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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
With the Wenkudian situation resolved, we now return to the mission of peaceful exploration that it interrupted. After a slipstream flight back to the frontier of explored space, we have returned to the star system we left from to finish cataloging its planets; a gas supergiant close to the star, followed by a terrestrial planet with a dense atmosphere, a second terrestrial planet with an atmosphere, a ringed gas giant home to many moons, and finally, a small terrestrial planet covered in various ices. The two innermost rocky planets were completed on the initial visit, so we resume our efforts starting with the icy outer world.
After 23-Mar-2022 00:00:00
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:15:55
CEO LtJG D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:16:21
:: is at her station on the bridge ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:16:22
:: in the ready room, PADD in hand as she looks out the window at the icy world below, smiling to herself ::
:: looks at the PADD one more time before tapping her commbadge :: +CEO+ Harper to D'bryn.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:17:06
:: at main Sci/Ops, watching as routine scan data of the icy world rolls in :::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 21:17:26
:: is on the Skylark, running a simple holodeck program to take a healthy walk—a new leaf turned from drinking her emotions away :: :: is already winded at less than a mile in ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 21:17:27
:: is at her station on the bridge, working idly on some paperwork ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 21:17:38
:: is at her console on the bridge, doing her usual remote monitoring of the botany lab ::
CEO LtJG D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:17:57
+CO+ D'bryn here, Captain.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 21:18:07
:: holds the bridge from her off-center seat as usual while Harper is away, transitioning from their last mission by looking over dawdling reports, but also checking on the sensor readings from the last time they were at their current destination ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:18:14
:: places the PADD on her desk and steps behind it, but does not sit :: +CEO+ Please report to my ready room, lieutenant.
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 21:18:43
:: wheezes :: People just do this for several miles? Like, in a row? Fuck, man.
CEO LtJG D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:19:17
+CO+ Aye, be right there. :: hops up from her seat and trots to the ready room; rings the chime ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:19:18
:: stands behind the desk waiting, leaning forward slightly onto her fingertips ::
Door: Come in!
CTO Cpt Grey 23-Mar-2022 21:20:22
:: is at her console, running simulations over various missions ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 21:20:37
Training Program> :: walking terribly upright beside her :: Indeed. Some hikes deemed 'easy' and 'casual' can exceed ten miles. TP: That's torture. TP> That's health. TP: :: blows raspberry ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 21:20:39
:: pauses, blinking slowly and making sure she's not making an error. Ten patients? Yes, that's right... ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 23-Mar-2022 21:21:17
:: has once again taken the helm, getting more and more accustomed to the station each time she has control. Admittedly, this part is not exactly difficult by any means, mostly consisting of monitoring the ship's orbit ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 21:21:29
:: nods to self. yes, the oxygen ratios are indeed correct... ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 21:21:31
:: looks up idly from her console to D'bryn as she crosses the bridge to the ready room and enters, then looks back down at her work ::
CEO LtJG D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:21:35
:: enters the ready room :: CO: Hi Captain. Commodore. You know, I know you've said it doesn't matter which rank we call you by; I just haven't let myself choose one.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:22:24
:: is too distracted by interesting factoids about the planet below to notice ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:22:37
:: smiles as Zoë enters, then chuckles a bit at the rank swaps :: CEO: They are both better than "Cap'n," so either that you settle on is fine. Thank you for coming.
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 21:22:54
:: glances up at the readyroom door, checking the vibe as she often does ::
CEO LtJG D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:23:20
CO: Of course! What can I do for you, ma'am?
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:24:35
CEO: You know, Zoë, it has been gratifying watching your development as an officer since you came aboard. Some thought you to be too inexperienced when I chose you to take over the engineering department following Commander Ilaihr's departure, but your talent is obvious to anyone paying attention.
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 21:25:11
:: smiles into her console, knowing this vibe well ::
CEO LtJG D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:25:15
CO: :: smiles humbly :: Thank you, Captain.
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:26:38
:: leans down a bit and pulls something from the partially-open drawer, then circles around the desk towards her :: CEO: All of that makes it even more of a pleasure and honor to finally be able to remove the "Acting" from your title of Chief Engineer, and...
:: she raises her hand, revealing a golden pip between her thumb and index finger ::
CEO LtJG D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:28:00
CO: :: gasps and does a bad job at hiding it ::
:: has been promoted at least a dozen times in her other lifetimes, but the effect is no less humbling and joyful ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:29:32
:: initiates a deeper mineral scan of the interesting-looking areas ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:29:35
:: steps closer and reaches for Zoë's collar to remove the half-pip :: CEO: D'bryn Zoë, by the power vested in me by Starfleet Command...
CEO LtJG D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:29:59
CO: :: smiles bigger as the pipping occurs ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 21:30:15
:: taps console, whistling a tune to herself ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 21:30:21
:: glances up at the scans for some distraction ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:30:44
:: removes the half-pip and places it on the desk, then pins the full one in its place before stepping back and beaming :: CEO: I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant, with all accompanying rights and privileges. Congratulations, Chief!
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 21:32:12
:: crests just the smallest incline the park could offer :: TP: How much longer, again? TP> We have another two-point-five miles to go. TP: Christ on crutches. TP> Fatigue could be a symptom of your alcohol withdrawals. Drink some water and keep going. :: scowls ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:33:22
CO: :: smiles the biggest :: Thank you, Captain! Wow, I... It just happened so quickly. I'm positively stunned. Thank you. I won't let you down.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 21:33:27
:: looks up at Wright as she's sciencing, smiles to herself ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:34:06
:: returns the big smile :: CEO: I know, lieutenant. You were the right choice to take care of my ship, and you have shown me that many times. Thank you.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 21:34:16
:: does a little shoulder shimmy as she begins to read a report draft ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:35:22
CO: I'm honored! And... :: big awkward smile, held breath ::'re gonna make me cry.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:35:52
:: hums quietly to herself as she looks over the results ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:36:05
:: grins and nods :: CEO: Well, then, we should get back to work. But, it has been a while since that first run in the holodeck. Care to join me again in the morning?
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 21:36:55
TP> It also might have helped if you wore more flexible, breathable clothing. TP: I do everything in these pants. TP> Including carpentry and mechanic work? TP: Who programmed the sass into you? No more sass. Just keep the pace.
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:37:40
CO: I'd love to! I haven't been training at all, but yes.
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:38:25
CEO: Wonderful! See you at 0600, bright and early! :: leads the way back out onto the bridge ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:38:48
:: follows CO to the bridge ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 21:39:03
:: looks up and claps for D'bryn ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:39:16
:: forgoes her usual request for a report, instead gesturing to the newly-minted lieutenant ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:39:19
:: looks around in bewilderment at the clapping ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 21:39:26
:: looks up from reading the draft and claps ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:39:45
:: beams big awkward smile as CMO starts clapping :: :: quick-walks to her console ::
:: mouths 'Thanks!' ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:40:00
:: claps uncertainly ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 21:40:05
CEO: Hurra!
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:40:12
Bridge: Congratulations, Lieutenant D'bryn!
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 21:40:21
:: looks at Wright and mouths "promotion" ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:41:08
:: eyes widen in understanding as she gives a slight nod of thanks to Emily ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 21:41:08
:: looks to where Harper's indicating and beams a smile at D'bryn :: CEO: Congratulations!
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:41:35
Bridge: Thanks guys!
CAG LCdr T’Lira 23-Mar-2022 21:41:37
:: looks back at the announcement :: CEO: Congratulations, Lieutenant.
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 21:41:51
:: whoops :: CEO: Good job!
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:42:02
CEO: Well-deserved! :: grins ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:42:23
:: takes her seat and looks to the main viewer :: CSO: Anything interesting on the snowball?
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:43:39
CO: Quite a wealth of mineral deposits, Captain. Iron, copper, et cetera.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 21:44:09
:: listens at Wright's report with interest ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:44:17
CSO: Mm, I am certain the corps of engineers will be interested.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 21:44:18
:: turns back to reading the report draft, sending in corrections as she goes along ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:45:47
:: suddenly presses a hand to her earpiece, appearing to be listening intently ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 21:45:53
:: pays attention to the chatter with a big smile ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:46:01
:: notes her wife's change in posture ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:46:55
CO: Captain, I'm receiving what sounds like an automated distress call. :: her fingers fly across the console as she continues to listen ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:47:10
:: ears perk up at the news ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 21:47:13
:: frowns ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 21:47:23
:: snaps attention from the report to Wright ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:47:26
CSO: From whom, Commander? :: frowns ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 23-Mar-2022 21:47:40
:: her attention is turned to her console, getting the distinct sense she'll be needed soon ::
CTO Cpt Grey 23-Mar-2022 21:47:54
:: that draws her attention, glancing up as she paused the simulations ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:48:20
CO: It's... the USS Meridian, Captain. I've pinpointed the location to about 50 light years away. I'm sending the coordinates over to the NAV console now.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 21:48:40
:: raises her ears towards Wright at the news, then looks to Harper ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:48:43
:: turns :: CSO: The Meridian, Commander?
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:48:55
:: frowns more deeply as she shares a look with Kuari, knowing what an automated distress call from a Starfleet vessel means ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 23-Mar-2022 21:49:00
:: checks the coordinates and has them ready to plug in when the order is given ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:49:18
CAG: Plot a slipstream solution for those coordinates. XO: Make the ship ready for slipstream flight.
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 21:49:30
:: sends a message to Sickbay to begin preparing ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:49:41
:: looks back to Emily but see's she's already perparing ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 23-Mar-2022 21:50:15
:: begins plotting the course and quickly runs it through :: CO: Aye sir. Course plotted.
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:50:15
:: is hit with a wave of anxiety ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 21:50:17
:: gets up with a glance to Harper and heads for the turbolift with an obvious frown ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:50:18
:: cancels her scans-in-progress ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 21:50:22
:: looks up at Tactical, any remaining traces of her smile from earlier now gone :: CTO: Captain Grey, please configure shields for slipstream.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 21:50:27
:: prepares for potential transport ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:50:27
CAG: Warp speed, stand by for slipstream.
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:50:42
:: snaps back to reality, checks slipstreams systems; all systems green ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 21:51:27
:: arrives in a Sickbay already busy with preparation, people going every which way to get supplies to the right places ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 23-Mar-2022 21:52:14
:: pushes the ship into warp at the command, readying the slipstream drive :: CO: Ready for slipstream on your command.
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:52:48
ACTION> Atlantis warps away from this system once more, and once again in a hurry.
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:52:57
CO / Bridge: I know this might complicate things, but that's Hannah's brother's ship. If something... If something's happened, she should be made aware.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:53:50
:: knew she'd recognized that name from somewhere ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:53:52
:: turns to look back toward Zoë at the engineering console :: CEO: Do you want to handle that? Or should someone else?
CTO Cpt Grey 23-Mar-2022 21:54:45
:: configures the shields for slipstream, expression falling into something of an unreadable one ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 21:54:50
:: gets the trauma team together for a quick meeting, ending with an affirmation that she trusts them to do their jobs ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:54:56
CO: I might not be the best candidate right now, ma'am. Drama-llama, though that may be.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 21:55:04
:: looks to Harper :: CO: Atlantis is ready, Captain.
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:55:37
:: nods to Kuari, noting that slipstream readiness time was slower than usual, and resolves to bring it up at their next meeting :: XO: Thank you, Commander.
CAG: Engage slipstream drive.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 23-Mar-2022 21:56:17
:: nods, engaging the drive as ordered :: CO: Aye sir. Drive engaged.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 21:56:42
CEO: I could potentially... break the news if you have an idea on how best to approach it, as you know her best.
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 21:56:48
:: stops in the middle of the path, takes another swig of water, pulls out an NSAID hypo :: TP> Keep up the pace, Hannah. TP: Headache's gettin worse, dude. :: hypos herself ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 21:57:24
:: completes the requisite notes on this system, uncertain as to if or when they will be coming back ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:57:26
CEO: Understood. :: considers ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 21:57:47
SCI: I mean... It's complicated. She doesn't get along with her brother, so I don't think she'd 'kill the messenger' as it were. She'd probably be happy that he's run into some trouble. Presumably.
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 21:57:52
ACTION> After a minute or so, the slipstream tunnel forms ahead of us, and Atlantis smoothly transitions into it.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 21:59:45
CEO: I suppose it would be better to do it in person? :: clears throat :: Computer, what is the location of... Hannah-? :: pauses, unsure of her surname ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:00:09
SCI: Ziredac.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:00:19
:: watches their progress on the main viewer and her console, her expression somber ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:00:48
Yes... Computer, what is the location of Hannah Ziredac?
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:01:06
:: was going to volunteer Zorro for this, but nods as Rike accepts the mission ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:01:38
:: shakes her head, thinking that Rike is more brave than she is ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:02:01
Computer> Hannah Ziredac is onboard her ship in the main shuttlebay.
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:03:11
CAG: Fifty light-years should only be about ten minutes at slipstream, yes? What is our current ETA?
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:03:15
:: nods and stands up from her console. she turns to the turbolift and crosses her fingers, glancing to D'bryn before stepping in ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 23-Mar-2022 22:04:04
:: checks the console :: CO: ETA four minutes.
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 22:04:30
:: takes a moment to review each station's readiness, giving them all a thumbs-up :: Sickbay: We got this, people. Let's go!
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:04:51
:: nods to T'Lira :: CAG: Thank you.
:: then looks to Kuari :: XO: We do not know the nature of this distress call. Red alert.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:05:21
TL: Deck 18, please.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Mar-2022 22:05:51
:: in the Wing rec room shooting pool when he feels the ship go to slipstream :: Hm.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:05:53
:: nods to Harper's command :: CTO: Red Alert!
CTO Cpt Grey 23-Mar-2022 22:06:31
:: shifts onto Red Alert without a second's hesitation ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:06:53
:: winces a bit as the Red Alert klaxons go of, as she had been hoping for some nice quiet sciencing and now look ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:06:54
:: heart rate spikes :: :: sends a secular prayer for everything to be okay ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:07:07
:: steps out of TL and runs towards the shuttlebay ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 22:07:32
:: sees the red alert ping on a wall console, nodding :: Self: Here we go...
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:07:34
:: heart rate spikes :: :: sends several secular words into the air because nothing is okay :: TP> You'll be fine, Hannah. If you need to rest, rest.
TP: Rest? I don't know the meaning of the word.
:: immediately stops and rests ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:08:08
:: puts on her game face, staring ahead and waiting for the upcoming scene to appear before them ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:08:12
:: stops just before entering shuttlebay and takes a breath before calmly entering, hands clasped in front of her. she calls out :: Hannah! You in here?
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:08:34
ACTION> Atlantis exits slipstream into normal space, a couple hundred light-seconds away from the coordinates.
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:08:42
:: is in a holoprogram aboard the Skylark, and cannot hear anything outside ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Mar-2022 22:08:50
:: then hears the red alert and abandons the game in favor of heading for his Mustang to ensure she's ready if called upon ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:10:08
Landeskog> :: grunts at Herschel, then gestures at the Skylark :: SCI: In there, ma'am.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:11:44
:: walks towards the very obviously Not Starfleet ship, giving the... very intimidating individual a polite nod :: Thank you. :: enters the ship :: Hannah! :: squints, looking around ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:12:14
Landeskog> :: grunts ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:13:12
:: is startled by the sudden voice :: Computer, end program. :: the forest park program dissipates and returns to the small fore area of her ship :: :: sees SCI :: SCI: Well just come right in.
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:13:32
:: watches the main viewer for first visual sign of the Meridian, sweating bullets ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:13:55
:: sees the normal space transition with no Meridian on screen :: CAG: Find them and close the drift at the appropriate warp factor to get us there in less than thirty seconds.
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 22:14:07
:: waits with the trauma team, everyone's breath bated ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:14:17
Hannah: I do apologize for the intrusion, however we are on red alert due to a distress signal...
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:14:35
:: attempts to locate any nearby vessels ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:14:54
:: squints, side-eyes :: SCI: Alright. Thanks for... letting me know?
CAG LCdr T’Lira 23-Mar-2022 22:14:58
:: runs the calculations quickly and then nods once :: CO: Copy. Engaging warp drive... now. :: plots in a short jump that will take about twenty-seven seconds, if her numbers are correct, which she firmly believes they are ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:15:11
:: stands by for more news, letting the crew and its captain do their jobs ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:15:48
ACTION> 27.2 seconds later, Atlantis exits warp near the Meridian.
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:16:13
:: heart skips a beat when she sees her old ship ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:16:15
:: inhales sharply, fiddling her thumbs :: Hannah: The ship that sent the distress signal is... the Meridian.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:16:24
:: searches the main viewer hopefully ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:16:43
:: blinks; is silent for a moment :: SCI: Huh.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:17:29
:: pauses, eyebrows raised, waiting for... she doesn't know what ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 22:17:54
:: watches a wall console with the bridge feed on it, expectant ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:18:01
ACTION> The Prometheus-class USS Meridian appears on the main viewer, seemingly undamaged from external inspection.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:18:14
:: scans for lifesigns ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:18:27
:: makes a leading gesture :: SCI: Is it...serious, or...? Is he out of gas, surrounded by Xovul warships, caught in a singularity...?
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:18:32
:: narrows her eyebrows :: CSO: Hail them and scan for lifesigns.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:19:23
Hannah: We are attempting to find that out now.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:19:46
CO: One life sign aboard, Captain. ....Faint. :: hails the Meridian ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:20:55
SCI: Alright. Well... thanks. :: is awkward for a second :: Can I offer you a fresh bottle of water? Maybe some...I dunno, tea? I'd offer you a drink, but my personal EMH says we don't so much do that anymore. :: makes an unintentional and ironic cheers pantomime ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:21:26
:: waits and hopes for a response to the hail ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:22:11
:: heart sinks at 'one life sign' :: Bridge/Self: Where is everybody?
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:23:10
:: waits a beat, then shakes her head :: CO: No response, Captain. The sole life sign appears to be in the ship's armory.
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:23:18
:: her mind struggles with her instinct to lower shields and beam that lifesign aboard, versus General Order 12 ::
CSO: What species is the lifesign?
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:23:45
:: side-eyes Harper ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:23:56
:: notices something :: CSO: Commander, are you seeing this distortion field around the Meridian?
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:24:08
:: glances aside for a moment, also awkward. she didn't know what would happen. sobbing? rage? but not nothing- or nearly nothing :: Hannah: Uhh, well... I believe that it is best that I return to my duties on the bridge as soon as it is possible. But perhaps a... what is it called? Raincheck?
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:25:34
CO: The life sign is human. :: magnifies the image on the main viewer, looking for this distortion ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:25:59
Hannah: Oh.. I would also like to apologize for the... outburst from earlier. I was ahh- :: ahem :: on edge.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:26:01
:: watches the viewscreen, also looking with keen eyes for the distortion ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:26:23
:: looks between D'bryn and Wright :: CEO/CSO: What sort of distortion?
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:27:00
CSO: It's like a... I've never seen this kind of... I'm not even sure it's radiation. It's just this...field of something.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:27:27
CEO: Field...? Organic, inorganic?
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:27:42
CSO: Detailed scans, please, Commander.
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:27:59
SCI: Oh. Yeah, no sweat. I was out of line, myself. As they say. Hence why we're no longer doing the drinks thing on the ol love ship Skylark.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:28:01
CO: In progress.
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:28:19
:: knows time is of the essence with a faint lifesign, but the risk is too great to her ship and crew to lower shields ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:30:17
Hannah: Trust me, I know very well the effects of going overboard on the drinks. One time, I was at a bar with my Klingon friend and- :: shakes head :: Hannah: Scheisse that's a story for another time.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:30:41
:: looks in puzzlement at the results of the scans :: CO: She's right, Captain. There's some kind of... strange energy field around the ship. There's nothing similar in our database.
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:31:13
SCI: I too have had my fair share of run-ins with a Klingon bartender. They do not bend on legal drinking age.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:31:33
CSO: Scan for a similar energy within sensor range?
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:31:47
:: nods and initiates the scan ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:31:53
:: nods to Kuari, thinking that an excellent call ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:32:15
:: furrows brow at her computer, runs a test on the frequencies :: Bridge: Whatever it is, transporter beams aren't gonna get through it.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:32:36
:: blinks multiple times :: Hannah: My story was along the lines of how combing bloodwine and Andorian ale is a terrible idea-
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:32:40
:: peers over at D'bryn with a frown, unhappy at the news ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:33:12
:: frowns, that complicating a potential rescue :: CEO: What about shuttlecraft?
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:33:33
XO: The phenomenon appears to be localized, Commander. What's more, it seems... too perfect to be natural.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:33:55
CSO: We could probe it, see how it interacts, to see if a shuttle would be safe.
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 22:34:04
:: frowns at the bridge feed, shaking her head ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:34:18
CO: Shuttlecraft... :: looks at calculations :: I don't see any reason a shuttle couldn't make it through just fine. But yeah, maybe a probe to be sure?
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:34:20
XO: I was thinking the same thing, Commander. I'll ready a probe.
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:34:31
CO: But we have that faint lifesign. Do we have time to probe it?
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:35:00
CO: General Order 12, Lieutenant. It is for the safety of this crew that we take the time.
All: Good thinking on the probe.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:35:39
:: nods ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:35:51
CO: Aye. :: wonders if she knows whoever's hurt, and where everyone else might be ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:35:56
:: as the XO, thinks forward as to who will be on such a shuttlecraft ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:36:03
CO: Probe ready for deployment.
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:36:23
CSO: Go ahead.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:36:49
:: deploys the probe ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:37:36
:: is taken aback :: SCI: Mixing bloodwine and ale? Why not squirt some mustard and toothpaste in it while you're at it?
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:39:23
ACTION: The probe approaches the field, sending back data that would suggest no danger or impedance to shuttlecraft.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:39:30
:: nods, not having anything to add about that :: Hannah: That's... fair.
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:39:36
:: watches the strangely undamaged ship and worries while she waits for the results ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:40:21
CO: The probe telemetry is all nominal; all signs indicate that there should be no issue with sending a shuttle.
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:41:41
SCI: Sorry to get snobby, but even we alcoholics develop taste. :: beat :: And...that's the first time I've let that word come out since my diagnosis. :: becomes sheepish ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:42:21
:: nods to Lexy, then turns to Kuari for the conversation that her XO must have known was coming :: XO: Assemble a team of mainly security and medical.
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 22:42:52
:: hears the orders and begins picking staff to go immediately ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:42:58
CO: I would advise that the team wear environmental suits, in case of pathogens.
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:43:57
CO: Requesting to accompany the teams, Captain. I know the ship, and might be able to find out what's wrong with her if there's anything mechanical.
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:44:06
CSO: Agreed. Interface with their computer as well, and see if you can find any relevant logs.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:44:23
:: nods to Harper and hops off her chair, catching Acacia's gaze, then turns to Grey :: CTO: Captain Grey, bring a security detail to Shuttle Bay One.
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:44:25
:: nods to Zoë :: CEO: Permission granted.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:44:37
CO: Aye, Captain. :: turns back to her console and begins putting in the requisite access codes ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:44:58
:: rises, heads for turbolift :: CO: Thanks, ma'am.
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 22:45:18
:: reviews the scans and weighs, then ends up deciding to go along with the medical team . She leads the group towards the shuttle bay ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:45:39
:: hears Harper's exception with D'bryn and notes the lieutenant's exit ::
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:45:53
:: sends message to SCI :: 'Hey, not sure if you're still with Hannah, but there's only one faint lifesign on the Meridian and we have to shuttle over.'
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:46:03
:: nods again :: Hannah: Look, I'm German. My mother brews beer. I grew up around pubs. When it comes to beer, that's where I'm a snob.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:46:14
:: sends a message down to the shuttlebay to have environment suits ready for the away team ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 22:46:26
:: stops the group at the station where they get into environmental suits on the way ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:47:08
SCI: Then what are you doing pouring bloodwine in there?! :: thinks for a second :: Well, you're a scientist. Suppose it was a case of the curiosities?
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:47:14
:: nods again to Zoë to answer her 'thanks' and then turns forward again ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:47:32
Hannah: It was a case of being 23 and stupid.
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:48:17
SCI: That age is the perfect ripeness of stupidity.
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:49:21
ACTION> Grey nods and dispatches a security detail to shuttlebay one before securing her station to join them.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:50:04
:: slips PADD out of pocket, hearing the notification :: Hannah: Darn ri- oh Mutterficker. I do apologetics but perhaps we can finish this conversation later. I need to get up to the bridge. :: messages D'bryn back, saying she's on her way back up. no casualties in the shuttlebay for now ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:50:32
XO: Be careful, Kuari. We still have no idea why this seemingly-undamaged ship has only one lifesign aboard.
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:50:36
:: suddenly concerned :: SCI: Wait, what happened?
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:51:09
Hannah: There is a single life form on board the Meridian. They are going to shuttle over.
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:51:38
:: chasing after :: SCI: A single lifeform? What about all the other ones?
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:52:37
:: nods to Harper, then moves to the TL to meet up with the rest of the AT in the shuttle bay ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:52:51
:: watches her friend go ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Mar-2022 22:53:15
:: having been listening in, he makes his way to the shuttlebay - they'll need a pilot, after all ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:53:17
:: stops :: Hannah: scheiße wenn ich wüsste!
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:53:27
:: focused completely on pulling logs from the stricken vessel ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 22:54:24
:: arrives in the shuttle bay with the rest of the medical team, all in environmental suits and with their med kits, ready to go ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:55:27
SCI: I picked up the word for shit.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:55:46
:: stops by the Armory to suit up into her specialized armor, which doubles as an environmental suit for her unique anatomy, then trots hurriedly to the shuttle bay ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:56:05
:: stammers and shrugs :: Hannah: I have no idea! Nada! Zero! Tis a mystery!
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Mar-2022 22:56:07
:: arrives in the shuttlebay and gets into an environmental suit ::
:: smiles to Kuari and Acaca :: XO/CMO: Need a ride, Commanders?
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:57:46
:: continues to follow SCI :: SCI: Well, let's find out together, huh?
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:58:18
:: shows up in her full Marine armor, a suit she doesn't wear often anymore, and looks over the away team ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:58:20
:: turns only to see Navarro enter :: Hannah: Well, I guess we can just ask the apparent away team.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:58:40
NAV: Yes, please! :: smiles, but it can't be seen ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 22:58:44
:: smiles faintly :: NAV: We do.
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:58:49
:: arrives in shuttlebay with environmental suit under arm, sees Hannah ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Mar-2022 22:59:00
XO/CMO: Leave it to me. :: enters the shuttle and runs through a quick pre-flight as he powers her up ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 22:59:07
:: gives everyone else an awkward wave ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:59:08
:: sees Zoë :: CEO: What's going on?
CEO Lt D'bryn 23-Mar-2022 22:59:24
:: sadly, scared :: Hannah: We don't know.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 22:59:28
CO: I've been able to retrieve some of the logs, Captain. I'm seeing some things about perplexing systems outages, but nothing specific. What might be specific, however, is how some of these files appear to have been.... tampered with.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Mar-2022 22:59:31
:: loads onto the shuttle ::
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 22:59:50
CSO: Tampered with? :: narrows her eyebrows :: How?
Hannah Ziredac 23-Mar-2022 22:59:56
CEO: What do you mean, 'we don't know'?!
CMO LCdr Acacia 23-Mar-2022 23:00:05
:: boards the shuttle with a somber expression, the medical team behind her ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Mar-2022 23:00:35
CO: On the surface, it looks like it could just be file corruption, but looking a bit deeper... I'm not so sure.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Mar-2022 23:00:44
CEO: You all know nothing? At all?
CO Cdor Harper 23-Mar-2022 23:00:47
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