuari as she runs her scans and takes notes in her chart ::
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:54:19
CO: That's part of the job description.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:54:58
CEO: But, I have no one experienced enough in engineering to take over the role of chief. And, I will need the Meridian back up and running, since a Prometheus is too valuable an asset to ignore. So, I will have to ask you to be Chief Engineer of two ships for a while.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:56:30
:: raises eyebrows, intrigued :: CO: Once I have my legs back, Commodore, I'll do whatever needs to be done.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:57:12
:: nods :: CEO: Thank you, Commander, I appreciate it.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 22:57:49
CO: I feel a little self-conscious, coming in replacing a lieutenant as a higher-ranking officer. I don't want to step on anyone's toes.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 22:59:24
CEO: I think that our engineers will appreciate your experience.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 23:00:01
CO: I hope it's enough.
CMO LCdr Acacia 13-Apr-2022 23:00:18
:: finishes up her rounds and takes her notes back to her office to finish them up ::
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 23:00:21
CEO: You were an engineer here before many of them were out of primary school. I think it will be.
CEO LCdr Leirone 13-Apr-2022 23:00:53
CO: :: chuckles grimly :: I didn't think this was how I'd revisit my old stomping grounds. But it's fitting. Life is circular sometimes.
CO Cdor Harper 13-Apr-2022 23:00:58
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