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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Holodeck time! Lost Harbor awaits...
After 16-Feb-2022 00:00:00
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:20:07
:: flying in a Grumman seaplane that had been a gift to Admiral Blackthorne by a member of his crew, she's dressed in slacks and a leather bomber jacket with a silk scarf, her hair made short by the magic of the holodeck ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:23:32
:: wears a sporty green dress and sits passenger in a Jeep that Navarro is driving, possibly with other crewmates in the back, on their way into the jungle ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:24:33
:: knocking back a Singapore sling at the beachside bar, wearing slacks, a short-sleeve top, and round-lens sunglasses ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:25:12
:: the canopy starts to thicken as the Jeep bounces along the dirt road :: Welcome to the jungle!
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:26:32
:: leans out the window to feel the wind in her face, and points up :: Doc: I see the birds! :: she takes out her holocamera and starts trying to shoot the colorful tropical birds as they drive by ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:26:41
:: is sitting in the copilot's seat on the seaplane, wearing a sensible peach-colored 1930's style dress with a matching leather bomber jacket and silk scarf, craning her neck to look down at the ocean below and the pod of whales swimming there ::
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:26:57
:: banks the plane to get Lexy a better view of the whales ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:27:17
Emily: Are those the ones that talk?
Ryleigh Grey 16-Feb-2022 21:27:33
:: is sitting in the back of the Jeep, wearing a sensible dark blue-and-white polka-dotted 1930's style dress with her hair pulled back, easily enjoying her friends' company ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:27:40
:: flashes a grin at Kate and takes in the better view :: Kate: They have babies!
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:27:45
:: to a young couple just trying to enjoy their honeymoon :: I'm tellin ya. It's just like those stories you read in those science-fiction magazines. Big ol spaceship— :: pantomimes with hand and makes whoosh noise :: —right into space. Thousands of em. Millions.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:27:53
Lexy: Hey, that is new!
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:28:29
:: looks between her holocamera and the birds :: Doc: I think so? :: she looks up :: Computer: Computer, do those birds talk? :: a voice from above answers ‘yes’ ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:28:36
:: still raising her voice to be heard over the engine :: Kate: I see two calves!
:: her hair is braided to keep it out of her face ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:29:28
:: chuckles, that being way easier than consulting the guidebook ::
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:29:57
Lexy: It is easy to forget that this program keeps running, but that's a good reminder!
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:29:58
New Groom> :: awkwardly :: Uh, yeah. Sure. Just like Doc Smith, huh?
NG: I don't know who that is, but yes.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:30:41
:: smiles and shrugs, then gets back to shooting :: Doc: I’d love to have a talking bird. Don’t know if I want a pet that will outlive me, though.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:30:51
New Bride> Who's Doc Smith?
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:31:29
Emily: Yeah, that'd be strange. :: the Jeep hits a rut and bounces everyone :: Sorry!
Ryleigh Grey 16-Feb-2022 21:31:53
:: shoots Navarro a glance, before turning her attention back outside ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:32:02
Kate: Stop that! You're ruining my immersion!
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:32:13
Lexy: Oh, sorry! :: laughs ::
:: tracks the whales for a bit as they generally head back toward the island ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:33:08
:: bounces and blurs a picture, but doesn’t mind as it’s one of hundreds :: Doc: Maybe an older bird, though. That would be fine.
Doc: Like Vinny! :: she laughs ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:33:23
:: wonders idly what the others are up to as she watches the whales ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:33:27
Vinny is certainly a strange... bird?
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:33:38
NG> Edward E. Smith, ay kay ay 'Doc'. Science fiction writer. Always has bits in that Amazing Stories rag. Writes stories about that spaceship whatzahoozit of his. The, uh...what's it called. The Skylark.
:: blinks :: The what?
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:34:08
:: catches a glimpse of her short hair in the mirror and grins, the sight still quite strange ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Feb-2022 21:34:45
NG> The Skylark. The main characters fly off into space with it to rescue some dame from an evil scientist or something. I forget.
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:34:45
:: doesn't really care for the short hair on her wife, but has wisely not mentioned it ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:34:45
Doc: He’s a bird, he has feathers. And wings, though they don’t do much.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:34:55
:: slows the Jeep a bit, downshifting somewhat clumsily with the clutch, but manages ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:35:09
It', no, back up. It's called the Skylark? Are you shitting me?
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:35:19
:: spies the island in the distance and starts a slow descent ::
:: backs off engine power ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:36:04
Emily: He certainly is.
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:36:11
:: pulls out her period-accurate binoculars and uses them to look toward the island in the distance ::
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:36:25
SCENE> The volcano is smoking a bit.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:36:34
NG> :: put off by the coarse language :: You think I'd make up a cockamamie idea like that?
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:36:53
Kate: Bit of smoke from the volcano. :: still looking through binoculars ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:37:01
:: grips her seat with one hand when they hit hard turns, enjoying the ride. She grins at Navarro’s assessment of her strange pet, then catches a picture of the volcano smoking :: Doc: Huh… bit of smoke up there today.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:37:04
:: turns to put both elbows on the bar, sips her sling :: I had no idea I was making a reference.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:37:44
:: squints into the distance, her sharp pilots' eyes taking it in :: Lexy: I do not think it will erupt.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:37:56
:: says to hell with the tiny sip she just took, downs the last third :: Ya learn something every day. :: spins around :: Where the hell are all the real people? Didn't they come in here too?
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:38:04
Emily: Well, I don't know where I'ma gonna go when the volcano blows.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:38:23
:: starts to sing :: Doc: I don’t know~
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:38:54
Kate: Likely not. Too bad, it's always fun to see the pahoehoe being formed.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:38:56
:: sings along :: Well, I don't know~
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:40:00
:: glances at Ryleigh as she’s dancing in her car seat :: Doc: I said! I don’t know where I’m a gonna go when the volcano blow!
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:40:02
Lexy: There may be an active vent where we usually find them, if you want to go.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:40:17
:: sings along and laughs ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:40:21
Does this...? Computer: Computer, are there other real people on this holodeck?
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:40:35
:: backs off the engine power a bit more as the harbor starts to loom large in the front windows ::
Ryleigh Grey 16-Feb-2022 21:40:37
:: barely looks phased by her friends' antics, watching the top of the volcano intently ::
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:40:49
:: then puts the flaps down, all of this quite manual ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:41:06
:: laughs at the end of the verse, sighs happily, and gets back to trying to capture pictures of the fake wildlife ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:41:29
:: puts down her binoculars and shrugs :: Kate: Hmmm. I think I might be more in the mood for relaxing today.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:42:09
:: fortunately, this being a seaplane, she doesn't have to fight with 1930s-era retractable landing gear, if they even had that on Earth in this period ::
Lexy: That we can do too! :: grins she takes them ever lower and slower to the water ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:42:59
Computer> This holodeck has five other users. Computer: Then where the fuck are they? Computer> Please rephrase query. Computer: Okay, vicar. :: eyeroll :: Where are the other users?
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:43:18
:: twists in her seat to show Ryleigh a good picture she caught of a bright blue bird flying away :: Ryleigh: Check it out! They look so real.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:43:27
:: slows even further as the road becomes very narrow ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:44:46
Computer> Two of the other users are engaged in a seaplane flight; the others are in the jungle. :: gets up, walks onto the beach, looks up into the sky; sees the seaplane descending in the distance :: Cool.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:44:53
:: flies over the harbor mouth, now maybe 15 meters off the water, throttling down further ::
Ryleigh Grey 16-Feb-2022 21:45:14
:: nods in appreciation, giving Emily a grin :: Emily: Indeed.
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:45:26
:: braces lightly in anticipation of a smooth landing ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:46:04
:: closer to the beach, sees a maroon Ford Town Sedan pull up on the nearby bend of road ::
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:46:17
:: the water is calm, so she does make a smooth landing, only a few light bounces as the skids touch the water ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:46:22
:: focuses on the road for a moment as Doc slows :: Doc: How does this compare to flying Atlantis?
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:46:40
:: laughs :: Emily: Well, Atlantis's clutch is a bit easier.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:47:24
:: gives a serious nod, then laughs :: Doc: And a little less turbulence!
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:47:49
Emily: This thing can turn a bit tighter, though!
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:48:05
Kate: Maybe snorkeling? Or just lazing around by the pool?
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:48:15
:: always enjoys watching the seaspray when she lands this thing ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:48:22
:: sees three well-dressed, but over-dressed men with pencil mustaches get out and look toward the beachside bar ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:49:00
Doc: Oh, I bet. Way slower, though.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:49:23
:: hits the windshield wiper as they taxi toward the dock :: Lexy: Either of those sounds good to me! You pick, after all, you went flying with me in this noisy thing.
:: pats the noisy thing's dashboard affectionately ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:49:42
:: taps her chin thoughtfully ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:49:44
Emily: Oh yes.
:: slows up as they come to a jungle waterfall ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:50:10
:: hears someone thump into a table behind her, knocking a class to the planks of the bar floor :: :: sees a panicking youngish Italian guy in vacation-wear get up quickly from his table and make off in the opposite direction ::
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:50:21
:: taxis up near the dock and cuts the engine to drift in ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:50:40
:: gasps as they approach the site, not even waiting for the car to stop before snapping a picture :: Doc/Ryleigh: Let’s stop and get out here.
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:50:55
:: is so used to Kate's expertise by now that she takes it for granted ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:51:04
:: turns, sees the well-dressed guys mark the escapee, and make chase—their polished shoes and spats kicking up bright white sand ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:51:44
Sure thing! :: parks the Jeep and turns it off :
Ryleigh Grey 16-Feb-2022 21:52:20
:: swings herself out of the Jeep, barely waiting for them to stop, and landing neatly on the ground in heeled shoes ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:52:33
Neato. :: goes to drink her drink, gets only ice cubes :: :: goes up to the bar :: Could I get another sling?
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:53:18
:: carefully packs her binoculars away in her shoulder bag ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:53:21
:: hops out of the car and stretches her arms, then takes a much better photo of the waterfall :: Doc/Ryleigh: What do you think? Water looks nice, and I know we all brought our swimsuits.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:53:41
:: opens the door and tosses their mooring line to the dock hand ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:53:57
:: climbs out of the Jeep and takes in the scene :: Emily: I'm always up for a swim.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:54:31
:: is aware of a large presence to her left :: Large Presence> How long have you been at this bar? :: clocks the large, well-dressed man; he perspires, but wicks it away with a monogrammed kerchief :: LP: For the span of your entire existence, Smoke-and-Mirrors. What's it to you?
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:56:31
:: attempts to gracefully clamber out of the seaplane ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:56:33
:: grins, gets a candid photo of her friend and boyfriend standing around talking to her, then goes and sets the camera in her seat in the car. She peels off her dress to reveal that she’s wearing a navy blue with white polka dots 1930s style swimsuit underneath. She makes her way to the water and tentatively dips her toe in ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:56:38
LP> The mook who just rabbited down the beach. My friends and I have been trying to hold court with him for the better part of a year. Was wondering if you happened to overhear him, pick up any details. Maybe he even talked to you. You seem like his type.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:56:38
:: hops out and ties off the other line, then helps Lexy to the dock ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 21:57:11
:: sheds his Hawaiian shirt and shoes, then heads right on in ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 21:57:24
:: receives her second sling, turns around, puts her elbows on the bar as she leans her back against it :: LP: Who's askin, and what's he payin?
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 21:57:32
:: gratefully accepts the help ::
Kate: I'm find with either, really. I just found a new bathing suit pattern I want to try.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 21:58:37
:: finds the water is a nice temperature and sinks right in, raising her voice above the crashing of the waterfall :: Doc/Ryleigh: If this were a video game, we’d find a cave full of treasure behind this waterfall.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 21:59:50
Lexy: Oh, I can't wait to see it! :: immediately notices that it's now too hot for the bomber jacket, so she takes that off and leaves it in the plane, wearing a white linen buttoned shirt underneath ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:00:12
:: also sheds her jacket, but keeps the scarf ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:00:23
LP> :: removes his hat :: Forgive my incivility; this humid climate has caused me to forget my manners. Ulderico Bellafiore. I wouldn't be so audacious as to make the claim that I run this town, but it wouldn't be inaccurate if I were to do so. LP—er...UB> And to answer your second question, he's paying in further civility, in many manners of speaking.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:01:10
Emily: Well, maybe there is one, since is kind of a game.
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:02:00
:: walks with Kate up the dock and toward the hotel ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:02:08
UB: Well. Maybe I heard something, maybe I didn't. I'm sure the measure of your civility would influence my memory.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:02:13
:: thinks about it, then decides her curiosity will never be sated if she doesn’t at least check. She takes a deep breath, walks under the waterfall, and feels at the rocks behind it ::
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:02:35
SCENE> Behind the waterfall, there is indeed a cave!
:: walks along with Lexy, smiling and greeting the denizens of Lost Harbor ::
:: all of them greet her as Amelia, and not Kate ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:03:57
:: disappears through the waterfall, looking around at the cave. She grins and turns to yell :: Doc/Ryleigh: There’s something back here!
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:04:01
:: looks askance at "Amelia" ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:04:35
UB> :: leans in :: This ain't Chicago, sweetheart. You're not treating with some two-bit enforcer who doesn't know his ass from a rusty carburetor. You either tell me what you know, or all civility evaporates. Capice?
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:05:04
:: perks up and passes through the waterfall to have a look ::
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:05:33
:: shrugs :: Lexy: They think I am Amelia Earhart, so I leaned into it.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:06:23
:: looks around in the cave, whistling an impressed whistle that echoes :: Doc: You know, I was joking. I wonder if this exists in real life, or if they added it..
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:06:31
:: chuckles and shakes her head, but doesn't comment further ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:07:48
:: takes a sip, sees Bellafiore's boys return empty-handed from their chase; one of them shakes their head at their boss ::
UB: He kept quiet. Didn't hear a name, de plume or otherwise. Heard him talking to somebody for a minute. Real hush-hush. They talked about repaying old debts, and doing so by 'unconventional means'.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:08:10
Emily: I don't think this island is based on any particular island on Earth, just an idealized one.
Ryleigh Grey 16-Feb-2022 22:08:44
:: follows Emily and Doc, hurrying despite the heels she wore ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:08:58
UB> 'Unconventional' how? UB: Dunno. Said something about a waterfall.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:09:20
Doc: Well if it’s idealized, we should definitely find some treasure. :: she presses on, deeper into the cave, her eyes slowly adjusting to the dark ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:10:58
UB> :: eyes his boys, who seem to understand what the waterfall is about :: UB> Hannah: Who was the other person he was talking to? UB: Didn't get a good look at her. UB> 'Her'? UB: Sorry, yeah, shouldn't assume gender. The person he spoke to presented as femme. UB> Huh? UB: ...Yeah, 'her'.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:11:21
:: they make it to the hotel and head to their bungalow :: Lexy: She was the first person who came up when I searched for 1930s women pilots from Earth, so I dressed like her the first time I came here, and it grew from there.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:12:00
:: wishes he had his lighter, but it's back in his shirt ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:12:45
:: reaches a point where she really can’t see and gives up, cheating :: Computer: Computer, give us flashlights. :: there’s a beep, and three flashlights appear. She turns hers on ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:13:03
:: laughs :: Emily: I was just about to ask the computer for a lighter. Seriously.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:13:10
UB> :: leans more casually against the bar :: You seem like your head's screwed on tighter than most dames I see sipping cocktails on the shore. How would you like to do a little freelance job? Beaucoup civility.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:13:13
Doc: They had these in the 1930s, right? :: she shrugs ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:13:24
:: shrugs :: No idea, but probably.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:14:18
:: smirks :: UB: You've come to the right dame. I can't believe I said that with a straight face. :: clears throat :: I'll do anything short of a hit job with half the civility upfront.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:14:23
:: turns on his light and shines it around ::
Ryleigh Grey 16-Feb-2022 22:14:30
:: hums :: Emily: Yeah, though less... designed. More single-use utility than anything else.
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:14:38
:: nods sagely and changes the subject as she enters the bungalow and sets down her things :: Kate: I'll just go change.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:14:58
:: looks around with her light :: Ryleigh: Makes sense.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:15:02
Lexy: Oh, is it a surprise? :: grins ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:15:04
Doc: See anything?
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:15:39
Not yet... :: squints into the distance as the lights search ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:15:57
Kate: Well, I haven't tried it on yet, so I want to make sure it works first. I won't be long. :: pops into the bathroom and closes the door behind her ::
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:16:24
:: nods and undresses, shedding the slacks and buttoned shirt that are quite unlike her ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:16:42
:: continues into the mostly linear cave, frowning as they come upon a divergence :: Doc/Ryleigh: Well, what do we think, left or right? :: she flashlights the two paths ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:16:52
UB> Twenty percent upfront. UB: Forty. UB> Twenty-five. UB: Thirty-three point three repeating. UB> :: ellipses :: Joey Two-Knees> That just means a third, boss. UB> I know what it means, Joey. Button your flap. :: to Hannah :: You got a deal. :: pulls $500 out of his pocket book ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:16:57
Emily: You know what they say, always go left.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:17:14
:: nods and heads leftward :: Doc: They do say that.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:18:51
:: also ditches the period-appropriate underwear, marveling at its complexity before getting into a yellow floral two-piece that's a bit more substantial than what she usually wears ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:19:59
:: chuckles before catching a glint in the darkness as his light passes over :: Emily: There!
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:20:31
:: follows the glint and finds another :: Doc: Oh! I think we found something!
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:20:53
:: takes the stack of cash, flipbooks it :: So what's the gig, 'Rico? UB> Simple: You get our mutual friend to tell you what his plans are, find out where he's going, where he'll be, then tell us. You're keen enough to make that happen for another two of those stacks, ain'tcha? UB: 'Rico, baby, I'll get him to sing. What's this jamoke's name, anyway? UB> Eddie D'Alto. And before you ask, yeah: those D'Altos.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:20:53
:: approaching the glint, his light settles on a simple golden ring ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:21:15
:: does not know who those D'Altos are :: UB: Ah yes. Those D'Altos.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:21:36
:: follows close behind and peers around Navarro at the ring :: Doc: Hm. Not much, but it counts as treasure!
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:21:42
:: steps out of the bathroom wearing a textured, period-appropriate bathing suit with a tie around the waist, and her hair is reconfigured into short 1930's waves through holodeck magic - strikes a pose in the doorframe ::
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:22:36
Lexy: Hey, what a looker! :: whistles ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:22:56
:: bats her eyelashes coquettishly ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:23:02
UB> We have a villa on the west face of the island. It's the big one. Can't miss it. Come on up when you got a lead. UB> His boys: Let's go, boys. His boys> :: go ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:23:14
Emily: Maybe it's magical.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:23:45
:: blinks, baffled :: Doc: You think they’d do that? I mean if they would… what if it’s cursed?
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:24:07
Emily: I mean, there are stories from Earth around that time of magic rings found in caves.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:24:53
:: also doesn't care for the short hair on her wife, but wisely doesn't say anything, instead, showing off her swimsuit ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:24:59
Doc: …really? :: she doesn’t know whether to buy that ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:25:23
Eddie D'Alto> :: sneaks around the last corner in the cave behind a waterfall, spies two people holding a golden ring ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:25:25
Precious rings, they say...
Ryleigh Grey 16-Feb-2022 22:25:37
Emily/Doc: You mean Tolkien's works of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit from the mid-1940s. :: speaks up from where she's looking at the cave walls ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:25:47
:: gives Kate an appraising look followed by an appreciative nod :: Kate: I think we'll do. Shall we go get a drink while we ponder our next move?
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:26:04
ED'A> :: hunkers down lower at the sound of the third voice ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:26:04
:: snaps her fingers :: Ryleigh/Doc: Oh! I’ve heard of those. Never read them, though.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:26:15
:: likes being appreciated, then nods eagerly :: Lexy: Yes!
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:26:24
Ryleigh: Yes, those.
Ryleigh Grey 16-Feb-2022 22:27:01
Emily/Doc: I have hardback copies in my room if you want to borrow them ever. :: glances over her shoulder with a grin at the pair ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:27:10
ED'A> :: checks his cheap revolver, for which he still doesn't have any bullets :: ED'A> :: argues with himself in his brain ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:27:28
Ryleigh: Never took you as into classics. Interesting.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:27:44
Ryleigh: I never knew Marines could read. :: glances at Emily :: Wonders never cease.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:28:09
:: snorts ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:28:14
::: grins ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:28:27
:: takes Kate's hand and leads her to the bar ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:29:26
ED'A> :: stands up and comes out, aiming the empty revolver at Emily, Doc, and Ryleigh :: ED'A> Alright, hands up! Hands up! :: at Doc :: Drop that trinket you got, Ace. No funny business, any a yous.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:30:00
:: throws his hands in the air :: Eddie: Alright, easy now, buddy.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:30:13
:: stands up straight and raises her hands in surrender :: Eddie: Woah, woah! We’re cool.
Ryleigh Grey 16-Feb-2022 22:30:21
:: scrunches up her nose at Doc, sending him a playful glare :: Doc: Oh hush. I enjoy reading when I'm not needing for work :: spins at hearing a shout, stepping in front of Doc and Emily with a dangerous light in her expression aimed at the stranger; her hands notably not in the air ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:30:38
ED'A> Where's the rest of it?
Ryleigh Grey 16-Feb-2022 22:31:06
Eddie: Where's the rest of what? :: tone remains calm and unphased ::
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:31:14
:: steps up to the bar with Lexy, still greeting people that she recognizes ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:31:28
:: takes the distraction to slip the ring onto his finger, and he vanishes ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:31:38
:: smiles at the bartender and orders some kind of fruity cocktail ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:31:55
:: blinks, not having expected that :: All: Ope.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:32:09
ED'A> The treasu— :: blinks as Doc vanishes from sight :: What the hell?!
Ryleigh Grey 16-Feb-2022 22:32:21
Emily: Hush. :: barely looks away from Eddie :: Eddie: What treasure?
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:32:25
:: does likewise, asking for a mai-tai ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:32:38
:: invisible, he slowly moves to the side ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:32:49
:: comes around the corner and wallops Eddie D'Alto on the noggin with a rock ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:32:59
:: plays along with Grey’s plan :: Eddie: Yeah, we ain’t seen nothin’.
:: jumps back, eyes widening :: Hannah: Woah! What?
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:33:28
:: stops when he sees Hannah bean the guy ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:33:47
Ryleigh/Emily: Hey guys. Was wondering when I'd find y'all.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:34:07
:: laughs, putting her hands down :: Hannah: Thank you for the rescue!
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:34:07
:: speaks up, still invisible :: Hi Hannah.
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:34:12
:: turns around to face the room, sipping her cocktail :: Kate: So, what do you think?
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:34:33
Ryleigh/Emily: I ran afoul of some kinda mafia program. The mafia's lookin for this guy. He's a rat or a stoolie or a canary or a pidgeon, I dunno.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:35:22
:: still invisible :: I'm right here!
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:35:25
:: grins, clearly entertained, and speaks to where Doc’s voice came from :: Doc: We found a mafia cave.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:35:51
:: eats the cherry off the top of her drink :: Lexy: Well, you know how it is keeping me out of the water. But do you want to snorkel with the equipment from this era? We would not even be able to stay under very long.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:36:03
Ohhh, a mafia cave.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:36:13
:: jumps at the sound of Doc's voice :: What the fuck? Where are you?
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:36:28
:: quietly moves somewhere else :: Right here.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:36:32
:: chuckles ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:36:49
Kate: Mmm, valid point. Plus it's hard to drink and snorkel.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:37:09
:: nodnodnod :: Right? We can swim and drink at the pool!
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:37:21
All: Yeah, apparently this guy owes his bosses—Doc, come on, I'm expositing here. This guy owes his bosses a shit ton of money, but he doesn't have it, so he went lookin for buried treasure to try and pay it off.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:37:44
:: laughs and waits for the exposition to finish ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:37:57
ED'A> :: coming to :: Ughh... It ain't that simple, doll. :: sits up, rubbing his head ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:38:07
Kate: Okay. I'm sold. Let's go to the pool.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:38:19
Hannah: Oh, neat! Oh— :: she looks at Eddie :: Oh?
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:38:24
Eddie: Watch who you're calling 'doll', asshole. I'm still holding the rock.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:39:55
Lexy: Good call! :: taking their drinks with them, they head to the nearby pool ::
:: tosses the bartender a silver dollar as they leave ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:40:57
Kate: Where's everyone else, anyway?
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:41:14
:: shrugs :: Computer, where is everyone else?
Computer> In a cave in the jungle.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:41:30
ED'A: I don't owe Bellafiore nothin. The money's to get back stateside, see an old friend in Southern California. :: looks around at everybody (who's visible) :: The Feds. I wanted out. Family's rotten now. Gettin into things I didn't sign up for. I was gonna make the deal with a guy I know who could pull Bellafiore's organization apart, but Bellafiore got wind of it. Summoned me here. And I had no choice.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:42:28
:: nods along, her flashlight on Eddie :: All: I see, I see.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:42:32
ED'A> Ditched my escort at the airport, been runnin around this island, broke as a joke, hidin my face behind newspapers, sleepin under bushes. I'm losin my mind out here. I just need to sell somethin to afford a plane ticket outta here, then it's back to L.A. to talk to Agent Cooper.
All: Who wrote this program, and what the hell have they been reading?
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:44:24
:: chuckles at Hannah’s admonition :: Hannah: The mafia is big in twentieth-century literature, so it tracks.
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:44:41
Kate: Jungle cave, huh? That sounds exciting. :: dips her toe into the pool ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:46:07
Eddie: Uncle 'Rico's gonna pay me a whole K...or a whole G? A thousand dollars to hand-deliver you to him. How can you convince me that you're tellin the truth? What's the family gettin into that you don't find kosher?
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:47:30
:: takes a nice refreshing drink of her mai-tai and wades into the pool, trying to remember if she knows what's there :: Lexy: I imagine so!
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:47:37
:: looks between Eddie and Hannah ::
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:47:53
:: slips into the pool as well, careful not to get her hair wet ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:48:07
:: has now quietly positioned himself to deal with Eddie if he does anything stupid ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:48:46
ED'A: Drugs. Not bootlegged alcohol or anything like that. The nasty stuff. Stuff that kills ya if you use it too much. And he maximizes his overhead by pullin orphans off the street and puttin em to work in warehouses all across the country. Like I said: nasty.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:49:35
:: totally gets her hair wet as she sets off and swims a fast lap ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:49:38
:: shakes her head in agreement that this guy sounds ‘nasty’ ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:49:50
ED'A> This life used to be about knockin over rube banks and runnin casinos and speakeasies. Some families dealt with the end of the Prohibition with grace and style, but Bellafiore didn't. He put too much into contraband booze. Wanted the cheap and easy way back to the top.
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:50:13
:: watches 'Amelia' with amusement and sips her drink ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:50:38
Emily/Ryleigh/Doc: What do you guys think? He tellin the truth?
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:50:46
:: flips into a backfloat, coasting toward Lexy ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:51:32
:: shrugs :: Hannah: I can’t lie-detect holograms, but sure, he sounds sincere. Capitalism was pretty rough.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:52:05
Hannah: Well, his gun was empty, so that tracks.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:52:55
Doc: Okay, it's creepy as hell, man. Where are you and why are you cloaked?
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:53:13
Hannah: Found a magic ring. As you do.
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:53:13
:: laughs :: Hannah: Hobbit magic!
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:53:39
All: Okay, seriously, who wrote this program?
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:53:40
:: carefully moves into the deeper water, protecting her drink and her hair, to swim up to the bar ::
Ryleigh Grey 16-Feb-2022 22:54:06
:: nods :: Hannah: Probably. The 1930s were also known as the Depression Era, and brought around the era known as Prohibition as well... so it wouldn't surprise me. :: snaps her attention over to where Doc's voice was coming from :: Doc: And get that godforsaken ring OFF your damn-ass hand! I swear, men and their curiousity!
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:54:21
:: lazily kicks to float beside her wife ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:54:38
Ryleigh: Why? If you had a cloaking ring, you’d use it.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:54:51
ED'A> So, what, are you gonna turn me over to Bellafiore? If you are, just kill me now, and make it quick. He's gonna string me up by my toenails and feed me inch-by-inch to flesh-eating bugs.
Ryleigh Grey 16-Feb-2022 22:55:07
Emily: If you've read Tolkien, you'd understand why any ring found in a cave is bad.
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:55:42
:: finishes her drink and hands her now-empty glass to the pool bartender, requesting another, preferably with a little paper umbrella in it this time ::
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:55:43
I think it's pretty precious.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:55:48
:: pulls out the $500 Uderico gave her, drops it Eddie's lap :: Eddie: It's been a while since I took a gander at Earthian economics in the early twentieth, so forgive me if that's not enough for a plane ticket.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 22:56:23
:: raises a finger in the air to order another drink as well ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:56:31
:: looks at the money as one looks at any novelty antique :: All: Ooh.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:57:16
ED'A> :: sees how much it is :: Are you kidding? I could fly from here to Timbuktu and take the scenic route. And I swear I'm tellin the truth. You'll see. Couple weeks, Bellafiore's gonna be wearin Uncle Sams manacles. :: bolts out of the cave ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:57:59
:: watches him go, then looks at the others :: All: Huh. I wonder if we’ll ever see that guy again.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 22:58:21
::: takes the ring off and blinks into view :: Maybe.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:58:24
:: turns to the others, shrugs :: All: Welp. I'll probably be hunted down by goons or goombas or what-have-you. Are you guys doing Tropical Lord of the Rings, or something? Is that what I'm pickin up here?
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 22:58:46
Hannah: Yeah, that seems to be the vibe.
Lexy Wright 16-Feb-2022 22:59:12
:: sits on a barstool and kicks her legs through the water as she sips her drink and people-watches ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Feb-2022 22:59:56
All: Well, sorry for the intrusion. I'm gonna mosey on back to the beachside bar until I get whacked. Toodles. :: saunters out of the cave ::
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 23:00:11
:: flips over and places her arms across Lexy's lap, looking up at her from the water ::
Emily Acacia 16-Feb-2022 23:00:23
:: chuckles and waves :: Doc/Ryleigh: Well, we might as well get back to swimming. Ooh, or maybe hit the bar.
Doc Navarro 16-Feb-2022 23:00:31
:: chuckles :: How weird.
Kate Harper 16-Feb-2022 23:00:43
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