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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
After a tour of industrial facilities within Thrin'pa territory on Wenkudia, an unarmed explosive was found at the entrance to the faction's mine and the away team was beamed aboard Atlantis in orbit. Everyone is safe, but questions need to be answered as to who is responsible for attempts at sabotage.
After 09-Feb-2022 00:00:00
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:15:42
:: on the bridge, looking over the reports from the incident on the surface ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 21:16:52
:: is on the bridge on her off-center backless seat, looking at a map of the area her away team had just been ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:17:02
:: enters sickbay, trying to keep her cool ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 21:17:23
:: hands off his tactical station to the person relieving him ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 21:18:07
:: sitting at her station, surprised she is as unshaken as she is but deciding not to question it for now ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:18:08
:: can't stop pacing near the entryway ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 21:18:35
:: moves to the turbolift, enters it :: Deck 14.
:: rides away ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:18:58
:: had returned to Sickbay to prepare for the worst, but was now in her office doing idle paperwork as there seemed to be no action ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 09-Feb-2022 21:19:12
:: at the helm, keeping careful eye on the readouts to ensure nothing is amiss. It is always prudent to keep an eye on such things... especially in such a situation... or really any situation where matter and antimatter interacted. ::
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:19:15
:: hands the PADD containing the summary of Herschel's analysis of the make of their saboteur's tiny ship to Kuari ::
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Feb-2022 21:19:27
:: is at her station, double-checking the scanners between breaths at the nearness of the bomb ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 21:19:31
:: takes the PADD, glancing at it ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 21:20:09
Self: God, I don't like her.
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Feb-2022 21:20:43
:: down in the assault bay inspecting the Mustangs, much to the annoyance of the deck chief ::
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:21:07
XO: I think one of those two, at least, owes us some answers.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:21:11
:: takes her pulse, remembers she doesn't know what information that would even give her other than, feels fast, stops ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 21:21:39
:: nods along, still reading the PADD ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:21:56
:: looks up from her console at a trinket on her desk. She presses the button, producing a holographic planet, and begins flipping through holographically displayed photos of her home and family ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 21:22:40
CO: This was probably between the two factions, but Atlantis was sabotaged, and it could be related.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:23:02
XO: My people were threatened even if it was between the factions.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 21:23:06
:: sets the PADD down and looks at Harper :: CO: That makes it our business.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:23:32
:: spots Acacia in her office, walks over :: CMO: Hey. Am I buggin you?
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:23:33
:: nods to Kuari ::
XO: Which first, do you think? :: smirks :: Or perhaps a conference call?
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:24:22
:: jumps, leaving a photo of her younger sister open for a moment before closing the holographic interface :: CEO: No, not at all. Come in, come in. Coffee? Tea?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 21:24:34
:: exits turbolift and moves down the corridor, headed towards his quarters ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 21:24:56
:: frowns at the conversation she can hear going on behind her, but says nothing ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:25:33
:: is breathing kind of fast :: CMO: No, no-no-no, I, uh... I'm having an anxiety attack, and none of my usual methods are working.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:26:13
:: stands up, already heading toward the medicine cabinet in her office :: CEO: Have you taken anything?
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 21:26:58
:: thinks about the question for a moment :: CO: A conference call could give us the most information, see how they react to each other as well.
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Feb-2022 21:27:04
:: adds a note to a report he's compiling for the CAG ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:27:20
CMO: Not anything medicinal. I brewed some of my Big Sky tea, and usually just smelling that usually starts winding me down.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 21:27:33
:: moves into his quarters, promptly hurls the chair across the room ::
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:27:37
XO: I like that idea. Perhaps it will catch them a bit off guard.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:28:49
CMO: Breathing exercises, that tea, other things.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:28:54
:: stands and walks forward to the Ops/Helm consoles ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 21:29:21
Self: Something isn't right...
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:29:24
:: fills a hypospray then crosses to D’bryn to administer it :: CEO: Here, this should help. Sit down. :: she pats one of the chairs in front of her desk ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 21:29:50
:: glances up as Kate approaches ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:30:01
:: sits down, breathes through another wave of anxiety ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 21:30:58
Self: Zoe doesn't know, or maybe she does... God, I hate her...
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:31:23
:: gives D’bryn a shot of the good stuff, ditches the hypospray, then sits in the other chair in front of her desk, turning it slightly to more face D’bryn :: CEO: So, how has your day gone so far?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 21:31:33
:: moves to his communication console:: Self: I need to talk to Wes...
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:31:49
:: looks down at Lexy with a hint of a wry smile :: CSO: Commander, please request communications with both factions, and do not tell them that the other will be present.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 21:32:16
:: raises her eyebrows slightly at that, then nods :: CO: Aye, Captain.
:: dispatches the communications requests ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:32:50
CMO: Aside from the bomb in the mine that, for all we knew, could've killed us all? :: waggles a so-so hand in the air ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 21:33:16
:: slams his console shut :: Self: No, you're overthinking everything.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:34:09
:: nods pointedly, feeling a bit out of her element but resisting the urge to recommend an actual therapist with this patient :: CEO: That must have been pretty terrifying. I understand you were the one that found the device?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:34:53
:: is starting to slow down from the hypospray, but is still feeling the attack a little bit :: :: closes her eyes, big slow breath :: CMO: Yeah.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 21:35:23
CO: Nourik has accepted.
:: waits a few beats ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:35:31
CEO: Do you want to.. talk about the experience? Get anything off your chest?
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:35:40
CSO: Stand by until you hear from both, then bring them on simultaneously.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 21:36:08
:: nods, still watching for the second acceptance ::
:: after what feels like a long time :: CO: Pherzen has also accepted. Bringing all parties online. :: taptaps ::
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:37:21
:: Picard-maneuvers and straightens to face the main viewer ::
Nourik 09-Feb-2022 21:38:00
Commodore Harper! Thank you for checking in. We have disarmed and disposed of the explosive, and please accept my apologies for the danger your team faced.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:38:21
:: dips her head to Nourik then eyes the other half of the screen, not finding Pherzen, as she expected ::
Tenshen 09-Feb-2022 21:39:17
:: answers the comm on one side of the screen, seeming a bit flustered when answering, but then straightens formally. He's a new face in place of Pherzen, sporting the same tendrils above each ear as every other Wenkudian, little glowy dots at each end just visible to either side of the head :: Atlantis um, Captain Harper, I believe? :: notes the other feed, recognizing Nourik ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:39:23
:: sighs :: CMO: The background kind of takes a lot to explain, and I don't know how to explain it. How much time ya got?
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:40:08
+Comm+ Commodore Harper, but yes. I do not believe we have met.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:40:17
:: reaches over her desk and taps a button to turn off the consoles. She smiles :: CEO: As long as you have.
MED2 LtJG Jasper 09-Feb-2022 21:40:32
:: is busy restocking and doing inventory, quietly humming to himself ::
Tenshen 09-Feb-2022 21:41:37
:: bows his head :: +CO+ My apologies, Commodore. I've...somewhat taken over very recently for General Pherzen. I am Colonel Tenshen of the Leuk'pa. How many I assist?
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Feb-2022 21:41:58
:: sends the report to T'Lira, but omits the overlooked repair that Jester's fighter required, since there's no sense in getting the deck gang in trouble when his life is in their hands ::
Nourik 09-Feb-2022 21:42:26
:: seems somewhat surprised to have a Luek'pa on the call, but remains cordial ::
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Feb-2022 21:42:52
:: looks up from her console, blinking at the ongoing call, before turning her attention back to her work ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:42:57
CMO: Well, buckle up. :: clears throat ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 21:43:10
:: is curious, but maintains proper bridge decorum ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:43:22
:: rests her hands in her lap, sitting forward to listen actively ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 21:43:39
Self: She's not who she says she is, but is she?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:43:53
CMO: So I have this... thing. I've been dealing with it for over a year and I still don't exactly know what it is, what exactly it does, what it can do, or anything. All I know is that it's a little... Light.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 21:44:03
Self: Zoe trusts her, so you should. Should I?
CAG LCdr T’Lira 09-Feb-2022 21:44:08
:: notes the report as it appears on the console, but sets it aside temporarily in favor of watching the viewscreen, listening to the conversation intently ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:44:18
:: demonstrates with fingers, something the size of a small marble :: CMO: About yea big.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:44:22
:: nods to Tenshen :: +Comm+ Colonel. Thank you both for your time. We have a few questions, in hopes of finding a common understanding between both of your peoples, along with us.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:44:28
:: nods slowly, understanding :: CEO: The relic that caused your… incident?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:44:42
CMO: Yeah.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:45:05
:: gives another nod, on the same page now ::
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:45:27
:: turns and walks slowly, but purposefully, back to her chair, then sits ::
Nourik 09-Feb-2022 21:45:40
Of course, Commodore. How can we help?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:45:41
CMO: At first it only filled my head with the memories of other people, at the moment of their death. Real cheery stuff. Then it started acting as a conduit that broke all laws of space and time that I'm familiar with. And then, the incident in question: reliving my life a grand total of nineteen times.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:46:49
+Comm+ Recently, our ship was attacked by a saboteur with an EMP device. Fortunately, no one was hurt and our damage was ultimately trivial. That saboteur is in our brig, and her shuttle was analyzed. Its components likely originated from Thrin'pa territory.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:47:01
CMO: So, because of the Light, even though my body is in my body is twenty-five, my consciousness is in the neighborhood of 1,500 years old.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:47:08
:: holds up her finger as Nourik starts to speak ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:47:10
:: purses her lips and nods again :: CEO: Yes, and how have you been processing those experiences?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:47:43
CMO: Until earlier, it was... weird but fine? Then I faced death.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:48:08
:: takes a moment to think about that ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:48:56
CMO: Something about it was different from being on the bridge while we fought the Xovul. I was exposed. I was right there, looking at the thing that could vaporize me. That could end such an unnaturally long ride. And I just felt... I just felt scared.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 21:49:00
:: paces :: Self: Something doesn't add up...
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:49:15
+Comm+ Our away team was recently endangered by an explosive device while touring the dilithium mine and refinery currently held by the Thrin'pa. :: looks toward Tenshen's side of the screen :: Now, this situation is full of political intrigue, but I do not think the Leuk'pa are interested in destroying the facilities you are fighting over.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:50:12
:: nods attentively :: CEO: Well, that would be the normal feeling. From a nineteen year old human kid to a Trill on their eighth life, death scares us all. And I’m sorry you had to face it like that.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:51:21
+Comm+ So, you see, some of these discoveries are confusing, if not outright contradictory, against some of what we have been told about why we are here in the first place; in hopes of brokering peace among your people.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:51:37
CMO: Thank you.
CMO: I just... I don't want to be an agoraphobe, you know? I don't want to be scared of an early death skulking around every corner.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:52:33
+Comm+ If either of you can offer some explanations, that would be appreciated.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:52:40
CMO: And death... I experienced it. Nineteen times. It's not something you get used to. But after the first one—or, maybe first two—I knew what would happen afterwards. I would wake up and start again.
CMO: This time, I don't know what happens after.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 21:52:52
Self: You wanted adventure, you wanted to be off a starbase, you wanted to explore the galaxy... and here you are.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:53:07
:: thinks for another moment, not being much of a therapist :: CEO: Well, a little bit of fear is healthy. It’s when we focus on that fear too much where it becomes unhealthy. When it controls us or our time or our thoughts.
Nourik 09-Feb-2022 21:53:22
We would never think of attacking Atlantis, Commodore! After all, we asked you to come help end this war.
That must be some sort of... :: glances at Tenshen :: mistake.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:54:08
CEO: And… I don’t know what happens when we die. All I can do is die knowing I made the world a better place. :: she smiles :: Which you have.
Tenshen 09-Feb-2022 21:55:04
:: notes Nourik on the comm again, then starts at Harper's alarming but confusing words :: +CO+ I...don't know of any such plans or attacks from the Leuk'pa, Commodore. This is disturbing news. Are you absolutely sure? Because I myself certainly would not want to destroy valuable, necessary assets to the Wenkudian people.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:55:54
+Comm+ We certainly planted no explosives, Colonel. If not us, then the source must be Wenkudian.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 21:56:26
CMO: That's really kind and lovely of you to say. Thank you.
CMO: I'm not really scared of the life I'll leave behind, so much. I'm... I was pretty agnostic before this Light shit, but god damn, it has me really scared of what happens after.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 21:59:23
+Comm+ I am still committed to brokering peace. What I said during the meeting aboard Atlantis about the future of your people, I meant with all of my being. But I cannot sit idly by while my crew is endangered. Sabotaging Atlantis or endangering my crew is sabotaging your own future, because you will drive us away. I suspect one of you might have that goal in mind.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 21:59:50
:: nods, thinking about it :: CEO: Well you know you’ll be scared when the time comes. Why get ahead of yourself? Put off the getting scared for when it actually happens. :: her expression says that she’s not sure if this is sound advice :: Or… you know, become religious. If that’s your thing.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 22:00:02
Self: What the hell are you doing out here?
Nourik 09-Feb-2022 22:01:04
The Thrin'pa asked for your help, and we have no desire to drive you away. We are also still open to cooperation with the Leuk'pa. :: looks to Tenshen again ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:01:15
:: chuckles :: CMO: All hail the weird Light shit.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:01:43
:: shrugs :: CEO: All hail time, and all the experience it gave you.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:03:18
CMO: Yeah. I'm definitely grateful for all of it.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:03:55
:: smiles :: CEO: That’s a good place to be with it. I’m sure you still have plenty of unpacking to do, though.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:05:48
:: focuses her attention on Tenshen as well ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:05:52
CMO: Oh, the logs I've been sending to my therapist have been on the long side, for sure.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 09-Feb-2022 22:06:00
Self: No, you were asked... told... to do something. You did it. But you don't know why.
Self: Why don't I know why?!
:: opens his communications console ::
:: slams it shut again :: Self: No, you follow orders...
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:06:58
:: seems relieved, buckling slightly under the weight of having to give advice :: CEO: I’m glad you’re working with a therapist. But at a certain point, it must feel like you know more than them, huh?
Tenshen 09-Feb-2022 22:07:19
:: looks between his screens of Nourik and Harper, seeming conflicted, but has a genuine look to him :: CO: I...cannot explain where this sabotage comes from, but I can look into it. I cannot imagine Nourik would attempt to do so when asking for you assistance, but I don't... :: collects himself :: I assue you, I am unaware of attempts at sabotage from the Leuk'pa. Rest assured, I will look into it.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:08:20
CMO: Not in the psychology department, but Ori has definitely been grappling with the concept of the Light.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:08:49
:: studies Tenshen's face as he speaks and finds herself wishing Emily was on the bridge, but her insight checks are usually good even without empathic cheating ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 22:08:58
:: looks from the main viewer to Harper, then back ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:09:27
:: gives a light shrug :: CEO: I can’t purport to know much about it, either. But I enjoy a good unexplained phenomenon.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:10:09
CMO: It gets a little exhausting when you're part of it, though.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:10:34
+Tenshen+ Please do, because they must stop, immediately. :: inclines her chin at Tenshen :: You took over for General Pherzen, yes? May I ask why?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:11:20
CMO: I really appreciate your help. I feel way better.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:12:02
:: seems happy to hear that, getting a small shot of energy :: CEO: Of course. I’m always here if you need to talk, and I mean that, not just the platitude people say.
Tenshen 09-Feb-2022 22:12:13
:: looks uncomfortable for a moment, then takes a deep breath :: CO: General Pherzen is...indisposed. On mission, Commodore.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:12:40
CMO: Thank you, Emily.
CMO: Well, I better get back to being the chief engineer of a Federation starship. You wanna grab a bite when we're off duty?
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:13:59
+Tenshen+ I see. In that case, please have him contact us upon his return. We seek another meeting of the factions, in search of peace. :: leaves that out there in the wake of Tenshen's discomfort ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:14:21
:: feigns drama :: CEO: Oh yes, and I have to get back to running sickbay. :: she chuckles :: Sure! That sounds great.
Nourik 09-Feb-2022 22:14:22
The Thrin'pa stand ready for such a meeting, Commodore.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:14:47
+Nourik+ Thank you.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:15:05
CMO: I'll badge ya. :: waves as she leaves :: Later. Thanks again.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 22:15:14
:: likes listening to Kate work her diplomatic skills, but keeps her face neutral ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:16:17
:: walks out of Sickbay, taking a hard left—but catches something out of her right-side periphery ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:16:29
:: waves and smiles, then gets up to cross back behind her desk to resume flipping through photos on the holographic interface Scott gave her ::
Hannah Ziredac 09-Feb-2022 22:17:19
:: turns away from Zoë and heads off down the hall from Sickbay, like she just so happened to be passing by ::
Tenshen 09-Feb-2022 22:17:27
:: nods dutifully, appearing more agreeable then Pherzen, seemingly eager to get to it ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:17:40
:: sighs :: Hannah: Really?
Hannah Ziredac 09-Feb-2022 22:18:18
:: turns :: Oh. Hey. I... Were you...? :: gestures at Sickbay door ::
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:18:36
+Comm+ If that is all, gentlemen, thank you for your time. I look forward to our next meeting.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:19:01
:: closes the Earth album and switches to Betazed, spinning the planet to find her father’s island home in the middle of the vast ocean, and opens that photo album next to flip through ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:19:11
Hannah: I'm beginning to doubt the verisimilitude of all your stories of acting your way through your cons, because you're shit at playing it cool.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 22:19:40
:: looks at Kate for The Signal ::
Nourik 09-Feb-2022 22:19:47
:: dips his head ::
Hannah Ziredac 09-Feb-2022 22:19:49
Zoë: I was just walking through th—
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:21:04
Hannah: From where to where, Hannah? Where were you before, and where are you going? Because both are a little out of your way from walking from one end of the Skylark to another.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:21:31
:: gives The Signal ::
Hannah Ziredac 09-Feb-2022 22:21:32
Zoë: Zoë, I wasn't—
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:21:33
:: pauses on a photo of Zorro with a colorful local bird on his arm and a fantastic expression of shock and joy on his face, smiling to herself at the memory ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:22:35
:: ugghs, walks off toward the TL :: Hannah: I get it. I get it now. I get why people wanna punch you in the face always. This is why.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 22:23:03
:: cuts the comm ::
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:23:26
:: lets out a deep breath ::
Hannah Ziredac 09-Feb-2022 22:23:34
:: goes after her :: Zoë: Zoë, please, come on. I'm not trying to fuck around with you.
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:24:00
:: finishes flipping through the album and sighs happily, feeling refreshed. She closes the hologram and gets back to paperwork ::
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:24:08
:: looks to Kuari :: XO: I suppose that now, we wait.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:24:08
Hannah: :: spins, walks backwards :: That's because you're a fucking natural. :: turns around :: Leave me alone.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 22:24:46
:: also breathes deeply, looking at Harper :: CO: I suppose so. This...Colonel is...different. Than Pherzen, I mean.
Hannah Ziredac 09-Feb-2022 22:25:02
:: stops, watches Zoë walk out of sight :: :: can't quite move ::
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:25:08
:: nods in agreement :: XO: I got that sense too.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 22:25:37
:: looks up at Grey, assessing her, inviting her input ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:27:03
:: steps into TL :: TL: Bridge please. Self: Thank Glob for that hypospray.
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Feb-2022 22:28:58
:: feels the hairs on the back of her neck standing up, and looks up from her console to meet Kuari's look, and snapping off a slight salute accompanied by a grin of someone who had been listening and following the track of the conversation:: XO: There's... something off about Tenshen. Or Colonel Tenshen... his pauses, and his expression of discomfort... usually it means something's attempting to be hidden in plain sight. :: reading others was a skill well-honed, and she enjoyed piecing the pieces together ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:30:09
:: enters the bridge, heads for her station ::
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:30:12
:: nods :: CTO: He was hiding something, yes. Continue your watch for any further attempts against us.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 22:30:23
:: nods at both Grey's and Harper's input ::
:: glances towards Wright ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Feb-2022 22:30:58
:: heads to Jester's quarters and rings the chime, the time about right to catch her there ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 22:31:46
:: is watching the exchange, and catches Kuari's look :: XO: I don't think Tenshen agrees with whatever Pherzen is doing. Just a hunch.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:32:56
:: nods to Lexy, that being her read as well ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 22:33:02
:: nods readily at Wright :: I get that feeling, too.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 09-Feb-2022 22:33:43
:: steps out of the shower and wraps herself in a robe before giving the cue for the door to open, and she is not surprised by who she finds standing there, and as such gives him a small smile :: Zorro: Hi. Shouldn't you still be on shift?
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:33:46
:: finishes up what she was working on and heads into Sickbay, talking with her staff about how things are going, seeing what they need and want ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Feb-2022 22:36:04
:: steps in and smiles, his eyes seemingly peering through the robe before meeting hers :: Jester: Hola, preciosa. Sī, I'm on shift, but I wanted to stop by and tell you that I found a problem that the EMP caused on the Shinigami. The deck gang took care of it.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 09-Feb-2022 22:37:07
:: her expression grows serious when he mentions her fighter :: Zorro: Shit. I didn't even think to check.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:37:14
CTO: Of course, the meetings aboard Atlantis are easily available to you. Beyond that, you can search what the Wenkudians have given us access to.
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Feb-2022 22:38:01
Jester: Why would you? She was powered down. But, something was still online, and it was disrupted. :: grins :: But I've got your wing.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 09-Feb-2022 22:39:02
Zorro: I can always count on you. Thank you. What happened, anyway?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:39:07
:: is monitoring systems, feeling bad that her silly little anxiety attack made her fall behind on current events ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:39:12
:: chatting with a nurse :: Nurse: As long it doesn’t affect patient care we can do that, sure.
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Feb-2022 22:39:17
:: nods, then frowns, tapping into her PADD with her security creditenals, pulling up the recorded comm-calls from the Leuk'pa and settling into her seat to start glancing through all files and recorded history available to them; already sounding distracted :: CO: Perfect. :: starts to hum as she flicks through the files, slowing the videos down to frame-by-frame speed, mind working to piece all the information together ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Feb-2022 22:39:32
:: goes into the technical explanation beyond something seeming off which caused him to peek in the cockpit for a whiff of fried electronics ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 09-Feb-2022 22:41:00
Zorro: No, no, I mean, I knew something happened, but it was an EMP? Who EMP'd us?
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Feb-2022 22:41:48
Jester: Oh, right; yes, it was an EMP, detonated from just below us. The saboteur is in the brig, but one of the Wenkudian factions set it up. I think it was the Leuk'pa, honestly.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 09-Feb-2022 22:43:09
Zorro: This diplomacy stuff always turns out more dangerous than it seems.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 22:43:24
:: looks at the files on her console related to the sabotage of Atlantis and the attack in Thrin'pa territory, seeing if she can find any correlations ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:43:30
:: pulls one of the nurses into her office for a longer conversation, making a pair of coffees to share ::
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:43:44
XO: I'll be in the ready room. I have to update my report. You have the bridge.
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Feb-2022 22:44:58
:: lets out a quiet sound, pausing the video on the first call :: XO: Ma'am! Check this... please... :: stands from her seat, stepping over to Kuari and showing her the slowed down video :: XO: Pherzen's clearly pushing for direct war, her tone and posture are showing key signs of anger in comparsion to that of humanoid...
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Feb-2022 22:45:00
Jester: At least it was just an EMP. No one was hurt and our damage was trivial.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:45:46
:: heads into the ready room and starts writing ::
:: stops writing, gets tea, starts writing ::
:: stops writing again, upgrades to coffee, then starts writing again ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 09-Feb-2022 22:46:51
:: nods at him, then steps closer :: Zorro: So... do you have to go back, or... can you stay?
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:47:12
:: sits behind her desk and sips coffee as she chats with nurse Gabriel, finding that she has a lot of good ideas ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:47:39
:: has to momentarily do a micro-reroute around a power node that was heavily damaged by the EMP, due to an inordinately high output from a conduit: the cause of a fire :: Self: :: quitely :: It never ends. Power distribution is my life. I am Power Distribution. You are Power Distribution. And you are me and we are all together.
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Feb-2022 22:48:46
:: a sly smile spreads across his face :: Jester: The CAG's got the helm, so sí, I can stay.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 09-Feb-2022 22:49:37
:: grins wickedly and grabs Zorro by the wrists, pulling him into the room ::
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:49:42
:: deletes what she just wrote, which had one too many insinuations of childish behavior ::
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Feb-2022 22:49:48
:: steps back to her console, continuing to watch the footage of the Leuk'pa's meetings with Atlantis with a quiet hum ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Feb-2022 22:50:06
:: disappears into Jester's room ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 22:50:35
:: monitors scans of the surface ::
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:51:47
:: writes it again, more diplomatically, pretending that all sides have valid concerns ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:52:18
:: nods, writing down some of nurse Gabriel’s suggestions ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 09-Feb-2022 22:53:07
Computer, lock door. Lights to 30%...
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:54:45
:: finishes the coffee ::
:: deletes something that she just knows Admiral Blackthorne will ask about ::
:: replaces it with something that she then thinks Admiral T'Kirr will ask about, so she replaces that with something more benign ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 22:56:26
ACTION> Sensors pick up explosions on the surface. Further scans suggest vehicle gunfire within the contested territory near the dilithium mine within Thrin'pa territory.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 22:56:58
XO: Commander, I'm picking up weapons fire and explosions on the surface.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 22:57:26
:: extends her neck higher, on alert :: CSO: Source?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 09-Feb-2022 22:57:28
:: looks up ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 22:58:06
XO: It's near the dilithium mine, Commander.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 22:58:43
CAG: Helm, move Atlantis over the conflict area.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Feb-2022 22:59:03
:: helpfully sends the coordinates over to the helm ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 22:59:12
CO: Captain to the bridge. There's a disturbance on the surface.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 09-Feb-2022 22:59:24
XO: Aye, Commander. :: gets the ship moving to the specified coordinates. ::
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:59:35
+XO+ On my way. :: leaves the unfinished report and tea on her desk as she gets up to leave the ready room ::
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Feb-2022 22:59:36
:: splutters, checking the sensors and scrambling to her feet :: Self: Shit... :: glances to Wright :: CSO: That's... bad, isn't it? Being that close to the dilithium mine?
CMO LCdr Acacia 09-Feb-2022 22:59:44
:: sits in her office after nurse Gabriel leaves, finishing her coffee ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 22:59:53
ACTION> Five small ships from the planet power through the atmosphere around Atlantis, not a threat but clearly up to something.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 22:59:57
:: walks onto the bridge and strides purposefully to the center seat :: XO: Report.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Feb-2022 23:00:27
:: nods to the main viewer :: There's a conflict of some sort near the mine our away team visited. We're just now getting a better reading.
CO Cdor Harper 09-Feb-2022 23:00:50
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