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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Holodeck murder mystery!
After 30-Mar-2022 00:00:00
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 21:30:00
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 21:30:07
ACTION: The holodeck powers up and you find yourself in the lobby of a detective agency, circa the film noir era complete with a black-and-white filter. There's a receptionist chewing gum, and she looks at you with an attitude.
CTO Cpt Grey 30-Mar-2022 21:30:55
:: blinks with a curious glance around, noting the black-and-white appearance and lobby, then down at herself in confusion, noting the skirt and blouse paired with heels ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 21:31:01
:: dressed like a film noir femme fatale with a cigarette on a holder, looking bored ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 21:32:32
:: is all dressed to the ninety-nines: chunky necklace, chunky belt, sunglasses to hide eye expressions... and of course, the trench coat. she glances around, hands on waist ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 21:33:09
Receptionist> All: So you're the new recruits? :: she looks at a piece of paper judgingly :: Thought there'd only be one'a yas.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 21:33:19
:: is really in-character as she draws on her cigarette ::
Receptionist: Fine by me. The others can go. I prefer to work alone.
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 21:34:11
:: stands near the back of the office, having chosen a large trench coat in an effort to fit in with the scene, but towers over everyone needing to stand on two legs ::
CTO Cpt Grey 30-Mar-2022 21:34:30
:: scrunches up her nose at the cigarette, flicking the air with a careful hand, but remaining silent to let the others speak ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 21:35:11
Receptionist> :: rolls her eyes :: All: Well I'm sure Paulie will wanna be the one ta decide that. :: she waves a hand at the door behind her emblazoned with the text: 'Paulie Ross, Private Investigator' ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 21:35:20
:: glances at Wright :: Go? Pft... I am not leaving. Receptionist: Despite... her, I wish to be counted in.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 21:35:54
:: nonchalantly happens to flick ashes at Grey's feet ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 21:37:05
:: she's dressed in a slightly worn but clean pinstripe suit with a black tie, trenchcoat, and her hair in an updo under a slanted fedora, and smoking a cigarette ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 21:37:33
:: looks over at the name on the door, then again around the office undecidedly ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 21:38:00
:: smirks :: Receptionist: Paulie's gonna have a field day with this lot.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 21:38:04
:: sighs in boredom ::
CTO Cpt Grey 30-Mar-2022 21:38:13
:: glares at Wright, side-stepping with a grumble :: Wright: Watch it.
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 21:38:32
Receptionist> :: sighs, still waving her hand. She speaks as if this should be painfully obvious :: All: Go in?
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 21:38:34
:: ignores Grey ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 21:39:08
:: tries to suppress a grin at Wright's nonchalant character, going to the door and opening it for everyone else ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 21:39:21
:: she puts her coat and hat up on the rack and ushers the group into Paulie's office, rolling her eyes ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 21:39:41
:: follows, looking behind the receptionist's desk curiously as she passes ::
CTO Cpt Grey 30-Mar-2022 21:39:51
:: follows, brushing past Wright and quite incidently stepping on the other's foot with a heel delicately, and entering the office ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 21:40:31
:: checks to make sure that her shoe isn't smudged and saunters regally into the office ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 21:40:33
:: stands in the corner of his office staring out the window and smoking a cigarette. He's a tall, heavy-set man wearing an unassuming suit-and-trenchcoat combo. He looks up as the group enters. He addresses Harper :: CO: Newbies?
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 21:41:37
Paulie: Yeah, boss. This is all them that showed up to answer your ad. So hard to get good help these days, huh? :: takes a drag from her smoke ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 21:42:17
:: narrows her eyes, suppressing a growl at the offensive statement ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 21:42:29
:: slowly saunters to his desk and picks up a file, tossing it to the opposite side of the desk for someone to pick up :: All: Well, just your luck. We got a murder, just this morning.
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 21:43:42
:: looks around, politely stepping around the others and taking the file from the desk, flipping it open. she holds it to her side so others can glance at it ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 21:43:56
:: gives Kuari a sly wink ::
:: leans against the wall, eyeing the group appraisingly ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 21:45:23
:: exposits as they read :: All: Man named 'Ethan Jasper'. You ask me, it was the wife. A woman named 'Ryleigh Grey'. Wouldn't take a man's last name, but would take his life. After all, it's always the spouse. :: the file contains pictures, relatively tame, of Ethan laying on the floor 'dead', as well as pictures of an old-fashioned house where it supposedly happened ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 21:45:42
:: catches the wink while leaning over a shoulder, then peers closely at the file ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 21:46:59
Paulie: Interesting. Maybe he was getting a little action on the side and she found out and had to off him.
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 21:47:18
:: squints :: Paulie: Hm. Any idea where the wife is now?
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 21:47:23
All: Let's go to the house. :: said simply ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 21:47:42
:: smokes as she appraises each of them in turn, but her appraisal lingers on Lexy dressed as a film noir femme fatale as a slight smile grows on her face - she'll have to revisit this later, in private ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 21:48:13
Kuari: Let's find out how much this job pays, first, hmm? :: takes a long drag ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 21:49:18
:: laughs a big belly-laugh, gesturing at Wright :: All: I already like this one. Don't worry, the pay is better than your current job. But yes, as she :: he nods at Kuari :: said, let's go see this house.
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 21:49:59
:: breaks her eyeing of Lexy to chime in after a slight cough :: All: There is a bonus of ongoing employment for the the one-a-ya that solves the case.
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 21:50:20
:: shrugs, an interesting motion in the coat, thinking about the differences of this fantasy will be than working an investigation as a security officer, where this is no pay anyway ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 21:50:31
CO: Mmm, encouraging backstabbing already?
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 21:50:55
:: shrugs :: CSO: I calls it incentive.
Paulie: Ain't that right, boss?
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 21:51:18
CO: Ooo, such a big word for someone like you.
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 21:51:23
:: hopes she said that right ::
CTO Cpt Grey 30-Mar-2022 21:52:00
:: splutters, coughing suddenly :: Paulie: Did you say... Ethan?
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 21:52:05
:: smirks, grabbing his hat off the coat rack by the wall and putting it on :: All: As she says, there is only one job opening at the moment. So get motivated.
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 21:52:20
:: crushes out her cigarette and gives Lexy a wry smirk ::
CTO Cpt Grey 30-Mar-2022 21:52:50
:: is barely able to mentally register this, a full-body shiver running down her spine ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 21:52:55
:: closes the file, and turns to walk out the door, but not before pauses to glance at the others if they are following ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 21:53:02
:: glances at Grey as he's crossing to the door :: CTO: Why, you know the guy?
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 21:53:06
CTO: What's he to you?
CTO Cpt Grey 30-Mar-2022 21:53:41
:: holds up a hand with a wedding ring on it, glittering in the light :: Paulie: He's my husband. I'm Ryleigh Grey-Jasper.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 21:54:09
:: looks at her appraisingly :: CTO: Well we don't have to go all the way to some smelly old house if the prime suspect is right here.
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 21:54:45
:: laughs :: Paulie: I ain't never seen the wife come right to us like this when she ain't hiring us.
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 21:54:49
:: looks her up and down :: CTO: Well, you got a lot'a gall applyin' here the day your husband died.
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 21:55:37
:: turns around, glaring at Grey, waiting for some kind of... excuse ::
CTO Cpt Grey 30-Mar-2022 21:56:02
CSO: I can assure you I had no part to play in my husband's death. :: snaps right back, brushing past the others :: Paulie: And yet, here I am. :: barely pauses in the doorway to glance back over her shoulder at the others :: All: Well, you coming? :: then focuses on Paulie :: Paulie: If I really wanted to kill him, I would've done so years ago.
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 21:56:44
:: eyes Grey, wondering at the programming of this story ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 21:57:26
:: chuckles, shrugs, and heads for the door :: CTO: Well, we'll see, won't we? :: he leads the party to a wagon large enough for the group with a strap for Kuari to pull it ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 21:57:35
:: retrieves her hat and coat from the rack and puts them on, eyeing the widow ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 21:58:09
:: steps up to Grey, deciding it is more entertaining if she puts on her thick German accent for this... character. :: CTO: I personally don't think that you should be at the crime scene.... Not until we can rule out you.
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 21:58:25
:: approaches the wagon and eyes the strap, then looks at Paulie ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 21:59:14
:: nods :: SCI: I'll keep an eye on 'er. :: then looks at Kuari :: XO: What do you think, wanna drive, or shall I? :: he points to a street-parked old fashioned car ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:00:07
:: turns back around, clutching the file close ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:00:29
:: again wonders at the writing, but thinks a moment and tosses her trench coat into the wagon and takes to the strap :: Paulie: Sure, I can do it.
CTO Cpt Grey 30-Mar-2022 22:00:45
:: pauses to stare at Herschel, raising an eyebrow :: SCI: I know the policies, and I won't step foot into the house. Besides, you'll need me to manage our dog. :: climbs into the wagon, settling on the edge of the seat with a sigh ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:00:59
:: pulls on her fur coat and gets into the wagon ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:01:27
:: climbs on the cart and pulls out a folding map, turning it upside down, then right side up, then appraising it with a squint ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:01:39
:: chuckles to herself as she takes a front seat in the wagon, the laugh partially both in- and out-of-character ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:02:15
:: dusts off the seat before sitting down and crossing her legs ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:02:15
:: leans over to look at the map, pointing at an address :: Paulie: Right there, boss. :: taps a location ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:02:18
:: fits the harness neatly around herself and waits for directions, looking about and sniffing the air ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:02:43
:: steps into the wagon with a slight struggle. it has been too dang long since she has worn heels ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:03:04
:: nods :: CO: Yeah, right. XO: Uhh, take this street to the stopsign, then turn left.
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:03:33
:: nods and begins to pull once everyone's seated, slowly at first then picks up pace ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:03:40
:: leans back and pulls out a cigarette case and some matches ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:04:10
:: also lights a cigarette, continuing to give directions and interpret the map ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:04:37
:: shakes head :: And I thought my cousin smoked a lot...
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:04:50
:: strikes the match and lights up her cig, then looks back at the assorted lot on the cart ::
CTO Cpt Grey 30-Mar-2022 22:05:07
:: remains quiet, knowing talking would bring attention to herself... attention she did not want ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:05:15
:: continues to pull the wagon towards what she assumes is the scene of the crime, looking for the house in the picture as they go ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:05:31
:: takes another drag, looking bored as she watches the scenery go by ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:06:04
:: finally points at the house :: XO: There, on the right. The blue one. :: it looks grey in the filter, they all do ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:06:34
:: notes the indicated house and pulls up to it, coming to an easy stop ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:06:46
:: hops down from the cart and eyes the place ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:07:06
:: lowers herself out of the cart, and takes another glance at the file ::
CTO Cpt Grey 30-Mar-2022 22:07:37
:: hops out of the wagon easily, knowing this house like the back of her hand, and starts making her way up the front walkway, withdrawing a key from her pocket ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:07:45
:: steps gracefully out of the cart, tucking away a wisp of hair pulled out of place by the wind ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:07:56
:: gets out of the cart and keeps close behind Grey, eyeing her. ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:08:01
:: tips her fedora to Lexy as she descends:: Milady.
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:08:12
:: squirms out of the harness and dons her trench coat, resisting the urge to just walk in and start sniffing around and follows the group ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:08:41
:: glares at Grey through her sunglasses, watching her carefully ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:08:45
:: gives the tiniest haughty scoff as she passes ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:09:03
:: suppresses a snicker ::
CTO Cpt Grey 30-Mar-2022 22:09:21
:: she slides the key into the lock and twisting the handle, opening the door and stepping to the side to let the others enter, remaining outside ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:11:48
:: gets back into character and carefully watches the widow's behavior ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:13:44
:: walks past Grey after she opens the door, then walks inside, sniffing ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:13:57
:: enters the house and takes a drag of his cigarette, looking down at the tape outline of a body in the living room ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:14:20
:: saunters in, looking around disdainfully ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:14:30
:: walks in to post up next to Paulie, taking in all the details of the room ::
CTO Cpt Grey 30-Mar-2022 22:14:54
:: takes a seat on the edge of the garden outside, barely able to watch the others do their thing from her position ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:15:19
:: closes the file and walks into the house, immediately looking at any furniture, trinkets, thingiemabobs... hmm. what was the murder weapon... :::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:15:36
Paulie: So how did this.... Ethan fellow meet his end?
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:16:21
:: wanders the house taking notes. The living room is clean except for a dark stain under the body outline. The kitchen is a mess with dishes everywhere. The bedroom is pristine, and the bathroom is middling in terms of cleanliness. The basement is dark and full of wine and potatoes. There is a spare room used as an office, and it seems well loved. ::
CSO: Blow to the back'a the head. :: puffs his cigarette, then swings an arm in front of him :: Downward, like that.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:17:23
Paulie: Mmm. :: takes a long drag :: And how tall was this man?
:: looks at Grey appraisingly again ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:17:53
:: looks through his notes :: CSO: Probably between 5'9" and 5'11".
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:18:21
:: unfamiliar with these units of measurement, she just nods along ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:18:22
:: blunt force trauma... she glances around the living room for objects that could be easily swung at a head ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:18:40
:: looks from Wright to Grey, following the explanation ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:18:47
:: looks incredulously at Paulie and deadpans :: Paulie: What, the cops forgot their tape measure?
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:19:19
:: shrugs :: CSO: You think I don't wish they was more useful?
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:20:21
:: crouches down, which causes her tail to poke out behind her trench coat, and sniffs at the stain on the floor, careful not to step on the chalk ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:20:51
ACTION> Herschel finds a lamp with a tiny speck of blood on the base. Kuari smells blood.
CTO Cpt Grey 30-Mar-2022 22:21:10
:: she's a little bit shorter than Ethan, even with heels, squarely meeting their eyes ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:21:28
CSO: In a rush to get to the donut shop, no doubt.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:21:28
:: looks at the lamp :: All: Eugh. Tacky.
:: nods airily at Kate ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:22:08
:: to nobody in particular :: If the blow was downwards then the girl would be too short for that... it would have to be a tall individual... or someone standing on something. :: bends over to look closely at a lamp, spotting the blood. she opens to file to see if there is a picture of the head trauma ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:22:47
:: shakes his head, looking around :: All: What if she stood on the couch? :: the picture shows a (poorly photoshopped) wound the shape of the lamp base ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:24:08
:: pulls gloves out of her pocket, puts them on, and then lifts up the lamp base, comparing it to the photo. satisfied at a match, she silently moves, crouched over, looking to see if there is anything that could be stood on, or if any furniture upholstery as foot marks ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:24:10
:: walks into the office first, which seems to be the most smelly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:24:36
:: looking at photos on the wall ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:24:51
:: the office smells like Ethan was in there all the time. Also, there's no footprints on any furniture, but the couch is in the right spot if it were to be used as a stool for the murder ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:26:23
:: squats in front of the couch, then stands up, going to grab the lamp, then stands on the couch :: All: Can someone stand right there? :: points to where the feet would be on the body chalk ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:27:11
:: watches quietly, appraising his applicants ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:27:16
:: looks at the indicated location and then at Herschel, obviously waiting for someone else to volunteer ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:27:42
:: looks over the desk to see if there's anything important lying on it ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:27:50
:: points at Harper :: CO: Oi, you! Stand!
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:28:40
ACTION> Kuari finds tons of documents, including work documents, bills, and letters between Ethan and his "sister"... Emilaina? ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:29:11
:: smirks :: SCI: Last I checked, lady, you're the one trying to get a job from us, so don't tell me what to do.
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:30:00
:: decides to punch out even more gruff German Accent :: CO: You're the only one tall enough here!
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:30:09
:: peers down at the letter on top of the stack on the desk to read it more closely ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:30:13
:: smirks ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:30:28
:: looks around and decides to humor her :: SCI: So I am. How about that?
:: shrugs and steps into the chalk ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:30:44
:: steps over to appraise Herschel's swing ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:31:00
:: The letter reads: 'My dear brother, it is with regret that I inform you of our mother's passing. I will be visiting this thursday to see you and bring you treats. Stay strong. - Emilaina ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:31:22
:: holds lamp, and swings it aggressively, thankfully stopping it just before knocking the living shit out of Harper ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:31:35
:: golfclaps ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:31:42
:: eyes Rike a little ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:32:19
:: watches Rike, and seems... disappointed? ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:33:49
SCI: Interesting experiment. Too bad you just ruined all the fingerprint evidence.
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:33:52
Paulie: What's the matter boss? Sad she pulled the punch?
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:33:58
:: looks to see if there is a date on the letter she's just read ::
:: she then wonders to herself what day this story actually starts on ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:35:08
:: shrugs :: CO: Maybe a little. :: Kuari finds a calendar, and it seems that 'thursday' refers to the day of the murder! ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:35:37
:: leaves the chalk outline to go lean against the wall and smoke ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:35:38
:: squints and steps down :: Couch is too tall. Must be another tall individual. CSO: At least I am wearing gloves.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:36:06
SCI: Put that thing down. :: pulls a fingerprint kit out of her purse ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:36:32
Paulie: Hey, get a load of this, boss! She's got her own fingerprint kit! :: gestures to Wright ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:37:07
:: internally laughs as she decides to put on an attitude. :: CSO: Aye aye madam! :: sets it down on a table ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:37:16
:: grins :: CO: Someone came prepared.
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:37:17
:: squints at the information, then looks over at the bills and other papers, briefly to see if anything catches her eye ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:38:02
:: absently hands her cigarette holder to Rike and begins to dust for prints ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:38:23
:: Kuari notices that some of the bills are being paid by Ethan's (and apparently Emily's) mom ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:38:46
:: glances at Wright, takes the cigarette holder, and quickly drops it onto another table. ew. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:38:55
:: thinks on this information, pondering the implications, then walks out into the main room to see what the others are doing ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:39:05
:: dashes and retrieves the cigarette holder ::
SCI: Hey whaddya tryin' to do, start a fire?
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:39:53
:: winces as the cigarette is dropped, then is relieved when Harper reacts ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:40:36
:: shakes hand, shuddering somewhat :: Eeeuuugh.
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:40:43
:: smokes her own cigarette while holding Lexy's ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:41:39
:: uses her fancy brush to lightly apply fancy dust to the ugly lamp ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:42:16
:: watches Wright, trying not to seem impressed. She's able to find a few prints! ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:42:21
:: ponders that someone might want to start a fire here, if they wanted to destroy evidence for some reason ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:43:01
:: smiles triumphantly and carefully lifts the print with cellophane tape ::
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:43:15
:: moves around couch, then remembers... aha! she removes her belt from the trench coat, which has inch and centimeter measurements on it, and lays it adjacent to the chalk outline to measure it ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:43:45
:: pulls a blank card out of his pocket, offering it to Wright to put the fingerprint tape on ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:44:17
:: turns and finds Paulie behind her with the blank card and accepts it graciously ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:45:15
Ross: Ethan had a sister named Emilaina. She supposedly visited the day of the murder, or at least intended to, since their mother had just died. She...may not be a suspect due to height, but perhaps she knows something.
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:45:35
:: keeps an eye on Wright as she works ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:46:31
:: carefully affixes the print tape to the card ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:47:07
:: drags his cigarette :: XO: Sister, eh? Find anything about... an inheritance, perhaps?
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:47:32
:: hands Wright's cigarette holder back to her ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:48:15
:: accepts it with a nod of gratitude ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:48:15
:: stops above what Wright is doing, watching her :: Ross: Not yet, but apparently the mother was paying bills for both of them.
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:48:21
CSO: Impressive bit of work there. You're one smart and classy dame. Wanna get a drink when we crack this case?
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:48:53
:: flicks his cigarette, thinks :: XO: Payin' their bills, eh? So she did have money. How tall is this sister?
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:48:56
:: appraises Kate :: CO: You sure you can afford me?
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:49:28
:: cracks a wry grin and nods :: CSO: I think so.
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:49:48
:: shrugs, which is somewhat ineffective in her trench coat :: Ross: Don't know, maybe we should find her. There's probably a return address in the office, but I didn't want to touch any papers yet.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:50:15
:: pats Kate on the shoulder :: CO: I'll be the judge of that. :: turns toward the ongoing conversation ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:50:30
:: suppresses a giggle before snapping back into character ::
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:51:02
:: grins :: XO: Whether a witness or a suspect, you've found something important. Might be worth offering you the job on the spot, if not for the impressive performances I saw in here.
:: taps his chin :: All: This will be a tough decision...
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:51:29
:: eyes Wright, who is working ::
:: looks over at Herschel, who is holding her belt to the floor next to the chalk ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:52:46
All: We should compare these prints with the wife, though really, anyone who does this kind of decorating is already guilty of something.
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:53:12
:: laughs at Wright's remark then looks at Harper :: CO: Katie, what do you think? Could we use more than one deputy?
SCI Lt Herschel 30-Mar-2022 22:53:33
:: has to fold belt over for additional inches... but then stands up :: All: Hm. The victim was around 6'1. :: pulls belt back in trench coat ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:53:49
Paulie: It'd certainly make things easier on us, that's for sure. :: looks up at Kuari :: Besides, she's gotta be good in a fight.
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:54:44
:: nods in agreement :: CO: Eh, I could take 'er. :: he laughs, obviously joking ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:55:01
:: laughs :: Ross: Sure ya could, Paulie, sure ya could.
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:55:42
:: snaps his notebook shut :: All: Alright, looks like I'm flyin' or drivin' or whatever to see this sister tomorrow. Thanks for all yer help, your people will hear from my people.
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:56:36
Ross: I doubt they gots people, boss.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:56:54
CO: You'd be surprised.
Paulie Ross 30-Mar-2022 22:56:56
:: laughs :: CO: We'll get 'em Angela's number.
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Mar-2022 22:57:15
:: looks a bit lost, but doesn't feel they're being complimented ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:58:23
:: tries to take a drag from her cigarette, and is disappointed to find that it's burned out ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:58:48
:: offers Lexy a smoke from her case ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:58:58
:: graciously accepts ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:59:27
:: lights it for her too ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Mar-2022 22:59:50
:: gives it a few light puffs to get the ember going ::
CO Cdor Harper 30-Mar-2022 22:59:53
:: thinks she could get into this smoking thing ::
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