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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
As repairs are being finished aboard Atlantis, an away team beams down to the surface of Wenkudia, to a location within Thrin'pa territory where ship-building resources are mined. The Leuk'pa faction claims the area is rightfully theirs, and as arbitrators we have been invited to see part of what is in dispute.
After 26-Jan-2022 00:00:00
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:13:17
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 21:13:46
:: still in a daze from her naptime nightmare, staggers to the restroom ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:13:52
ACTION> The away team beams into the lobby of what is clearly an industrial facility. Nourik is awaiting them, along with a few other Wenkudians.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 21:14:17
:: glitters into the lobby ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:14:17
:: looks around cautiously ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:14:21
Welcome! And thank you all for coming.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 21:14:45
:: waves :: Nourik: Hey there.
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 21:14:57
:: looks around, frowning as she observes the area ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 21:15:28
:: doesn't put stock in dreams, but...that didn't feel like a dream, anymore than her hallucinations a while ago did ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:15:36
:: continues materials scan, along with Ensign Barrett ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:15:36
:: nods a cordial greeting to Nourik ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:16:32
This facility is, primarly, a dilithium mine and refinery, one of the only ones on the planet. As we are relatively new to building warp-capable ships, you can see how that would be a point of contention.
CMO LCdr Acacia 26-Jan-2022 21:17:15
:: sits on the bridge at her station, working on her console at a somewhat slow pace ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:17:33
:: looks to Kuari ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 21:18:15
:: on the ship, standing in the brig, monitoring the prisoner ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 21:18:24
:: looks around with the away team and smiles as Nourik approaches, recognizing him ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:18:36
:: moves from the center seat to the unoccupied helm, to keep her mind from worrying about her away team ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:18:55
:: starts humming the song she has in her head, dancing with her shoulders as she taps her console ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 21:20:16
:: taps the loaner combadge :: Hannah to Z— :: stops; that's no way to break the silence :: :: keeps getting dressed ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:21:12
:: is with Nourik’s party, quietly bowing her head in greeting to the away team ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:21:28
:: moves to a set of windows overlooking the refinery floor, containing lines of machinery processing raw dilithium into usable crystals :: As you can see, the mines are fairly productive.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 21:21:45
:: looks at her tricorder; the efficiency is not great :: :: tacks on some sarcasterisks :: Nourik: I'd say.
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:22:39
:: smirks slightly, looking at the processing rig with a glint of pride ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 21:22:39
:: looks to Wright, a polite smile on her face, then down through the windows as they approach, finding it interesting how a new species to the technology has incorporated the resources into their technology ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:22:47
:: nevertheless, she still brings up window on the helm containing the AT's vitals ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:22:49
:: also begins to tap foot on floor of the bridge, confirming any findings with Barrett ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:22:54
:: follows along, looking around at the facility, which is filled with technology that seems dated to her ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 26-Jan-2022 21:23:28
:: also has the away team’s vitals on her screen, glancing between that and her work ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 21:24:03
:: looks to D'bryn, curious as to what she thinks of this, but decides the conversation isn't appropriate in present company ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:24:40
:: pauses humming, leans into console and squints :: Hm...
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:25:11
:: looks to Vervaise, then back to their guests, finding himself wondering what they actually think, but they're at least polite ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:25:37
:: runs through a few more routine diagnostics on the helm following the EMP attack ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 21:26:10
Nourik: This is impressive work, and the Thrin'pa built this entire facility?
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:26:26
:: pulls out her tricorder as well, noting the size of the dilithium deposit ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:26:42
:: watches the away team with mixed caution and hospitality, seeming to usually nod along with what Nourik says ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 21:27:18
:: finishes getting dressed, comes out of the Skylark for the first time in... she stops thinking about it :: :: heads out of the shuttlebay ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:27:28
CO: Ca-oooomoddore... :: clears throat, catching the wrong rank quickly but awkwardly :: CO: I think I found some correlation between materials available on the planet and the saboteur's vessel. I was wondering if you would be a triple check on data?
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:28:06
SCI: I am happy to. :: smiles :: And Captain is still fine.
CMO LCdr Acacia 26-Jan-2022 21:28:14
:: glances up with a raised brow at that ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:28:19
:: looks at Nourik for the answer to the question ::
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 21:28:33
:: follows the other members of the away team, looking around carefully ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:28:44
Yes, we have, though it has not been... consistently under our control.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:29:12
:: mentally sighs in relief :: CO: Of course, captain. :: taps console, sending over the data ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:29:43
SCI: After all, I am the captain of the ship, regardless of my actual rank. :: looks over the data as it arrives ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:30:09
:: crosses her arms and nods in agreement, watching Kuari for her reaction ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 21:30:10
Computer: Computer, uh, where's D'bryn Zoë? :: turns to Landeskog:: Landeskog: Sup, Lando?
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 21:30:39
:: nods at Nourik's information, making a mental note and continues to peer around, spotting Vervaise for the first time ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:30:41
Nourik: Do the Leuk'pa possess the technological capability to mine and refine dilithium?
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:31:18
:: freezes up a bit as she’s noticed, then meets Kuari’s gaze with an intentional, perhaps defensive intensity ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 21:31:18
Computer> Lieutenant D'bryn is not on the Atlantis.
:: panik ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:31:36
:: nods to Wright :: They do, of course. It is just the scarcity of dilithium itself here that is the issue.
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:31:55
Landeskog> :: grunts at Hannah ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:32:06
:: nods in understanding, stepping forward to peer out the window ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:32:33
I think they added a tea machine when they last had control of the place.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:33:22
:: serious face :: Nourik: Well, certainly one can't be expected to run an operation like this without tea.
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:33:31
:: interjects :: And moved some of the controls around.
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:33:51
:: smiles at Wright :: I agree. It was a welcome find, and we left it in place.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:34:39
:: notices Vervaise when she speaks :: Vervaise: Oh?
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:35:09
SCI: This data points to Thrin'pa territory as the most likely origin of the saboteur's ship. Was that also your conclusion?
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 21:35:33
Computer: Well where the hell is she? Computer> That information is not available to passengers with your clearance level.
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 21:35:46
:: attention snaps to Vervaise, sweeping her gaze up and down the other as the other marine shifted from foot to foot ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 21:36:11
:: half to herself, half to :: Nourik: Is it good tea, at least?
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:36:24
:: nods pointedly, sticking to the controls thing :: Real hack-job on the controls, too.
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:36:41
Yes. Would you all care for some?
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:37:06
Vervaise: What change would be so important as to do it in such a manner?
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:37:15
:: nods :: CO: It was, and the same conclusion Barrett also came to.
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:37:29
:: simply frowns, since that is where her away team is ::
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 21:37:53
:: glanced at the other marine, and others present ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:38:27
CO: Shall I send the results down to Commander Wright?
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:38:57
:: shifts her attention back to Nourik at the mention of tea, but can’t ignore that she was spoken to. She seems surprised to be asked :: CSO: Well, I’m no engineer, but… I remember they switched shield and engine controls, something about their… regulations. :: she shrugs ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 21:39:45
:: squinches half of her face :: Vervaise: Why change controls around? That doesn't make any sense.
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:40:16
:: thinks on that for a half a second before answering :: SCI: Not yet.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 21:40:26
Vervaise: Like, the shield and engine systems are still in the same place, but they moved the controls?
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 21:40:39
:: frowns, listening to the conversation with Vervaise ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:40:43
:: nods at D'bryn's comment about it not making any sense :: Vervaise: Surprising that they would go to all that effort to make such an unimportant change.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:40:54
:: nods in acknowledgement ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:41:02
:: gives an enigmatic shrug :: I mean, I agree, I don’t know what to tell you.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 21:41:02
Vervaise/CSO: Unimportant and just needlessly confusing.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:41:20
CEO: Seems like a waste of resources.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 21:41:21
Vervaise: Can I please see these controls?
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:41:53
Someone theorized that it was sabotage as they were about to lose control of the facility again. I am not sure that I agree, but it is a possibility.
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 21:41:54
:: silently gestures for the other marine to stay close to D'bryn, not trusting the strangers ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:42:06
:: looks at D’bryn like she’s crazy, but then turns to Nourik for an answer ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:42:27
Vervaise: I would also like to see them, if that can be arranged.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 21:42:45
:: wonders at D'bryn's interest, if she's on to something, then watches the others ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 21:43:01
:: heads out for Engineering ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:43:15
:: looks to Vervaise, then back to the away team :: Right this way, of course.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:43:33
:: sends a confirmation of the data to science lab 1, where Barrett is ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:43:38
:: seems baffled, but still looks to Nourik for guidance. When he decides she shrugs and follows along ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 21:43:46
:: looks at the crewman manning the brig controls :: Crewman: I'll be on the bridge.
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:43:50
:: leads the party through an employee-only door, arriving at a control room after a few twists and turns ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 21:44:03
:: heads out to the turbolift ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:44:32
:: eyes the data a bit more, then the away team's vitals ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:44:35
:: points at two stations :: AT: These two positions were switched.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:44:39
:: looks around the control room, stepping out of the CEO's way ::
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 21:44:48
:: follows at their heels, looking around silently ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 21:44:56
:: moves into the turbolift :: Deck One, bridge.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 21:45:33
:: follows and stops at the indicated consoles ::
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Jan-2022 21:46:16
:: in the assault bay, following up with the deck chief to verify the repair on Jester's Mustang, the Shinigami ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:46:22
:: shrugs :: AT: I mean, they could just want a different control layout. It didn’t seem significant to me.
Just annoying.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:47:07
:: frowns, looking over at D'bryn ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 21:47:24
:: steps off the TL onto the bridge ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:47:44
:: watches Vervaise and their guests, wondering if there really is any significance to this ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 21:48:22
:: surveys the crew, moves to tactical ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:49:30
TAC: Ah, Lieutenant! :: gives a polite nod before returning to communications with the science labs ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:49:47
:: looks up from the helm when she hears Rike greet someone, nods to Ammora ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 21:49:59
SCI: :: nods :: Lieutenant.
CO: Captain. :: nods ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 21:50:38
:: points at both controls, then makes the switchy gesture :: Vervaise: They changed that? You can almost reach one from the other.
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 21:51:18
:: reaches Engineering :: Random Engineer: Hey. Random engineer. Where's Zoë?
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:51:24
:: shrugs, clearly not having a good answer ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 21:51:38
:: watches D'bryn for a moment, thinking on something Wright asked Nourik about and looks to him :: Nourik: Have you scanned for other sources within this system that would be accessible to Wenkudia? ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 21:51:55
Davis> Okay, first off, it's Ensign Davis, and second off, why?
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:52:07
:: still frowning, until she's distracted by Kuari's words and looks to Nourik for the response ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 21:52:12
:: wonders why after so long he's still weary of being solo on the tactical console ::
:: takes a deep breath ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 21:52:43
:: does a scan on the control systems :: All: It just doesn't make sense why they would put any energy, at any time, into switching the controls for two separate systems when they're this close.
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:53:13
We have, but no dilithium has shown up in our scans.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:53:17
:: after some silence, she resumes humming the song she was, before she had completed the data findings ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:53:28
:: looks to Nourik, cringing at D’bryn’s comment ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 21:53:39
:: hears Rike's humming ::
:: looks up at her and smiles ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:54:13
CEO: I agree. From what I've read in the reports about the Leuk'pa, they didn't strike me as frivolous.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:55:06
:: raises an eyebrow and grins at Ammora, singing the German lyrics to Jolene, glancing back to the console to answer a message from the botany lab ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:55:12
:: perks an ear over to Rike :: SCI: What song is that?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 21:55:47
:: doesn't find anything suspicious :: All: I'm not seeing any evidence of sabotage or anything. I'm just... Why, though?
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 21:56:04
:: nods to Nourik, making another mental note ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:56:08
CEO: Perhaps just to vex you.
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:56:25
:: chuckles at Nourik’s comment ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:57:08
:: emphasizes the Jolene :: Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene... ich flehe dich an, bitte nimm mir nicht meinen Mann weg.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 21:57:11
Nourik: I do have a network of sworn Nemesi. On this planet, so yeah, that makes sense.
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 21:57:30
:: shrugs, unfamiliar with it ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 21:57:44
:: looks at D'bryn, confused ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 21:58:00
:: seems to genuinely believe her, concerned ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 21:58:01
:: arrives on the Bridge, hears German country ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 21:58:03
XO: I believe she was being sarcastic.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 21:58:04
:: smirks :: SCI: Never heard of it.
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:58:14
:: blank stare ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 21:58:32
:: notices the concerned looks :: All: Sarcasm.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 21:58:36
SCI: I like the pattern. Where is it from? Who is Jolene?
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 21:58:41
:: looks at Wright, glad that she has an answer, because the humor is lost on her and accepts it gratefully, nodding and smiling tenuously at D'bryn ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 21:59:08
:: pauses :: CO: Captain, permission to have the computer play the original?
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 21:59:12
Anyway. From here you can better see the refining portion of the process.
:: gestures toward the windows, geared more for operators than visitors, such as the ones in the lobby were ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 21:59:34
:: intrigued ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 21:59:45
SCI: Hey. Yeah. Dolly auf Deutsch, cool. Bridge: Hey, uh, pardon my intrusion, but where's Zoë?
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:00:03
:: shrugs :: SCI: Sure. :: thinks a bit of music might ease the tension ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:00:08
:: rolls his eyes at Hannah, going back to his console ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:00:13
:: looks out the windows, indeed not seeing much from here, but believes Nourik ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 26-Jan-2022 22:00:20
:: raises an eyebrow at Hannah ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:00:34
:: turns to Hannah :: Ms. Ziredac, hello. Lt. D'bryn is on the surface, with our away team.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:00:49
:: side eye to Hannah ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:01:00
:: frowns down at the controls again, then looks to see if she can see anything more from here ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:01:07
:: glances over at Hannah, waiting for the conversation to be over before requesting the computer to play the song ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:01:23
:: panik :: CO: Is she...? :: tries to play it cool :: Is she okay?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:01:31
:: looks to Rike ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:02:01
:: quickly glances at the vitals :: Yes, of course. Is something wrong?
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:02:46
:: glances at Ammora with wide eyes, and gives a very slight shrug ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 26-Jan-2022 22:03:01
:: also glances at the vitals, then keeps staring at them in thought ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:03:08
SCI: :: smirks ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:03:14
:: tries to play it even cooler :: CO: No. Nah. Nothing, uh... What kinda mission are y'all on, right now? Boring diplomacy, lots of talking, fixing stuff in, uh...a nonviolent environment?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:03:54
:: perks eyebrow at Hannah ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:04:32
:: stands from the helm to address Hannah :: Diplomacy — attempting to stop a war in a newly warp-capable civilization.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:04:50
:: eyes go directly down to his console ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:04:59
:: looks around at those assembled, the woman mentioning the swapped controls still present, wondering and turns to her :: Vervaise : I'm sorry, you seem to know quite a bit about this facility, but I don't believe you've mentioned your name.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:05:01
:: purses lips, avoiding eye contact with everyone else ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:05:12
:: Looks at Nourik as the silence stretches, and then at Kuari when she speaks ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:05:33
:: glances at Vervaise ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:05:33
:: attempts a casual lean, slips at the mention of war :: CO: But this war, it's not... Like it's theoretical, right? No one's killing each other, right?
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:05:52
:: stands up straight :: XO: Oh, uh, hi. Sorry, I’m Vervaise. Kind of Nourik’s left-hand woman.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:06:12
:: leans into her console, typing intensely ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:06:29
:: scans the controls again, for good measure, unable to believe resources were wasted to do this ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:06:31
:: raises her eye ridges and looks to Nourik in surprise :: Vervaise: Oh, really?
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:06:46
:: takes a step forward :: There is a cease-fire at the moment. Do you know something that we do not?
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:06:53
:: reappraises Vervaise in light of this information ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:07:00
:: ears perk ::
:: looks to Harper, back to his console ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:07:30
:: tilts her head back :: XO: Yeah. I help a lot with the day-to-day.
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:07:30
:: nods in corroboration :: Yes, indeed, Vervaise is vital to our cause.
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:07:58
CO: No, I... Okay, promise not to throw me in the brig or laugh at me?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:08:22
:: stands up straight, moves slightly to the right of Hannah ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:08:27
:: softens her voice :: What is it, Hannah?
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:08:58
:: is surprised Vervaise wasn't at the peace talks, but refrains from mentioning. After all, perhaps she was needed down here in his stead and smiles at both her and Nourik :: Vervaise: Well, it is good to make your acquaintance. I'm sure Nourik's told you all about us.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:09:17
:: glances briefly to Ammora, then Hannah ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:09:33
:: wonders in socially awkward if she should introduce herself at this point ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:09:49
:: shifts eyes from Harper to Hannah ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:10:03
:: gives a bland look and nods :: XO: Oh, yeah. If you guys pull off peace, I’ll be impressed.
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:10:27
CO: I... :: speaks the rest really fast :: had a dream that didn't feel like a dream and it involved Zoë in mortal danger and I just wanted to confirm that she was alive and okay in the real world and I somehow felt that was important enough to barge onto a Starfleet bridge and interrupt everybody. :: smiles the most awkward smile that ever produced a neck fold ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:11:06
Anyway, right this way, and you'll be able to see the intake from the actual mines... :: leads everyone to a different control room ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 26-Jan-2022 22:11:12
:: is touched by Hannah’s concern, looking to Harper for her response ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:11:47
:: stops from rolling his eyes ::
:: doesn't move ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:12:09
:: nods compassionately :: Dreams can be intense motivators for action, sometimes. :: gestures to the helm :: See for yourself — I have the away team's vitals up.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:12:25
:: decides against introducing herself without a cue from Kuari and follows along, holstering her tricorder for the moment ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 26-Jan-2022 22:12:37
:: looks at the away’s team’s vitals as they’re mentioned ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:12:40
:: still trying to play it cool :: CO: Oh, I don't need... Yeah, can I take a look? :: hurries over ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:12:59
:: wants to move with Hannah, but stays and keeps an open eye ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:13:02
:: follows at the back of the group into the mining area ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:13:41
:: scans in all directions :: Self: What other useless systems overhauls did they do?
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:13:42
:: opens her mouth to speak, but is actually interested in seeing the next stop on their tour and follows ::
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 22:13:46
:: takes a spot in the lead, the other marine at the back and both silent ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:14:59
:: walks abreast with Zoë and Kuari in the middle of the pack ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:15:15
:: gestures to the vitals :: See, she is fine.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:15:21
:: is aware of how much dilithium is in the mine due to scans from Atlantis but is curious as to how much they will see ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:15:40
:: scanning still :: Self: It just doesn't make any sense.
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:15:53
:: her eyes linger for a moment on her wife's stats ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:16:58
:: does like how long this is lingering ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:17:17
CO: Are you going to send the data down...? :: gives Harper an awkward face of worry ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:17:25
:: shakes her head at Rike ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:17:31
CO: Yeah. :: doesn't know what a good pulse looks like, but it looks consistent with the others :: Okay, cool. Business concluded. I'll let y'all get back to staving off a bloody conflict.
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:17:55
:: nods and smiles :: Of course, Hannah.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:18:27
Hannah: Ms. Ziredac, can I escort you back to... wherever?
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:18:49
CO: Not- not to question but, ahh! Why not? :: bites her thumbnail ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:19:58
TAC: Scotty! How's things? :: hops up next to the tactical station :: You know, I've never gotten a good look at these things. Pretty fancy.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:20:45
:: steps between Hannah and the console :: Ms. Ziredac... :: through borderline gritted teeth :: Do you need help back to... wherever?
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:21:25
SCI: The conclusion is likely, but not definitive. There is also nothing to suggest that the attack was sanctioned by the Thrin'pa.
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:21:40
:: juts bottom lip, thinks a second, shakes her head :: TAC: No.
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:21:58
And now, we are passing into the actual mine, though we won't go down for obvious reasons.
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:22:03
:: hears the word 'attack', turns to just watch and listen ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:22:22
:: motions to the turbolift :: Hannah: Ms. Ziredac...
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:22:28
Nourik: Because they switched up and down too?
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:22:45
:: snorts with suppressed laughter at Zoë ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:23:03
:: looks around, smirking slightly at D’bryn’s comment ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:23:15
:: takes a moment, then gets it and laughs :: No, I just did not imagine you all wanting to go down into a mine. But if you do...?
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:23:53
Mm! :: slowly turns back to console, now humming to herself again, eyes still wide as she types to the botany lab ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:24:49
:: half-ignoring TAC, still listening in on the pertinent info :: TAC: :: mock dude-voice :: Mithter Ammora...
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:24:59
:: turns back to Hannah :: Ms. Ziredac, did the EMP attack do much damage to the Skylark?
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:25:12
:: has seen a dilithium mine before, recognizing it immediately for what it is :: Nourik: You are lucky to have deposits on your planet. Not all space-faring species do.
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:25:25
:: furrows brow :: CO: There was an EMP attack?
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:25:32
:: nods in agreement with Kuari ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:25:53
:: tilts her head, thinking about it ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:26:00
:: blinks, wondering how she missed it :: Were... you completely powered down?
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:26:13
XO: I had not considered that.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:26:25
:: blinks, looks both Hannah and Harper ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:26:51
CO: I've been kinda isolating in my ship for... :: blinks :: ...a while. I think one of the upgrades I got was advanced magno-somethin-somethin shielding. I didn't get any power flickers at all.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:26:52
:: for reasons completely known, still dislikes and doesn't trust Hannah ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:28:01
Hm. When Zoë gets back, would you mind letting her have a look at those upgrades? She might be able to find something we could implement.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:28:43
:: thinks that a lump of carbon got Hannah's attention ::
:: digresses ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:29:33
CO: Oh. Sure, yeah. Yeah, Zoë can... Or really anybody in Engineering can take a look at the uh, at the thing.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:29:49
:: glances over at Ammora, raising her eyebrows ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:29:52
CO: Doesn't have to be Zoë.
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:30:29
We appreciate that, Hannah, thank you. :: moves back to the helm and sits ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:30:40
Nourik/Vervaise: My homeworld, for example.
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:31:14
Then how would anyone ever develop faster-than-light travel without it?
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:31:15
:: looks to Wright, thinking of Earth ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:31:30
:: looks to Wright, considering this carefully. She nods to Nourik’s question, also curious ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:31:36
Hannah: :: motions to the turbolift ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:31:39
:: scans around the mine :: Self: So what kind of back-asswards dumdum things did they do down here to break my brain? Tricorder> :: pings ::
:: looks closer at the readings, looks up at a mine cart near the mouth of the mine, resting by a support structure ::
All: Uhhh, guys?
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:32:54
:: clears throat :: Computer... play Jolene by Dolly Parton.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:33:08
Nourik: It arrived on our world via meteorite... :: turns as Zoë speaks ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:33:15
ACTION> The computer plays Jolene.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:33:30
All: I'm getting readings consistent with explosive materials, originating at that mine cart over there. :: points ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:33:42
:: looks over at D'bryn, alarmed ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:34:00
:: looks at D’bryn with wide eyes :: CEO: What?
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:34:07
CSO: Lucky stri — :: turns to D'bryn :: CEO: What?
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:34:24
D'bryn: Materials...? Like...well, dilithium?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:35:01
All: That mine cart, there. :: fights off nervous shakes :: I can't know unless I see it.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:35:12
ACTION> Heart rates of the away team members spike.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:35:17
:: eyes widen, and she looks at the cart, her heart beginning to beat more quickly ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 26-Jan-2022 22:35:53
:: furrows a brow at the spike in heart rates, finger hovering over the console ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:36:02
:: discerns another reading :: All: Yeah, that's a bomb, I'm reading a timer device.
:: panik ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:36:10
:: freezes up, staring at the minecart ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:36:23
:: widens her eyes and looks to Wright, Harper's parting words echoing in her mind, then at Nourik ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:36:24
:: presses a button on the console and calls for an orderly evacuation ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:36:39
+ Bridge + Away team to Atlantis, beam us up!
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:36:57
:: eyes widen ::
:: moves back to his station ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:37:03
:: looks to Rike :: Do it, now!
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:37:09
:: finally unfreezes and starts direction people who are evacuating out ::
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 22:37:11
:: straightens at hearing that, a hand falling to her phaser and other giving a signaled instruction to the other marine, looking to D'bryn :: All: Alright. Everyone, back away to the farthest wall from the cart, :: attention snaps to Kuari as the other marine steps closer to the cart in curiousity ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:37:15
:: taps console quickly :: Beaming up now!
CMO LCdr Acacia 26-Jan-2022 22:37:28
:: looks up at Harper with wide eyes ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:37:33
:: stunned :: Bridge: Zoë!
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:37:43
:: monitors transporters :: CO: Containment beam at maximum!
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:37:45
This way, to the nearest exit. Or, beam out.
:: calls for an EOD team from the military ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:38:22
ACTION> The away team safely materializes in the Atlantis's transporter room.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:38:40
:: sighs :: Self: What... the... hell...
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:38:42
:: wills her face to not betray her internal worry ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:38:43
:: shimmers into being, breathing rapidly ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:38:43
:: materializes :: XO/CSO: What about all those people?
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:38:43
:: waving her arms :: This way! Quickly now!
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:38:58
Bridge: Are they aboard? Did you get em?
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:39:02
:: appears in the transporter room :: AT: To the bridge!
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:39:14
:: moves his staff along, herding everyone with Vervaise ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:39:19
Hannah: :: barks :: Let us do our job!
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:39:23
:: doesn't hesitate, and takes off at a run for the TL ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:39:25
Hannah: They are all on board.
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:39:28
:: looks to Rike ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 26-Jan-2022 22:39:30
:: sighs with relief ::
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:39:43
:: also sighs ::
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 22:39:57
:: exhales sharply, running a hand through her as she shimmers into being, and moving towards the doorway to catch with Ammora ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:40:42
:: nods and returns to the center seat while waiting for the AT to arrive on the bridge and report what happened ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:41:09
:: runs along with CSO and XO :: XO/CSO: Seriously, can't we get those people out too?
Hannah Ziredac 26-Jan-2022 22:41:38
:: sidles into a TL before Zoë can get to the bridge ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:41:42
CEO: They have their own evacuation procedures. My duty is to our team. We'll be in contact shortly, I'm sure.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:41:52
:: watches Hannah go ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:42:00
CEO: We might be able to beam out the explosive.
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 22:42:08
:: hurries through the corridors, having been ahead of the other away team members, slipping into an empty TL and barking for the bridge ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:42:27
:: gives her console's edge a good smack in relief ::
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 22:43:12
:: the TL opens to permit entrance onto the bridge, and she strides onto the bridge with a sharp glance to Ammora, turning attention to the captain ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:43:15
SCI: Lieutenant Herschel, nice work.
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:43:19
:: directs the EOD team to what D'bryn reported ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:43:33
SCI: Seconded, thank you, Rike.
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:43:51
:: waves the last workers out of the mine, turning to Nourik ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:44:02
:: gives a two fingered salute to Harper and Ammora ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:44:25
CTO: Welcome back, Captain Grey. :: steps away from the console ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:44:27
V: We'll have to see what the EOD team says.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:44:35
:: boards the TL and looks to Wright :: We may. We may do just that if necessary.
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:44:38
CTO: Where is everyone else?
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:45:09
:: rides the TL with Kuari and Zoë impatiently ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:45:12
:: wipes sweat from her forehead :: N: Okay. Let’s get out ourselves.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:45:14
CEO: We don't know where the sabotage is coming from yet. Was this directed at us, or the Thrin'pa?
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:45:51
V: Agreed! :: heads TF out with Vervaise ::
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 22:47:02
CO: They're a few steps behind me. :: straightens with a salute to the Captain before speaking :: CO: Lt. D'bryn detected a bomb triggered with a timer fuse buried in one of their mining carts about fifteen minutes into our tour with Nourik and Vervaise. An evacuation was called. :: keeps her voice loud enough for everyone to hear ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:47:40
CO: Should I attempt to scan what it is?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:47:42
XO: No, I don't know. Hard to tell.
CMO LCdr Acacia 26-Jan-2022 22:47:45
:: watches Grey with a concerned frown ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:47:57
:: hovers fingers over console ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:48:12
:: arrives on the bridge with the rest of the AT ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:48:28
:: moves to TAC2 station ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:48:30
:: glances with worry toward the turbolift doors as the rest of her people emerge, safe and sound ::
:: her face, for a moment, betrays her command demeanor and shows profound relief ::
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 22:49:02
CO: Commander Kuari and Lt. D'bryn have more details... :: falls silent to let them explain the details, stepping over to the other console as the other members arrive ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:49:05
:: meets Kate's eyes briefly as she crosses to her station ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:49:07
SCI: Yes, by all means.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:49:15
:: immediately begins scans ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:49:38
:: immediately begins looking for the explosive, which is easier since she knows exactly where it is ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:50:12
:: sees that Grey has already reported to the captain :: CO: We should hail Nourik and see if he needs help evacuating.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:50:23
:: begins scans around the location of where she beamed out the AT ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:50:24
CO: There wasn't enough time, and I didn't get a close-enough look to tell for sure, but the readings I was getting showed that it wasn't the most professional-looking job. Definitely capable of killing a lot people, and doing extensive damage to that mine.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:50:32
:: trots to the center of the bridge and takes her seat ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:50:40
SCI: Did it go off yet? Can you tell?
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:50:45
CEO: Good catch, Zoë.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:51:18
CEO: I can't tell. Haven't found it yet. Narrowing down location now.
CMO LCdr Acacia 26-Jan-2022 22:51:30
:: is obviously shaken, listening to the bridge chatter instead of finding busywork to do ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:51:41
ACTION> The explosive device shows up on scans next to a robotic device of some sort.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:52:02
:: monitoring the situation ::
Bridge: Uh....
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:52:19
Located the device. :: continues tapping on her console, sending live updates to the tactical consoles as she does so ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:52:34
:: shuts his mouth ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:52:52
:: panik hasn't subsided yet; sighs through puffed cheeks :: CO: Thanks, Captain. I hope they can disarm it.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:52:56
There appears to be some sort of... robot next to what appears to be the explosive.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:52:56
:: looks up from her console at Herschel, then Ammora ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:52:58
:: hands move across the console, looking at the scans ::
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 22:53:14
:: access the updates, watching with hands pressed to either side of the console, barely looking up as she watches ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:53:17
CO: I can confirm Rike's scans, I'm seeing the same thing.
CO: We could beam it to a containment field, perhaps, depending on the yield.
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:54:05
CSO/SCI: I would think they have the technology to use a robot to disarm the device, yes?
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:54:36
CO: Depends on the robot's capabilities.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:54:42
CO: Explosive disarming robots do exist, yes. Not sure what this one is.
:: attempts to scan the robot device ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:54:58
ACTION> Scans now show the robot moving away and several Wenkudians moving in.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:55:22
:: taps his console ::
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:55:38
The robot is moving away from the explosive... and live individuals are moving closer to the explosive.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:55:53
:: heart starts pounding ::
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:55:54
:: gets the report from the EOD lead :: Seriously?!
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:56:15
:: leans over to peer at the report ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:56:15
:: looks at Grey ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:56:24
ACTION> The device starts to move once the Wenkudians arrive on the scene.
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:57:01
:: looks to Vervaise :: It was not armed.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Jan-2022 22:57:05
CO: I think they're moving it.
SCI Lt Herschel 26-Jan-2022 22:57:27
CEO: Was the device armed when you saw it?
CTO Cpt Grey 26-Jan-2022 22:57:28
:: is tracking the device from her console, mind working to try and figure out what was happening ::
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:57:31
:: wipes the sweat from her brow with a flourish :: N: Phew!
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:57:33
CSO: They must have disarmed it, then. XO: You are right, but give them a few more minutes.
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:57:52
V: Why, though?
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Jan-2022 22:58:02
:: nods, concerned, the waiting always difficult ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 22:58:09
CO: I'm thinking moving a volatile explosive on foot isn't smart... Captain, we can beam it out into space...
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:58:12
:: shakes her head :: N: To shut down the mine.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 26-Jan-2022 22:58:49
SCI: It had a timer device; I'm assuming so.
Nourik 26-Jan-2022 22:58:54
V: Without damaging it, so that they can use it... we may be under attack soon.
Vervaise 26-Jan-2022 22:59:33
:: nods in grave agreement ::
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 22:59:44
TAC: They have likely disarmed it. They may be behind our technology, but they know how to deal with their own technology.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 26-Jan-2022 23:00:08
:: nods:: CO: Yes, Captain.
CO Cdor Harper 26-Jan-2022 23:00:57
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