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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Atlantis has answered an automated distress call from the USS Meridian, arriving on the scene to find the ship seemingly undamaged and with only one faint lifesign aboard. Remotely accessing the ship's logs revealed accounts of perplexing systems outages, along with evidence of potential tampering with the logs themselves. A strange energy field surrounds the ship that prevents transport so, after collecting data on the field with a probe, an away team is proceeding via shuttlecraft to the Meridian in hopes of solving this mystery.
After 06-Apr-2022 00:00:00
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:15:37
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:15:56
:: near hyperventilating on the shuttle ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:15:59
:: on the bridge, looking at the Meridian on the main viewer ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 21:16:13
:: pacing in the cargo bay, outside the Skylark ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 21:16:32
:: is in her seat, keeping her expression calm and unreadable as the shuttle navigates towards the Meridian ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 21:16:34
:: pulling the shuttle into Meridian's shuttlebay ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:16:49
:: sits in the shuttle with her team, one other doctor and two nurses. She keeps a straight face, checking her medical kit's equipment for the tenth time ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 21:16:55
Landeskog: Tell me I shouldn't be freaking out like this, Lando.
Landeskog: They're fine, over there, right?
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:17:20
Landeskog> :: grunts in the affirmative ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:17:29
:: has a very bad feeling about this ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 21:17:31
:: meets no objection from the Meridian's computer to the shuttle's arrival and settles it gently on the deck ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:18:59
ACTION: The Meridian's shuttlebay is empty. There is no red alert. Engines are offline. The resident hum is absent. Only life support and nominal systems are operational.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:19:33
:: exchanges a look with Doctor Porter, the two both beginning to scan with their medical tricorders before the shuttle doors even open ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 21:19:43
:: feels the most powerful need for a drink right now ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:20:18
:: sits on the floor of the shuttle for landing, her thoughts inward as to what to expect, mulling over the information they know. Once landed, stands. NAV: Mr. Navarro, please do one last short-range scan from the shuttlecraft for any possible contagions.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 21:20:38
:: looks out the front window, thinking this a bit creepy :: XO: Yes ma'am. :: initiates the scan ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:20:46
NAV: Or...possible intruders.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:20:58
:: glances up at Kuari, then refocuses on her tricorder ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 21:21:02
:: stands from her seat, stepping towards the shuttle door, hand on her phaser holstered, in a very distinct ready stance ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 21:21:04
:: adds that to the scan ::
XO: All clear, commander. Still just the one lifesign.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:21:45
:: looks up at Kuari and nods pointedly, indicating she got the same reading ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:21:47
:: pulls out her tricorder, ready to scan the Meridian's systems for critical failures ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 21:22:07
:: also scanning from the Bridge of Atlantis, keeping a careful eye on the remaining life sign as she continues to work on the file corruption ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:22:35
:: nods curtly at Navarro, then Acacia in turn :: All right, let's take it slow. We don't know what's going on out there.
NAV: Open the hatch.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 21:22:50
:: taps the panel and the hatch opens ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:22:56
:: takes a deep, quivering breath ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:23:19
:: walks out behind security, semi-bravely ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 21:23:49
Landeskog: You got any complicated family, Lando?
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:23:56
:: looks down at the AT's lifesigns on her chair arm ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:23:57
:: follows behind Kuari, the rest of the med team on her, medical tricorders beeping as they scan ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 21:24:10
:: falls in line behind Kuari, stepping back a bit to let the rest of the away team follow before picking up the rear ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:24:18
:: stands up, both ready and polar-opposite-of-ready to do this ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:24:20
Landeskog> :: grunts :: My dad's a professor at a university.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 21:24:40
:: secures the shuttle and moves out, phaser in hand ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 21:24:46
Landeskog: And you don't get on with him?
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 21:25:02
:: is very aware that she is unable to beam the AT out at the first sign of trouble ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:25:39
:: looks from her tricorder to the surroundings every few seconds, not wanting to bump into things while collecting data ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:25:54
Landeskog> We get along fine.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 21:26:27
Landeskog: Oh. I was asking if you had complicated family. Like, someone you might not talk to. For, you know. Reasons.
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:26:30
:: then looks back up at the main viewer, hating the waiting ::
Landeskog> I just thought you were calling me simple, so my dad would be complicated by comparison.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:27:18
:: gets readings on the engines :: XO/All: Engines are just off. No critical malfunction. I'll have to get into the system itself to confirm, but it doesn't look like there's a breach or anything.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:27:39
:: looks around at the empty bay :: AT: First priority is to check on Engineering. For now, we should stay together, there is no rush. Who knows how long the ship has been derelict, after all.
CEO: Find the route, please.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 21:27:44
Landeskog: Nah. Not tryin to slam you right now. I know that might be weird.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:28:06
:: nods in agreement, grimly :: XO/CEO: I don't think there's more than one person to save, so... yeah.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 21:28:09
:: a pilot not being terribly useful after the flight, he posts up in kind of a security-type role, watching his suit's scanners on the helmet's HUD and keeping his phaser at the ready ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:28:15
XO: Aye, Commander. :: heads for the door of the shuttlebay ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:28:51
Landeskog> :: grunts ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:28:54
:: steps through the door ::
:: yelps ::
ACTION: There is a body a few meters down the corridor.
Oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:30:15
:: stops when D'bryn yelps, leaning to the side to peer around her and beginning her scans anew. She inhales sharply :: Self: ... yep.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:30:23
:: sees the body and steps to the side to let medical through ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:30:35
:: muttering to herself :: Oh no, oh no. Oh no no no.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 21:30:42
:: keys in on what got Zoë to yelp and sets his jaw ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:30:59
:: approaches the body with the medical team, does a very quick examination, then looks back at Kuari and solemnly shakes her head ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:31:26
:: notes D'bryn's reaction :: CEO: Pull yourself together, Lieutenant.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:31:38
:: swallows, blinks hard, nods :::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:31:39
:: continues the examination to look for the cause of death ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 21:31:59
:: notes an increase in D'bryn's heart rate ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:32:11
CMO: Are you able to get any information leading to the cause of death?
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:32:52
:: also blips the heart rate monitor, but keeps her cool visibly :: AT: Stab wounds, blunt force... there was a fight, of some sort.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:33:18
:: ponders this, troubled ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 21:33:47
CMO: A fight? Can you figure out what weapons were used?
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:34:26
:: continues her scans, nodding and giving a ragged sigh :: CTO: Phasers, small blades like knives or daggers, and something like a bat or a pipe.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 21:34:33
:: sees increased heart rates among several of the away team, but nothing that's making her worry yet... not that there'd be anything she could do. ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:35:00
XO: I'm... I'm... :: inhales :: I'm gonna just interface with the nearest terminal. I don't want to go too far if there's nothing critically wrong with the ship.
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:35:19
:: breaks the damnable silence on the bridge :: CSO: Anything new on the evidence of log tampering?
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:35:35
XO/All: Computer core's right over there. I can interface there.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:36:12
:: nods to D'bryn :: CEO: Yes, as soon as you can.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:36:12
:: finishes her examination and looks over at D'bryn, debating whether to offer a shot for her anxiety ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:37:00
:: goes to the computer core door ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 21:37:19
:: thinks that he would prefer to be in a fighter in combat than on a ship of the dead ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:37:41
:: tries to make her approach casual, sidling up next to D'bryn with a hypo in her hand and whispering :: CEO: Want this?
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:38:24
ACTION: Three more bodies in the computer core. Security officers. They seem to have made a barricade here.
:: backs out of computer core :: CMO: M...More. Three more in here, Doctor.
:: sees the hypo :: CMO: Oh god yes please.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:39:11
:: looks up from the body to D'bryn, then at Acacia ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:39:15
:: hits D'bryn with a shot of the good anxiety meds on her way to examine the new bodies ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 21:39:24
CO: I'm still working on the tampering, Captain. In the meantime, I'm starting to pick up a few clues from the logs. People reporting systems mysteriously going offline with no trace of evidence as to why. One mention of a potentially missing crewmate. I'm still digging.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:39:27
:: swallows, beginning new scans ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:39:40
:: feels a little more calm from the hypo, but it isn't helping with the emotional part ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 21:40:01
:: keeps monitoring the scans from his tricorder displayed on his helmet's HUD, looking for a hint of who or what did this ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:40:06
:: steels herself :: Self/Anyone near: I need to interface with Engineering. I got this. I got this.
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 21:40:21
:: hearing D'bryn's shaky voice, and turns to duck into the security room, bending to look more closely at the three bodies, lightly touching one to roll over with a gentle tug ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:40:25
:: nods to Lexy :: CSO: Thank you, Commander.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:40:34
:: goes to the terminal, begins to link in ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:40:37
:: compares notes with the three other members of the medical team, the group trying to get a picture of what happened here :: AT: They fought, too. Same weapons.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:40:54
All: Security didn't lockdown the systems. Everything's wide open. It's like whatever hit them hit them all at once.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 21:41:38
Landeskog: Well, say you did have a family member who you weren't fond of. Maybe they were a huge piece of shit to you. How would you feel if something terrible happened to them?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:41:43
:: absorbs Acacia's and D'bryn's report, thinking ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:42:04
:: adds the names of these officers to her now growing list :: AT: Hard to even say which wounds they died from. More than one could be fatal.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 21:42:04
:: does not envy Emily's job of being a doctor when everyone here is already dead ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:42:23
XO: Confirmed, Commander. Systems are all safe. Just...just off.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:42:37
:: casually gives herself a shot of the anxiety meds, taking a deep breath ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:42:39
Landeskog> They're still family, so I don't want terrible things happening to them.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:42:43
CEO: Do you see any harm in turning them...on?
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:42:45
ACTION: The faint lifesign is getting fainter.
XO: No, I can get them on. I think I can do that remotely.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:43:22
:: blinks at her tricorder, then looks at Kuari :: XO: We need to get to the survivor if he's to make it.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 21:43:45
:: looks over as an alarm she set rings in her earpiece :: CO: The lifesign is becoming thready, Captain.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 21:43:49
Landeskog: Well doy, Lando, but what if something did? I legit don't know how to feel right now.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:43:59
CEO: Do so, please.
CMO: Let's go to the lifesign, quickly.
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:44:53
:: nods to Lexy :: CSO: The away team will get there if at all possible, I am sure. :: knows that her XO has this handled ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:45:06
:: issues commands through the terminal :: XO: They're... They're not responding. I'd have to go down to Engineering to do some manual overrides. And to be honest, Commander, I don't wanna go down there until the ship is secure.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:45:12
:: nods, beginning down the hallway toward the turbolift ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:45:27
XO: If life support's functioning, I recommend we leave fixing the ship for later.
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:45:32
Landeskog> :: sighs and turns to Hannah :: I'd hate it, Hannah.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:45:52
CEO: If it will take too long, then yes. Let's go.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 21:46:12
:: follows along, still keeping alert for danger ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:46:48
:: leads whoever is joining her, and the medical team, to the turbolift :: TL: Deck seven.
:: crosses her fingers ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 21:47:49
Landeskog: That's the logical route. I mean, he's my brother. But so many times I wished his abusive ass would get jettisoned through a hull breach, fragged by a Cardassian, or assimilated by the Borg, and now that something might actually have happened...
Fuck, I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 21:48:07
:: notes the AT's vitals have somewhat calmed ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:48:41
ACTION: Deck 7 is much like the previous deck: two bodies with the same injuries in the corridor. Deathly quiet otherwise.
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:48:43
Landeskog> :: opens his arms and offers Hannah a hug ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 21:49:24
:: furrows her brows as she is able to uncover more of the logs, trying to piece things together ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:49:41
:: follows her tricorder toward the lifesign, ignoring the bodies for now. She presses the button to open the armory doors, calling out :: Any: Hello!? We're here to help! Starfleet medical!
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 21:49:52
:: holds back tears, gives Lando a wary look :: Landeskog: R...really?
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:50:12
Landeskoh> :: nods :: You seem like you need a hug.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:50:18
:: walks onto Deck 7, looking around, glancing at the limited scans displayed in her football-shaped helmet ::
LCdr Leirone 06-Apr-2022 21:50:36
:: lets out a weak moan from the back of the armory ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:51:14
:: rushes over to Leirone and kneels next to him, immediately beginning a scan to see the damage :: Leirone: Hold on, we've got you. Can you speak?
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 21:51:14
:: says fuck it in her mind and hugs Landeskog :: Landeskog: I'm scared, man.
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 21:51:19
:: follows Acacia's group, casting a glance around ::
LCdr Leirone 06-Apr-2022 21:51:37
:: is quivering, in a lot of pain :: I can't...
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:51:38
:: hears the moan immediately and looks toward the source, moving alongside Acacia ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:51:39
Landeskog> :: hugs Hannah :: I know. That's natural.
LCdr Leirone 06-Apr-2022 21:51:49
CMO: I can't feel my legs.
You have to... :: reaches up and grips CMO by the uniform lapel ::
CMO: You have to... :: passes out ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:52:36
:: gives Leirone one shot, then another in quick succession. She takes out a wand that bathes Leirone in a beam of blue light, and beings concentrating it on his abdomen :: Leirone: It's okay, take deep breaths.
Leirone: Just-- aand he's out. Shit.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 21:53:08
:: watches Emily do her work as he keeps a sharp eye out for trouble ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:53:09
:: gets to the armory :: Commander Leirone?! :: rushes to Leirone and Acacia ::
CMO: Is he okay?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:53:55
:: frowns at Leirone's unfinished message, feeling none-the-wiser and looks about for any signs of something informative ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 21:53:55
:: reaches out a hand to stop D'bryn, giving her a warning look :: CEO: Let them do their work.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:54:09
CEO: Not the word I'd use. He will live. He may even learn to walk again.
:: works fast, her hands moving rapidly over the battered man with tool after tool ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:54:28
CMO: Oh my god.
All: We're not getting any lifesigns? No one else?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:54:46
:: nods to herself : CMO: At least he will live. It might take us a while to learn what he knows. And...we've saved one, at least.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 21:54:50
:: frowns as a picture begins to form in her mind ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:55:25
CEO: You knew them?
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:55:39
:: has attached three devices to Leirone now, each one operating a low-level stasis on one of his major systems :: XO: I need to get him back to Atlantis as soon as possible.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 21:55:48
:: finally lets go and cries—about everything. Jason's abuse, Jason's possible death, Zoë, Zoë in danger on that ship, everything. Just everything. ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:55:49
XO: Unless.. their med bay is operational.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 21:55:57
XO: Yeah. This was...this was my first ship.
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:57:07
Landeskog> :: is so incredibly not equipped to be a counselor, but dammit, he's a Marine and he'll try to help as best he can, keeping Hannah hugged in his big arms ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 21:57:49
:: nods at D'bryn, then looks to Acacia :: CMO: Getting him to Atlantis is better. Let's get him to the shuttle now.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 21:58:17
CO: I ... can't be certain, Captain, but what I think I'm piecing together is - whatever happened over there, it was carried out by only a very small group of people. ...Maybe even just one person.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 21:59:01
:: helps the two nurses set up the emergency hoverbed, the team carefully moving Leirone onto it without disturbing his broken bones. Once he's loaded up, she leads the way as a nurse pushes him behind her ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 21:59:35
:: looks up from the chair arm to Lexy, her expression incredulous :: CSO: One person... killing an entire Starfleet crew?
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:00:01
XO: What about everyone else?
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 22:00:13
CO: It seems ridiculous to me as well, but... from what I can tell, it's somehow plausible.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:00:14
CEO: What do you mean?
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:00:17
XO: What if there are more survivors and we just can't...can't...?
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:00:32
Landeskog> You've been through hell, Hannah. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:00:49
:: turns and meets eyes with D'bryn, mumbling :: CEO/XO: I don't... sense... anyone else.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:00:51
:: can't talk through the crying, just hugs harder ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:00:58
CEO: There is only one lifesign. This one.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:01:05
XO/CMO: There...there has to be...
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:01:26
:: shakes her head gravely and continues down the corridor towards the turbolift ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:01:41
Landeskog> :: just keeps hugging ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:01:43
CEO: If there's anyone else, the lifescan scan would've seen it. :: keeps her voice calm, emotions pushed down ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:02:22
All: We've never seen anything like that field preventing transporters. Maybe there's something fucking up lifesign readings. They can't all be dead.
:: heads off the opposite direction, toward the forward lounge :: They can't all be dead.
Meridian: Hello? Hello, anybody!
:: starts to run ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:03:16
:: chases after D'bryn with a sigh ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:03:39
:: sees her go, but doesn't change course, piling into the turbolift with the medical team and their patient ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:03:41
Meridian: Anybody! We're here to help! We're here to help!
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 22:04:00
:: enters the TL with Emily ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:04:02
:: walks to D'bryn's side, on all fours, then stops and puts a hand on D'bryn's shoulder, knowing this must be extremely difficult, but D'bryn runs off, and pursues with Grey :: CEO: Hey!
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:04:12
:: gets to the forward lounge, remembering a barricading protocol in case of intrusion ::
:: barrels into the forward lounge, and stops :: :: hands go to her face in horror :: Oh my god...
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:05:04
:: rides the turbolift with those that made it, leading the group back toward the shuttle ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:05:12
:: makes sure to instruct one security officer to the medical team before running off ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:06:18
ACTION: There was indeed a barricade in the forward lounge. Fourteen people. All of them are dead. They include Security Chief Emari Stilton and Lieutenant Olivia Martin.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 22:06:24
:: phaser still drawn, he's also escorting the medical team ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:06:47
:: skids to a halt in front of the doorway to the forward lounge, eyes wide at seeing past the door :: Oh my... :: takes one step into the lounge, hand on her phaser in case, kneeling down next to the body of the Security Chief ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:07:03
:: stops next to D'bryn, looking at the morbid scene ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:07:14
ACTION: Centered in the forward lounge, beneath a spotlight, is the body of Captain Jason Ziredac, propped on a chair. At his feet is his wife, Chief Science Officer Ariel Shawna Kenton.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:07:24
:: leads the medical team back onto the shuttle. She assists in strapping down the emergency hoverbed and the patient to ensure he's unable to shift in transit ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:08:18
ACTION: A jagged loop of music is playing. A male falsetto voice over piano. And true love wai— And true love wai— And true love wai—
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:08:37
:: has given the patient a heavy does of drugs to keep him out until they can properly treat him, so she keeps a close eye on his vitals ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:08:40
:: settles back into her seat, that thought not a particularly comforting one ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:08:46
:: straightens, looking up to see the body of the Captain and Chief Science Officer, and approaches carefully; withdrawing a pair of gloves from her belt to gently manipulate the woman's body ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:08:57
:: breaks down, falls to her knees :: No... No no no no...
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 22:09:02
:: moves immediately to the front of the shuttle and ensures that it is ready for a quick departure ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:09:18
:: recognizes some of the other bodies ::
No no no no... No...
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:09:42
CSO: Scan for any departing warp signatures from this area.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:10:14
:: starts using some of the medical supplies stored on the shuttle, mainly giving the patient a transfusion of donor blood to help stabilize him for the time being ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:10:27
:: sighs in sadness, watching D'bryn after looking over the bodies, but knows a report is past due :: +CO+ Away Team to Atlantis.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 22:10:30
CO: Aye, Captain. :: begins scanning ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:10:45
+XO+ Harper here.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 22:11:37
:: frowns and repeats the scan, just in case ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:12:41
:: stands up with a suddenness and walks out of the lounge, continues crying in the corridor ::
:: thinks, Who could do this? Who could be this brutal? ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:13:25
:: is carefully examining Ariel's body, taking photos for Acacia to look over, not touching Jason's yet ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:13:34
+CO+ Medical is bringing the lone survivor, a Commander Leirone back now. He was awake when we arrived, but we did not get any information. Doctor Acacia believes he will survive. :: watches D'bryn's motions, knowing the looping dysfunctional music from the lounge is probably heard over the comm ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:14:31
:: works on sealing up the patient's wounds to prevent further bleeding ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:14:54
ACTION: The music skips to the next line: In haunted attics— In haunted attics— In haunted attics— Then back to, And true love wai—And true love wai—
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 22:15:01
:: hears the faint repeating music in the background and is confused by it; some kind of computer glitch? ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:15:44
:: hears that music over the comm and her eyes widen a bit as this entire situation gets even stranger :: +XO+ Commander, return to Atlantis immediately now that you have the survivor.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:16:48
:: has an epiphany ::
The Light.
My Light.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:17:07
+CO+ Yes, Captain. Lieutenant D'byrn is...emotionally distraught and ran off. We will have to make the next shuttle.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:17:08
I can see people when they're at their moment of death.
I can figure out who did this.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:18:12
:: walks out of the lounge while on the comm, hearing the tail end of D'bryn's mutterings, frowning ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:18:38
:: turns back to the lounge :: XO: Commander, if I may, if we get back to the Atlantis right away, I might be able to find something out. I also, um... Kinda wanna get the fuck outta here. Sorry for my language.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:19:01
:: monitors the concentration of knockout drugs in Leirone's system now that he's getting back to a normal blood volume, keeping him as stable as she can until they make it back to surgery ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 22:19:23
:: brings up the scanners to see where the rest of the team is ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:19:49
:: takes in a deep breath :: CEO: We probably would be out of here, if you hadn't run off. We can go to the shuttlebay now, but we may need to make the next trip if it's departed already.
LCdr Leirone 06-Apr-2022 22:19:55
:: mutters through his subconscious :: Emissary... No...
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:20:14
XO: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'll... I'm sorry.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:20:26
:: looks up at Leirone, and gives him another dose of the strong drugs to keep his subconscious unconscious ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:21:54
:: straightens, having taken quite a fair amount of pictures and scans of the room and bodies, and gives a nod to Kuari :: XO: Ready to get out of here... I think the amount of readings I was able to get might help piece together what the hell happened here.
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:21:54
:: checks her chair arm :: +XO+ The shuttle is waiting on you, it would seem.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:22:35
:: nods to Grey, then walks to D'bryn's side on all fours, then puts a hand on her shoulder :: +CO+ I was just going to check with Mr. Navarro. We're on our way.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:22:46
:: follows XO and CTO ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:22:54
+XO+ See you soon. Atlantis out.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:23:11
ACTION: The music noticeably stops playing when all living people leave the lounge.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 22:23:26
CMO: Looks like the rest of them are on the way back, Commander.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:23:26
:: works on her patient with the inferior field tools, doing her best with the time given ::
NAV: Good.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:23:44
AT: To the shuttlebay, on the double! The survivor's life may depend on it.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:25:30
ACTION: Brief time skip. The crew boards the shuttle and gets back to the Atlantis without incident. However, the shuttle starts acting a little funny. Nothing inhibiting; they make it back in one piece. But there's something wrong with the engines.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 22:27:04
:: sets the shuttle down on the deck of Atlantis's shuttlebay after she fought him a bit on the way back :: Ah, señorita, don't be like that... CEO: Something is up with the engines, I believe.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:27:05
:: sits in her shuttle seat, collecting herself while everyone else gets Lt. Commander Leirone to Sickbay ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:27:27
:: after decontamination she leads the group taking Leirone to sickbay, and immediately goes to scrub in for surgery ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:27:29
:: quietly :: XO: I'll see what's up with the shuttle. It was probably that weird field.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:27:42
:: approaches the shuttle, sees Leirone getting carted off ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:28:42
CEO: Agreed, it seems likely. Let the bridge know if it's anything substantial.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 22:28:52
CEO: Thanks. :: powers the shuttle down ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:29:12
All/Self: I'm gonna... Gotta run to my quarters, though. Back in a flash.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:29:14
:: enters the surgical ward and actually finds herself relieved by the environment for once. All her tools, right where she needs them... now she can begin ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:29:20
:: makes eye-contact with Hannah ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:29:31
:: searches Zoë's face for an answer ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:29:45
:: starts to cry, runs off to get decontaminated, out of the shuttlebay ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:29:52
Oh shit. Oh god.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 22:29:53
:: heads into decontamination and sheds his EV suit ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:30:04
:: notes Ziredac's presence, but is mostly concerned about D'bryn's behavior and makes a note to follow up when there is a chance ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:30:20
XO: Hey. Hey, um... Sorry, I don't think I actually know your name.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:30:57
:: gets in TL, rides up to her deck ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:31:13
:: finishes on the external wounds and instructs the nurses to help her flip the patient over. Finally, she's able to address Leirone's shattered lower spine ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:31:44
:: frowns, raising her head to make sure her collar is visible :: Ziredac: I am Commander Kuari, executive officer of Atlantis. We have met.
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:31:51
:: follows Navarro into decontimation, shedding her EV suit and exhaling sharply :: Self: How the fuck.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 22:32:10
CTO: Great question.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:33:02
:: arranges the arms of the surgical table, using the mini stasis fields to pull bone shards together into the right shape, so she can fuse them back together. It's a messy, ugly process that makes the most horrible sound ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:33:11
XO: Yeah. Yeah, I know we've met. I just... I'm sorry. Look, did... Was Jason Zir... Did you find Captain Ziredac?
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:33:28
Landeskog> :: resumes his post ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:33:56
NAV: I took a whole set of scans and photos of the forward lounge... whatever happened was absolutely devastating, particularly so to D'bryn.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 22:34:56
:: frowns, shaking his head :: CTO: She knew them, of course it was.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:35:23
:: gets to her quarters, rushes in to find her pendant with her Light inside, clasps it around her neck :: Light: Alright, Light. Show me the Meridian crew. Come on. Show em to me. :: closes her eyes, ready for a vision :: :: gets none ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:35:40
:: stitches and fuses and melds, slowly re-shaping the battered bone and tissue into the shape of a proper spine. She does her best to tune out the squelching of flesh as she works ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:35:59
:: tries again :: Light: Come on. Captain Ziredac. Lt. Commander Kenton. Commander Molloy. Doctor Molloy. Anyone.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:36:02
:: regards her face for a moment, still wearing her helmet, so her own expression can't be read. She takes a moment to sit on the deck plating and remove the helmet, then looks empathetically into Hannah's eyes :: Ziredac: I'm sorry. Yes, we found him.
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:36:35
NAV: It was particularly awful... both the Captain and his wife were killed, with her at his feet, and some... creepy-as-fuck music on repeat in the background :: sighs ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:36:52
:: doesn't know how to read Kuari's species' facial expressions, but context clues are enough :: :: breathes heavy and jagged :: Oh god. Oh fuck.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 22:37:25
:: hangs up the suit, finishing decon :: CTO: Just make sure whatever happened there doesn't happen here, Ryleigh.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:37:59
:: takes a second and purposefully relaxes her shoulders, then gets right back to work ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:38:32
:: gets nothing :: Fuck. :: keeps the pendant on, heads back to the turbolift ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:39:15
NAV: I'll do my damndest to make sure it doesn't happen. :: follows, hanging up the suit and stepping out in usual uniform, picking up the datastick of everything saved :: NAV: You coming up to the bridge, or are you off-shift now?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:39:44
:: places her helmet on the floor and stands back onto all fours, one hand going to her shoulder, knowing she needs to be clear, but attempts to be careful with her words :: Ziredac: I'm very sorry. Whatever happened to the crew, well...he stayed at his post. There are no more survivors. Hopefully Commander Leirone can tell us what happened.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 22:39:53
CTO: Bridge for me, sí.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:40:09
:: through her tears and rage :: XO: Leirone made it?
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:40:28
:: gets back to the shuttlebay, goes to the shuttle with the weird readings ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:40:55
Ziredac: Yes. He's probably in sickbay now.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:41:11
:: takes her time making sure every nerve appears connected as it should be, the spine looking much more spine-like than when she started ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:41:20
:: notes D'bryn's return, momentarily distracted ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:41:28
:: nods :: NAV: I have scans and images for Wright to look over, primarily taken from the forward lounge. :: starts towards the TL, pausing briefly to wait for Navarro to follow ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 22:41:39
:: enters the TL with Grey ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:42:07
:: paces away :: :: over her shoulder :: XO: Thanks. Don't let me keep you.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 22:42:34
:: looks down in confusion as the Ops console receives a report of an unexplained systems outage that quickly resolves, and then another - it doesn't take a genius scientist to draw a connection between this and what she read in the logs of the ill-fated Meridian :: CO: Captain...
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:42:46
:: scans the shuttle, keeping half her mind on the Light around her neck ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:43:08
:: stands watching in Ziredac's wake, making a mental note to alert the counselor to contact both her and D'bryn ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:43:09
:: reads the tone of her wife's voice and frowns :: CSO: Yes, Commander?
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:44:01
:: enters onto the bridge, approaching Wright's chair to pass the datastick over :: CSO: Scans and photos of the primary forward lounge of the Meridian for more careful examination, ma'am.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:44:07
:: does a quick once-over of her work, then begins repairing the surrounding area where the bone fragments had done damage ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 22:44:08
CO: I think... what happened over there... is starting to happen here. I'm getting reports of all these odd outages... just like in the logs.
:: accepts the datastick without looking up ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:44:39
:: bolts from her seat :: CSO: Red alert!
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 22:44:59
:: immediately puts the ship at Red Alert ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:45:11
CSO: Isolate all critical systems and lock down access to my command codes!
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:45:23
:: pauses :: CSO: What's happening? :: attention snaps up, looking from Wright to Harper :: CO/CSO: What's going on?!
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:45:23
:: looks up at the small, relatively unobtrusive red alert signal for the surgical ward. She mumbles :: Self: Ah, fuck..
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:45:28
:: sees Zoë working on the shuttle, wants to talk to her ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 22:45:32
CO: Aye, Captain. :: sets about doing so immediately ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:45:40
:: mind not on Hannah at all, has forgotten she's there ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:45:45
CTO: I believe we have an intruder. Whatever killed the crew of the Meridian may be here. Find them!
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:46:16
:: shakes her head, keeping her focus on the surgery under her hands ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Apr-2022 22:46:16
:: strides resolutely to the helm and takes his station, ready to act ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:46:33
:: perks an ear backward and turns her head, hearing something...odd, but can't place it, and follows the strange vibration into the shuttle. The red alert, however, distracts her and she knows she must report to the bridge ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:47:00
:: nods, snapping down lockdown orders on all corridors and system access points, calling all marines on shift to take security positions ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:47:00
:: approaches slow :: Zoë: Hey.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:47:09
:: jumps a little, turns :: Hannah: Hey.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:47:30
:: swallows :: Zoe: Did you...? Did you see him?
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 22:47:39
:: extremely alarmed, her hands are shaking as she locks everything down ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:47:41
:: tears up, nods slow ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:48:05
:: turns away, head down, hands interlocked behind her neck :: Zoe: Fuck. Fuck.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:48:10
:: doesn't know what to say ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:48:21
CSO: Thorough internal scans. Start with the sources of the systems outages.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:48:28
:: re-checks her work one last time and, satisfied, she finally closes up the incision over Leirone's spine. She transitions to the dermal regenerator, healing over more of the damage ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 22:48:51
CO: Aye. Scans in progress.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:48:52
:: diverts from the shuttle and races for the interior door, but notices the lockdown procedures in effect :: +CO+ Kuari to the bridge. What's going on?!
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:48:54
Landeskog> :: watches the sad scene play out and frowns ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:48:56
Zoe: I don't know what I'm gonna do. How can I look...? How can I look our parents in the face for the first time in years, and it's about Ja—... about his death?
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:49:11
:: almost at a whisper :: Hannah: I'm sorry, Hannah.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:49:27
:: her turn to be at a loss ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:49:31
+CO+ We are experiencing intermittent systems outages. Commander Wright found reports of similar problems in the Meridan's logs. I fear that whatever did this may have found its way here.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:50:04
:: sits up straight, looking around :: Nurse: Alright, let him wake up in here. Better to keep him isolated, just in case. We can clear him if we need the ward.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:50:09
Hannah: We'll find what, or who, did this and make sure they get what's coming. That's what we do. Right?
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:50:41
:: throws hands up, paces more :: Zoë: I dunno, man. I can't think right now.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:50:50
:: adjusts the drugs in Lerirone's system, keeping him on good painkillers but allowing him to wake up ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:50:51
:: feels a sudden void in her stomach as the implications of the shuttle's return to Atlantis dawns on her. +CO+ Oh no...
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:50:56
:: puts down her tricorder, approaches Hannah, puts a hand on her shoulder ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:51:08
:: momentarily considers pulling away, but just accepts it ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:51:18
:: the urgency in her voice rises :: +XO+ What is it, Kuari?
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:51:25
:: the two stand there for a long while ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:51:54
Zoë: Don't take this as me being inopportune, but I miss you.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:52:03
+CO+ The shuttle was experiencing problems on the way back. We thought it was interference from the disruption field... :: runs back for the shuttle ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:52:12
:: nods sadly, but removes hand, steps back to the shuttle ::
Hannah: I miss you too.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:52:33
:: dismisses her nurses but sits with Leirone for a while in case he wakes up ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:52:36
Zoë: I quit drinking.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 22:52:41
:: the scans are inconclusive, but she hears Kuari's comm and begins scanning the shuttle ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:52:48
:: smiles :: Hannah: Congratulations.
:: nods ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:53:11
:: considers locking down the shuttlebay, but thinks it's too late ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:53:13
Kinda wishing I didn't right now, to be honest.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:53:43
Hannah: It'll be okay. You can weather this. I'm shit at giving advice, by the way.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:53:53
:: laughs through the tears :: You're fine.
LCdr Leirone 06-Apr-2022 22:54:11
:: starts to come to ::
Where...where am I?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:54:40
:: barges into the shuttle, ignoring Hannah in a panic :: CEO: Lieutenant! The disruptions have spread to Atlantis! What's going on?
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:55:03
:: sits up, resting a hand on Leirone's shoulder :: Leirone: You're in the Sickbay aboard Atlantis. My name is Emilaina, I'm your doctor. Relax, you're going to be okay.
Leirone: Do you remember anything from your ship? How you got here?
LCdr Leirone 06-Apr-2022 22:55:26
:: tries to sit up suddenly :: CMO: No! You have to lockdown the ship! Full security lockout! He's here!
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:55:46
:: blinks :: Leirone: I believe we're doing that now. Who's here?
LCdr Leirone 06-Apr-2022 22:55:48
CMO: He's here! He's onboard! You have to lockdown the ship! Now!
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:56:03
Zoë: Hey, Zoë?
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:56:14
:: lets him sit up but raises her hands to steady him :: Leirone: Who? Who's here?
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:57:17
ACTION: A shape forms behind Lieutenant D'bryn Zoë. A bright white beam of energy passes through her head. A man with green skin, black hair, clad in black clothing, clasps the pendant around her neck, and pulls it off her as her body falls to the floor of the shuttle bay.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:57:30
:: brain goes blank ::
Sarreon> :: grins at Hannah ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:58:04
Sarreon> :: vanishes ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:58:22
:: skids to a halt and witnesses what happens to D'bryn, in shock ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:58:26
:: pulls her phaser pistol and aims it at the space, shaking; the phaser falls from her hands::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:58:45
:: quietly :: CSO: Secure the bridge. Turbolifts open only with my authorization.
LCdr Leirone 06-Apr-2022 22:58:46
Lock down the ship!
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:58:56
ACTION: Systems all over the ship go offline.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:59:08
:: taps her combadge :: +CO+ Our patient is awake, and believes we have an intruder.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 22:59:11
:: nods and secures the Bridge ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 22:59:15
:: turns and runs for the Skylark, unable to think of anything ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:59:34
:: comes within fifty feet of the Skylark... ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 22:59:36
+CMO+ We are aware. Any specifics he can provide will be appreciated.
CEO Lt D'bryn 06-Apr-2022 22:59:47
ACTION: The Skylark explodes.
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Apr-2022 22:59:47
:: taps into the security cameras, watching the screen intently ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Apr-2022 22:59:56
:: breathes out :: Leirone: Anything more you can tell us?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Apr-2022 22:59:57
:: snaps out of it :: +CO+ Kuari to bridge! I think...I just witnessed the intruder in the shuttlebay. He...interacted with D'bryn and disappeared, scan!
Hannah Ziredac 06-Apr-2022 23:00:14
:: is thrown back to the far wall of the shuttle bay, falls unconscious ::
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 23:00:26
CMO: Focus scans on the shuttlebay!
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Apr-2022 23:00:53
CO: Captain, there was .. some kind of explosion down in the shuttle bay!?
CO Cdor Harper 06-Apr-2022 23:00:56
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